Mountain Pass Bush is Gone

Thanks to several folks who sent me this (I always forgot to publish it, Winstonpus was the last one).

In case you are wondering what changed on the Mountain Pass in 9.5 – one infamous camping bush on the northern side got removed. Let’s face it… it was an annoying position.


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    • With arty or KV2 derp the chance of damaging or killing a scout outright was a major LOL fest.:(

  1. Implementing new Scouts in the patch before and deleting one of their best postion in the next patch.. gg WG.

    You might consider that you could put another bush on the other side of the map too .. lol

  2. Yayyyy, Finally! I am always glad when one of the Bullshit bushes gets removed. (I’m looking at you Prok E1 bush)

    • It is only bullshit if you have played less then 1 k battles. After that ppl should know to HE blindly those bushes if your sixth sense activates…

      That bush on mountain pass was only a problem for dumbarses who just went straight over that alley…. After the first time it happened to me getting shot at from across the vally i learned to move close to the mountain side on my left. Problem solved, never got spotted and shot while moving up there anymore… Move across, park close to the hill, load HE, blindshoot bush twice, move on. Usually you will see in your post-battle stats some damage to a light you never saw…

      E1 bush works both ways. It is slightly faster to get there from the north but you will not be able to make it there safely if a enemy scout comes from the other side. Still, after you have learned that it is a favourite spot for scouts you should know to blindshoot with HE that position… I am infuriated by situations with dumbarses like 5 high tier TD s that just sits doing nothing in the back while i am telling them to shoot at that specific bush and why they should do it…

    • Hey, here’s another tomato-worthy idea: WHY NOT REMOVE ALL BUSHES FROM ALL THE MAPS?!?

      That’s what you’re actually asking for, isn’t it?
      As if corridor maps & retarded city maps like Kharkov or Stalingrad aren’t enough!

      • I agree with you totally. Game is becoming heavy tanks and heavy TD’s fest.

        Was playing recently Archer to get Achilles and unarmored TD’s are now pain to play. In most cases you are spotted just after first shot, cause bushes are few, Terrain is so modelled that long range sniping is very rare which is really awsome in case of a vehicle in which stealth is your only armor… There are so many derp guns or high alpha guns that you are oneshoted almost every second battle. And corridors, corridors, corridors everywhere.

        Also playing with T37 I notice that many maps are total piece of shit if you try to do, what you should do as a scout. Best is combo of a few corridor maps in a row with tier IX enemies. Awsome fun running away for most of the time and have almost no chance to influence outcome of the battle. And how can I get spotting XP when all fight at close range?

        As a person who plays the game almost 4 years I think that it was funnier some time ago. It was between the change of MM from +/- 3 to +/- 2, and introduction of numerous stupid TD’s with mega huge guns that oneshot you or at least ruin you battle with one hit. ISU and 704 as only such powerful beast were OK, but when we have more then dozen of them and a few in each team it is mega BS (oh and some have autoloaders, how funny…). One mistake in med or light and you are doomed…

  3. Still, Mountain Pass is the same as Mines – if you spawn south you just die.
    The bush removal is a good move, but another one should be the removal of that giant shooting gallery.

  4. One of the two spots where i usually pre-aiming with arty (the other one is where the Tiger I and SU-122-54 are)

  5. Airfield’s (B5?) scouting bush in the north edge/middle of the map was also removed. It’s just the rock now.

    • You can knock down the palms next to the rock. If you do it right, knocking them towards the rock, and if you park your scout slightly up the hill, away from the rock, they will provide covner.

      • And such will nicely give away your position. Falling trees are as good an indicator as a red spot on the map…

      • Yeah, noticed that on my first RU-251 game yesterday. Needless to say, I was unpleasently surprised. Map got worse because of it, if you are playing a scout tank.

    • No, the rock does not help you much… That position is useless now for any light. Sure you can spot som tanks hiding behind it but there is no one that can shoot at them so the spotting is useless…. The bush enabled you to do move into it, do a full aim cycle, shoot and retreat behind the rock. This is not possible anymore.

      Still, any scout in there was easy to counter and i made a point of killing it before moving up. I moved to a position where i knew i would get spotted from that bush, pre aim with HE loaded. When 6-th sense lights up SHOOT. Rinse and repeat. 2-3 shots later the scout was either dead or running away and you a where still safey behind the rock from counterfire.

      • Which was totally unbalanced for the south team.
        Removing bush was a short term solution for the balance of that map.

        It is still shit tough.

  6. That’s not all what changed. There is now a small “dip” on the other side as well so you can not properly snipe the tanks anymore that go from left to right there – you now mostly only see their turrets when they drive near the mountain there. Also another ditch close before “you made it” through the open is gone. After all, brilliant changes to that map that make it a little bit more ballanced. :)

    Mines next now WG. Or just remove it, it’s way too dark anyway!

    • It’s hilarious that they’ve removed Ruinberg on fire for being too dark… then replaced it with a snow Ruinberg that is so glaringly bright and white that it requires sunglasses :x

      Can’t say I’m too interested in reskins tbh, gameplay will obviously be exactly the same, and after a few games you usually don’t even notice it anymore. Wish they’d spend all that time making actual new maps, there are probably many thousands of places in the WW2 theatre that would make for interesting WoT locations.

