Tyraforce’s Guide to the Girl Crews

Author: Tyraforce

As you all probably noticed, you are getting a female tanker for every completed 15-mission set of the “personal” missions. When I played my first PC game called Golden Axe, I learned that the female game characters were pretty much useless. The original Prince of Persia didn’t really help as the female protagonist camped the base while you were getting cut to pieces by guillotines, spikes and other nasty stuff. Well, WG decided to change that and the tanker gals are actually MUCH better than the regular crew.

The reason why the girls are better is not just the fact that they come with 2 free skills and that they look pretty, but rather the fact that the Sisterhood of Steel (Fallout faction wearing sexy power armor) does not count towards the XP requirements for the following skills. There are many XP tables out there but IMHO the only important one is the following one, which should help you with the decision whether and which current crews to replace.

xp table

In short, if you want to improve any crew by 1 whole skill, the girls will get there faster no matter how experienced the male crew is. However, I would not suggest replacing a 4-skill crew at all, while a 3-skill crew should only be replaced if you believe you can get the girls to 5 skills. Check your average XP at your tier 10 tanks to see how many battles you’ll need. Replacing below-3-skill crew is a no-brainer.


In general, I would definitely recommend replacing 2 and 3-skill crews with the girls on tanks, which:

  • you expect to use a lot in competitive play (Clan Wars (CW), ESL) or just love playing in public very much.
  • can actually benefit from the extra skills. SPGs make a poor choice as the skills beyond 3rd are rarely used. Mediums and light benefit the most as they need both repair and camo and benefit pretty much from all the useful skills out there.
  • preferably have few crew members so you can man (or rather woman?) more tanks with the 20 girls (there might be more in the future)

If you have limited tier 10 experience, I suggest you put the girls in the lines leading to

  • B-C 25t – Only 3 girls needed, very useful in CW on mostly any map
  • T62A + Obj140 – 4 girls needed. Very useful CW mediums
  • T110E5, E3, T57 Heavy, Amx 50B – useful in CW, can still benefit from camo a bit
  • IS7, E100 – poor choices for the girls but still better than the rests


IMPORTANT: Make sure you pick the right number of girls with the right qualifications for the FINAL tank they will end up with. The crew count and specializations tend to change tier by tier so complete the crew with inferior male tankers. Yes, you will not get the female BIA bonus but even male crews usually get BIA only after the have reached tier 9 so you’re not going to miss much.

To give you an example of what I suggest, imagine you have a 3-skill E5 that you use for CW a lot and are currently grinding the Patton line. You might think that a 3-skill E5 crew is decent enough so you put the girls in your Pershing to help your grind. – WRONG

The right thing to do is to move your E5 crew to the Pershing and recruit girls for the E5. Even if you reset the qualification and skills for silver and lose some XP there, in the long run you’ll end up with a much better E5 crew, which is much more important than the rarely used Patton. Of course, if you are planning on grinding other important CW lines, save the girls for those.

Well, that’s all I have to say about the girls. But mentioning Golden Axe, I decided to share my favorite nostalgic story with you. You see, I was the first one at my school to own a 268 personal computer. Back in those days, people would actually come to my house just to look at the thing before we actually got it to work. I also had a friend I enjoyed playing coop Golden Axe with. We would call me in advance and I would start the game. The reason was, it took the game 15 minutes to load. So every time somebody complains about his PC being “slow” or the connection too laggy, I just think of those Golden Axe days and can’t suppress a smile.

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  1. All my LT crews (AMX 13 90, RU251, M41 Bulldog and WZ-132) had 1 or 2 skills so I am going to throw them on there. My favourite T10s already have 3-4 skills each so they’re in a good position.

    • that’s the exact same thing I’m going to do, already got my AMX 13 75 fancy lesbian crew :)

      • Is it possible to train the girl crews for tanks you haven’t researched yet? Or can you leave the girl crews in the barracks without choosing their nations and roles?

        • When u finish a mission (15th) there is a claim reward button on it.
          It will not disappear so it can stand there as long as u wish.
          On the other hand clicking it will give u a small panel where u choose which tank/nation/etc of the crew member u want.

          tl;dr u can save reward crew for later and progress IMs.

        • To be more specific to your question, no. You cannot train crews for a tank you have not researched, but premiums work. Otherwise you can follow Toxicni’s advice or train for something else and retrain later so you can at least progress with the missions.

  2. Golden Axe did not take 15 minutes to load on a 286!
    Loading times were like 2-3 minutes unless you played the game from a floppy disk (but not even sure it was possible), which brings the question on why it wasn’t installed on hard disk but even then I cannot remember any game taking that long to load.

