Straight Outta Supertest: Upcoming Map Changes

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

according to the supertesters, WG is planning to rework (in some case, heavily) certain maps, possibly in patch 9.6 (but this is not sure). These maps include:

Prokhorovka, Karelia, Steppes, Swamp, Siegfried Line, Live Oaks

Siegfried Line – the changed spots will be following – white lines show the changed spots:


Live Oaks – spot marked as 1 will be covered with houses and spot marked as 2 will have a small hill. Both changes are designed to make the north-eastern base harder to scout. Changes at point 3 are not known.


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    • I think the problem isn’t that they didn’t want them to spot but that it’s currently way easier to spot the north than the south, so no complaints here really.

      • ^^^

        Was playing two nights ago and noticed that our heavies took about 200 damage each moving into the town. Of course, the South heavies took none… Not really fair when your team starts off with a HP disadvantage.

        • I think they are doing this because C7 is such a nasty scouting spot. One single light tank there can light up almost the entire north team including perhaps most of their artys and making anyone trying to get into town, and anyone trying to flush out the scouting tank, free kills for south’s sniper hill (another feature north doesn’t have).

          Same tactic doesn’t work against south team, the scout will be dead in seconds

  1. I’m betting the Live Oaks marker 3 will be widening out the area there, levelling it out to give more of an alley to advance (since we all know that’s one of the infamous corners of fail, with lots of morons trying rams and drowning, or going swimming while advancing 2-3 wide).

    I just hope they don’t screw up Prokhorovka too much…it dosn’t need to be flattened, its got good terrain for anything not Chinese (ie, anything with more than 1 degree of gun depression :p), and the battles are fun as long as people keep them fluid. Its just when you get the derps who decide to hang out in the corners and try sniping beyond their draw range that the map gets boring. Keep the battle flowing by pushing, and its really fun (one of my favorite maps).

    • Yep agree. Only thing what would make sence there is, that they will fix the drowning problem there.

    • What I thought is that they might think to actually narrow it, making it possible to advance only on the top of the rails, to force people to either go exposed on the rails or semi exposed on the “lake-side” of the rails. It would be asshole move but they, it’s WG logic we’re talking about.

    • Prokhorovka is shit map, if u not camp depends only on luck if u get killed moving.
      If u want nice game, needs change it, etc in middle add passage with cover, so ht/meds can force attack. Add some hard cover on right side, town in normal mode is death zone.

      Live Oaks, is great they change it, it was death march to town from north base. I go so much spot in light, and dmg in td… but this change r too little, south base is easy to defence, north is at most impossible. So need some change to make it possible to reset cap not dying.

        • Prokhorovka is a perfect case of Learn-to-Spot. Best team up of spotting + shooting wins. You can easily take an LT-HT into the middle and get thousands of spot damage, even with arty on the map. Its all about moving and not just sitting still. If you get lit in the same spot 2x in a row thats your own damn fault.

          • Prokhorovka is map, how first move – die. (not count idiots who can’t aim)
            U can _try_ spot, because, u spot only for arty. Only thx to idiots is not ending only in draw.
            U cant attack mid, because campers on line 1-2 and tracks (6/7) kill u instantly. U cant attack left, because one spot and u pop killed by ppl from 1-2, same line 6/7.
            Town – u die from hill.
            Hill, if u go too far (and enemy is not idiot) u die, shot from 6/7 e/f and a/j.

            Only option is rush in at last 3 tanks, but is hard. If no rush, u wait for arty kill somethink, or u try kill poping, but only lucky in it, not skills.

            • Your explanation is yet another reason why arty should be removed, since it’s arty that is the problem, not the map itself.

            • Actually, I think that it is possible to attack thru the middle, if done in a certain way. Let me explain.

              Clearly, a single tank that too aggressively pokes over the center ridge can get nuked because there’s almost always a tank or 2 watching there for pokers.

              But I’ve seen a battle or 2 where a team did a major push right up and over the center of the ridge with about half the team. With that many tanks, only having 1-2 defenders shoot at them isn’t enough to stuff such a center rush. And all the center pushers need is a few seconds to get over the ridge line and down into those ravines where they’re harder to a good clean shot at.

