How Individual Missions Came to Be


Hello everyone,

Wargaming’s corporate blog posted an article on how the IM’s came to be. Let’s check it out. The bold parts are highlighted by me.

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The first part of the post deals with what are the IM’s. Nothing really new there. But then comes the history part.

The idea for this new made was tied to the development of team battles and clanwars (or, rather, clan functions). In Spring 2014, team battles were already implemented, as was the CW mode and stronkholds were under development. But solo players didn’t have any long term goals in the game, apart from playing random battles to unlock new tanks. This caused a wave of discontent amongst solo players – they complained that they are at an disadvantage to clan players, especially when it came to handing out special reward tanks for campaigns, all the while there was no way to get these solo.


The IM concept came to be in very early 2014 and did not change ever since – the concept was that the players would complete long chains of missions and would be rewarded with attractive prizes for them. The model was then developed and existed in many interations, but the backbone, the concept remained the same.

The mechanism of having to start the IM’s manually was added intentionally, because with regular missions, it was percieved as a problem that the players didn’t have to do that and that they could just complete a mission without even knowing about it. The IM’s introduced a concept of knowingly having to accept the conditions of the mission, also knowingly setting a goal for next few battles, the players have to see what they have to do and what will their reward will be. This was done to psychologically and emotionally tie the players to the missions. When a player accepts the goal himself, he gets more positive emotions and is interested in staying in the game longer.

Development from the first idea to the release took almost a year. The concept appeared in Spring, the development of UI started in July, the mode was ready in November. There were changes to this idea too. First, it was considered to allow the players to complete unlimited amount of missions on one class of vehicles, but it was considered that allowing a player to progress through one class of vehicles and leaving it at that reduced the interest and involvement of the player. Therefore, in October, it was decided to split the missions into several groups (based on how complicated they are) and to introduce a reward for each such group. This motivates players and gives them the opportunity to play all types of vehicles.

The UI was also changed. At first, a player had to not only pick up the mission manually, but also manually turn it in. After a laboratory user experience testing, it was found out that turning the mission in (after it is completed) automatically will not reduce player’s emotional tie to this game mode and action awareness and as a result, the “turn in” button in UI was scrapped. In the beginning, a player also recieved a system message, that had to be viewed and a button had to be pressed in order to move towards the next mission. Instead, a nice greeting window was introduced after the battle was over.

Girl Tankers

The girl crews came to be after one of the devs, Levon Zakharchenko during a brainstorm session looked at a “magazine for men” Wargaming employees recieved as a New Year gift and proposed the crews to be girls after seeing the girls on the cover. (SS: Wargaming employees sure recieve interesting gifts). Everyone liked the idea and the historical consultants confirmed that there were women tankers in WW2 as well. And so, a spontaneous idea was quickly implemented (SS: my ass, this was proposed MANY times over the years by dozens of players on every server).


IM’s will come in seasons. It would be stupid to stop after one set, as the UI WG developed is too good for that. The first campaign will take about half a year and player feedback will be taken into account in future development.

See guys, they have us all figured out. Don’t like platoons? Think some of the objectives are stupid or they break the gameplay? Well, some labcoat said extra clicking, buttons and stronk plutons in missions help (Wargaming), so tough luck

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        • And SS is again off his rocker on this one.

          World of Warcraft employed people (as in they got shitloads of money to do what they do) to design a system that would be addictive and keep players in the game. And they were incredibly successful, because no matter how some people think they are too smart for that, we all respond to same programmed triggers from Ding as you level up to compulsive behavior of just one mob.

          And yeah, as a business, those people are brilliant.

          So Wargaming did the same, they design the game to keep people playing it. Which is fantastic news for everyone, they get the money, we get to do something we enjoy.

          Now those people who DON’T enjoy it and yet insist on whining and complaining can go fuck themselves. They are here for no other reason than to be trolls. Wanna leave for AW? Please! Hurry! Go fuck yourself in the meantime, just leave the game. Your loss is not only not noticed but welcomed.

          I’ve seen same whiny shits in every MMO. “If company doesn’t do what I want, I am leaving!” And not surprisingly, no impact of them leaving and nobody remembers them.

