Tier 10 Polish Heavy…

Source: http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/3993141.html

Hello everyone,

this is how Yuri Pasholok and his colleagues (I assume he wasn’t the one rendering it) reconstructed the Polish “Lem” tank, also known as Czolg P, or Czolg Pancernik. For those who do not know – it’s basically a design, submitted by famous Polish scifi author Stanislaw Lem to Soviet armed forces during the war.


The vehicle picture was reconstructed was made using elements of Soviet technology from 1944-1947. Actually, it’s a nice tank, isn’t it :) Save for the AA “tumor turret” on the back anyway.

Too bad a Polish branch is practically impossible to build, it would be a nice tier 10 – but who knows, maybe it will appear in the game one day too (knowing Wargaming, as a Soviet tier 10 reward tank, which would be the ultimate trolling).

If you are wondering, the inscription means “invincible”.

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      • It was modeled for the Alpha and was already in Order of War to that WOT is more or less based and build on. So the model already there and good to go. We just not had the pleasure of seeing it yet. They even made a wallpaper of the model back in the day. But its just to silly to toss in there. Its more or less 3 KV-1′s welded into one tank with lots of turrets. So no… its not the “2004″ model.

        • What is wrong with you, that silly abomination doesn’t even exist, not to mention making sense. Things like WT E100 are made up, but they seem at least possible to build. “Behemoth” would be a free frag for EVERYONE. Being unable to move or turn would be enough to make it a tier IV or something, and still one or two TDs would tear it to shreds. And implementing a tank that was born as a shop would make WG look like fools, not that they don’t look like that all the time… Oh, and also real KV-6 was a normal KV-1 with a flamethrower, nothing special.

  1. I read some of Stanislaw Lem’s works, it’s all really good retro space sci-fi, I didn’t know he was into tanks, and this design looks very realistic for someone who wrote about a man with a rocket in his garage.

    • To be honest, Lem was ahead of his time – he predicted a lot of today’s technology. Keeping in memory time when he was writing… inspiring. ;)

  2. I’ve been wondering it ever since I’ve seen the early render of the tank… What is the point of two separate, inline tracks per side, when they’re both rigidly connected to the hull? Doesn’t seem that mr Pasholok thought it through…

    The inscription is a nice touch though. It’s a throwback to one of Lem’s novels.

      • My point is that in the description Lem wrote about four wheel ‘bogies’ able to move semi-independently. I’m personally unsure how mechanicaly sond that is, but it could theoreticaly help turn the monstrosity, and putting everything on torsion bars kind of defeats that. Well, I’m just nitpicking here anyway.

      • There are some serious heavy tank Designs with this track layout. Check hunnicutts book about the abrahams or the american heavy tank.

      • he wasn’t engineer but he wanted to be (he finished high school in 1939), during WW2 he was employed by german company Rohstofferfassung, as a simple worker he was recovering metal form destroyed tanks (amongs other) so he had “some” knowledge about tanks constructions ;)

        • About 5º gun depression, maybe only 3º. Turret might traverse 270º at best.
          This tank would have a HIDEOUSLY slow turning traverse. (Very long, + ground pressure at front and rear, but not center).
          One possible advantage to the multi-track is that you can lose a track and still (if on hard ground) move forward and backward, since all 4 track systems are driven with sprockets. Turning with a thrown track would be nearly impossible – as the narrow road wheels dig themselves into the dirt.
          It might even chew up asphalt with a thrown track.
          The gun, however, looks like it belongs on a SHIP. This thing would scare even IS-7′s and E-100′s. :)
          This would be the new TOG II* at tier 10. Terrifying until you could flank it.

      • As native russian speaking person i can assure you sticker on tank says “Undefeated” not “Invincible”

        • To quote myself from further down:
          “It’s the name of one of Lem’s novels (Niezwyciężony) in Russian which was translated into English as Invincible.”
          It’s a case of the good-vs-faithful translations, with SS chosing to convey the reference instead of the literal translation.

