9.6 Feedback

Hello everyone,

it’s that time again, the patch test of 9.6 is here. Despite it being somewhat poor on new content, it nevertheless brought some significant changes. Let’s have a look at them. The full patchnotes can be found here.

The installation of the patch was – as usual, lately – uneventful and smooth, everything runs fine (there seems to be a mild FPS increase, but that will probably vary from computer to computer), so let’s skip right to the thing most people will be interested in. Accuracy nerf.

I won’t lie to you. It’s noticeable. Well, at least I noticed, it’s hard to say. At this moment, we have no definitive numbers and formulas, so we can only estimate. For initiatesting, I took two vehicles – one I know well, Jagdtiger 88, the other is the IS-3 tier 8 tank with BL-9. I played a few battles as well and it’s noticeable. It’s practically impossible to say however, what effect will that really have on armor, as it’s test server and everyone’s firing gold.



Subjectively speaking, the Jagtiger 88 feels MUCH less accurate, the shells seem to be flying all over the place compared to the live server. The IS-3 I cannot judge, so I just made a short footage. But one thing is clear: instead of the alleged increase of the role of armor in the game, it will only lead to two things:

- more gold spam (as a result of people being unable to hit weakspots properly)
- more frustration of players, nothing like you spending a minute for that perfect aim only to have the shell fly wide

I do agree that armor could use an improvement in the game, but I have to wonder whether this is the proper way to do it. Also, nerf of premium vehicles… meh. Which brings me to another topic, the viewrange nerf. Again, I cannot judge how much exactly the gameplay will be changed – the hit on some vehicles was pretty brutal:


We’ll just have to see. Interesting is that in this case, the premium TD’s were not nerfed and I have the strangest feeling especially some of them (E-25, SU-122-44) will be more dominating than they were before. Again, we’ll just have to see. Anyway, moving along.

The flickering of the bushes in sniper mode was fixed, at least on my PC. Without knowing what causes it, it’s hard to predict how it will be for other players, but let’s hope it’s like that for everybody, as it was really annoying. Another thing to note is the test of the stronghold consumables:


Sadly, these are not useable in random battles (yes, first thing I did was to try to activate the artillery support at spawn point on my own team, luckily for everybody it did not work), but this is how they are going to be activated. Another new feature is the re-training of crews to another role. It’s done via the “Change” button in that crewman’s personal file:


Once you press it, you get to the retrain menu, where you selected the role and tank desire. And yes. It ALWAYS costs 600 gold, no matter what options you select. Comes with a nice tooltip though.


The contact window was completely overhauled as well. Now the chat looks really anachronistic next to it, as the new one is sleek and sexy. You can also drag and drop the names around it and create special separate groups for other people in your contact list, for example “friends”, “family”, “ponylovers”… whatever you desire. You can even select multiple contacts now and drag them around to various groups.


Oh yes and now you can also buy the Panther 88 for gold. And yes, it still sucks. Otherwise, the changes include the LT buff, that I really cannot judge well as I haven’t mostly played these LT’s before. What else… there’s the new HD models and some changes to armor, this will be covered by separate post.

Overall, for now, I think the patch is kinda meh, if not entirely negative. The viewrange and accuracy changes will influence the game significantly and I just have the feeling that these will bring a lot of unintended consequences that WG will spend a couple of future patches fixing. But that’s just my opinion. Enjoy the test.

285 thoughts on “9.6 Feedback

    • I thoughed they nerfed arty;s accuacy with the buff of the accuacy of all tanks cuz they didnt want arty to be that accurate and now they nerf the accuacy again but arty’s accuacy stays at accuacy buffed stage so arty does get nerfed again

      • I played some arty on the regular server for the missons, my highest arty is the GW Panther, so I had to play with that. It should be one of the more accurate arty, but it is still too RNG based. I started using premium ammo for the bigger splash, and premium food for the better aim time. Nerfing the arty accuracy, will just lead to more premium ammo fired by arty, because you just have to play it if you want to do the missions. It is not fun to play arty and it is not fun to play against it.

      • I guess that’s something good from all these shity changes… I really don’t like where WOT is headed…

        • I did play arty enough on test server (like at least 15 with high-tier arties).

          I did not feel any difference, exept for american arties that miss everything (on 5 games with tier 9/10 I managed to hit 3 times only).

          I dont think the nerf was for them.

          And well… Idk for long range, as I played mostly Heavies too, but it doesnt seem to be so terrible.
          (Actualy, hit twice in a row IS-7´s turret weakspot from front, while driving a 50B, 200m far, I dont feel any accuracy nerf)

          I’ll try meds and TDs tomorow.

        • ‘[arty] wasnt included in the sigma buff of 8.6′

          Why does this urban legend persist? Arty accuracy and aiming stats, among others, were nerfed in 8.6 to compensate because the shell distribution change applied to *all* vehicles.

          Presumably this new distribution change does the same, but AFAIK SPGs haven’t been buffed this time, possibly making them the least accurate ever.

  1. Stop drawing conclusions about quite large changes if you only played a few games. See how things develop on live server over the course of a few weeks, get used to the changes. Then complain.

    And how will this not affect the role of armor? Lol. T110E5, E4 and any other tank with a giant cupola says hi.

      • I never said Gold wasnt a problem. But anyway, better the guys spams my hull with gold and for the next 3 games, has to rely on standard ammo (lets face it not everyone can afford goldspam 24/7) then he is able to just hit any cupola in every match.

        • I could, and I would, afford gold spam 24/7 if needed be. But I will more likely sell my WoT account on ebay if I find the accuracy to entirely ruin this game for me.

    • Uhm, you can pretty much judge accuracy in a couple of games, don’t need thousands to see it’s shit.

      • You do realize your aiming circle is larger on the move right? Actually I don’t think there is much more going on here than “more gold spam” aside from the WG trying to push all tanks to within 50m of each other. I predict by patch 9.9 we will be fighting in arena battles.

          • Camping is why they’re doing all of this. They’re “solving” the issue of camping by slowly pushing us closer and closer together, chanting “kiss, kiss, kiss”. When we complained about camping being an issue, we didn’t mean we wanted to follow in Big Boss’s footsteps and perfect CQC…

  2. I just have no clue why they did this accuracy nerf. What do they think will happen? There are now much more disadvantages to dynamic gameplay than any actual advantages for it…

    • If it applies to artillery too, then it might even change the gameplay for the better.Campers and clickers with reduced accuracy.

        • FYI, sniping means actually aiming for a specific part of the tank. Not a weakspot, but aiming for turret/UFP/front or rear side armor, etc.