          • You must be quite the weirdo then.

            After the WZ-111 grind I’m so burned out that the stupid IMs actually made me uninstall World of Tanks.

            • I just got the WZ-111 tonight. I went to WotLabs and read some tips on its gameplay. I have equipped it, but have a crap 75% crew.

              It’s a monster. I primarily play arty, then lights, then mediums. Not much into heavies any more. The 111 can push hard. It’s fun to play. I’ve been smashing through the HT mission set and having a blast.

              The mission set reminds me of WoW. Whenever I was bored, I’d look up some grind for rep and get a cool mount. The missions are fine, and give me something to do.

              There’s a lot about this game that still annoys me, and I think some things are still broken, but the missions are better than nothing.

              AND THEY ARE VOLUNTARY!!!!!!!!

              If you don’t like them, f*ck off and don’t play them. Pretend they are not here. What is wrong with you people complaining about things YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO! Please get psychological help.

  1. Wait have I read right, in game, if you complete all secondary objective, you get an animated image of the “operation” (?Unlocking the tank?)? Or is it a translation mistake (playing italian)?

  2. Wait wait wait…

    If in 6 months you didn unlock the 260, then you’re fucked and they change everythin ???

    “Aimed at skilled players”, nope, aimed at nolife players

      • “First campaign will last about half a year”

        Maybe my english is bad on this one, but for me “will last X time” means “ends in X time”.
        So “missions end in 6 months” would mean they stop and are replaced by another set.

        • It was hinted (on FTR, seen it at least 2 – 3 times) that the devs will likely add new missions instead of simply ending the past ones.

          A half a year is a long time and the decision might change a few times anyway, though. Better play in the meantime~

          • More importantly, if you can’t complete it in half a year, you are likely won’t complete it EVER. So GTFO.

              • So the world has to adhere to your life?

                I want you to get down on your knees and suck my dick, why can’t this happen? Fucking WG can’t make my desires happen? What a fucking useless company.

  3. “Well, some labcoat said extra clicking, buttons and stronk plutons in missions help (Wargaming), so tough luck”

    Way to misinterpret the whole article (especially when some highlighted parts say the direct opposite over course of testing) in a single sentence. GG, SS.

    • Oh come on.

      The article clearly said the presence of manual mission accepting element is intentional, because it creates a bond between the player and the game mode. Also, there was a user experience testing. So, what exactly is wrong with my conclusion?

      • 1) If you have to click, you’ll focus on it more – that’s a fact, not labcoating. Pretty much any MMO has you clicking on quests, activating it manually. Sometimes it’s dozens of clicks, too. Can see why – because it makes the player focus on it.
        2) “After a laboratory user experience testing, it was found out that turning the mission in (after it is completed) automatically will not reduce player’s emotional tie to this game mode and action awareness and as a result, the “turn in” button in UI was scrapped.” – meaning that WG tries to cut on extra clicks and buttons as much as they can.
        3) Platoons are not mentioned nowhere in what you posted, yet you post them in the summary (I don’t even know why, because it’s a popular theme by now? Because you are annoyed at WG for needing them?)

        Basically my issues with that sentence. The article is actually a very nice insight into how careful WG tries to be with its product.

        • 1) I dont care about that. I see the mission ingame by pressing tab and thats enough. No such thing like creating focus by clicking.

          2) See 1).

          3) He is obviously reffering to this part in the post: “This caused a wave of discontent amongst solo players – they complained that they are at an disadvantage to clan players, especially when it came to handing out special reward tanks for campaigns, all the while there was no way to get these solo.”

          • 1 + 2) Oh yes, you create focus. Some players (I’d say quite many, actually – I use it like once every 100 battles only) don’t use Tab in-game, you know. Automatic missions = you get the tank and might even miss you got it (automatically closing every popup). MMOs which have automatical quest assignment / completion tend to go quite bad, because most players just go around, do some stuff and hope to complete a quest randomly – it would be the same here.