    • Probably better control – if the tank was going very fast, having two track speeds on each side would make turning easier

    • I also wonder how would be this thing able to turn. Most tanks are pretty square. Okey russians are pretty long. But length of this would be at least 50% more. I would say there will be allot of friction and very hard to turn seeing on how tank steering works.

    • Yeah. Miniturrets everywhere.
      It’s even possible to see the AA turret first when this tank go hull down. And to shoot a it. ^^

  3. Well, in fact building a Polish branch, even a heavy one wouldnt be such a problem, becouse polish forces used A LOT of heavy tank, but… the soviet ones. So basicaly Polish heavy branch would be a copycat from Soviet tree, which is impossible to implement due to the fact that WG dont want more clones tank in their game (despite T-54 clones, theres never too many).
    But I dont mind if this tank would be in russian tech tree, or become a reward tank for example for second IM.

  4. I dont understand why do you think that Polish tech tree is impossible to or hard to build. ??
    Other branches are full of prototypes which never have been built or american or soviet machines. Polish branch would have both. It would be nice to have the choice between for example Cromwell and T-34/85 in meds VI tier.

    • Wargaming prefers original vehicles now (or rather, insists on them) – one “clone” would be fine, but the Polish tanks from tier 6 onwards would be only clones.

      • How is this even an axiom.
        Wargaming does whatever the fuck they want.
        “Ah yes, no more clones plox”
        “No problem comrade, Panther 8,8 and new T54 on the way!”
        “What about the new European tree, Ivan?
        “First we must fuck with random tonk collision models and move some shit around on maps, of course not in game, so the player can’t see.”

        • How about ‘wargaming doesn’t want clones where they can’t monetize them’. Branches are freebies to improve player retention, but innately aren’t the main earners for WG, so it’s entirely possible they have their own set of rules as far as new content goes.

  5. “Too bad a Polish branch is practically impossible to build, it would be a nice tier 10 – but who knows, maybe it will appear in the game one day too (knowing Wargaming, as a Soviet tier 10 reward tank, which would be the ultimate trolling).”

    SS you talk like you completly rejected the idea of the common EU tree.

    • If you mean “mixed branches” – yes, that was rejected wherever possible IIRC. There was an idea to mix branches (like, first half Polish, second half Yugoslavian or something like that), I personally hope they don’t do that.

  6. Wargaming is creating branches when they got _some_ tank data AND there are players from that country. Thats why they created Japs and Chinese tanks so fast (they wanted to get into asia market). Considering how many polish people playing this game everything is possible (we probably see some Chech tanks too because we got Chech players).

    If u look at amount of posts in each section of official forum u will find out that excluding English section (cuz its not only brits but also people from US and everyone else since almost everyone know english) we got German and Polish with 2 million hits, then Chech with over 1 million and france with half of it (yeah same france who will be probably getting another branch).

    English Speaking Community 3,514,722 Hits
    Deutschsprachige Community 2,181,057 Hits
    Polska Społeczność 1,961,129 Hits
    Česká a Slovenská komunita 1,187,829 Hits
    Communauté francophone 650,114 Hits
    Comunidad de habla española 338,900 Hits
    Türkçe Topluluk 441,969 Hits
    Other Languages 737,019 Hits

  7. Anyone see any relation to Titanic??? LOL… they said it was “Unsinkable”, so u know what would happen to this if it was real. :D

    • 263?
      It’s gun for Object 705A heavy tank. IS-7 Chellyabinsk version, just 100-t weight and 152-mm gun as main armament. Same gun in SU-152P with little changes
      Turret – original Lem design.
      Track – more than Object 730 design, but roadwheels – yes, 257-260 design.

  8. If the Polish get these, then the Americans should also get their 4-tracked tanks too. (H.P. Hunnicutt’s book lol).

  9. I love this and would welcome a Polish branch if possible.
    By-the-way,did you know the poles invented vodka and still make the best in the world?
    Zubroska rules.