Straight Outta Supertest: IS-5 (Object 730)

Source: VK Wotleaks

Upcoming tier 8 Soviet heavy premium tank.


Characteristics for 100 percent crew.


The development of experimental Soviet heavy tank started in 1949 in the ChKZ design bureau under the leadership of Zh.J.Kotin. In 1950, a trial run of 10 vehicles was built. After a full series of tests and some changes, the vehicle was accepted into service in 1953 under the IS-8 designation.

Tier 8 Soviet HT
Hitpoints: 1550
Engine: 700 hp
Weight: 49,045 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,27 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42/14 km/h
Hull traverse: 26 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,247/2,11
Turret traverse: 25 deg/s
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 440

Hull armor: 120/120/?
Turret armor: 201/129/?

Gun: D-25T
Damage: 390
Penetration: 175
ROF: 5,129
DPM: 2000,2
Reload: 11,699
Accuracy: 0,441
Aimtime: 3,07s
Depression: -3





67 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: IS-5 (Object 730)

  1. 120 side armour… damn.

    Pike nose still (probably) sucks massively of course.
    Gun is still terrible. ( but it will get limited matchmaking )
    I won’t be starting the russian heavy line any time soon, pubstomping these kinds of tanks…

    • Pike nose looks very well angled. It may be similar to 110, with very reliable upper plates (when hull is pointing right at the enemy) but with weak lower plate, though by looking at pics, the lower plate seems to be nicely angled as well.

      • It does, but it’s supposedly a predecessor or the IS-8 and the IS-8 has trouble bouncing 175mm penetration rounds so we shall see.

        • Upper plate on IS-8 has around 220 effective armour. With little angling you can bring both upper and lower plates up to 195-200 effective armour. I wouldn’t exactly say it has problem with 175mm pen guns.

    • With limited MM the gun is good enough,only 3 tanks you can’t pen from the front without gold.
      As for the armor,at tier 8 it’ll be a beast.It looks like it has a more efficient pike nose than is-3 and 20 more mm of armor,and the is-3 has pretty effective frontal armor,at least against lower tiers.

  2. Another samey gameplay D25T tank

    I want a Soviet T34 T8.
    Give me an IS-2 with the M62 T2 at tier8 ! :P
    A somewhat paper OMG gun no limited MM tank :P !

    Do I want THAT much?

        • but with meds you have to stay in motion most of the time-> terrain changes every few secs-> low gun depression is going to fuck you up

          • in most mediums you do, not in a T-34-3. If people are trying to play a T-34-3 like a normal medium that probably explains why so many people hate it.

    • At least it has better dpm than the average of the medium tanks on the same tier. Ah, who am I kidding, I won’t ever buy this thing.

  3. So uhh what is the point of this with the IS-6 already being in game?

    Cmon WG, the other countries like France and Britain need more premium tier 8′s

  4. Depression: -3 . Ahahahaha good lucky play this shit . Compare to is-5 , t 34-3 is god tank .

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  6. Jesus feck!
    Another “ding-o-matron 3000″ with this stupid idiot gun -_-
    How many times WG?
    Why muricans cant get any premum TD?
    Ofcourse soviet bias FTW!!!

      • You don’t use the 122mm on the KV-85, for crying out loud!

        Unless you’re a tomato, otherwise I don’t see why anyone would play with that gun when you get monster DPM with the 100mm gun and WAY better fire control

  7. lol everybody keeps getting all excited over all these new tanks that have basically the same damn gun.. shit 175 pen and crap gun handling.. must be all the same CoD fanboys that get all excited about the newest reskined version coming out.

  8. Comparing to the IS-6 we have now

    Same D-25T with vastly superior stats

    .44 acc vs .46
    3.07 aim vs 3.4
    Almost same RoF.

    Almost makes the penetration balanced.

  9. All complaining about how 175 mm pen is low, learn to aim and this gun will kill everyone in front of you. I don’t have any problem in my IS6. Ofc it is for close combat not for sniping from 500 m.
    The only problem is E75, JagTiger, 112 and ofc IS6 ( you have HE ammo as well ;-) ) other tanks are almost like paper to this gun.

  10. Looks cute but with shitty D-25 (por gun, suffering from WG) and -3 depression… Yeah, no.
    However it might have good gun stabilzation. But, holy crap, WG, I’m pretty sure that there are more interesting candidates for Soviet t8 premium HT, without overnerfed gun.
    However… This HT might have a decent frontal armor. It does looks like a prototype hull for IS-7, and with comparable angles. 120mm@65 degree isn’t bad, and quite close to China’s 113 and 112, which have 120mm@68 deg.
    But gun spoils all.

  11. i wouldnt even buy an is8 fully upd for a t8 buying the proto for it would be a bad idea

  12. With that mobility, 120mm frontal armor and better gun stats than Is-6, then this is definately going to be nerfed. Heh an IS-5 vs IS-5 using AP will be a funny bounce show.

    If not then WG will be even more rich.

  13. I see that a lot of people think that IS-5 will have good armor.
    Of course we all can only speculate for now, but i think they are all wrong.

    Do not understand my in wrong way – i will buy this tank (one more soviet heavy premium tank always welcome) if it will be normal premium tank and i could be a nice tank overall but it won’t have good armor.

    It could be close to IS-8 stock which – do not get me wrong – could be nice tier 8 premium heavy tank – but IS-8 is not known for his good armor … IS-8 prototype i mean IS-5 won’t have good armor as well …