            3) Just make a dupe account, if you are so hellbent on doing the mission alone. The fact is that you don’t have to be in the clan to get these and few tens or hundreds platoon battles for reward I am perfectly fine with. Honestly, are all these “I won’t platoon ever” antisocial as hell? I don’t get why such opposition. But then, I don’t get the: “I won’t ever play arty” guys too…

            • About the 3) is… Not that I’m opposed to platooning, but since I’m not a clan material (WN8 a bit over 700, 51% win rate and my top tier is VII) and I don’t really wanna spam “who wants to platoon with me” in the general or in-battle chat..
              I went thru 6 missions (and redid 3 of them for the aditional goal, just for fun), but I’m kinda put off by the ones later, where I’m required to be in a platoon. I get it, they try to „engage” players so they work together, get used to doing stuff cooperatively… But still, in about 7k battles I did less than 50 battles in platoons. They will turn me into a spammer, just so I get to find some platoon; not confortable for me, and sure as hell annoying for the ones spammed (exactly like the clan spams).
              I told this to explain the POV of a casual player, and I’m far from being an “antisocial as hell” guy. Forced socialising… Nope, sorry. Still for the ones in clans (seeing as, for the 10-20 missions I would probably need to find from 20 to 100 platoons).

        • C’mon we all appreciate what SS does. He is not dumb, thus he’s not-blind-belive-to-WG. You can dig out original article without pointed nonsense and put yours pink glasses on.

          Carry on :-)

          • Make no mistake – I appreciate it a lot. It’s just at times easy to read that he’s disappointed in the aim WG takes (and their speed, maybe) and it shows on the articles, which in my opinion it shouldn’t (in such amount).

            I understand it’s hard to grasp, but I think 90% of the stuff WG makes in WoT are things they have a reason to do. They try to improve the game, even if it goes slowly, but it’s always harder to satisfy few million players than a few thousand or ten thousand beta testers. In the latter sample you’ll have a few, maybe few tens to hundreds of uncontent players on forums. In the former case, you’ll have thousands of them, maybe tens of thousands.

            But remember – the worst game isn’t the one whose players are loud about how bad it is. The worst game is the one you don’t hear about:

            • You are probably a WoW player and i never understood those farm ppl over there anyway.

                • But then i dont understand why you think that clicking motivates. Hopefully you are not an arty only player :D

              • I have played quite a few MMOs (and almost-single-players like D3), just not WoW, that’s all~ :)

                And no, I play all classes ever since I started with WoT – each has its pros and cons to me and I like to be universal.

                (replied here, our thread too long to reply below)

            • Well it is common for me to take every information with distance, because nobody is 100% accurate. SS was wrong although he had conformed some piece of intel. So don’t get mistaken I’m used to judge trustworthy of everything (no matter what measuring, etc etc).

              I have to say unfortunately i haven’t met any developer so i can’t truly say what they are about. I must point on leaving ß-testers.

              So mine conclusion is we can all see what pieces of intel came from WG. Q: who is screwing us? Devs? Moderators? I could speculate whole day long but i can not say what is wrong in this company…

              Hope that you all are gonna be well :-)

        • Actually, comparing these missions to quests in other games is a bit overreaching. Mostly, you have to do quests to gain exp and equipment, game currency is mostly irrelevant, where as in WoT, you gain credits and some consumables (therefore, credits), so you don’t have to do IMs. I think it’s fairly reasonable to compare these IMs to achivements of for example WoW. And guess what? You dont have to activate anything to complete an achievement in WoW. And there are some achievement addicts out there going after every bit, adn they’re deadly focused I can assure you :)

          • Achievements in WoW = medals in WoT.

            These personal missions are a typical example of a chain quest – bring this here, then bring this there, then kill five wolves, at the end you get a robe (and you can choose not to play it and ignore the StuG IV. I mean robe). Here you get a tank instead.

            • Well, shouldn’t a chain quest be based on doing something repeatitive, not a series of random feats? Some goals are impossible to do on purpose, these things just happen… sometimes. Once per X battles.
              The only emotional feeling you may get is frustration if you try to do it – they even invented way to make normally good battles feel bad – like “Oh fuck, I’ve dealt only 6 k and received 3,5 k damage in my heavy but the mission goal was 10 k total, FFFFUUUUUU!!!”