          Not firing at 400m and hoping you actually hit anything

      • Bad news for you: it doesnt :)

        Tried T92 (misses as much as always), GW E (hit really often), OBJ261 (hit nothing but I’m just not used to low arc), and CGC (as inacurate as always)

    • Well it’s huge buff for brawler tanks.

      I think it’s a public secret that WG wants us all to fight in a 50 meter area and this nerf will do just that.
      Especially the tanks that had to rely on sniping will be severely nerfed.

      Will it get more ‘dynamic’ ?
      I think it will.
      Will it be more fun? Not for me because if there is one thing I find stupid in a tank game it’s: brawling !

      • Tanks that rely on sniping have been buffed.

        Because tanks that are supposed to be inaccurate actually are inaccurate now. Rather than having an IS be able to snipe at 400m, and reliably hit, the Tiger is now the one able to hit reliably at that range, where the IS has to close to shorter range to be able to hit reliably.

        A nerf to all accuracy is a buff to sniping tanks. Now snipers are the only ones able to effectively engage at range.

        • IS3 can still snipe at 400 meters, in face I shoot several objects at 350-380 meters yesterday on test server not even fully aimed and hit cute enemy :). This proves that accurate tanks got affected more because the expected accuracy on 0.4+ tanks is not good to beginn with.

      • they’re slowly pushing us together, all the while chanting “kiss, kiss, kiss” under their breaths, I’m sure of it…

  3. I don’t know if this is a good thing. At least for me, I snapshot way too much. Guess it’s have to go back to basics and actually aim my shots now.

      • To trick people into believing they’re relevant in some way?

        This nerf is EXACTLY as I feared – sniping guns miss more, innacurate ones don’t give a shit anyhow.

  4. Can anyone who has CT installed and plays Chinese med tanks from t7+ comment on how the acc nerf affected the Chinese medium line.

    This, as im left with the feeling of: rip dear t-34-1

    • It shouldn’t be more affected than other tanks, just keep doing the usual – don’t shoot until fully aimed, unless you like hitting the moon. :)

  5. don’t mind td’s view range nerf but accuracy nerf is just pure shit..if i’m aiming in center of lower plate then i wan’t it to go there not left not right..even better make all guns 0.5 so it’s even for every class and every tank all happy

  6. Damn it. As if OP E25 wasn’t OP enough…I know why they don’t nerf premiums, but it’s just bad for the gameplay. Some of htem are getting better and better.

      • When it can see you at 360m and you can’t see it in an open field after having just fired until you’re under 300m, then yeah. It’s getting stronger. Or at the very least, everything else is getting weaker while it remains the same. Glad I bought it before they removed it, it’s getting more and more fun to play.

  7. Funny you think so SS, my shots on my tiger II and vk45a always fly close to the center on test server. Also why would you be sniping outside the range of your guns accuracy anyways?

      • 88mm guns used by the germans were know for hitting targets at 2kms away accurately, so if my german tanks no longer have the accuracy that they deserve then this patch, in my mind, is stupid and needs to be reconfigured so that the guns are more like their irl counterparts.

        • but in real life, during the heat of battle, how many shot were expended to get an accurate range, account for weather and environment, did bounce off armor?

          In real life, a tank would fire at least a half dozen shots at a target before it made that 2k hit.

          It is not tanks but I think the longest sniper shot at 2.5km is instructive.

          In November 2009, Harrison consecutively struck two Taliban machine gunners south of Musa Qala in Helmand Province in Afghanistan at a range of 2,475 m (2,707 yd) using a L115A3 Long Range Rifle. In a BBC interview, Harrison reported it took about nine shots for him and his spotter to initially range the target successfully. Then, he reported, his first shot “on target” was a killing shot followed consecutively by a kill shot on a second machine gunner then a third which disabled the machine gun.

          So the patch may make the game more realistic. That said, I don’t think i should be killing tanks at 450m while on the move in my KV-2.

          • Real-life argument aside, I was talking about gameplay balance here. Brits & Germans are “balanced” around medium & long range engagements.

            Right now not only do we have mostly only medium & (very) short engagement distances, but now their superior accuracy goes down the RNG drain

        • If you want realistic tank parameters, stop playing an arcade game like WoT and jump on WT…

  8. BTW, spotted in changelog among all those TD’s view range nerf and LT’s buffs:
    * View range of the T123 turret increased from 330 m to 350 m
    * View range of the Т-34 mod. 1940 turret increased from 240 m to 320 m
    ARL 44:
    * View range of the FCM F1 turret increased from 320 m to 340 m
    * View range of the ARL 44 turret increased from 330 m to 350 m”

    First two ones are about stock turrets, thus mostly irrelevant, but the ARL 44′s second change is a 20m view range buff to the top turret, which is quite interesting.

      • Yep, ARL and KV1S used to have the worst view range for some reason, now KV-85 is buffed so is ARL… I wonder if it’s just free buff or something is taken away (but what? it has shitty all not visible soft stats already).

        Low tier TD 400 m view range nerf? Totally deserved. No more dominating Province by single FCM/Marder with binos or camping bushes in Malinovka with full camo…

  9. so basically tanks that have their main advantage as having an accurate gun (EG the British) are getting an indirect nerf whereas tanks where accuracy was never their strong point and go for armour instead (EG the Russians) are getting an indirect buff, hitting that turret roof of the IS3 or the commanders machine gun on the KV-4 is going to be more difficult from range.

    • Yip.

      WG wants us to brawl and shoot gold ammo.
      This is the easiest way to accomplish just that.

      • I was really not looking forward to this nerf. I had enough trouble getting the 20 pdr type B to work on the Centurion Mk7….. I had streaks where the shot just hits the edge of the circle. Really not fun….
        I feel that they should’ve increased the rng when the aiming circle is still aiming, when fully aimed, or if it has been for a while, I think that it should have been left alone mostly…

    • back in 8.6 when overall accuracy buff arrived people was bitching like that was indirect buff for russian tanks.

      Now in 9.6 accuracy gonna get a nerf with same method, people is still bitching again about russian bias.

      How funny…

      • maps have changed tremendously since then. There are no longer sniping maps. All tanks are drawn in close. The accuracy difference makes a lot less impact now.

      • Part of the trouble is that there’s very little to separate an ‘accurate’ gun and an ‘inaccurate’ gun, a BL-10 is just as likely to hit at 500m as the 105mm on the E50M so when they buff or nerf accuracy it turns all guns into accurate or inaccurate guns, they need a way to make the accuracy numbers have a bigger impact, so accurate guns are accurate and inaccurate guns are inaccurate.

  10. Anyone else having the bug, when i get back to my garage try to open up the vehicle stats (to see how close am i to get my 3rd gun mark on fcm 50t) and the game freezes, and it brings up the vehicle stats, but don’t load in any tanks, so you have to alt f4 to close the game.

