Budapest Map Proposal

Hello everyone,

I don’t usually post various player proposals for WoT improvement, as, well, most seem to be of dubious quality (in some cases, that’s an understatement), but I will make an exception in this case. Hungarian player rlazol made a proposal to Wargaming in a form of an open letter regarding possible new map, called Budapest. While the English is somewhat… lacking, I think that the proposal looks quite solid. What do you think?








57 thoughts on “Budapest Map Proposal

  1. As I see it, There is enough maps in this game. They should focus in tanks and gameplay insteed

      • Well there are I believe some 30+ maps in wot,but still if you play,you will be stuck at usually like 4-5maps in rotation..I dont see more how new maps will improve anything,in this state of game.
        But hey, I could be wrong :)

        • i dont think its a problem because WG admits that quite some maps suck so why not replace them by other cool maps and then the number of maps would not chance

        • First reaction: looks quite nice, awful English notwithstanding. But when I saw the author compare his proposal to Hidden Village, I laughed hard. No, thanks, we do not need more unplayable shit. Hidden Village is pretty much the worst map of present WoT and, if anything, it should be removed and fall into eternal oblivion, not be multiplied…

          Leave map proposals to 2000+ WN8 players.

          • he also compares it to ruinberg, himmelsdorf and west field so i think its ridicules to judge the map based on 1 comparison

            • Well, it’s just my opinion. If the map will be better than Hidden Crap or Crapogorsk, I won’t mind it being introduced.

              And I find it amusing that the author thinks that spotting in these corridors will be fun… Yeah, it was definitely fun in Severogorsk. :P

        • I have a theory: the smaller the number of your gun depression, the higher the number of your chance of getting prokhorovka/sandriver.

    • Really? More tanks lines? You know they’re already using blueprints, and theoretical tanks, if they committed to lots more tank lines, they’d need to start inventing them.

    • There are never enough maps. OTOH, it’s time for WG to add more open country maps. Enough with the city maps for now.

    • as much as i normally not agree on new maps, occasional a new map brings new tactics into the game, reason why i don’t like new maps it’s because most players haven’t learn to play the old ones!

      but i do like this suggestion!

      how ever bringing new tanks to variate the gameplay and improving the gameplay is also of interest!

    • I love this idea. Not only is this proposal well put together but this is a map I would like to play now. Kudos to the author and anyone else who wants to make a proposal should use this as a blueprint for their work.

  2. For me, it is the wrong map at this time…
    there are more than enough Citymaps in the last time…

    Sorry but i hate them…

      • if i look at the map, there are only small areals… nobody will use them, just one or two spotter. for me its same like Charkow

      • Mittengard is a playground for noobs/newbs. Actual city maps, that are entirely city, and thus a city map (not mixed), Like himmelsdorf for example have been in the game for a long time and are looked upon favourably by a lot of players. It’s not world of peekaboo, unless your bad, and sit in the same place, not flanking, side scrapping, pushing or generally doing anything that this game is about.

        By the same argument as your using against city maps, open maps should be got rid of because all you do is camp on all of them. Obviously this is wrong, because people push, flank and actually play the game on these maps.

        • Side scrapping is peekaboo on citymaps without any movement…
          And a push in Randommatches are like suicide xD

  3. Seems like a nice map with chances for everyone but i am a bit concerned about the tunnel because i think that when you get in you barely can get out because you will be shot

  4. Whoever this is, has put a lot of thought and effort into the proposal of this map, and taken into considerations things like balance, and how the map will play out. People might not want other (city) maps, but WG will always keep adding more to try and prevent matches becoming stale.
    I would be quite keen to see this persons ideas put into the game. :)

  5. It is refreshing to see well thought out proposals that someone took the time to research and develop rather the just say give me something new and something free.

    Well done in my opinion.

  6. What a tarded tank commander would enter in the fkng city with his tank!? Only in World of Tards.

    • “What a tarded tank commander would enter in the fkng city with his tank!?”

      Did you seriously just ask that?

  7. I believe it is a very nice proposal. He made a 5 pages long essay just to have his proposal revised. I would love to see that map in game (might even consider going back to play).

    As for the author’s grammar skills: He had the courage to make such a serious proposal to Wargaming. Why the hell do you even notice grammar misuse? You must be meeting thousands of players in game or on the forums who wouldn’t be able to even put together a well-formed sentence, not a 5 pages long essay!

  8. It looks like a much more balanced map than some and i hope someone from WG notices and suggests it to the devs

  9. FFS no. No next city map. We have enough of them. For the last few patches every new map was a city. I want more maps optimized for other classes, something like Prokhorovka. Go away with this.

  10. Fun to play for every class…sure…
    For arty it’s even worse than Himmelsdorf, Karkov or Ruinberg.
    Imagine you start at the eastern base in an SPG. 100m infront of a 200m high hill. Not even the Conqueror GC could shoot into the city behind that hill. Not even into the cap circle on top of the hill. That means waiting on your side until there are enemies to shoot, which means fireing one shot because the game is over for your team. Would be fun!

    • I appreciate it when people work to improve world of tanks and add new maps, so dont get me wrong, but this is unprofessional as fuck. Just read to line 7 where the writer states : “….lost 6,49% of its population (larger rate than that of Germany!)”. In conclusion the writer has no idea of ww2 history. People stop believing everything you read on the internet….

  11. I like the proposal, even though he makes some mistakes in the history section (Hungary’s losses were around 6.35 percent of the total population, Germany lost between 7.9-10 percent). It looks a little crowded, but nothing some professional map designers at WG couldn’t handle.

    As for the English: he doesn’t have worse English skills than you, SS, so it was completely unnecessary (and not ‘unnecessery’) to bring that up.

  12. People will whine about city maps forever, but hey.. What do you do when you get Himmelsdorf with your arty? You quit?

    City maps provide even more action, the distances are smaller, you are much closer to the enemy. This is why it is harder.

    Of course, I would love to see this map, I had the idea of making it in War Thunder CDK, afterall I lived in this part of the city. Our old house is in the topleft corner of the map, but I’m not sure, this will work as a map in WoT. This hill is too high for slow tanks to climb in my opinion. I dont know the author, but I agree, his english is not that good. But his ideas are not that bad !

    • My edit time expired so:

      There were other tank battles in Hungary, if you are wondering, there was a big one next to Debrecen, and an other one near Lake Balaton – it was included in the unsuccessful historical battle attempt by WG. They both could be maps similar to Steppes, or Prokorovka…

  13. Yeah, let’s reenact 1956th in Budapest – columns of T-34-85s, T-54s, IS-2 and IS-3 rolling through Hungarian capital.

  14. I think the map looks very good and cant wait until i see in in the map rotation. Very good job with it and the history. Is the map completed? A map is a map guys. This guy seems to be doing what Wargaming should be doing. I vote yes. Hope to see some updates on this.

  15. I’ve actually gotten lost before in exactly that section of Budapest–with a map in my hand, no less.

  16. They should definetlly remove some maps from the game and work on the map rotaion cuz even if there are 30+maps roation sucks cuz u play 5-6 maps too much while u play but i don’t see this map as a bad idea and the guy rly tryed his best to present the idea,they should atleast take a look at his proposal

  17. I would welcome this map if WoT were to do it.

    I for one like the historical maps like Kharkov and Stalingrad.

  18. What World Of Tanks is certainly not in need of is more city maps to make it a nightmare for TDs,SPGs and lights.There are many more maps in the game which cause said classes to suffer and heavy tanks to benefit than said classes to benefit and heavy tanks to suffer.More open maps to bring pain unto heavy tanks please WG.