              On the other hand I was turbo grinding Centurion 7/1 before December (as FV change could have come very next patch) and… it was enjoyable – just plaing repeatedly one specific tank, the more you play it, the better you are so you get more exp per battle etc. I think this would be better for IM’s (like rewards for Carius Medals etc)

          • So much fuss about few clicks more… btw how many times you click in a battle? 100times, maybe even more. One extra click won’t hurt anyone I guess.

            I think it’s reasonable, as well as the fact you can’t skip a mission – it’s a mission, it means it has its goal (and no other – if you are asked to go shopping to get bread and you buy butter, you simply failed regardless how much the butter was needed). And clicking a new mission? What’s wrong with that, you simply confirm you agree with the mission conditions.

            I personally see a problem in inaccurate mission conditions (their description) – they say something but in reality it works otherwise. Killing a tank on the move, but the victory condition is missing. And stuff like that.

  4. “This caused a wave of discontent amongst solo players – they complained that they are at an disadvantage to clan players, especially when it came to handing out special reward tanks for campaigns, all the while there was no way to get these solo.”

    And STILL the solo players are screwed as for EACH batch of missions you HAVE to do platoon missions too.
    Thank you WG!!

      • Don’t like it? Leave.

        You are just whining because you are a whiny asshole. Move on. This is not the game for you.

  5. “First, it was considered to allow the players to complete unlimited amount of missions on one class of vehicles, but it was considered that allowing a player to progress through one class of vehicles and leaving it at that reduced the interest and involvement of the player.”

    Just gonna say what i think about this they were fuckin stupid to remove this part because then players who prefer to play solo wouldnt be completely boned by the missions. I would have accepted missions getting harder and harder with one tank class rather than being forced to play in platoons.

    Obsidian please make Wargaming get their act together so they stop this bullshit. Also if Armoured Warfare doesnt have the Stronk Wargaming attitude towards players who choose not to play with other people then i will be really happy with your game.

    • Someone care to enlighten me why it is so important for WG (or Bungie, to name another company with the same attitude) to force players into playing in teams (platoons, clans)?

      I don’t get it.

      • Fine, here is your enlightenment.

        They goal is to make you play the game as long as possible, because it’s a business. That’s why they have increasing exp to unlock tanks, train crews etc.

        Believe it or not, people smarter than you (a lot of people it seems), scientists and psychologists, unconnected to WG in any way, figured out that specific things facilitate addiction. People are social creatures and forcing them to be social creates a bond that harder to break.

        So forcing people to platoon, they are forcing people to play and enjoy the game longer.

        Nobody gives a shit how you, the individual player, feel. You either conform to their design and end up playing the game making it successful, or you resist it and fuck off to another game and nobody cares about you because you are lost profit anyway.

        So, no matter how much you whine, their stance is not going to change. You either platoon, and subconsciously, keep playing longer or you are a non-entity that nobody gives shit about. Catering to what you actually want (unlimited free no effort tanks, insta win, pay to win or what not) will drive their game into the ground in no time, but they get NOTHING out of your satisfaction.

        It’s not like “Hey I now have all the tanks in the game instantly, let me give much money to WG”.

        I hope you understand that lots of people are smarter than you.

        P.S Armored Warfare will be an EXACT clone of WoT with modern tanks, right down to absolutely every decision, including platoons, arty and everything else. You don’t take something insanely successful, change it to cater to fucktards (in terms of business you are) and lose all your money.

        • So forcing people to platoon, they are forcing people to play and enjoy the game longer.

          Forcing me to platoon definitely does not force me to play this game and it most definitely does not get me to enjoy the game longer. If anything, it convinces me to play less. And by playing less, the enjoyment of the game decreases.

          • Ah, but didn’t I explain that they don’t care about you? You are nothing, a drop in a bucket of 12 million drops. If every person who refuses to platoon left, they wouldn’t even notice it.

            Here is alternative: They don’t follow what all psychological studies show, and don’t force platoons at all. Now there is a good chance that a lot more of those people who were platooning will have less compulsion to stay. They lose way more people and what’s worse? People who refused platooning will still leave as their bond to the game is exactly the same.

