Tiger P Turret by Škoda with 105mm L/40,5

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so, you thought that Porsche’s Tiger was developed only in Germany? Not quite. Check this out.


This comes from the collection of V.Francev with his kind permission. It’s a well-known fact that some people at Škoda were on good terms with Ferdinand Porsche. In a recently published Czechoslovak armor photo book, there’s a picture of Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche inspecting the T-15 for example. Thus, it’s no wonder that Škoda was involved in one of Ferdinand Porsche’s greatest wartime endeavours, his development of the Tiger.

In December 1941, Czechoslovak engineers at Škoda designed a turret for Porsche’s Tiger (based on Porsche’s requirements), equipped with a 105mm battlecannon. The picture above gives you roughly an idea of how it looked (low quality is intentional for obvious reasons). The turret was 80mm thick all around except for the front plate, which was 130mm thick and the roof 35mm thick. The mantlet was 100mm thick.

It was equipped with a newly developed 105mm L/40,5 Škoda battlecannon, capable of firing 16kg shells at 775 m/s (in case you are wondering, using DeMarre, rough estimate of the weapon’s penetration capability is between 150 and 160mm at 100 meters). The cannon could be depressed to -8 degrees and elevated to +20 degrees. The turret was three man, with the commander and the gunner sitting left from the gun and the loader on the right side. Turret traverse was electrical.

Needless to say, this project was never accepted and Porsche’s Tiger ended the way it ended, but in World of Tanks terms, this would actually be a nice premium, wouldn’t it.

14 thoughts on “Tiger P Turret by Škoda with 105mm L/40,5

  1. “but in World of Tanks terms, this would actually be a nice premium, wouldn’t it”

    Silent, have you proposed that at the meeting with officials?

  2. I think it’d just be a perfect replacement turret/gun combo to further make the Tiger P even more “unique” to the Tiger H.

  3. This, as a premium version of one of my favorite T7s? *drools* If WG creates this, I’ll just be saying “take my money, NOW”.