  11. You know what i think? Armored Warfare is going to run really nice, look really good, and NOT be full of Pucked Up nerfs and gun inaccuracies. I kind of think they might like to keep Workd of Tanks players instead of making them angry(er) to the point of leaving the game.

    • >NOT be full of Pucked Up nerfs and gun inaccuracies.

      It has the exact same balance of power as WOT does. Gameplay trumps accuracy. Just look at how they handle ATGMs, artillery, or how scouts are armored cars that buff damage output, or how only light tanks have smoke dischargers. There’s nothing there that says they will be more accurate or sacrifice more per model in the name of historical accuracy than WOT will. By definition, modern vehicles will be less accurate because of OPSEC concerns.

  12. this is totally BS… we can all give a nice goodbye to our TDs :(

    the only thing TDs have for their defense is camo and viewrange. except few individuals, they do have zero armor, low speed and maneuvreability. now WG does everything to remove TDs from the game:
    camo nerf: check
    viewrange nerf: check
    accuracy nerf: check

    so now, you can sit in a bush with TD, just to get spammed by lights and mediums with better camo and vierange

    i wonder what role should TDs have now…

    • “i wonder what role should TDs have now…”

      TDs are now relegated to the role all good players rage about – base camping & extreme bush wanking. Because anything else has become pure suicide.

      Now all I can do is rage at my team for camping A0 on Prokhorovka. Until now I could at least try to spot for them in most TDs, but now?

      Hope you’re happy about killing an entire class because a handful of broken tonks made you cry, fuckers!

    • camo nerf, because being withing 50m from a tank shooting and it being invisable is stupid.
      viewrange nerf because the point of tds is to do dmg to enimies already lit, not be a rail gun with 360* x ray vision
      accuracy nerf. everyones getting it, and if i recall…the wt e100 has the most accurate gun in the game.
      not to mention you can completely stay unspotted without camo, how? stay outside 445m.
      tds imo are a bigger blight on the game in arty, teams filled to the brim with tds just sit om choke points and makes the game really long and boring. lets not forget that most tds can either 1 clip you or take 90% of your hp in one single hit, while even a stb1 could not reduce a td to 90% before its loaded.
      and then we can talk about this crap armor, like on the jpe100, or the foch 155 or the e series or the fv 183.

    • They want us to brawl . Cos camping is boring. There will be a reduction in TD’s and an increase in heavies.

  13. su-122-44 has 330 viewrange, thats worse than most nerfed tanks(jp was nerfed to 350 other t7 tds werent touched)

    on the other side
    the best t3 td has 320(valentine at),
    the best t4 has 330(alecto)
    the best t5 has 340(s35 and death toaster)
    the best t6 has about 360(nashorn)
    the best t7 has 370(sturer) and
    the best t8, the rhm goes back to 360
    the best t9 has 380 with the foch(they maybe didnt nerf the tortoise or the jt)
    t3 fcm has 400, 80 over its tier and 60 over t+2 mm
    t6 dmax has 390, 30 over the nashorn and way more over the rest
    t7 e-25 again 360 and awesome camo, you can outsnipe any td.
    t8 jt88 has t10 values of viewrange.

    but at least most the op sniper-spotters(t40, su85b, wts) are dead.

  14. Stop complaining this is a huge buff for players who aim proper in medium to close range. I bounce more in my tiger II ahaha those poor suckers cant snap shot me no more with 0 skill aiming, while I pen 100% of my shots with no gold ahahaa I liek this patche. Just like in the old days where snapshotting suckers who didnt aim proper made 0 damage. Keep it up WG =).

    There is 0 risk missing and bouncing if you move closer and shoot, fuck snapshotting weakspots when minimal is visible on enemies, those times are over.

  15. What the fuck did I tell you people? WHAT THE EXACT FUCK WAS I SAYING NOT EVEN ONE DAY AGO?!

    I fucking told you that sniper/accurate guns will feel the nerf more than the derp ones! I for one still remember pre-8.6 fights where shot after shot after shot from German guns went nowhere near the target, all of them fully aimed. But noooo, you don’t know math and don’t understand shot dispersion.

    You don’t even need to understand fucking shot dispersion – you only need to understand WarLaming.

      • Hehe…funny you should mention “No prob with TDs on corridor maps” May I introduce…the T95 ladies and gentlemen. Can’t wait to play it now that Is-8s 300 meters away can’t pen my cupola. However the E100 dipshits spamming even more gold is not great.

    • as far as im concerned tds are the scourge of the game even further than arty. good frontal armor, rail gun taking almost all your health from across the map, just out of maximun view. a team full of tds can shut an entire side of the map down, which makes for an extremely boring game

  16. Fucking cynical; if you want to make players more beholden to spending money on this game then make premium spamming even more necessary.

      • Let’s take SS’s example, shall we?

        Let’s say you want to fire your Jag 8.8 L/71 at a Tiger 2. Normally you’d go for the LFP (doh) but since now you risk missing it even when fully aimed, you press 2 twice and start spamming APCR at the UFP, which is a bigger target and easily smashed.

        Simple enough?

        Or let’s take this example to the next Heavy Tank in the German line – E-75. Why bother aiming for LFP or Commander Hatch when you just load up the skill ammo and shoot its turret front to pieces.

        Same goes for US high-tier Heavies – why aim the cupola or LFP when you can just laugh at the entirety of their frontal hull armor with “skill ammo”?

        • Why would you fire at a tiger II at a distance that is not reasonable for your accuracy and standard pen, that is beyond me kid. As I said it is not noticable if your used to 8.5.

          Also this good accuracy we have no, dont prevent people from using gold anyways. They would still use it if it would be 0.0 accuracy because they are lazy skill-less fucks.

          • Oh whenever somebody uses “Kid” as an insult everyone with 5 brain cells immediately hates their emasculating guts..also if you had a shot at an E75s lower plate in the first place…are you telling me you wouldn’t fire…..that explains why all my scouting runs end with no one on my team firing a shot…because they are clearly at your skill level and are to high and mighty to fire a shot in a tank game.

        • Why would I fire premium ammo with a premium tank? I would think most people play their premium tanks mainly to make money with them, and not primarily to win matches.

          I think that medium tanks will probably suffer least from an accuracy nerf, as their main usage is to flank and circle other tanks and shoot them in their sides and rears at close quarters. Sniper meds like the Leo 1 or E50M may however suffer (the Leo probably more, as it cannot afford close range fighting as much as the E50M with its considerably better armor does).

          • E50M turns too slow to brawl agile tanks. That said, it would still do better than the leopard at close range.

        • Yeah exactly, now you are increasingly forced to derp people with gold on their UG for example. rather than going for a smaller weakspot which was more feasible before with AP.

