Again, not much today. Storm has finished reading the feedback under his post about how much “action” there is in World of Tanks. The feedback was very diverse and generally inconclusive.

- if a developer shoots his own team, he will be punished the same way a regular player would be (SS: this is connected to two replays that came up recently – in one, Evilly (WG producer) in platoon gets teamkilled and his platoon mates go on a rampage against their own team and both get banned. Second was a some WG employee StoneMind shooting his own team)
- the same goes for press accounts, those too can be banned normally
- botting was always a bannable offense and always will be
- it is not true that developers only ban botters that do not spend money on the game
- according to the developers, “one of the several popular bots was discontinued due to our efforts”, other bots work “improperly and are unstable”, which helps WG to detect them
- there are no plans to disable teamdamage in WoT
- it’s completely possible for botters to have good stats, as they can use bots only sometimes between the regular battles
- there will be info about Tiger I L/56 in the future: “watch the portal news”
- one serious weakness of the M41 Walker Bulldog is its ammorack, according to a developer it blows up a LOT
- more info on individual missions will come quite soon

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  1. Can confirm M41 Walker Ammorack.

    Gets a lot more rack damage than my AMX 13 75, but I think everything else still makes up for it.

      • This thing is allegedly very good in WT GF but I will never get it anyway since I won’t pay gayin for being a “beta tester”

        • 5 eur if you are buying it through the EU shop, about 2 Eur if you bought it through the RU shop for rubles (nearly 2 times cheaper!), but in last weeks they are trying to block the access to RU shop from EU, because they are losing money from fall of exchange rate of ruble (logical step).. Honestly, I would rather give that money to the snail (GJ), than support serbs rocket programme, screwed tank models or lazy EU staff..

      • Huh… Did Gaijin not watch the M41′s Chieftain’s Hatch? There’s also a readyrack next to the loader.

    • Can confirm as well.

      And not just the ammo rack, the tracks feel very weak as well. They pop going over the slightest bumps, more than I recall on other T7 LTs and more than my LTTB. Couple of days ago I went over a tiny ripple on the map and broke both tracks and ammo rack all in the first 30s of the match.

    • Indeed, mine did have a habit of blowing up on hits on the side just about 3 out of 5 battles. Only have crew skill on the loader now. Its not that bad anymore. Wet ammo rack was not used since the loader skill was sufficient as its 1 out of every 6 battle now… give or take. I can live with that.

    • Weird, from my rather short experience with Bulldog, I haven’t been ammoracked yet, but awfully often burned to death, as enemy shot my engine

  2. - more info on individual missions will come quite soon

    More like: Celebrations are almost over, have fun with the new missions.

  3. “- there will be info about Tiger I L/56 in the future: “watch the portal news””

    My guess is, that it is a test vehicle for the upcoming Historical Battles, (probably PVE) and not a “real” premium tank.

  4. Yes – that Bulldog gets “blown up” every time it gets hit with less than 100hp remaining…

  5. They ban bots etc. but it’s everything on RU. When ffs EU will do something with bots? Oh wait, those suckers can’t even translate short videos so why I should think about serious?

  6. I can confirm the Bulldog blowing up: today, I oneshotted unicum spotting middle on camphorovka with my WZ-120, his tears were delicious…yummy :)

  7. “if a developer shoots his own team”
    For a second there, I thought he meant a developer literally shooting the dev team for being incompetent.

  8. SS:

    Do you know what the next tank line is going to be? And what are the WG plans for 2015?

      • AW is just a copy of WoT with modern tanks. Nothing really exciting.

        And it looks bad.

        • Havok
          No nations – add w/e vehicle you want to vendors.
          Jimbo crosshairs as default.

          Looks bad? Of course it will on your calculator xD

          • Jimbo crosshair ?
            Oh yes that alien thing in the middle of the screen which looks bad compared to the vanilla one (if you know how to configure it)
            The interface looks bad and yes, the game looks bad in my opinion.
            I’m more excited for WoWs than AW.

