9.5 Test 3

Hello everyone,

third round of the 9.5 CT has begun. The changes, compared to test 2:

- Fixed some text in the Personal Mission interface
- Fixed issues with visual models for FV4005, Sherman Firefly
- Fixed camo issues for the following vehicles: Т-34-85M, Т-54 Light. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, T-34, STA-2, M3 Lee
- Increased brightness of enemy vehicle names on the minimap
- Fixed some minor interface issues

22 thoughts on “9.5 Test 3

  1. SS, do we have any clues that the New tier 10 DeathStar will get a buff?
    Right now it is not much better than the 183, because it is basically a glass cannon, which can’t be effectively used in sniping, like the WT E-100, because of the gun accuracy.

    Most of the times, when WG imlpements a new line, it is sort of OP, or featuring a new devastating gun/platform.

    This time though, the tier 10 is not very promising, so many people will not spend free exp and premium time to grind it quickly, making profit for WG.

    What is your opinion?

      • Yeah, but they were the first of the chinese line, with a new platform.
        The 4005 or whatever is called is just a bad 183, with the newly armored FV being far more competitive when using it’s turret.

        • Also, I heard something about the Personal Missions not being implemented in 9.5, is it true?

          Are they planned to be implemented with the New Year?

    • FV 183 should have been the slower, heavily armored Death Star, and the 4005 a zippy glass Death Star. But WG went full retard and made them the worst 2 T10 TDs. And they nerfed the 4005 in test 2. It was even nicely balanced.

      Stupid WG y u no like brits?

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  3. - Fixed camo issues for the following vehicles: Т-34-85M, Т-54 Light. Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, T-34, STA-2, M3 Lee

    What will they do to my beloved Pz IV and T-34?!

    • I’m suspecting that it may be another bug with their camo paint layer being out of resolution or something to that effect

      Currently in 9.4 the Panther 8.8cm’s hull section is out of resolution with it’s turret, so it looks more blobby on the glacis compared to a standard Panther. This was fixed with the launch of 9.5 test #2 under the same note as these tanks in test 3

      • Well, if that’s the case it would be a relief. I love the way I can almost play my T-34 like a TD with its needle gun. Thanks!

    • My thoughts exactly, didn’t they ruing Pz4 enough already? I don’t mind taking out the Schmalturm and 7.5cm L/70, mobility(it was rather fast compared to T-34 or Sherman) and good camo rating worked well for me.

      But adding those sideskirts screwed up its abilities to fight over hills(really bad gun depression to the sides) and reducing the top speed made it sluggish like Centurion(i don’t like such artificial limits, where you just see that tank would roll faster if not for this speed limit, and instead trundles on “meh” pace).

      So what now will they do, reduce the camo factor so your relatively blind tank can be taken out even faster before you manage to spot enemies yourself?

      • 1. People had been grumbling about getting the Ausf. H hull for months since before the turret change was made(I know because I was reporting on it for NA server).
        2. Well if you want to get picky about the speed, there’s actually grounds to make it slower. Ausf. H was weighed down by the schurzen which reduced it’s top speed to 38. WG gave it the Ausf. G top speed. Ausf. E and F1 were the fastest of the Pz4 series at 42 kph, and after that it gradually got slower.

        • Also, Pz4 never had 105mm gun and never fought against KV-3 or Black Prince. Or M6. And Hellcat had like 90km/h top speed on hard ground instead of 72km/h limit from the game. And german tanks surprisingly aren’t randomly breaking down on winter maps.

          My point is: historical data doesn’t really play that much role in this arcade game, where tank statistics are set as a balancing factors. Historical data for this game is what pirate code was for pirates in “Pirates of the carribean” movie- a set of suggestions rather than laws.
          I consider lowering of Pz4 top speed in 0.8.8 and adding rather useless armor as a nerf to this tank, taking out its remaining strong points.
          And as such i’m against it.

          They could do another, slower tank with those BS sideskirts and throw it out as another tier5 regular or premium tank, for all what i care. Or save it for alternate hulls.

          As for your point nr1, i got to say that i am the kind of guy who in games focuses more on a performance of ‘things’ rather than looks, and Schurzen for me are just eyecandy, that aren’t worth of the cons associated with them.

          That’s how i see it.

  4. “Arties reduce the amount of possible camping spots and keep people moving” – Tyraforce 2014

  5. Increased brightness of enemy vehicle names on the minimap

    Now they are so bright you can hardly tell wich are spoted and wich arent