42 thoughts on “Premium Vehicles Will Appear in 9.6 CT2

      • Lol… You think even if any of the premiums are good and fun, WG will release them in that state… I think you’ll find the released versions quite mediocre and nothing to be excited about from now on…

  1. Looking forward to the CDC, the 13/57 might be fun, especially if I have to play the 13-90 again to get to the AMX 30. STA-2, no thanks.

  2. Nice to have AMX CDC, but it would have been way better to keep it for a full french branch…
    Now we ppl gathering info for new french tanks have to fill the holes WG makes in our branch with what we can…

    • Maybe they will do like sta-1 and sta-2. You know, amx cdc a bit better as regular tank…

  3. Looks like the response the community had to the Panther 88 debacle was bad enough for WG to not try pulling that shit again.

  4. If you check the patch notes now however they’re not mentioned…
    (posted a couple of hours after I checked they were there…)

  5. I’m waiting for the IS5.
    If it’s not nerfed, I could be a great altenative to IS6 and IS3 in Teambattles and Strongholds. :3 (the armor AND the gun.)

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  7. Wait, wut?!

    I thought premium vehicles were going to be first available in the store? Did they change their policy? Which would be a good thing, since we complained we couldn’t try out new premiums on the test server before purchasing.

    • That policy is seperate from the testing. It started with 112 and T-34-3 IIRC, which were available on test but only appeared in Gift Shop when the patch came.

      The ‘no new premiums on test server’ started with Hitlerpanther… and hopefully died with it.

  8. There are quite a lot of IS-5s on the test server. I want one too!!! Let me tell you, that tank looks awesome. I’d switch my IS-6 with that beauty anytime.

  9. SS will WG give the female crews a female voice over? im pretty annoyed they were too fucking lazy to do that

  10. —according to the statement of the Czech community staff, three premium tanks will appear (for testing) in the second round of 9.6 CT – AMX CDC, AMX-13/57 and STA-2.

    This wont happen dream on.