2S5 Giacint-S in Ukraine ATO

An interesting video, showing the Ukraine forces shelling the terrorist positions with heavy artillery, specifically the 2S5 Giacint-S 152mm SPG. Notice the loading of the SPG from behind, probably not very safe to stand behind it when it’s firing either.



Giacint-S is a Russian (Soviet) 152mm self-propelled gun, developed by Uraltransmash between 1967 and 1974 as a reaction to the insufficient firepower and range of older Russian artillery, used at that time. It was produced between 1976 and 1993. It is equipped with a 152mm L/47 2A37 gun, capable of firing at maximum range of cca 33 kilometers. The vehicle carries 30 rounds As most self-propelled guns, it’s very lightly armored (15mm), it weighs 27,5 tons and is powered by a 520hp V-59 engine, allowing it to go as fast as 62,8 km/h (although operational speed is more around 30 km/h).

Ukraine had a couple after the breakup of the USSR and in 2013, 24 were still in active service. Around 2000 were produced in total.

65 thoughts on “2S5 Giacint-S in Ukraine ATO

    • Don’t want it in a real life.
      Thats what an explosion can do to a human.

      dont say he is “terrorist”, a local rebel 19 y.o. left one ear and one hand operational. I dont try to change ones point, just imagine what s going on there. And keep this resulting picture in your mind instead of enjoying the fact that fucking russians are punished as they deserve.

      P.S.: SS откуда такая ненависть? От неосведомленности или тебе чем насолили?

      • and you’re saying that the Russians are completely innocent?? I don’t think so!!!
        and aren’t you forgetting that the Ukrainian soldiers are also suffering losses like this???

        There aren’t any victor in conflicts, only destruction and loss of life.

        PS: и почему ненавижу тебя спросить … хорошо, если Россия просто остался из этого конфликта и не вмешиваться, так как они явно делают, то не было бы какой-либо ненависти.
        (Google Translate)

  1. What’s with Russians and naming their artillery pieces after flowers?

    This thing as Hyacinth, the 2S4 Tyulpan(tulip).

    Anybody got any ideas?

  2. Waiting for that one response stating “meanwhile at the residential area in (insert city name here)”.

  3. SS why are you calling those people terrorists? During war in Yugoslavia, different media was calling ordinary people from any side a terrorists, when the only real terrorists were politicians and foreign armies…

    • “only real terrorists were politicians”

      Slobberdownonmydickbitch or was he called Slobodan Milosevic.

      • Every side had their own lunatic terrorists called politicians. In Serbia there was a mad man called slobodan milosevic (out of disrespect small caps s & m), Croatia had franjo tudjman (out of disrespect small caps f & t), Bosnia had alija iz(m)etbegovic (out of disrespect small caps a & i) and Slovenia had their sad eyed dogie :) :) :)

        All in all, these terrorist made people suffer in former Yugoslavia or Balkan, so I’ll stop here, because next words I would type are not for this place.

    • hah.. let me guess You are from the eastern side of the river Drina? Well the only terrorists during the war in EX Yugoslavia were Serbs! Clearly attacking the ground of an independent state.
      Sell your hegemonic demagogy to someone who is only reading the newspapers.

      P.S. you better stop because what you are writing here is nothing but chetnik propaganda! odjebi i ne seri vise!

      For SS which part do You agree him with?
      Do You live here?
      How well are You informed?
      Cmon dude.. i thought You cna do better.

      • I’m not a Serb, I live in Serbia, and I’m very aware of all nazi propaganda in Yugoslavia. So to make it short, keep you nazi propaganda for your self.

        Hey I do speak Serbian language, so: Jebo ti konj krvavim kurcem nevinu sestru na majcinom grobu :) :) :) as much as I know, this it the longest one in Serbian language :) :) :) Anyhow ESAD my nazi friend :) :) :)

    • BM-21 were firing behind them, at first i thought you could hear flying jets or something but you can see them later on.

  4. At 4:50, look at that synced fire. Are these units linked together by some command vehicle? Sort of remote controlled firing?

    PS: are we watching the good or the bad guys here? Though, guys with weapons are never any good :(

    • Bad ukrainian guys, shelling a city and killing separatists + peaceful citizens.
      All this is tolerated by your country.

    • Answer 1: We are watching the good guys. These are brave Ukrainian soldiers defending their country from Russian special forces and Russain-funded terrorists.

