45 thoughts on “Supertest Vehicles Pictures

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  2. The ISU-130 and AMX CdC are so sexy. But I know driving the AMX CdC would drive me insane. If the ISU-130 was available in the Premium Shop, I’d buy one.

  3. Useless pictures, I don’t understand why can’t they show gun depression/elevation instead of ohlooksopretty screenshots with huge watermarks

  4. Give me my new French tanks soon WG, I have waited 2 years and I don’t feel like waiting much longer. You should know that CdC in its current form would be an instant buy, too bad it’ll be nerfed like most french tanks :D

  5. if they have STA-2 in HD why not the STA-1 and STB-1 ? they are from my favorite tanks in the garage !