            So it’s a complete loss for WG and a game. So, like anything else in the world, suck it up or GTFO.

  6. For me these missions would be nice, if we could complete them like those from wz-111. So i don’t have to waste my time on completing every mission one by one. Most of these missions can be completed in one battle, so obviously it’s made to keep players in game.

  7. They should have made platooning missions separate and optional with some nice rewards to encourage players to play in platoons but not force them.

    I don’t particularly enjoy platooning and don’t have close friends that play WOT and while I can get clan mates to platoon with for the missions I can foresee extremely frustrating times for all involved.

    • Cue players whine: “Why can’t I reach these cool rewards and those players can? Why does WG force me to play platoons all the time for this?”

      As can be seen in virtually every thread about – for example – campaigns and strongholds (only with clans instead of platoons).

      • Yeah well, I don’t feel the same concerning the clan modes and missions, I just don’t care as much as those are clear social modes from the start.
        The platoon requirement for the personal missions is stupid because even if you are in a platoon you have to do your own mission and can have nothing to do with the other players than just be in a platoon. I find that useless.

  8. I played arty personal missions last night. Some of the simplest ones were hard to achieve due to all the crazy players out there. Normally they would be no problem. The matches were very brutal, lasting 8 minutes or so, as all the experts were aggressively owning the noobs.

  9. So WG states that they’re giving the solo players something to work for, get extra tanks like clan players. I’ll tell you how this will work out. OBJ260 is already deemed to be an op tank for CW, speed of a med with protection of a heavy, so, every competitive clan out there will try to have their members obtain this tank. Some clan leaders already laid out plans to have staged fights, by utilizing multiple platoons organized with 3rd party communication programs. So your random solo player will only get more frustration out of this, and with the rise of the other tank game which has -probably- a better engine, it is not hard to foresee a huge exodus from WoT. I think WG should’ve focused in improving WoT instead of wasting sources on WoWp or some ship game.

    • You know WoT gets all resources it needs and WoWp and WoWs are separate teams, right?

      Btw, rigged battles are bannable – confirmed by WG. Just make both teams report them, and better yet, send replay to support.

      • Oh yes its “ban-able” but so is botting and we see how well they do on that front. Its quite hard to prove a random match is rigged, clan wars match not so much, but in a random match you can’t prove the match is rigged unless guys from the same clan are the last ones left alive on both sides and one side just lets the other kill it for the win. Also most clans out there use 3rd party com programs because they are better than WG’s sad in-game system (though use of 3rd party com systems aren’t limited to WoT clans). IMs have just given me another reason to not want to play WoT for a little bit longer because of how badly the pub matches will be beacuse of them.

          I think that’s a lot of banned bots (and I guess numbers on EU are similar, only they don’t want to publish numbers for some reason).

          Also I think it’s quite easy to prove that a match is rigged if somebody soaks 10k+ damage from team mates who don’t try to go around, or some similar stuff for Obj 260 missions (because the guys we’re talking about are mostly capable to do missions up to T55-A easily even without rigging).

          • Yes the russians posted that they banned a few bots, guess what those bots will just come back under different names. And on your somebody soaking 10k+ damage its not hard to get that in teir 10 matches were tanks are doing 700 to 1000 damage a shot.

  10. idd gameplay changed a lot
    but after all with view range nerf thats going to come maybe its theyr idea all along to change gameplay of this camping and snipein shit ?

  11. This is the content of a ticket text I submitted to WOT.

    Hello! I have played this game for some time now, made considerable progress, got some level 10 tanks and many premiums. But since the introduction of the WZ111 missions and the new personal missions, all people do is try to get more kills or fulfill some weird requirements, nobody plays the game normally.

    Even if I will choose to ignore the missions, other players will still be busy getting kills or chasing mission requirements, so gameplay will be ruined.

    Your staff responsible for those missions should have considered the consequences of making requirements that contradict the gameplay, for example the 150 kills in WZ111 missions, this game is built on cooperation and damage dealing, who gets the kill never was important, when people neglect these principles to get more mission-kills, the whole game gets ruined.