          • Why would you be forced to use gold ammo? If you cant pen weakspots then get closer like it was before. You still forget that even when accuracy is so fucking good people still use gold ammo with 0.31-0.35 guns now days, how do u explain that?

            • accuracy and pen are two separate parameters, that are often balanced by having high acc, with low(er) pen.if you cant pen weakspots and you have gold ammo then why not load it and do dmg ? you are more likely to win if you fire at an enemy and do dmg to them, than if you are to close the distance, get shot up doing so, and then engaging

              • This is mostly what happens with the T-54 whose 201 is so unreliable that anyone with deep pockets just loads gold instead unless firing at lower tiers or poorly armoured targets.

                It’s normal shell is so expensive that firing premium doesn’t leave that much of a bigger dent in your wallet to begin with. 1200 silver per shell means every 3 shells is a premium round. I literally make more money with the Object 140 when doing 2000 dmg on tier 10′s and getting 1 kill without taking damage than in the T-54 doing the same. ( and penetrating every shot ) The T-54 is often more expensive to drive than the tier 10 Russian mediums but the matchmaking making it see tier 8′s often just makes the tank ridiculous as it can easily stomp tier 7′s and 8′s because of it’s turret armour combined with the mobility it has. I cannot wait for the upper plate to get nerfed to 100 mm, it’s ridiculously OP for people with deep pockets.

        • >you press 2 twice and start spamming APCR at the UFP, which is a bigger target and easily smashed.

          the Long 88 does 237 pen. It’s still not going to do very well against the Tiger II’s front armor since it barely overmatches face on at minimum range and the RNG modifier. The amount of wide shots also precludes players from abusing things like shooting beaks and edges anywhere near as well. You know about straightening an enemy’s presented profile, right?

          This also raises the cost of doing business when your course of action is to spam gold. There are simply more situations that you have to account for and more wasted shots than before, which drives the cost up and the profit margin down. IS-6s either do their job, or they suffer a larger cost over what they already do because their guns are already that inaccurate. The trouble with your hypothesis is that these sorts of tank drivers that are not driving accurate tanks do not expect to be accurate in those tanks to begin with. It’s a confirmation bias. They understand either nothing about their vehicle’s traits, expect the vehicle to excel in other areas, or cannot tell the difference because the odds of hitting are already distributed over a wider area.

        • Pure bullshit again. Everyone with a brain always has and always will fire at the LFP and will also hit at most engagement ranges, pre 8.6 or post. And SS’ example is hardly statistically accurate now or is it?

          • SS running stock crews or something looking at his reload time also note that the test with IS3 more than 2 shots went almost exactly in the middle, the other went pretty close to the middle all time and pretty consistent. In the ranges the is3 should be firing nobody can cumplain.

  17. It’s still the same piece of shit when I left at 9.3… Full of retards and “SLAVA UKRAINA/ROSSIYA” crap.

  18. why does not every TD gets an accuracy nerfed? i just bought optics on my JPII for max viewrange and now the Ferdinand has got beter viewrang…
    well done WG

  19. Love it how obviously retarded the avg ftr reader is:
    8.6: OMG now every inaccurate gun will be able to hit on 500+m. Indirect nerf for all accuracy tanks. RUSSIAN BIAS.
    9.6: OMG now you cant hit with inaccurate guns on 500+m. All tanks that rely on accuracy useless. RUSSIAN BIAS!!!11111

    F*ck yeah logic.

    • It’s WG logic. And what you just wrote is very true.

      This nerf is shafting accurate guns, while derp guns won’t really feel it.
      Back in 8.6, the accurate guns didn’t really feel the buff, but the inaccurate guns did.

      So yeah, WG logic – let’s nerf anything that is not Soviet-related. Close Quarters Combat for everyone! Go fuck yourself, coward gay snipers! So what we balanced your tanks for long range combat? FUCK YOU!

      • “No matter what WG does, it’ll always be Russian Bias.”

        That’s all I hear from you.

        • Prove me wrong first.

          So far, in the last 2 years most of the gameplay changes have been suited & tailored for Ruski tanks.

          • Oh, we’re trying to prove an assertion now? I am not obligated to prove a damn thing since you made an assertion without any hard proof of your own.

            WT E-100. Tiger I. Walker Bulldog. Burt the Avenger. T29. E8 Sherman. Leopard I. Hellcat. Pz II J. E-75. ELC. RHM. Jagdpanther. E-25. The HD model Maus. Matilda. Anything with gun depression. Anything with viewrange. Anything with high rates of fire to damage flimsy components and set delicate ammo racks behind the front plate on fire. Anything with DPM. All of those do not feature regularly in soviet tanks, yet all of them are very nice to have.

            I have played almost the entirety of the German line. While at release, there were problems with that line, the Germans, the one nation everyone says gets hit by Russian bias the most, are actually in a good position.

            This nerf patch also suits Americans with awkward armor layouts. The M48 Patton, T95, T110E3, 4, 5, The M26 Pershing, and M103 just got buffed because their fat lip prows and sloped turrets with big cupolas became that much harder to score a hit on.

            The patch suits all scouts, since direct hits are now harder to make on small targets.

            The patch hurts large caliber tank destroyers and demolition guns, in fact anything with a poor aimtime (which is practically every Soviet Tank, even the T-34) is hurt by this. Tanks with good aimtimes, such as TDs, Scouts, and American tanks, receive a benefit. Tanks with exceptional spread control, such as Americans, and Germans, receive a benefit.

            Oh look, results tailored to something other than Russians. Lets not even get into the part where the Germans received the biggest DPS dumpers in the game or the fastest tank. Or the fact that The E-50, E-75, Maus, E-100, and JgPzE-100 just got buffed by the accuracy drop since they all regularly bounce gold shells off their best armor to begin with.

            For the Russian Boogeyman, they seem to not do too badly.

      • Yes, accurate guns didn’t feels the buff cause they already were, you know, quite accurate? Just like they will be after the next patch.

    • Why would any idiot rely on a broken patch that was made in 8.6 which guided their shell to the center no matter dispersion? Now accurate guns will be just as accurate in medium to close range as long as you aim fully. Same with low acc gun they only work effective in close to medium range once you aim fully = bigher chanse the shell will go close to the middle.

      • Despite the garbage the ferdi troll keeps responding to every single comment, accurate guns will miss more, inaccurate guns will miss more. Tanks/TDs with little or no armor will suffer the most because their accuracy (and in some cases view range) has been nerfed and now they have to move closer to tanks that have armor to even hope to pen weak spots unless they want to burn through credits spamming prem rounds (and still missing) like a quarter of pub matches have been doing anyhow. So basically more people spam gold, less people play paper tanks/TDs, more rush to corridor area brawl playstyle, more boring 5 minute games. Rip most TDs, its been fun.