        • It’s the mechanics that matter – as long as their arty won’t be unavoidable without disengaging from the rest of the battle and more skill dependant, that’s at least a third of WoT players gone to try it, and maybe 1/5 who will stick to it and decrease their paying for WoT stuff. Ofc, I mean the EU and NA community. Pretty sure little RU players will switch to AW, but you never know.

          • It would be stupid if to copy WoT (and not WT – how surprising, ololololol) and not to fix its problems :)

            Also, would be nice to merge ruskie-speaking ones with EU – kurwa блят mash-ups :D

  9. Hi SS,
    since your email inbox has to be somewhat overloaded, I just leave this here.


    This is a screenshot of WG matchmaker™ working as intended… yeah, not really. This happens regularly and annoys the shit out of me.

    Sooo…I wonder who is in a position to raise public awareness on such mind boggling failures of game design?! ;-P Of course, the amount of time you invest in this blog and other tank-related stuff is enormous already, and the result of such a Wargaming-failure-compilation may just be resignation, but I wanted to ask you nevertheless.

    I hope you actually read this and would be happy to hear your thoughts about it!

        • The moment AW allows replays – GER WoT stops (probably – I will feature only super good replays from that point on). So….
          Who posts best name for AW video series gets gold – or whatever currency name will be there :D

          • I´m also one of those who will leave WoT as soon as there’s a worthy competitor (WT GF, apart from its different approach on gameplay, has its own Gaijin-made problems), AW is inspiring some pretty high hopes in this regard. Well, nothing left to do but to wait for the 500.000 subscriber “closed” beta. Just don´t mess things up, Obsidian!

            • More than 500k – exact number could be way more :D
              Thats half of RU server; more than EU and NA combined.
              They dont even really need advertisement :D

      • I just edited the names out, there were no platoons in this match, WG´s matchmaker is just that broken. But, come to think of it, those occasions where there is a high-tier platoon in one team and a low tier platoon in the other are also fairly annoying.

  10. - the same goes for press accounts, those too can be banned normally

    Anyone remember when Jingles got a press account. In his first video using it, he team killed some guy that was blocking him. Needless to say WG took the press account back haha.

    • Not like the window-licker didn’t fully deserve it.

      Not to mention back then the complaint & auto-ban systems were… more primitive.

  11. - more info on individual missions will come quite soon

    Yea, that happens when its supposed to be relased on 15th January

  12. “it is not true that developers only ban botters that do not spend money on the game”

    so… than why is the biggest botter in WoT, ever, still an active player after so many official announcements like “another 1000 botters were banned”?
    if you dont belive me, check him out, his name is “fiksumdyrdum”… 75k matches played to date, 297 wn8, 46% winrate, 308 avg damage… you can get 300 avg dmg playing nothing but tier 1s ffs! Occasionally, I check noobmeter for his stats, I often find he played 80-100 games/DAY! Now, if that’s not a botter, i will eat my hat!
    And he’s still going strong despite WG’s so many anti-botting announcements.

  13. Definder has 124K battles on the NA server. Yet he’s not a botter?
    Strange because his numbers don’t add up

    Victories/Battles 48.72%
    Battles Fought 124,236
    Personal Rating 4,035
    Average Experience per Battle 454
    Average Damage Caused per Battle 526

    Kill/Death Ratio 0.77
    77,460 / 100,735

    Damage Caused/Received 0.73
    65,407,286 / 89,694,431

    Listed on the website as: 124236 battle #1 on the NA server.

    His join date is listed as 05-03-2012 that’s May 03, 2012.

    From his Join date 05-03-2012 to 12-01- 2015 is 984 days.

    984 / 124,236 = 126.24 battles per day.

    So That works out to over a 24 hour period being 5.260 battles an hour.
    Impossible. That’s no sleep, No work, No vacation, no sick time nothing.
    No other life than playing World of tanks.
    Keeping in mind this is for 3 years straight (almost)

    126.24 battles per day.
    Over a 6 hour period per day = 21.04 battles an hour
    Over an 8 hour period = 15.78 battles an hour
    Over 10 hour period = 12.62 battles an hour
    Over a 12 hour period = 10.52 battles an hour
    Over a 16 hour period = 7.89 battles an hour.

    That no breaks, no food, no going to the bathroom nothing just WOT.