              I’m not going to say that this is the best strat, but it is doable with a willing team. And it’s probably better when there’s no arty, since there’s no hard cover where you’d be pushing in the middle of the field. And in the end, chances are it’ll probably fail.

          • Indeed, passive spotting on the 1 line and 0 line and then active in the middle. Sadly people don’t know how to play as a team most of the time.

            • Exactly true. Perhaps more than any other map, Prok/FS requires some team work for the team to succeed (or a really dumb enemy). And the winner of the vision control battle in the middle usually has a major edge, particularly along the 1/2 lines.

              • I just sob when I ask the fastest guy on my team to go sit in the bush in E1 and he doesn’t, great opportunity lost right there. Too many people not willing to listen/learn.

      • That siemka shitter’s logic is so stronk. @Sędziwój@ Fuck off baddie. And take your heavy with you.

      • 3+ arty on any open map is usually too much. Prok/FS is no different in that regard.

        As for Prok being a camp fest, that’s usually because your team’s scouts aren’t doing their job and spotting the enemy. You cannot seriously expect smart heavies and TDs to blindly push down the 2 line into the fire of hidden enemy tanks. It’s the job of the scouts to get some spots over there, and then the 2 line tanks can slowly push and grind away at each enemy tank as it’s lit. Blind 2 line pushes end in only one way (if the enemy has half a brain)…. a quick grisly death.

    • what are you doing to keep the match fluid in prokhorovka? please tell me because the current meta on that map from my experience is the team who attacks first wins and the team that catches the other team out in the open will win easily. from my experience attacking the middle is suicide. attacking td alley on the west is instant death. attacking the hill means you get rekt by the base campers who only need to get lucky and track you once then your screwed attacking in the area just east of the train tracks is suicide you get rekt from the middle and the ts camping on top of the hill and on the island and on the train tracks. attacking the hill gets you rekt from all the same locations but adds in the middle so you get shot even more. i dont play in platoons so i find this map impossible to carry on because you need to rest of your team to camp.

  2. Live Oaks is so unbalanced for north, tomato players in hts are always shot or even killed before they get into town.

      • In theory, this sounds great if you’re the NE team. You have a wonderful big open field to use as a kill zone, particularly if you have a good spotter to let you hit enemies as far away as possible.

        However, most players will see this strat as too campy for their tastes, and those that intended to go city would rather go city rather than play defense. And if you have “enough” heavy tanks to go city, I can hardly blame them for wanting to d so. Unfortunately, on those occasions when your team does NOT have enough tanks to rationally go city, it’s still hard to get the team hang back and play defense. There’s almost always some dope that will charge into the city solo and die a quick, useless death.

    • And you can use lighthouse from north, while from south you can hardly defend this side without suiciding. So south ignores it or defends it poorly and north can send two LTs/MTs there, spot some campers, see if it is posible to rush all the way down and shot tanks climbing hill from behind. On higher tiers it works 60% of the time and I feel there’s nothing reasonable you can do with LT (even low tier MT) from south.

  3. Prokhorovka, Karelia, Steppes, Swamp, Siegfried Line, Live Oaks. Oh great, let me guess, the last few open maps that will be turned into a retard funnel mode too. I bet they will grow large hills to that Siegfried line fields to remedy sniping and camo games and to force everybody to go brawl in obvious tunnels, where skycancers can preaim and click without moving the aim from that one square where the battles will be happening.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to brawl the shit out of the shitlords, but it used to be fun to scout and flank too, and have variety in maps/playstyle.

      • One of the best maps, needs no change – WG says “Heh, Steppes too flat comrade, hand vodka, me make stronk corridor”

        • Honestly, Steppes in one of those maps where every tank has a role, and even if I sometimes loathe seeing it (maus vs 3 arty, 5 TDs and 5 meds with gun depression, with twin rush scout to kill our arty), I would say that it’s one of the most balanced maps out there.

          Added bonus, base campers are not only not rewarded, but severely punished.
          The team that camps base loses 90% of the time.
          Feels good to have revenge on Tomato McKetchup using his ISU and APCR BL10 by popping from behind his base.