          • Why?

            Oh, wait – because you don’t like them spanking your noob ass.

            Forgot that’s reason enough.

        • and the truth reveals itself.
          imho most of what porshe says is crap. (lambo>porshe anyway) but tds are the scourge of WOT, games are much more fluid fun and faster without 8 tds per team shutting down both flanks (or 3 depending on the map) because no one wants to take a 700+ dmg hit from a tank 445m+ away in some bushes, while his friend has already loaded a 300+ pen shell with your name on it.

      • No you fucking retard. If you aim more, it only means the shell will probably go closer to where u aim at. If it goes near the center or not, that´s rng.

    • Changes about accuracy hurts “long” guns more. I just noticed that 100mm D-10T2S can’t shoot accurately from 150m… And it is a Cold War-era Soviet gun.
      I wonder what will happen to the German “needle” guns.

    • …considering both of those have merits….russian guns started out immune to nerfs…

    • yah maybe now ONE of the shells from a Waffledragon will miss my moving scout 600 meters away…..

  20. “- more frustration of players, nothing like you spending a minute for that perfect aim only to have the shell fly wide”

    Goddamnit, if you spend a minute to make the vehicle fill the reticle, then you WILL hit it. What do you even want, make up your mind! KV-2 hitting center of snapshot reticle at 700m? If you spent a minute and miss (“wide”), you weren’t close enough or in sniping enough tank.

    • Ahh people are just dumb, my shell goes 1mm outside the center of crosshar every time and that is with a 0.34 acc gun and with this “nerded” accuracy. That is similar to 8.6 accuracy to be honest.

  21. This patch does not amuse me.

    They want World of Tanks to be esports, yet they pull shit like this and up the RNG of shots. As a driver of many “well-armored tanks with weak spots”, piss off, Wargaming. The way this is going, Armored Warfare is looking better and better.

      • Ahaha butthurt fools, now guns behave accordingly to their accuracy and one again aim time, accuracy, positioning and aiming capabilities are important. Bye bye snapshoting at 300 meters :).

  22. Pingback: Jak dopadly novinky v aktualizaci 9.6?

  23. fucking assholes they nerffed tiger p armor to the ground, front plates are so straight they are useless, i demand a canon buff like tiger H

  24. It’s like everyone suddenly forgot that there was much whine about inceasing gun acc, way back. And that the game was just as playable if not better due to less corridors.

    • I wasn’t in the game back then so I reserve the right to bitch about this :P
      Bitching is to much fun to stop.

  25. Nice. With the accuracy nerf my KV-5 gets even better. I always despised this tank because I never had problems dealing with it. But I recently bought it and I never had that much fun in WOT. Just wiggle and you are OP against average players…

    • My SP is also happy, no more sniping mg port/hatch on turret with russian guns from 200m! :3

    • I was thinking the same thing about my KV-5, it certainly buffs its survivability a little, but then the gun is so crap that it needs all the accuracy it can get lol.

  26. It almost feels like WG is trying to kill their own game. This accuracy nerf is a terrible idea… Instead of teaching the idiots who can’t aim how/where to aim, make aiming less relevant so the people who actually aim at weakspots and thus win 1v1 situations get fucked up the arse… Well done WG, well done.

      • You have to be trolling right? The nerf means the opposite to that, it means less shots will hit the centre than before.

        • Why must the shell hit the center so often anyways? If the shell hits consistent like 1mm outside the center that is very good in deed. If the shell hit 2mm outside the center that is a little bit worse and that means you gun is lower acc and you should play accordingly. It is just retarded that more then 50% of the shots go to the middle no matter the dispersion (like it is now). Is it reasonable to be hit at 350-400 meters by a 0.46acc gun? Or beeing snapshotted by a 0.46acc gun with 3.4s aimtime in a matter of a second? This patch will make accuracy, aim time, positioning and aiming skills more important.

    • They killed it already, they’re just going cannibal on its’ corpse.

      Milk the cow! Eat the dead!

    • It’s a classic story, they started with good intentions then over extended and got greedy, which will undo them. That is their story arc.

  27. while you guys are arguing about accuracy, did anyone notice the scout buff? teams already suffer because unicoms get their LTs out and auto win. With a view range buff, they will do even more as they go unspotted to victory

    • unicrum M41 car actually got nerfed, only the snowed under scouts got buffed. ( MT-25, T71, WZ-131, WZ-132 and … T-54 ”lightweight” )

      the WZ-pair and T71 are definitely more competitive but not as good as the M41 even with the nerfs. MT-25 is still awkard as all hell with that low alpha gun and the T-54 lightweight is just a broken ridiculous tank with no purpose even with the gun and Hitpoint buff it begs to be replaced. Not complaining, Still going to use it as a ”better than T-44″” medium in 54/7 ( if my team allows me to pick something that isn’t a tier 8 heavy or autoloader )

  28. Drove 5 games in the JT8,8, because of your claim about the accuracy on one of the most accurate guns in the game.
    I think you just had a couple of bad games, because the gun is just as accurate to me as it is now.

  29. To err is human, to really foul up things requires … a (Belo) Russian?

    As if we had needed another proof that the people responsible for WoT are idiots.

    My best guess is that the Wargaming owners have already bought tons of my.com shares and are doing their best to drive WoT players to AW, because that’s where they will make their money in the future w/o having to do shit for it except for counting their my.com share revenues.

  30. Buffing armor by nerfing accuracy is like treating a virus by using antibiotics. The symptoms may be similar, but its still the wrong treatment and won’t be effective. The real disease here is that there’s 0 downside to spamming APCR outside of cost.

      • If they miss armour doesn’t matter, now does it?

        I know, kidding, You mean miss a weakspot and hit another part of the tank.

        Eh, APCR usually doesn’t need to hit weakspots to penetrate, though. Except in extreme cases like some tier 8 mediums versus some tier 10 heavies, but who in their right mind drives those for fun…

        Forever tier 10 games in tier 8 mediums~

    • heres a solution, make acpr do less dmg, WG makes more money, gold isnt as effective, its also historic.

  31. It’s not worth it. I tried, and I still hate it. Deleted the CT. Gone the times when WoT was bearable.

  32. We had less accuracy before 8.6, and people didn’t complain. Now we get something intermediate. I would not worry about that much.

  33. Confirmation bias. I think everyone’s opinion will be depending on how they think they will feel about this patch before they try it.

    Well, I’ll just do less snapshots in my chinese meds and getting closer. Also, TD is always supposed to be a support type, deal with it TD lovers.

    • “Also, TD is always supposed to be a support type, deal with it TD lovers”

      Let’s see you play support with a Nashorn. Go on, don’t be shy, do it.

