Individual Missions Video

Hello everyone,

here’s the (Russian for now) video for Individual missions. English subtitles are available.



Notice how Wargaming plays the “this tank is a reward only for skilled players” angle. Well, it might certainly be true to some extent, but the first set of missions for StuG IV doesn’t seem that difficult. The important part is that if you don’t manage to fulfill both primary and secondary objectives, it’s possible to re-select the mission and try it again.

Oh yea and the special girl crew perk activates only in girl-only crew, it does NOT mix with BIA.

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  1. In some cases its a reward for lucky players blessed by the gods of RNG and by morons in enemy teams – like killing 3 tanks with 1 arty shot (if this wasn’s changed), or blessed by morons in both teams – some missions can be completed only if your team does practically nothing – like killing 10 tanks with only with platoon. I wonder how much luck rather than skill will be needed to get all the reward tanks. Can’t wait to read the forums for the next few days:)

    • one of the missions you can get in stronghold is to kill 10 enemies in a platoon. It is not that hard.

      • Guys dont worry, be happy. Wanna bet that WG will eventually allow us to BUY TOKENS to unlock these tanks? just like they did with WZ-111.

        After every unicum will complete this, they will think at all the tomatoes with lots of money who also want these tanks. It will happen and i wont be cheap :)

        • They probably won’t, since these things will have unlimited availability AFAIK. Or at least a very long window of opportunity.

  2. Skill based they say… Perhaps they just want to emphasize RNG? Still absolute bullshit that missions don’t activate when an objective is completed. Forums will be full of whine about it, and rightly so.

    • I’m gonna stay far faaaarrrr away from these IM’s.

      I’m already close to the point of not playing WoT anymore because the frustration often surpasses the fun and the way they set up these missions will make me so angry it will certainly be the end for me.

      They should just have made a huuuuge list of missions that can be completed any battle you enter.

      • Same feeling here, suffering now on the idiotic wz111 missions, the 150 kills times all nations are a drag, throwing my win rate out the window. In a game won by damage and cooperation, making a 150 kills demand is a real shot in one’s own foot.

        Got a couple of nations done, but I don’t see how can I do them all in time. Maybe if I wasn’t working and living.

        Those new IM’s are the same, games will be lost, play will be disgusting and selfish, ruins all the fun for me.

        • And something else, nobody asked me whether I want my game to be ruined by “individuality” (egoism, actually) if these missions, I can choose not to participate, but I can’t get a team that thinks the same, so be ready for some full retard gameplay, all the time now, like we missed it so far. Even good players will be playing bad to get some chicks with ***** (male voices).

          • Let me tell you a secret: You don’t have to do the WZ-111 mission. You chose to do it, despite the high requirements. And they are high, I would have to play a ton to get them done. I did not have time to do that, so I only did gemany and usa by playing naturally. Now I will finish soviets because I am very close and the prem. acc. is worth it.

            About IMs: I can only see the Stug ones and most of them are built quite well, are easy to complete by just playing regularly. What pisses me off is that I cannot complete several missions per one game so I have to waste a lot of time doing stug missions unnecessarily. And then there are the missions which require you to cap the base or those that require you to stay unspotted. These are retarded

            • Of course I don’t have to do the missions, it’s my choice. The only question is why WG have to make those idiotic requirements within the missions, and by those requirements, why do they have to ruin the game play for us.

              Is it so complicated for WG to foresee the consequences? They made the game.

  3. I asked this on EU forums, but since WG says that EU players are not as good a RU players, and US players are worse than EU players… Doesn’t that mean that EU should have less requirements than RU? and US less again… I mean if they are looking for x% of the server player base to “win” these items then shouldn’t that be the case?..

    I don’t think its going to cause a huge rush in game, there is a LONG time to complete these AND the tanks are not premium so hold a lot less benefit than the ones that are. On top of that, your mission (as a scout) is to do scout stuff – so uhhh, Why do people feel this is a problem?

    And what happens to the spare tokens over 20 (if you earn them)?..
    4*4+4*1 = 20… 5*4 = 20… 5*4+5*1 = 25 ?

    • Commendations not tokens
      you cant spare Commendations for the next tank
      each tank has his own Commendations

  4. Stronk PMs. Much UI bug. So wow.
    I guess it is a mod or they did the usual fuckup.

    However, I recommend doing the missions anyway. You can make a shit load of credits just for playing the game. The first few StuG missions are really easy and you can do them with ease.

    • He_yo Ma_wo
      it seems its fucked up when using both modpacks, Circons even Foch..I dont bother playing Wot in vanilla anymore…so I just clicked the light bar under the window and it seems it was “ok” or something :P

      • Yeah I got Circons. Thought so cause I had that mod issue somewhere in the back of my mind. Wasn’t absolutely sure though.
        Thanks for the tips though =)

  5. anyone can confirm that t5 stuf and t28 concept are premiums and the t9 and t10 are especial reward but non premium tanks??

    premium can use any “same class” crew (plus credits and exp bonus) and the reward tanks need their own crew right or they are like premium without bonuses??


    • have You been living under a rock? The answer is no premium tanks, You wont squeeze extra cash from the reward vehicles.

    • Every one of these IM tanks are rewards indeed. Every other benefit of premium tanks but no extra credits coefficient.

  6. Did you notice something else interesting? Starting with the second operation you’ll be able to select any mission (except for the 15th) in whichever order you like. Might be nice, especially if you don’t want to actually chase around the final goal of completing the operations but only want to farm some of the missions such as those that bring the most credits or equipment or whatnot.

    • You can only get the reward once on first completion. The only reason not to move to the second mission is if you want the secondary reward as well and did not achieve it (i.e. take first medium mission, primary damage a tank, secondary survive a battle for 75k / 25k silver). If you damage a tank = primary completed, you die before battle is over = mission is possible to complete but kept open for you to achieve secondary (damage a tank & survive the game). Once you achieve the secondary it automatically moves you to the next mission (happened to me with the heavy one, kill 1 tank, deal 1k damage and as I achieved both primary and secondary I got the mission completed).

  7. HP pool of T28 Concept looks like a joke comparing to the other t7 armored behemoth called AT 7

  8. I checked the “Obj260″ in the Tankinspector, and the Concept is total Fail to me. Because the Turret’s Front is shaped that way towards the Bottom, that it builds a Shot-Trap. Similar to the Problem the Porsche Turret was to the KingTiger. The “Hull-Roof” is Tin-Foil, and if you shoot between the Gun and the Hull at the Turret, the Shots are very likely going to Ricochet down and Penetrate the Hull from Top. The Turret-Roof is Tin-Foil – everything 122mm upwards will overmatch it, and the Cupola is weak aswell.

    The T-55A seems the one to go for, and stop there (if you have IS-7 yet, anyways) – compared to T-54 you trade some Hull-Armor for better Gunhandling. That one should be fun, and worth going for..

    My 2 Cents

  9. Some of those missions are pretty dumb and force idiotic gameplay: Like capture the base in a heavy. Or remain unspotted in a TD. So you have to play like a 46% .

  10. Anyone know what the “Animated operation picture” reward is?
    You get it when you “unlock” a tank and have completed all the missions with honor.