- it’s possible to fulfill ALL the individual missions in a platoon
- there’s a third party site that has the individual mission conditions already available. They are obsolete however, the new ones will come in tomorrow’s minipatch
- various prototype and paper tank models in the game will get more accessories on their hulls (shovels and stuff)
- the leaked armor schematics of AMX-50B and some others are incorrect, for example AMX-50B has no “holes” in mantlet and frontal armor
- it’s possible to get the IM tank without playing arty
- it will not be possible to train the girl crews with both the special BIA perk they have and regular BIA
- some IM’s will be possible to complete only in platoons

32 thoughts on “14.1.2015

  1. Why published so late? Or is my internet just bugged?

    Does this mean some special content tomorrow?

    • Individual/Peronal Missions are launched tomorrow. There’s a big announcement about them on the WoT portal and in the game launcher.

      • I think he meant for daily news post, that usualy comes like 4 hours earlier.

        SS might just have been busy

  2. IM, if missions like “kill 3 ennemies who havent damaged allies yet” are stil here, we’ll be happier when we see bots and afk.

    But sadly for what I saw now in the IM list, most of them will do:
    -more rigged battles
    -more campy TDs
    -arties focusing on ennemy spawn and not spotted ennemies
    -mediums trying to ram everything (mediums, not E-50′s)
    -mediums doing yolo rush like “I autoaim-fire at everything so I can hit 7 players and get my reward” and die in two mins
    -Maus and E-100 (respectively damage blocked / damage dealt) overused in t10 games
    -JagdPanzerE-100 and FV183 overused in t10 games (do tons of damages)
    -KV-2 overused for module damage
    -arty focusing on scouts driving fast and wasting 203mm shots
    -scouts sitting behind a wrong bush during all the game and being useless
    -[copy/paste an old comment:] “stop cap ! I need 2 kills for my reward !”
    “Fuck you, I need 90% cap”
    “*Team track to reset cap*”
    -scouts rushing arty and die
    -more teamkill
    -more rage
    -more “hax !”
    -more trol platoons (because we NEED to platoon to get reward, so platoon at all costs)

    Yeah that’s what we can expect if they changed nothing. And you know WG, the bigger change might be what ? “2 instead of 3 counter arty kills”.

    Of course, this was only the bad side. Good thing is, exept for assholes being like “iz 2 hard, I cant do it ! I wanna pley my HT and get 260, no drive arta, WG u suck”, players will learn to drive better every type of tank by trying missions.

    But it’s WoT, so you’ll see mostly the bad cases above as well as idiots “I cant win 260 by loging in, too hard”.

      • Just by removing platoon requirements, or at leats making platoons missions less hardcore, the whole thing would seem more doable, and we’d have less “too hard, not for me”.

        We’d still have some, but let´s face it: between all the missions leaked, even the hardest like 7k spotting damage or 18k total damage trade… The biggest problem everyone isnt happy with is the platoon missions. Mostly the “just you and your budy carry the entire team and do 10 kills and 14 damages, so you’d better have a shitty team so you can kill things, wait no, you’d need support… Of fuck, one day you’ll do it by luck. This day you’d better have this mission unlocked…”

    • Overall, I think this will be a good thing. They appeared to be mini tutorials to me. If the Reds don’t bother to seek knowledge outside of the game, maybe this will help.

      I’m optimistic.

  3. I got a question: will IM tanks have normal earning capabilities like premium tanks or they will only be crew trainers?

  4. “- it’s possible to get the IM tank without playing arty”

    HOWEVER.. if you are playing with friends who also don’t like artilery, you WILL need new friends because to complete LT missions you need to platoon with arty. So good luck with that arty haters.

      • Arty haters be like “arty sucks, we dont need if, I’ll never play this shit, all my friends and clan agree and dont have it either”.

        Good for you, say goodbye to all these free tanks :)

          • Arty apologists, denying there’s anything wrong about the current arty mechanic and implementation… Bless you :’)

            • That’s just your opinion. And even if there truly, objectively and factually was something wrong with arty mechanics… it wouldn’t be the only mechanic that needs reworking.

    • I’ll be happy to lend my leFH services.
      Whether someone hates arty or not, I imagine they’ll still want to complete those missions, even if it means them partnering with sky cancer.

  5. damn, the whining noobs ought to be forced to play arty, a better understanding of teamwork would be the result.

    • Story time:

      When I started playing the game I had no idea what different classes mean, so I just stuck with the old faithful meds and lights. After a while I realized there is a class that can shoot targets from across the map. Sounded like fun! But after a few dozen games I realized it’s not! Not because it’s difficult, but because it’s BOORING! I had many games since then, and have only 1 artillery and I do play it time to time. But to be honest… I have no idea why… Every time I go in battle in that bugger I rest my head on my left hand, and just wait to click every 15 seconds with the other. And trust me when I say I have decent WR in it ( 56%). Soo, yeah, you were saying ?

      • WR 56% after 10 battles or so? It’s about guessing what will happen in the battle next, pre-aiming at these locations and such, not just clicking ;-)

  6. “- the leaked armor schematics of AMX-50B and some others are incorrect, for example AMX-50B has no “holes” in mantlet and frontal armor”

    Wait SS, then which AMX 50B is historical?

  7. actually i’m glad about this hardcore missions. i dont want to see an ıs-7 armored medium tank in tier 10 games that much. we know what happens when WG gives prem tanks that easy (like 3 WZ-111s per team these days and 4 SPs per team before)

    i’m not going to push that missions. but i agree with people who think “winning the battle will be last important fact.” we know how people are hungry for stealing kills in last 20 days :)

    • Maus will be overused for every “tank X damage”, E-100 for “deal X damage” (or autoloaders).

      These day I see maybe 1 Maus every 10 tier X battle. I’m sure now I’ll see one per tier X battle.

      As well as KV-2 for “do 7 crew/module damage”… Damn I just sold mine…

      Btw, this “crew/module damage” mission will bring an overuse of hitbox skin also. So noobs who dont know where to aim rape you without skill

    • -find a clan,
      -make an agreement about who will be the one will complete the mission
      -pick maus/e100/ ıs7,
      -log in at the time range servers have the lowest player amount (midnight ofc)
      -count down from 5 and then push “battle” button
      -with a little help of luck, enjoy your rigged battle.

      *i have seen 4 platoons from same clan in random battles several times.