          • Yes! Base campers on Steppes mean nothing if you are careful with your approach, then you spot them and they die a nearly instant death. Tomato soup served.

    • You know, the more new map shit is coming the more I miss maps like Highway and even the good old Murovanka.

        • Camp fest was created by bad players.

          A good players would scout the shit out of that forest for his team, whether in a LT, MT or TD with good enough camo value.

          The only problem with old Murovanka was A1.

          • The only problem with most maps = bad players though. They all sit and camp, and die doing it because “someone shooting me, better not move or I’ll be spotted” and game lost.

    • On CT 9.5, I noticed the ditches on the sides of the ice road along the A line are not as deep as they were before.

      • Um, yeah. That’s the terrain smoothing, but this is not a special change just on this map. Besides, even if it were, it wouldn’t be the change that this map needs.

      • That happened because of the flattening WG is planning to do on all maps. And btw the bush on mountain pass that provided soft cover for spotter next to that rock is now gone(on 9.5 CT)

    • Most incompetently unbalanced map isn’t getting fixed?
      That would imply WG admitting that they suck major dick at basic balance.

      I mean, one side having an easy spotting balcony, an easy to defend flank (glacier) a balcony for base snipers, a mountain for arty to climb on and improve their angles, an easier to defend bridge AND more cover for their corridor leading to the balcony overlooking the lake in the middle?

      “Nah comrade, Passing of the mountain eez fine mep.
      Vodka eez lik water, eet hydrates and help thinkings into the clear.
      You not of mep develop like me, you do not of understandings like me”

      • Don’t we all know they suck at balancing most stuff? I am more accurate with my Pz IV’s derp gun than the 75mm, like wtf, makes no sense. (Play the same range)

  4. I’m a bit worried of this… If they remove those microbumbs, it actually makes maps worse for bad gun depression. My 121 can get some gun depression by abusing those microbumbs but not after this is implemented. Also, with upcoming physics your tank no longer sticks to hills nearby so you might not be able to use them to get your gun down.

    This is good for shooting on the move though, when you no longer have your gun pointing sky, enemy, soil, your mom whatever… If you drive tanks with mediocre gun depression, -6 and less.

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  6. Lets hope they don’t remove those specifics bumps and depressions that actually help scouts hide weave between to get safe and dodge.

  7. Prokhorovka – no idea what to do to help this map, hopefully WG won’t fuck it up even more.
    Karelia – make north useful pls.
    Steppes – what’s wrong with it currently? It’s one of few good maps, actually.
    Swamp – wasn’t there on FTR posted a leak screenshot of its map changes some time ago?
    Siegfried Line – I just hope I won’t die a little inside when getting this map in a not-HT (and even in a HT I feel a little sick).
    Live Oaks – some changes to south-east would be nice, it’s difficult to defend from south-west side (unlike the north-east).

    • Prokhorovka is one of the best maps if there is no arty on it. That being said shitters still camp on it no matter if there is arty or not, and no matter in what tank they are.

      • People camp the west side when their team’s light tanks DO NOT DO THEIR JOB!!! I can’t count the number of times when I’ve seen light tanks decide that they want to be shooters and not spotters, and as a result, their team gets rolled because these asswipes didn’t do their freaking job!!!

        Prok/FS requires everyone on the team to do their job and rely on each other, perhaps more than other maps… which might be one reason why some people dislike the map, since they don’t want to have to rely on team mates (boo-hoo) in a team game.

      • “Prokhorovka is one of the best maps if there is no arty on it.”

        That is a pretty big “if”, unfortunately. :)

        • Safe to say, every game without arty is a good game. It really flows and people play their game, unless they are natural base camping whores.

    • Regarding Karelia, the best thing that could be done to make the north better would be to remove the snipers nest from the SE ridge line. Personally, I don’t like how that location is the focus of nearly every battle. Everyone charges to take it. And if whomever controls it can snipe almost everything in the north.