      • You already play support in a Nashorn right now or can it suddenly rush to the front lines and carry the battle? Did I miss something here?

        • I’m usually the first one spotting stuff, denying perimeter for the enemy team (unless they make a strong push).

          Risky as all hell since Nashorn doesn’t have that good a camo rating, but quite rewarding.

  34. SS, am I wrong, or are they doing EXACTLY what caused this situation in the first place – making drastic camo/view range changes in the same patch as a drastic accuracy change? Wasn’t the accuracy buff and the camo changes both in 8.6?

  35. T40 and SU-85B, RIP, SOB. :( :(
    Going to play those a lot before they go out in a blaze of glory.

  36. Juist tried the IS3 lol it is shiockingly accurate in close to medium range you dont even need to aim fully to hit enemies. I dont get why people are complaining? The shot always goes close to middle anyways ahaha.

    • Ahaha event at 350+ meters not fully aimed still the shot goes close to middle on is3 ahaha. Why do you all complain so much? The IS3 seem as accurate as vk45a and tiger II almost :). Almost feel like if they have buffed some unaccurate guns :P.

      • This is a fucking JOKE! How the hell can a 0.4acc gun be so extremey accurate when you dont even fully aim? Hahaha, who cares if the shot dont go to middle as long as its going close to middle consistent it is good.

        • Thanks for proving me right.

          Thing is I didn’t even had to install & play the test-server to know I was right about my assumptions.

          RIP sniper tanks of all kind. Go & brawl like a retard or die.

          • I am proving you right on this point, I dont know about other guns but I really feel that this is a buff for the IS3 kinda tanks because their spaced armor will be more effective at range and in return you know what you should expect from a 0.4acc gun to beginn with. But test the server, slap on vents and combat rations (if you dont have fully tricked out crew) and you will see that the IS3 is as accurate as it suppose to be. In close to medium range ahaha you can im to like 50-60% and just click and the shot will go reasonable close to the middle. So in a way yes, more accurate tanks will suffer because they are expected to excell at long range while inaccurate tanks arent. Buit even then playing tanks like vk45a (0.37) and tiger II (0.34) the shell goes consistenly pretty close to the center anyways but not as often to the middle.

  37. More premium rounds spam?


    Can’t get more premium spam than 100%. In my e3, my e100, hell in anything I can get hulldown in or has the least amount of armor on it, I get hit by pure prem rounds. Prem ammo isn’t exactly a rare thing. In most games it’s the majority of the ammo shot at me, including when I’m in my batchat.

    People even spam premium rounds at my batchat. Think about that.

    I’m all for an accuracy nerf.

  38. so where should accuracy be; to not get russian bias comments? i mean clearly some of the best and most feared ranks in the game are russian, because TDs shooting through the UFP of an IS7 or IS4 is balanced in favor of the soviets. the only really OP tanks for the russians is the ISU152. you could say the T54…ok now say it without gold. russian tanks tend to be competitive or good.usually not to much more
    now lets name some of the best tanks at their tiers (most of the t 10s are here)
    -tiger,tigerII,e75,leopard 1,STB-1,E5,m103,t29,fv 183,jpe100,,AMX50B, BC25T,WT E100,T57,E100, (although i think its meh) and the borsig.
    now, im not usually one for trotting out statistics…but what if i told you russia isnt #1 in the W/R department… what if i told you that the nation #1 in W/R didnt even have a tank on that list. what if the chinese have the highest global W/R at 49.68%
    then followed by the russians at 49.37%
    with the brits at about the same 49.32%
    5/7 nations are at 49% W/R with only the french and germans being left out,the french probably because theyre hard to play well, and the germans because historically they have cooler tanks the people flock to (2 million more games than the next nation)
    so can we stop with the whole russian bias thing…

      • still good. and just like the tiger before it;it suffers the nostalgia factor that people flock to because of the war, the tiger2 is not the best in t8 certainly not the worst either.

          • Really?! Detail, please

            Name me ONE Tier 8 HT that is worse than the Tiger 2. Even the KV-4 at least has its uses since it can smash opposition & bully low-tiers when it’s top tier.

            Tiger 2 right now is much too slow for the pathetic armor it has. Either buff the mobility or buff the DPM, like they did with Tiger H (the DPM on the Tiger 2 is average at best)

  39. This seems fair.
    Currently we no longer have to aim and our shots which should land anywhere inside the circle pretty much all go down the middle with a slight variation.
    In theory this nerf will have a greater effect on guns with less accuracy so it’s actually a buff to german tanks.

        • 10% of 1 = 0.1
          10% of 100 = 10

          If both are shooting at a target the same distance away the first tank wont even notice the difference but the second will notice it.

          This is why when the original Acc buff came in it was a buff to low accuracy tanks and considered a Russian buff. This will party reduce that buff.

          • Or how about this if the target is 5
            And one gun has an accuracy of 2 and the other 5
            Pre Nerf both would hit the target.

            Post the change assuming a 10% increase (I have no idea what the actual number is)
            The guns become 2.2 and 5.5
            When shooting at the same size target of 5 the first tanks will always hit it as before but now the second tank now has a chance to miss it as 5.5 is greater than the target size.

            • While it’s technically a Nerf to all tanks. In the case of higher accuracy tanks they will be affected less in real terms it’s a buff to high accuracy tanks in comparison to low accuracy tanks.

              • No. It’s the inaccurate guns that will feel the nerf the least, since they don’t rely on accuracy at point blank range anyhow.

                • It’s seriously starting to get annoying to disprove your crap every time, please stop.

                • I can agree little though because inaccurate guns should not even by shooting at those ranges. The is3 as I explained is still sufficient even at long range, only differance is that shots will no longer go exactly in the middle which is good.

  40. I definitely agree with SS, accuracy nerf is just stupid since all it will make people do is fire more premium ammo. Also tanks with long reloads are going to get f*ed over. Consequently I think wargaming might be thinking that they need to take a lot more silver out of the game. Also make people buy premium ammo, which would lead to people buying more premium tanks. But that might be just my tinfoil hat theory.

    • i dont think its a tinfoil hat theory. but i think WG just wants you to miss more so you pay more for shells. or fire premium to be sure if you do hit you pen.

    • it wont increase Gold ammo. We’ve already been in a worse situation than they are proposing now with pre 8.6 . If you miss it starts costing you heaps of gold.

      With low teir tanks that can not pen weak spots without gold your less like to hit the weak spot costing you more money so your less likely to fire in the first place. So firing gold doesn’t necessarily solve anything.

      • I agree, how ever many people think this nerf is alot worse than it is to be fair. Showing a IS3 in a video trying to snipe and saying the shots “omg dont go to the middle” is stupid. The is3 is not a fucking sniper and even then with a good crew you will be able to snipe at 350-400 meters even with this new accuracy because I did it yesterday.