    I am on a brink of uninstalling the game, because the whole WOT experience is gone, there is no more fun, only chaos. Please make some adjustments, allow people not interested in the missions to play a “vanilla” game, at least we will have a choice. The missions took out the only element in WOT that made this game special and different, if this feeling of teamplay is gone, gone is my reason to play WOT.

    • Congratulations, you have just killed a minute of some poor person who will have to send you the automated reply. Instead of replying to some “serious” problem from other player, who will then complain on forums his question takes ages to get replied to.

      You really think support will forward these? They are there to help players and from your text it’s blatantly obvious they can’t help you.

      • Maybe I should send it to all the devs and managers of that belorussian company that is trying to get itself back into obscurity with idiotic “improvements”.

        Do they have a complaints mail? I think not. But I will take it to EU forums at least, maybe to the russian ones too.

        • He has no proof, though – it’s “just his feeling”. How do you want to fix it, when WG looks in the data and sees nothing wrong (and support can’t even do that)?

          I could write a similar ticket to WG: “Hi, I have a feeling that players focus on me personally in battles as of late and I have low WR because of that, I’d like some mode for myself to avoid this.” and it would have the same credibility.

          • You dont need to have a “proof” to submit a ticket.

            If many guys do exactly that, WG will become aware of the issue.

            Same thing happened actually to the issue of being banned because of not playing for inactivity. Many ppl however had software issues or more important things to do – and could thus not play, this was reported multiple times and the issue was infact addressed by WG afterwards.

  12. “This was done to psychologically and emotionally tie the players to the missions. When a player accepts the goal himself, he gets more positive emotions and is interested in staying in the game longer.”
    Epic fail: players become fixated on the mission to the detriment of the team, period.

    Has WoT become a monoculture of shitlords or has this just began to surface?
    Softporn mags as a New Year bonus? WTF is that for a corporate culture? Shows how the money we spend is used too.
    Female crew members? Would be mere window dressing if it wasn’t for the male voices and the utterly ridiculous “Sisters of Steel” skill.
    The WZ-111 mission was bad enough, having to slap platoon members for weakening the platoon because “I need chinese damage and kills so I take this T8 bag of bolts in a Tier 9/10 platoon”.
    WG well done, your psychologists need to stop smoking whatever and actually get out there among real people.

  13. @Coltmagnum
    I can foresee a Serblike answer…
    If you’re not happy with it, stop playing the game.
    I tried to play a few rounds yesterday evening with my Type62, and I’ve been focused by arty all the time when there were a bunch of heavies in the open waiting for their death.
    Mission influence maybe ;)

  14. If I would get this answer from any WG official,I would think of a few interesting and informative, but not printable in polite forums responses.

  15. Distraction, that is all I can say. I was looking forward to “Personal Missions”. I thought it would be better for me, but I have found them to be a major distraction in playing the game. I can understand the “learn, by doing this” aspect, but I found I get driven by the mission and play even worse than how I play normally. This would happen with missions and events anyway, and thus have been my bane. From the first, when they announced the tree changes and the new tanks split and additional “free” tanks given, these “missions” have driven me to grind in unusual ways, sometimes long days and short fast games.

    Missions would do the same for me, going for the sure extra kill, doing x for myself and not doing y for the team, but I could be functional at least because the grind of a line would tailor into the grind of the mission and I could keep the requirements in the back of my mind, opposed to the forefront of my game play.
    Personal missions are even worse, because now I need to “check” what I need to accomplish far more often to keep it straight in my mind (different vehicle/different requirements, with no relationship to each other)

    It has become a major distraction to me. I will have let it go and accomplish them in a far slower and natural way (will probably have to concentrate through the platoon portions of the requirements because I don’t platoon and will probably end up stuck at that point because I still am playing for my enjoyment and getting platoons coordinated are more work than the fun they generate, not worth it to me.)

