Panzerkampfwagen Škoda T23


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it’s always exciting to see some new unpublished drawings come to light – stuff that was never shown in any book or anything. In this case, it’s the Škoda T-23M (designated on the drawing Am 41738 from September 1940 as Panzerkampfwagen T23). This drawing was borrowed with kind permission of Mr. Vladimír Francev and Mr. Jiří Tintěra from their personal collection. I usually don’t use watermarks, but in this case, since it was not posted anywhere else, I will.

Anyway, the backstory for this tank – in detail I wrote about it here. Summarized: this tank was the final development of the original Škoda Š-IIc (T-21). A prototype was built and tested, but was never accepted in German service. T-21 was instead produced and improved in Hungary as the Turán medium tank. The Hungarian development was their own, the only thing in common with this vehicle is their common ancestor, the T-21.

From the official German vehicle summary (accompanying the drawing, late variant – early variant had less armor and was lighter):

Weight: 18000 kg
Engine: Škoda 15 liter V8, 260 horsepower at 2200 RPM
Power-to-weight: 14,44 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45 km/h

Length: 5440mm
Width: 2445mm
Height: 2390mm
Clearance: 350mm
Track width: 420mm

Frontal armor: 50mm
Frontal turret armor: 50mm
Vertical plates: 25mm (includes the entire turret apart from frontal part, also includes side plates)
Heavily sloped parts: 20mm
Mudguards: 8mm
Roof, frontal part: 15mm
Bottom, frontal part: 15mm
Engine cover: 10mm
Bottom, rear part: 10mm

Main armament: 47mm A11 high-power gun
Depression: -10/+25
Rounds carried: 94
Caliber: 47mm
Rate of fire: 25 RPM (theoretical), 12-14 RPM (aimed)
Barrel length: L/43,4
AP shell weight: 1,69 kg (entire shell – 2,79 kg), another source 1,65 kg
Muzzle velocity: 782 m/s (Pejčoch: 735 m/s and 755 m/s – later ammo)

Penetration AP:
48mm (500m, 30 deg)
41mm (1000m, 30 deg)
35mm (1500mm, 30 deg)

Penetration APCR:
100mm (100m, 30 deg)
58mm (500m, 30 deg)

In World of Tanks

This vehicle was proposed by me as a premium tank for the Czechoslovak branch, maybe tier 4. It’s not that well armored or fast, but it is solid.

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  2. This thing was born to be a hill fighter. I just hope it gets Pre-MM, then I would definitely buy it. Great job, SS