      Answer 2: We are watching the bad guys. These are forces of the ultranationalist Ukrainian regime, and the guns are pointed at cities where the oppressed Russian-speaking minority are hiding in fear.

      Real answer: These are soldiers paid to fight. Most of them probably love their own country, just like the guys they are shooting at. The other guys probably dont get paid as much. Both want peace, but not on the other side’s conditions.

    • Because they really are..probably…. Its like..There was a country named Ukraine… then came Western terrorist and organized some so called revolution…bud Eastern terrorists didnt like it so they organized another so called revolution in eastern part of Ukraine…. Concequences??? Thousands died just for will of some douchebags in expensive suits sitting in Bursels/Washington and Moscow… Those dead are brothers, fathers, sons, friends….. And everyone who thinks that political change in ukraine is worth their death is an assholle.

      • They are not terrorists. They just disagree with the politicians in Kyiv. The government in Kyiv decided to use the army to force these people to accept the new government, which is wrong.

        No those are not terrorists, they are just defending themselves against the Ukrainian barbarian army. Its been going on for 8 months and no one bothered to send the people in the rebel held area any food or medicine but Russia. There are plenty of videos on Youtube that shows the crimes the Ukrainian army has been committing in the east. Do yourself a favour and watch them.

        • The terrorists decided to proclaim independence,and used force first.Ukraine just retaliated.Also,your precious Russian Army in diisguise isn’t innocent.They did horrible things too.

  5. “showing the Ukraine forces shelling the terrorist positions” lol i see the western media propaganda is working good :) sad that people actually form their opinions from it ….

    • Yeah, people shold be taking their opinions only from Russian news stations. State endorsed only though, because other stations have a tendency to go off air or tend to have their journalists involved in nasty accidents.

      • Watching both sides tends to help get a better understanding, but I always felt that between March and July the Artillery made no sense and seemed overkill. However after what happened in August it makes more sense.

      • Screw RT. The Russian media lies as much as the US media does. Just go to Youtube and watch the videos from that area. You will see the homes the Ukrainian army has destroyed. Back in August they parked 3 tanks in a kindergarten, who does that? On Thanksgiving (in October) they shelled a church full of civilians, who does that?

        I dont like Putin or any of his stupid monkeys who runs Russia, but I hate the lying murderers in Kyiv even more.

    • Hey, look at me, I don’t hold Russian media to the same exacting standards I hold Western media to.

    • in any western countries you can go an say publicly that the president is an asshole you’ll get no punishement … its called liberty, when you go in russia and say the president is an asshole you go in a gulag … THAT’S THE BIG DIFFERENCE

      open your F*cking eyes

  6. They sure are old. It looks so cumbersome. Compared to the modern fast autonomos autoloading SPG’s such as the swedish Archer and the others such as Donar,Atmos, K9 etc etc.

    I feel sorry for the poor guys. That’s what you get when a scumbag president and his accolytes dries his country out of money and leaves the army in a complete terrible situation.

  7. > Notice the loading of the SPG from behind

    Aren’t they all loaded from behind? :)

    > probably not very safe to stand behind it when it’s firing either

    Is it really that bad to stand behind it? I don’t see any blast directed backwards. Is there a blocking mechanism that blocks the back of the barrel while firing – like in regular artillery? Also the shell ejection is delayed but this could of course be just due to a locking mechanism.

  8. what i really liked – it is the sound!!! it should be like this sound in the game of arty. oh and yes, ukrainians shoots at terrorists – think about this – WHERE DO NORMAL PPL WILL GET TANKS/ARMORS/GUNS? of course there has to be a source….and that source is PutinRussia. if you disagree with your government – GO TO STREETS, but do not start shooting. Yanukovich (former president of Ukraine) first started to shoot at normal people – and then ran away like a coward. Use democracy not guns. and that uses ukraine separatists – i hope ukrainian will kill them all.

  9. Its funny how you say they are shooting at terrorists, as they are clearly shooting innocent civilians, and the “terrorists” are trying to protect those innocent people from dirty ass idiots they call Uk. government. And as for artillery, Russian “Grad” seems to be way better.

  10. Putin & ukraine pres should sit down and smoke a few blunts…it be over tomorrow,growling gets death only

  11. UK fascist army kills civilians with heavy artillery, such axis does not defend his people,how cynical they are saying!