  41. Im not sure if SS is serious about this “MUCH” more inaccurate thing. I always run BIA and vents on my tanks and I really think the differance is not as serious, most shots dont fly wide they tend to be close to the middle. Maybe SS lack aiming skills I dont know…

      • He probably thinks it’s been put into the live server and hasn’t even used the test server.

      • I played on test yesterday. But SS seem to have a bad crew or something. I always play my tanks with vents and BIA which does influence all stats of the tanks and even accuracy. And with those crews, then yes the shots always goes close to the middle. Look at the is3 video even at those distances she shots went close to the middle, they didnt fly all wild. Also 0.4acc gun is not a sniper to beginn with.

  42. This is the main reason why I stopped playing WoT for good 4 months ago, incompetent vodkadrinking developers. Every patch I read you keep proving me why I stopped, thanks for that it makes me feel better each time. Keep drinking that vodka.

  43. in the replay, very few if any shells hit the outer limits of the circle, i wonder if the chances of hitting the outer edge is the same, and the odds of hitting dead on went down , so that way youre kind of in a balance not hitting the center or the outside.very much like a dart board, you very rarely hit dead center (avg player here) and you very rarely hit the edge, but you get close to the center each time.not to unreasonable if thats whats going on

    • My impression is that both 0.34-0.4 guns are pretty accurate in test server, the shot always goes close to the center. Not exactly in center but pretty close. Obviously a 0.34acc gun will be more accurate but you can still snipe with a 0.4 once you aim fully. This accuracy nerf seem alot more balanced and it should have been like this from the beginning.

  44. The accuracy nerf is increasing the importance of the RNG and decreasing the importance of player skill.

        • Having RNG reduces the affect of skill. Since the far majority of people lack skill. They are less likely to be owned by a skilled player.

          If you are the less skilled player losing all the time it’s not fun to lose 100% of the time. So now they have a chance so are more likely to stay and hopefully get better and thus increase the player base.

          • “So now they have a chance so are more likely to stay and hopefully get better and thus increase the player base.”

            Most retarded thing I read all day.

            Stupidity & mediocrity must NEVER be encouraged or catered to. EVER.

    • Your LOGIC capabilities amaze me.. NOT. So if we had ZERO RNG and EVERY single shot hit that would increase skill importance? LOL.

      HELL NO.. IT WOULD JUST INCREASE REFLEX and CONDITIONING. Not SKILL, not thinking and tactical analysis.

      • Word to the veryoldman. Aiming isn’t and shouldn’t be the be all end all of this game, it’s not bloody Counter Strike. Tactics, adaptability, team work should always win over a 14 year old’s reaction and reflexes :-)

        • Everybody can train reflexes, I use fast reflexes all time when pre aiming at corners where I believe tanks will drive. The differance is that I have alreaddy pre aimed, I am entitled to hit and pen opposed to people who just aim fast and click and let RNG guide the shell to the middle. Also tanks have accuracy and aim time for a reason, a reason that got alot less important when 8.6 went life because many low acc tanks became snipers.

  45. all the more reason why i wont buy another thing from WG, and have started finding new games to play.. tired of terribads WG employees that dont play the game, or know how to play the game, ruining it for everybody else..

  46. Great! More randomness to the game… Why bother aiming anyways?

    Luck > Skill – More and more…

    • Because if you do not have randomness you end up with Mech warrior online. Go check it…

      It is HORRIBLE!! Pin point accuracy, every single shot hits exaclty where you aim. The protection level is IRRELEVANT.

      The only skills that matter in game are using team speak to call for targets and concentrate fire at a single point.

      With no Randomness the game would become just another stupid FPS.

      There is a LOT of skill that arises from the fact that you need to deal with RNG. You need to have more tactical thinking and ponderate that your shot MIGHT not connect or go trough its armor. You cannot simply play rock paper scissors on a pre made and pre thought set of decisions.

      You need to make deeper analysis and take better decisions.

      Its the same with chess and other mind games like magic the gathering. THe level of skill needed to play magic is several orders higher than chess ( to play well, to be a grandmaster is another thing). So much that computers nowadays can easily defeat most masters of chess, because the skill level needed is NOT high, you just need to be able to memorize a finite set of rules. In magic.. well I never saw an AI that could defeat a moderate level player…

      From randomness TRUE skill have potential to arise. Without randomness you just need a checklist and reflex..

      • The thing is though, this nerf dont make “more shots go wide” they make more shots go close to the middle but not exactly in the middle. I also agree that this accuracy things will benefit players who positing themselves accordingly to their tank and and will nerf players who rush shots and lack positining (basicaly all who complain about this patch). Now on life server it doesnt make any sense that all these low acc tanks can just swing their turret and click and make dmg, specialy if they have 3.4s aimtime and 0.46acc. Or all those heavys and mediums that “snipe” and refuse to help team just because they can do so (because shot will go to the middle anyways).

        I also agree that after 8.6 went live far too many people got the privilege of making dmg at crazy distances and situations despite lacking proper positioning, aiming capabilities, and crew skills. A good positioned tiger II that is pre aiming around the corner should not get blasted by a fucking 0.46acc gun with 3.4c aimtime that just drive out infront of you and snapshotting and then pull back, whats the advantage of positioning and superior gun characteristics then? For the first time even I managed to bounce is6 and t34 when brawling in my tiger II and that was because those enemies were rushing their shots trying to snapshot which resulted in bounce or tracking. This is how it should be, less well aimed shots should decrease the chance of making dmg.

  47. The third effect is forcing everybody into brawling range, because everybody knows that Wargaming hates long-ranged combat. This REALLY screws over tanks that depend on staying at at least somewhat of a distance to stay alive (most tank destroyers, less-armored tank destroyer-style heavies like the Tiger I etc.)

  48. 1. more gold spam (as a result of people being unable to hit weakspots properly)
    2. more frustration of players, nothing like you spending a minute for that perfect aim only to have the shell fly wide

    1. That’s what they wanted.
    2. Wait until RNG hits in combination with ghost shells. If you think less accuracy is gonna be bad, wait for this.

    Anyone wants to buy my account? :) I’m playing AW now anyway.

    WG didn’t know how to maintain this game when they had no competition at all and now they are acting like deaf men in total dark! I guess voice of community means nothing to them. I’m glad about one thing – SerB’s famous response to everything “If you don’t want to play, don’t play, you whiny bitches” is finally coming back to bite him in the ass!! Fat fuck!

