AMX-40′s Second Turret

Hello everyone,

not so long ago, Storm stated that the AMX-40 would get a second turret of some sort, with an upgraded gun but with less armor. Well… if you were wondering what kind of turret will it be, it’s this as far as I know:


As far as I could find out, this was never a real project (for the AMX-40 anyway), more like an idea of what the turret might have looked like, were it developed into the early 40′s (if the occupation did not happen of course). As you can see, the FCM turret is larger, providing more space for crew (it’s a three man turret), but also for additional armament. According to AMX designer Joseph Molinié, upgrades were considered – for example a 75mm gun, but that’s about as far as it went. It’s possible another (more powerful) 75mm gun will appear on AMX-40 in the future, as well as somewhat more powerful engine.

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  1. If that really is introduced, the AMX-40 will no longer be known solely as the “Duck” lol. Hey, I could live with it. But of course, it’ll have the same engine right? so…yeah…that’ll be fun.

  2. Okay that’s great, what about B1 ? Everybody knows how it performs, does SerB’s construction bureau has anything in store for it ?

    • Nothing wrong with B1. In tier 4 games it can total p0wn everything, in tier 5 games it gets p0wned. Thats more than fair.

      • Matilda eats B1 for breakfast, meanwhile you spa gold in weakspots and hope to penetrate

        • I never said it was the strongest T4 tank out there, i said it can rock pretty well against same tiers and lower tiers. Of course there are tanks that can kill it too, otherwise it would be OP.

          I just said that its not as bad as people make it.

    • My highest WN8 is in the B1, it has really good hull armour for tier 4 but the turret and gun are underwhelming and gold is almost a necessity at tier 5. i think B1 is okay.

      • Yo guys, I’m not saying it’s terrible but I don’t like the fact that this tank is sometimes outright OP and unbreakable while in tier V matches it’s just hopeless and even gold ammo isn’t enough to deal with KV-1. Just saying it’s a combination of extremes and I wished it was more consistent in that matter.

      • eeeeh, having a high wn8 in a specific tank means that youre good at that specific tank compared to all the other players on that specific tank. So if you keep a tank for fun that everyone else just sells as quickly as possible without trying out good tactics for it, then you’ll have ofc a good wn8 on it, since all the other players just sell it as soon as they can without trying out to make it work better :P
        I also think that the B1 is quite fine but WN8 as an arguement for that doesn’t count.

        • No, it does count as an argument the B1 has a .442 kill rate, 1,439.28 cr avg repair bill with a net income avg of 978.61 cr! and a pen rate of 37.31 %.

          The Real Churchill 1 had a 2 lber (40 mm) in the turret with a hull 75 mm gun. The B1 had a 47 mm in the turret with a hull 75 mm. In game the Churchill 1 is given a 75 mm in the turret. Why not the B1?

          • First of all, the Churchill I is a tier 5 tank which meets tier 7, the B1 only meets tier 5.
            You want a tier 4 Churchill with a 2 pounder? Get a Matilda and see what happens when you put a bunker with a good gun into lower tiers. And the Matilda does not even have reduced matchmaking. Also Matilda and the Churchills are balanced by their bad mobility.

            So you still want an upgunned but far less mobile B1 that frequently meets tier 6?

            Historically the Churchill was modified over time, on the game the Churchill I gets the Churchill III turret which at least was fitted with the 6 pounder and possibly could be uparmed with a 75mm gun (Churchill IV were modified to carry 75mm guns).
            Hull and turret were large enough to carry various bigger guns.
            But I doubt that the small 2 man turret in the B1 could fit any bigger guns. At least the rate of fire would be terribly low.

  3. A glimmer of hope for the neglected French tree. Besides the AMX 40, there’s also the D1 and B1 that are in dire need of rebalancing.

    • D1 is suck-ish….but is only a tier 2….unless u are a dedicated low-tier seal-clubber , otherwise who cares..

      B1 is a beast, when in t4 u dont see Matildas and Hetzers(or they are in the match but you didn’t face them), B1 kicks many low tiers and mediocre t4s

      • And how much time did not you see hetzer, matilda in t4?

