Straight Outta Supertest: IS-5 and T-54 Prototype Changes

Hello everyone,

IS-5 and T-54 Prototype were changed in the current iteration of the supertest as thus (data for 100 percent crews):


- terrain resistance nerfed from 1,055/1,247/2,11 to 1,247/1,342/2,11
- ROF buffed from 5,129 to 5,214
- DPM buffed from 2000 to 2033
- reload buffed from 11,699s to 11,507s
- gun depression buffed from -3 to -5

T-54 Prototype

- hitpoints nerfed from 1400 to 1300
- hull traverse nerfed from 44 to 42
- turret traverse nerfed from 45,9 to 41,7
- ROF nerfed from 8,022 to 7,725
- DPM nerfed from 2005 to 1931
- reload time nerfed from 7,479 to 7,767
- accuracy nefed from 0,345 to 0,364
- aimtime nerfed from 2,4 to 2,49

The stats look as such:


Hitpoints: 1300
Engine: 520 hp
Weight: 35,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,65 hp/t
Maximum speed: 44/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 42 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,822
Turret traverse: 41,7 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 700

Hull armor: 120/90/?
Turret armor: 180/120/?

Elite gun: 100mm D-10T
Damage: 250
Penetration: 175
ROF: 7,725
DPM: 1931
Reload: 7,767
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,49s
Depression: -6


Hitpoints: 1550
Engine: 700 hp
Weight: 49,045 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,27 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42/14 km/h
Hull traverse: 26 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,247/1,342/2,11
Turret traverse: 25 deg/s
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 440

Hull armor: 120/120/?
Turret armor: 201/129/?

Gun: D-25T
Damage: 390
Penetration: 175
ROF: 5,214
DPM: 2033
Reload: 11,507
Accuracy: 0,441
Aimtime: 3,07s
Depression: -5

49 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: IS-5 and T-54 Prototype Changes

            • Yea, look – one russian tank with nerfed depression! (and that turret armor probably is historical .. lol)

              And what about KV-1 85 mm, IS, IS-3, IS-8, IS-7, object 704 (IRL 1,75° depression with the short howiter, ingame 6° with the BL-10 lol) and many more?

              • Stop complaining about depression.

                If depression is made “historical”…then stats such as rate of fire would be made “historical” as well…resulting in Russian tanks generally having “balanced” depression while having 3k+ DPM, ruining your day.

                • “historical DPM” .. that actually made my day lol

                  And there is no such thing like a huge RoF buff for russian tanks based on historical data. You are either reffering to theoretical data or the IS-7, which did its 6-8 shots but than needed to reload longer.

                  Historical RoF .. would increase DPM .. read that for example:

                  Reason why KV-1 with 85 mm gun was not adpoted was a RoF of 1-2 rpm. Ingame however it pumps out a wooping 12 rpm. Probably that was a comma fault by WG!

            • high velocity rifled gun implying it had faster projectiles than 115mm APFSDS, which I doubt.

  1. I wonder how it will take for WG to realize that that 120mm of sloped hull armor on a tier 8 medium is just not gonna work no matter how badly you nerf everything else.

    • As soon as they realize that nobody will buy a tank that carries this terrible gun. It will be massively overpowered against tier 6 and 7. Will murder T-44. T-34-3 and T-34-2 be completely useless in tier 10 while being gold-bait in tier 9 because of the magical almost penetrable copula on the popular E75 and it cannot penetrate the VK 45.02 B at all and if it doesn’t meet them there’s sure to be an ST-I around.

      The DPM is also standard ”lower than heavy tanks, because.”

      This thing will be on tier 8 to piss of people driving tier 6 and the worse tier 7 drivers. ( i.e. Medium drivers and most IS drivers. ) It will also exist to annoy those other premiums with an inaccurate 175 penetration gun.

      Totally balanced, a tank that is stomping on lowertiers while not being able to penetrate weakspots a tier higher and sees tier 10′s. I bet this thing will have it’s matchmaking nerfed after doing another DPM nerf on the gun to bring it to ”bad type 59” levels, of course the terrible turret and better hull get’s compensated by ”better” gunhandling and then 1 week later it get’s pulled from the shop. :)

  2. - gun depression buffed from -3 to -5

    gotta love the unhistorical buffs because it’s a soviet tank!

    • Gotta love the uber realistic armor on VK4502B. The Firefly top speed of 36km/h (IRL 40km/h), the realistic armor values of WT-E100 taken from a prototype i have in my garage, the amazing tank FV215B which was produced in 5000 total tanks (some of them are still fighting in Syria), the FV183 mm “sudden” armor increase, etc etc.

      Hahaha and people still talk about historical stats. Wake the fk up! WG stated many times : FOR US IT’S FUN OVER REALISM!!