    It was bad enough with tanks unlocked hanging over my head, now I have missions hanging there also. When I feel I HAVE to play, it no longer becomes what I do. I have already started to move away from the game with the WZ-111 mission.
    I had done many missions before, even the “unofficial” get the T34 for free mission when the splits occurred and the IS6 T6 grind mission last year and various other tree missions this year. When FTR said the grind was for the T-34M, I was excited and was looking forward to getting a Med SU crew trainer, but when it was announced 150K xp and 150 kills for each country with the option to “buy out” a country for a T8 Chinese Heavy I was completely turned off of the company. Not because it was not doable, not because it was Chinese, but because it was far more ridiculous to spend my time than my common sense would allow. I literally walked away from the game and started playing with some others in my time available.

    This will become far more prevalent because instead of making me care about the game, it is making me uncomfortable and becoming unnatural to play. It is a weird feeling take my word. I never thought I would walk (I won’t, but I did not buy anything this Christmas season for the first time from WG) and am not planning to spend any more because of that uncomfortable feel that WG has instilled in me. It’s hard to explain this feeling. I play to get away from that feeling…you know…I should be painting the window sill not playing a tank game…now when I play I have the “I should find 2 med tanks to kill this game… where are they…oops only one, this game is a waste, mission still hanging over my head” feeling that is the same as I should get off my chair and do the chores.

    So in brief Personal Missions are a distraction and a chore that does not need to be done, but is hanging there waiting, no matter how you try to ignore it. It feels uncomfortable.

  16. “This motivates players and gives them the opportunity to play all types of vehicles.”
    What they meant to say is: This aggravates players and forces them to play vehicle classes they don’t enjoy. Well, it would if I gave a damn about their pathetic missions for clone tanks and ladyboy crews.

    “IM’s will come in seasons. It would be stupid to stop after one set, as the UI WG developed is too good for that.”
    HAHAHAHAHA! Holy crap, that’s rich. Yes, WG, your shitty IM interface is such a breakthrough in software development it would be a tragedy if you didn’t keep jamming it down your player’s throats. SerB should patent it! Surely the royalties will buy him many stronk rockets.

  17. I feel the same as the last few posters, these missions have broken gameplay like nothing else has.
    I tried hard yesterday, no longer shackled by my old Dinoputer, the new monster is 125fps with everything on max, I moved into a great opportunity with a new clan, my stats are going up well, even through the WZ111 mission (though the kill steals are horrible). I jumped in with both feet with the IMs yesterday, I had the day off, gave it my all.
    Game play was crazy, I got rammed and killed by a T28 that craved across the field, and died right after he killed my PZ 1c. In chat he said, I’m sorry, I had to do it for the mission. I’m know for fighting to the end in arty, often helping to carry.
    Yesterday the arty mission where you hit 3 do a thousand points damage and stay unseen, kept getting blown one way or another. I was frustrated to say the least. Finally early in a match I had the requirements done except not being seen. Then the game turned and it looked bad.
    A AMX 50/120 started carrying, I started killing a bunch too, we got it down the 3 shot up tanks and us.
    I could have gone TD, I had a full clip in my bat 150/58, we had this.
    Problem was I needed to go TD, be seen, blow the mission again.
    I hid, not like me at all. There was no where to go and not be seen. The 50/120 died, I let them cap. Last thing I saw was the 50/120 player, putting just a question mark up in chat. I am sorry to that 50/120, we had that. Yeah I got the mission, but at what cost. That’s not happening again. With the new clan, win8 and win rate are expected to come up.
    That’s more important than tanks I really don’t want that bad, female crews, or the other gains.
    I am done pursuing the IMs, I will leave them on incase I hit one without trying, but I’m not going to let them distract me or my game play anymore.

  18. It really does not matter to me, I think there are numerous fundamental issues with the game that drives people away. Giving them a bunch of tanks is not going to be truly effective when it is the core gameplay that frustrates players and drive them away.

    WG has promised many things such as HAVOK Engine and multi-turret years ago, but have not yet fulfilled those and instead keep saying “its done when its done” or gets indefinitely put on hold.

    I feel that they have become far too ambitious and began pursuing projects like WoWP(which was a complete flop) and WoWs(which will certainly not be as successful as WoT) instead of focusing on the core golden product they have made.

    As a result the game has suffered greatly.