    • “1. more gold spam (as a result of people being unable to hit weakspots properly)
      2. more frustration of players, nothing like you spending a minute for that perfect aim only to have the shell fly wide”
      - 1. Why would you even trying to hit weakspots at that distance if you obviously having a tank that is lacking accuracy?
      2. Again why trying to shoot at ranges that are not suitable for your tank? I suggest you try the IS3 on test server with a good crew and you will see that even then all shots goes close to the center of the crosshair.

  49. Long range combat is going to have less and less place in this game now,sadly.So what WG wants us to do is to go up within 10m of a tank to kill it,stupidity at its finest.Now there is more reason than ever to close the distance and for people to rush,contributing to shittier quality of play and very fast matches.No more drawn out combat for me,my WT auf E100′s days are numbered.

  50. Why ffs this accuracy bullshit will affect fully aimed guns? I absolutely agree that shells fired while driving or immediately after stopping should be less accurate and “fly” to the edge of the circle. Yes, pls do it! But when i am fully aimed and don’t fcking move with my gun even a little and miss 3 shots out of five cause of fucking RNG shit.. that drives me NUTS! And suddenly, tomato 25K games 800WN8 retard who i tried to kill 3 times point his gun on me and CLICK and hit my fucking COPULA 350m with highroll dmg…. i just.. feel that frustration… now it will be even worse? THANK YOU WG!

    And what did you say? Armored Warfare? BRING IT ON!

    • On the contrary.

      Badly aimed random shots wil hityour cuppola LESS. You will have to resort to aiming BETTER and waiting the aim to close to make any reliable shot.

      Yes you will miss a bit more now even with aim closed, but snapshots will miss MUCH more.

      Now tanks with good gun characteristics will suffer MUCH LESS and tanks with badd ACC and bad aim time will suffer a lot

      • Depends what you mean with “bad accuracy”, the is3 has 0.4 and even then you could hit lower plates in close to medium tange without aiming fully. Make some tests with IS3 (I had vents and combat food to simulate BIA more or less) all shots were close to the middle of the crosshair at the dustances you should be shooting. Even at close range hitting culpolas on moving tanks is not an issue.

        Ofc accurate tanks will suffer less, they have lower aim time and accuracy for a reason. Its just that ince 8.6 people have become lazy they have relied on snapshotting and broken mechanics to make damage, neglecting positioning, pre aiming, acc and aimtime as crucial parts of the game. Now bad aimed shots will more likely bounce and miss, specialy from these unaccurate russian and chinese premiums with 0.46acc.

  51. Can anyone just make a long video like that one on the OP and comapre to the sme shooting in 9.5?

    Just get a spot in map. Sit there aim at a unbreakable wall. Fire some 25 shots with a tank with bad accuracy. Then same with a tank with good accuracy (same exact spot).

    Then do the same in live server. Compare the results.

    Then we can estimate the new shot distribution

    • Actually it is a nerf for tomatos, because they lack positioning and aiming skills = higher chance the shell will not go to the middle and bounce. This new accuracy is not like in 8.5 where 25% of all shots went outside. This new accuracy is what should have been implemented from the beginning, making accurate tanks accurate (shot will go very close to middle all time) and unaccurate tanks less effective at range (even though you can snipe at 350-400m with is3, but thats it).

  52. am i the only one who cant see enemy teams list at standart battle? it’s like clan wars right now, the list appears as they are spotted by someone?

      • WOT is marketed and sold as a tank game (vehicle with armor and turret and/ or less armor and mobilty). Artys in general and TDs dont fit into this. Simple, they have became too many so they need to be limited like the **** of old times =).

  53. How the fuck do wormgaming think i will pay for this shit again???? NO more.Time to uninstall this shit. After 31k battles i finally leave this shit game. Accuracy nerf loaded the glass full. Enough. Fortunately i signed up for armored warfare beta at the first time it was possible. No more wot, i have to puke.

    • People raging and leaving before even TRYING is the same as people that suiscout in game. Its equally dumb, equally stupid and make you look equally retarded.

      • As i wrote before you retard i have been playing the game for 31k battles already. The Acc. was shit already and the game is getting only nerfs, nothing else. They are making the game more unplayable patch by patch. So its enough. You can try it more you RETARD if you want RNG to fuck up your games more. I do not want.

        • Sorry kid but I played countless of games yesterday with both accurate tanks like tiger II and vk45a and is3 which has 0.4acc. The only differance between 8.6 accuracy and 9.6 is that far less shots will go in the middle but most shots will go close to the middle. Nwo you actually have to aim a bit to make sure the shell does close to the middle, opposed to just snapshotting and relying on shell going to middle 50% of the time regardles of dispersion.

          This new mechanic only make you miss if you rush shots or trying to snipe with unaccurate guns since no shell will ever hit the middle as often as it does now.

          IS3 has 0.4acc and is pretty darn accurate even with this nerfed accuracy and is3 isnt even a sniper tank. Just think about this for a moment. But if you have fucking 0.46-0.5acc guns forget sniping at 350+ meters, they are not even sniper tanks.

  54. FFS why are they messing with accuracy? Oh right, to speed up server-side calculations.
    and possibly to bring tanks closer together?
    and possibly sell more gold?

    Not good enough reasons.

    The current accuracy model works, and if they want to get battles “closer together”, the view range nerf will cover that FOR NOW.

    There is a very important axiom of programming, engineering, and everything:
    “Don’t change more than one metric while testing, or your outcome becomes impossible to predict”. They need to see the long term results of view range changes before messing with accuracy.

    Or at least find a faster way to model the same accuracy. :\

    • How is the current 8.6 accuracy model good when too many shots go to center or close to center regardles of accuracy and aim circle size? Skill? Pfft, no skill when a red 46% derp around the corner and put one into ya without aiming proper. No more noob magnet 0.46cc tanks like 112 and is6 that can just “ihihi ime hexxor me snipe yu 400 meturs end mek 450 demeje, yu nub tiger II”.

  55. Oh boy, when AW comes i am going to get as many missiles on my tank as possilbe and become a cancer worse than arty in wot.

    This is gonna be fun.

  56. why nerf accuracy?
    for the tomatoes who cant aim, they remain to be, well, cant aim shit
    for the experienced players who aim for weakspots and such, it’d only cause frustration as their superior knowledge and skill is neglected by RNG
    SS is right, it’d just be more gold spam

    • Skilled players will still have an advantage because they will fight in right distances and or aim as much as it takes to make the shell go as close to center as possible. Sniping weakspots is not hard with the new accuracy, they key like it always was is to get close enough and aim proper to make shell hit.

  57. I think a fair amount of the armor/accuracy/viewrange changes stem from back when they made gold rounds buyable without gold. It feels like a lot of these changes are for balancing this back out ever since.

    • It is even though in practice this accuracy nerf mostly affect snapshot and shooting when aim circle is big and not fully aimed, they even said so in 9.6 KTTS video.