      This could be dealt with in two possible ways. One, just get rid of the sniper’s nest by removing it and making the SE ridge line, one continuous ridge without that break in the middle for the sniper’s nest. Or two, get rid of the sniper’s nest by lowering the height of the sniper’s nest down to barely above the level of the swamp. Essentially making it a low altitude gap between the two halves of the SE mountain ridge. You’d have a pass without any sniper’s nest. Either way, it would remove the threat the overpowered location poses to the north side of the map, which would hopefully make the northwest half of the map a more desirable location for players to go to.

  8. So, WG doesn’t want light tanks to be medium tanks with low HP, armor and worse guns. They want light tanks to fulfill their intended scouting roles, and to help them achieve that intended role, let’s change all the maps to tunnel type, make scouting harder, reduce draw range and a bunch of other stupid changes that completely contradicts themselves. Way to go WG.
    Do the devs even know what direction they want to this game anymore? Everyday I read about upcoming changes, all of them are bad.

    • There is only one light tank that may be a Medium tank with bad hitpoints. That is the T-54 Lightweight which has the same healthpool as the 416 which is actually played as a fast mobile TD.


      Russian tree bias, too many tanks play a different role that their designation. A-43 plays like a scout, Object 430 version II comes before version 1 and A-44 play like side-scraping hyper-mobile heavies and both are ugly as fuck. T-54 plays like a heavy but has no autoloader. T-62A plays like a mobile hull-down bunker yet sometimes drives around to catch fire. 416 plays like an TD especially when it gets engine damage. T-54 lightweight plays like a medium with bad matchmaking and absorbs random shells for mother russia. Su100m1 exists and it shouldn’t, SU-101 is avoided like the plague but at least it has high ammunition costs. LTTB plays on frustration and gambling. T-28 is sniping scum. T-34 isn’t a heavy and doesn’t have a big gun.

    • They’ll promise a thing for LTs here and there to keep the raging down but in reality they’ll never return scouts to their former power because well played LTs used to (in the golden times of VK28, Chaffe and T-50-2) punish badly played toptier heavies big time without the derps having much chance to retaliate. And WG doesnt want you to hurt the daddy simpleton’s WoT experience so they’ll keep LT as a very situational gimmick – at best. Scouts being able to decide battles is bad for their $$ because it makes daddies cry when their IS-# gets smashed by invisible enemy team when he was in the open – on his shortest possible route to nearest town moshpit. So they remove flat open grounds, long sightlines, bushes and make the entire map a HT/russian med moshpit.

      No wonder Tazilon quit the game…

      • I fear for steppes. If they are already fucking up Live Oaks this bad, I can only imagine what they will do to Steppes.
        Live Oaks has a great spot for early scouting for one team, and instead of creating such opportunity for the other team, WG prefers to dumb down the gameplay, as usual. These guys must have the worst map design team ever in the history of gaming.

  9. Ah, more maps for the developer pussies to ruin. And I call them pussies because no guy in his right mind would move so much crap around when you have a good thing. It seems so stupid when things are perfect and you must have change for “changes” sake. This is just like moving furniture across the room just to be “different.” Things are fine where they are. Let players work around the obstacles.

  10. Yes, ofc make scouting harder. Daddy tomato wagons ala IS line no likey being shot from side or being spotted by puny fast tenks in any other scenario than front to front city fight.

    Makes me wonder how is sand river still in the rotation without being completely raped beyond recognition by “map designers”.

  11. “Developers are looking for the way to improve light tanks influence”. Lol WG. Few patches more and LTs will be dedicated to suicide run for arty in very first minute. Lotsa fun!

  12. Changes at point 3: Steep shore will be extended – to catch more reckless drivers :D

  13. so they will destroy every spot at Siegfried Line where non-heavys can play?… again a map changed so brainless heavys can run anywhere without being raped.

  14. You dont have to be a bad to drown at 3, that shit is slippery :x, they put the slope at like 26° or something , you think its passable and you start to go down…

    I’m not sure adding houses at 1 will help much tbh, even when tomato heavies reach the town intact they still manage to all stay in the same alley up north and get flanked/raped

  15. Better player will ALWAYS kill a tomato,you can give them all the corridors, it doesent metter!

  16. Ban everyone with less than two brain cells. @jesus sainz, i’m talking about you, shitter