  7. My opionon on removing bushes… LEAVE THEM ALONE FFS!

    They are good for me in 2 ways. I go to them with my lights and get tons of spotting damage and i get a free kill with any other class by blindshooting them…

    The bushes where put there purposedly for lights to do their job. What WG did not think of is that average tomato player screams OP OP OP, REMOVE just because they can not comprehend the concept of fire into an obvious position without actually seeing a lit up target there.

  8. I noticed a couple of bushes that I used to hide behind have gone missing since the update.

    • Yup, soon there will be no easy way to detect and kill tomatos…. Because only tomatos get themselves killed by spotting from those bushes…

  9. It’s just WG. Instead of making some more original changes, like giving south similar opportunities to shoot north, making more of the map accessible they go the dumbest possible way – cut out all the bushes, grow corridors, rendering scouts useless on the next map and then being surprised why people play lights like mediums with no armor and bad MM. Leave the scouting bushes alone, go back to map reworks like in the past – Redshire was the last not totally failed rework (even if we had first signs of corridors there), after that reworks went full retard making every damn map a corridor and every newly implemented map was a damn city map with the worst of them – Shitgrad on top.

  10. I hope when all the bushes are gone (along with passive scouting), people won’t yell any more that we are only statpadding in our lights.

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  12. So instead of adding a bush to the other side, they remove the bushes altogether so LTs can just race to the bridge in the middle and jump off to suicide – another useless HTmap, woohoo! How about we turn everything into corridors at once, what’s the point of doing if slowly if the idea is to make all maps “50m pekaboo zones” anyway?

    • Well, I think the easiest solution will be to remove all maps which are not 100 prc city maps, HT lovers and guys in TD’s with huge guns will be happy that they do not have to think too much…

      Yesterday I have seen 2 tier IX tanks that were top in team pushing through open terrain and after being raped crying that team is stupid… Or T34 going to town instead of hills on Fisherman Bay, who increased his fail choosing the path on which enemy was shooting at him from 2 sides (and yes, it was visible on map were they are!!). And the same day I have seen 4 HT and TD’s pushing through open field instead using bushes on Prokhorovka alley, all were instantly raped. Their positions allowed enemy not only to spot them fast, but also easily hit them from sides cause they wasnt smart enough to use road (which is slightly higher the terrain) as a side cover, but drive on slope to show their sides to all who wanted…..

      Open or half open maps are just too difficult for some people.

  13. At the end they remove all the scout positions and transform the LT’s into fast medium like supporter.

    Its stupid to remove the bushes at all. The other site already got a lowered ground so you can pass safely.

    Instead of doing one by one and test they just do all at once and thats too much.

    • Most maps are somewhat scout friendly, roughly on 1/4- 1/3 of them spotting with lights is mostly irrelevant. I consider most of the comments in line with WG trying to make corridors and city maps only as a symptom of mass hysteria.

      • Most? Not really, and the ones that are, are getting their “scout friendliness” chipped away. Like Murovanka, yes, they made it bigger, but the two primary combat zones got pushed farther apart with more cover between them, while the engagement lines were pushed closer together. In the forest, it’s now practically a melee brawl, and the hills are no longer long-range, but medium range. This pushes everyone into their own spotting range, making scouts useless for spotting.

        Erlenberg had the engagement distances reduced as well, making it harder for a scout to get spotting damage, before the mediums/heavies/tds have begun spotting their own targets. Yes, it does still provide some opportunities, but they are still getting whittled away.

        Mass Hysteria? Name a nice, open map with good passive, or active scouting options that was introduced recently?
        Stalingrad? No.
        Kharkov? No.
        Updated Komarin? Not really.
        Updated Murovanka? The engagement distances for both sides were decreased, while cover between both flanks was increased. Effect? Worse for scouts.
        Updated Serene Coast? Worse.
        Hidden Village? Terrible for scouting!
        Pearl River? Hopeless.

        The only map that I can remotely think of that has been IMPROVED for scouts, is Swamp. I mean, please correct me if I’m forgetting anything, but War Gaming has done nothing of note, since the probably the introduction of physics that has improved Scout gameplay. Every step has been making it worse. Tier 10 Mediums completely eclipse even a tier 8 scout. High tier TDs like the Waffles(8 and 9), with their insane aim times, turrets, quick reloads, absurd accuracy, and excellent view range make it nearly impossible to get close to them, before they kill you. French TDs for so long, were nearly impossible to circle. The Waffle E100 has an autoloader that, unless it is clipped or distracted, is a complete, hard counter to any and every light scout in the game.

        Nerfs to camo have hurt light tanks hard as well. The constant removal of bushes, that TD players lament, are also frustrating as hell to any light tanker. Hell, and I haven’t even talked about straight up NERFS to light tanks, like the 132′s Premium ammo nerf several patches ago that saw it’s HEAT shell’s pen drop from 260 to 230 on the 85mm.

  14. They cut the bush, but still upper base have an advantage – thy have two big stones there at which you can hide, a bush near mountain, and a terrain advantage. Unlike lower base which have a flat terrain with no stones in center and no bushes.