Today’s Advent Offer (15.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

today’s advent offer for EU server includes:

- 360 days of premium

Price: 86,24 USD (69,19 EUR)

Russian server stopped having the daily discounts at this point.

33 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (15.12.2014)

  1. Not a bad offer! And my premium is running low. Might be the first (if only) that tempts me.

    • From December 24th you will be ablew to buy 6 or 12 month prem with the same discount in game. I will wait for that and buy it then because I have shitloads of unused gold.

  2. On the other hand RU shop has KV-5 bundle with 2200 gold and 30 day premium for 50 USD, 6 low tier gift tanks + 30 days of premium for 36 USD, T-34-85M + 950 gold + 30 days of premium for 30 USD. And cream of the crop – GrossLOLTraktor + 3750 gold + 30 days of premium for 30 USD.

    All these specials will last until January 19th.

    • Russians due to fall of ruble see those discounts as “same price as before without discount” – no big deal.

      • Considering the fact that KV-5 was only sold once in a while during other “specials” and two new tanks were not in the game (except super test) until today… There really wasn’t “before” price to compare anyway.

        Not that it reduces effect of ruble collapse in any way.

    • They last till Jan 30 on the SEA server. I am happy about that as it is the cheapest time i have ever seen it, 60 AUD is not much for me!

      • Money grab? Sure. But show me one company that’s not in it for the money.

        I think it’s a good thing. Schoolkids who have no money but plenty of spare time over the holidays can do the missions and get it for free. Those of us who have money but no spare time due to work and family can buy tokens instead. Win-win.

        • The dollar price should not equal the euro price though, or do you agree with companies not applying applicable conversion rates?

    • Sure, if you take 6 out of 7 missions its not a bad grab to take the WZ-111 for 10 euros… I find it nice, not having to grind all the nations.

      • agree, good to have the option

        nothing more annoying than spending 4 weeks and ALMOST getting a wz111….

  3. That offer is about as exciting as a tin of lukewarm grey paint on a rainy day.

    Now a PzII J on the other hand…

  4. and 10$ = 10 EURO conversation is applied again :)
    i’m surpised japanese token is same price as others, which has only one branch over tier6. thx WG, i know you love us :)

  5. It actually is 25% discount. Just bought 360 data for £47 iso £63.
    Maybe later in the month there Will be 15% discounts. If you buy gold with 15% discount (big package), you might get up to 27% discount.

  6. Who the hell manages these bundles ? I wanted something nice like IDK for example “only tank” without shitload of useless crap like prem acc and gold. I dont sit in front of a pc 24/7 so this is not for me anyway. I expected to see for example SU-76i so more ppl would have chance to buy it and noone will cry that its op coz he would be easilly able to get it too and drivearround in it.