    • They already said multiple times that game balance> historical stats. Do you really want IS-7s cruising at 60kph with 6-8 rounds per minute and TD gun handling? Or T-62As with -7 gun depression? Maybe you would like the tiger I without the long 88? Or the T32 with -5 gun depression instead of -10? Pretty sure you wouldn’t like the Jagdtiger with a horribly long reload due to two-part ammo. Or maybe much faster reload and better accuracy for arty?

      • WTF u talking about. In 8.6 WG give Tiger “realistic” speed, and take engine out. Tiger II lost 20 mm lfp becouse no historical, and they nerf engine. IS 3 dont HAVE any of his historical engine, have 30 mm space armor on side, with never was there. IS 7 have buffed lfp to 150mm, its ballance ok, SO WHY nerfing JT, KT, E50, E75 engine and say that 860 engine never was in JT and KT and 1200 hp never was in E75 and e50…………So where is nerf to IS 3 engines, where is nerf in HD to T54 armor on hull, historical 98 mm and so on. I read about plan to add KT 900 hp engine in 1945, but war ended faster. Why WG dont do that ? Why Mause have shit ROF cuz of what? OP tank ? WhiteBaron go look Chiftein about IS 7, that wasnot aoutoloader, even Serb say so, its semi-automatic, its like in Bat and AMX, after those shoot, tank for 30 minuts could not fight. Sorry for bad english. I can take JT and 12.8 L\55 can u live with obj 704 and short gun ? GL or IS 3 and IS 4 with DT 25 and 175 mm pen?

        • Also T-54 never had anything but a 580hp engine, and ingame starts stock with a 620hp one, then upgrades to 700hp.

        • You are also right, but i think i dont have to point it out to you that WG balances tanks how they want, if they drink too much vodka they bring in the historical bullshit argument. They just throw out the historical crap to justify a nerf or buff. Simply as that.

          And also the game balance has no logic at all. The best example is what you said Maus have shit ROF, yet huge turret=lot of space to manouver and reload fast right? WRONG :)

          The game is 10% historical, 90% fantasy. End of story.

      • its pretty good actually, 120 mm at angle and under that thick spaced armor, making half of the side armor a hard target.

      • Then it will be the VK4502B of tier 8. Since it’s basically IS-8 hull with entire front of 120mm.

        I checked the armor or IS-6 and IS-8 front area with tank inspector and IS-8 lfp is aprox weaker than IS-6 lfp by aprox 10mm. From a certain angle where IS-8 lfp has 180mm effective armor, IS-6 has 190 or so.

        But the biggest difference is the UFP where the one of IS-6 is 200mm at best (not angled) and IS-8 UFP starts from 205 up to 240mm.

        So we could get is an IS-6 with aprox 240mm front armor+mobility of a medium+preferential MM. I thought WG said we dont sell pwnage tanks for money? but if that pos Panther 88 did not get preferential MM, i seriously doubt IS-5 will get it.

  3. I fear that the IS-5 (and probably the T-54 Prot. too) will get limited MM, making it another “P2W gold ammo only tank” for the Russian playerbase, just like the IS-6. WG should stop balancing tanks using regular ammo.

  4. Silent Stalker – please could you list the T-54 prototype stats against those of the T-44, T-34-3, and Type 59.

    Really it should be better than the T-34-3, and worse than the T-44 and Type 59. Some would say that the T-44 needs a slight buff (looks at penetration 175, and the noobmeter table at which shows it with a win rate of 50.9%), but thats a different thing.

      • It has the lowest average damage dealt per battle by far, though.

        As expected of a tank that has trouble hitting the E75 hitspot and even more trouble penetrating, it’s a sluggish scout / wafflekiller in tier 10 matches and despite all this it’s DPM is average for a tier 8 medium, which means it’s rubbish since all tier 8 mediums under-preform uniformly compared to the tier 8 heavies. ( Most have lighter matchmaking to compensate, T-44 has tier 7 heavy matchmaking weight and still only wins 50.9% )

      • is it logical to give Panther 88 pref MM while is has better rof, accuracy and aiming time than Panther 2?

        If Panther 2 and even shittier T-44 can survive t10 battle then Panther 88 can. Stop being a butthurt.

        • But the point of a premium tank is to make credits and train crews. And it can only do that while doing good damage. lolz that pos evaporates in t10 games xD oh god i saw one yesterday, the moment i got spotted it went boom xD freaking hilarious lmao

        • Panther2 is worse than T-44. Better gun perhaps, but absolutely no flexibility, camo or defensive options. It’s better for camping or just slowly moving out of sight perhaps, but TDs are more effective for this role. It’s like faster TigerI with worse gun and matchmaking.

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