        I finished the amx40 in the last weeks, next matches i got from the summa 34 match:
        T4 – against t4 or lower tier tanks: 7 matches
        T5 – against t5 or lower tier tanks: 18 matches
        T6 – against t6 or lower tier tanks: 9 matches

        It was in peak hours on eu1!
        It was f*king great fun… :(

        It should be got a really-really op gun…

        • B1 has max mm of T5, you never will see T6 unless you platoon with a tank that does see T6. Don’t complain if you platoon outside of your mm bracket; higher tier battles are your own fault.

        • Well…at least during my time with the B1 I don’t see much Heters and Matilda, or I run away from them two….B1 has the mobility to do that…

          Marder 38(t) and SU-85B is more of my concern,but if they’re spotted, B1 can trade shots with them.

      • when you don’t meet Matildas and Hetzers… and T40s, and Alectos, and SU85Bs, and Marder 38Ts…

    • 67% WR with my B1.

      Then again, it was before gold-for-credit, Mathilad and tier 4 td with 80 pen.

  4. It is interesting to find poor amx40. it is almost unplayable against the t5-6 tanks.

    but what about amx13-75? the new tier7 light much-much better than amx in almost every aspect.

    • The 13-75 and 13-90 are decent tanks. Purely because of the autoloader they are still top picks in stronghold and cw’s and remain competitive in randoms too. The only LT’s that need buffing are WZ 131/2. They are inferior to the other scouts in almost every way. WG Seems to hate fast chinese t8′s since wz 132 and T-34-2 are both shit in all respects compared to their counterparts

      • do you use 13-75 nowadays?
        13-75 gun op?? with 140 pen, and 130 dmg?? this gun is the amx12t gun. try to copmare with the other lights gun. and!
        always in tier10 battle. I used lttb, and aufk panther too, but none of them went so much in t10 like 13-75.

          • yes, it handles better but that doesn’t change that the pen is a bit low. You may still be able to pen t8s rears and flanks but you already struggle with any tier9/10-HTs side. And getting into the rear or flanks of medium tanks that you cant pen frontally anymore isnt that easy….

          • Have you compared it to equivalent tier light tanks like the T71 and Walker Bulldog?

      • I think the 13 90 needs a buff to it’s accuracy on the move. That’s the only thing I can complain about.

  5. I translated the first paragraph, for those who are interested :
    -The weakness of the AMX40 was the turret, which was too narrow.
    -It’s possible to imagine a developped version, able to put a bigger turret (FCM) and a 47mm SA mod1937 gun. But the chassis had to be wider (30 cm) and heavier. The AMX 40 would have been incompatible with the transport by train.

    Unfortunately, the others are cut.

    PS : Sorry if I made mistakes.

  6. Didnt SS say he will show us EU tree stuff today?

    @ topic: Finally some love for French tanks

    • The Renault Balland turret that is the second turret was not only never planned for the AMX 40, but in real life is not even an actual turret (“pseudo-tourelle”)

  7. Duckie will lose its superb slope on turret.. and so will lose in survivability.. :/
    I hope it will get a good firepower and more hp..

  8. they shoud leve turret and add 10 – 20 pen to current gun , give mm max to 5 tiers wit 2/3 mathes on tier 4 , designate this tank as heavy make it lighter and give beterengine so his hore ratio would be 14 hp/t not ridiculous 8 becaouse hi already have terible ground resistance

    • Did anyone tell you before, that you are great at making broken/imbalanced concepts? ;)

      If this tank would get “just” better engine to get your hp/t ratio, then it already would be too strong for its own tier and MM. As such, at this point it already couldn’t get limited MM.

      With better hp/t ratio AND better gun statistics, it would have to be bumped up a tier to see up to tier7 enemies.

      • almost never play in own tier. and its amour worth nothing in its tier also. just watch my experience above!

  9. Weren’t we supposed to get a EU tree “surprise” today? If it’s posted already, can’t find it. Or is it full of so much bullshit that it takes extremely long to write it? I’m asking because you are usually done posting your articles by this time.

  10. The 76mm gun is goofy, but serviceable for tier 4 if you can get close enough for good shots.
    The turret is fine.

    E N G I N E!!!!!!!
    If the engine is better, the tank changes, and becomes usable. It would be a mini-T49 (-ish?) light tank with mildly derpy potential. Not OP…

    But finally USABLE.

    E N G I N E!


  11. A second turret? It already HAS two turrets (which would make this a third one). A more powerful gun would be nice though.

  12. Maybe its just me but that new AMX40 turret sorta reminds me of the 35 ton Lorraine G1L, minus the mini turret on top