      • That seems pretty decent compared to my Atari 800 XE using cassettes to load the game. Oh my, the good old days. I remember you had to walk around loading game on your toes not to interrupt the process :D

        • gah we (my brother and I) had atari 800 xl and loading from casette player sucked major ass. Especially if something interrupted the 15-20min loading times. I used to read books while waiting for the game to load :P Good times tho, international karate, phobos, green beret, who dares wins, oooh and ‘one on one’ how that game rocked, joy of breaking the glass :P f15 strike eagle! ground targets being triangles….

      • Weird, I remember it much faster on the same specs hardware… Are you sure you didn’t have an 8086/8088? Golden Axe was on EGA rather than CGA for me

      • Ahh….good old times… I miss those days when every game gave such joy. And what games…3 colors CGA, 320×240 resolution…my god..and yet the feeling was amazing. A few large pixels moving on the screen was enough. Now we have NASA like rigs, HD res but somehow something is missing. I think many people who started to play PC games in the early 90′ have the same feeling

        BTW, I played Golden Axe on an Amstrad 8086 with no hdd. Just the 8″” fdd. An it loaded faster, few minutes i think.

  3. GOLDEN AXE… omg..

    BTW the 0 skill is always SOS/SIA remember (can’t think of a reason not to use that but it’s just something to remember).

    Also if you’re going through lines -> having 6th sense is a very nice thing… using females as 6th sense commanders only may not be optimal crew wise but may make some tanks more viable.

  4. Ok am I missing something? Do I have to put all the girls from one campaign in one tank? I have put my first drag-queen as a commander in my WZ132 because the previous commander got an assignment in the 113 (from the IS2 up mind you). I intend to put my next girl in the AMX12t to get 6th sense. Am I doing it wrong?

    • It doesn’t matter how or where where you get the girls. What matters is that a tank should have either male or female crew. Mixed crews won’t be able to get the BiA effect as the crew members would apparently be focusing on other things than combat…

    • You can, but then you don’t benefit from the SoS perk. You still get the free 100% perk/skill, which is awesome, but it is “optimal” to use full-girl crews.

      • Obviously. If you don’t use a full-female crew you could have just taken a male crew instead, as it would not give any bonus whatsoever. But you can make different nations, as long as you make sure you don’t end up with empty spots or left over crews.

        Possible options to consider, when trying to get all female crew members:
        4x 5 crew
        4x 4 crew
        1x 5 crew, 3x 4 crew, 1x 3 crew

        • I’m hoping to complete the T55A mission, not sure about the 260, that is probably beyond my skill level. However, it might take me some time, but I can probably get the T55A. So, I’m planning for 15 female crew members (yes, I’m going to play arty just to get the extra crew). My plan is this:

          3- Lorraine 40t (already recruited)
          3- AMX 13-90
          1- AMX CDC loader (for use in the AMX 30 when it appears)
          4- Leopard I
          4- STB-1

    • There will be. Rummor has it, 2 are already done. I hope sb puts them in a Maus and posts a replay.

    • I always consider the voice-over to be a sort of commentator like on sports shows (I don’t use national voices, so I have only the American-english voice) so it won’t bother me.

      That said, I do think they should have added at least a generic voice with the launch.

      • See i cant stand the american voices, they are soo annoying aha and WG half ass’d it by not giving them female voices

  5. If you put them on a premium tank do they receive the same advantage that normal premium tank crew have?

    • Why shouldn’t they? They function exactly like a regular crew would, with the only exception that it always has Sisterhood of Steel which counts as the 0th skill. Besides that, and not working optimal mixed with male crew members, it does everything the same way a normal crew would.

        • Then you should put them in your tank premium no? The article doesn’t mention it but the advantage is way better than just having them in one tank.

  6. 286, ha, you had it good. The “personal computer” I used from 5th grade through college (yes, it lasted that long) was an Apple IIe. It didn’t even have a hard drive, but I thought I was cool because I had 2, count them 2, 5 1/4″ floppy drives. The “computer lab” at my high school was stocked with Tandy 1000s and IIes.

    Anyway, on to female crews. I have three ladies at the moment. I recently researched the Lorraine, and as it is the first French medium worth anything, I didn’t have a French medium crew. Problem solved, recruited my women as the commander, driver, and gunner for the Lorraine. With any luck I’ll have the Stug IV by the end of the weekend. My plan for the next two ladies is the 13-90, the two after that will be one for the 13-90 and one recruited as a loader for the AMX CDC (which I plan to buy assuming it is for regular sale), so I’ll have a loader for the upcoming AMX 30 line. That leaves me three from the T28 C missions (which I plan to complete). Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Assuming I feel I can get at least one from the T55A mission they might go to either the soon to be researched STB-1 or Leopard I.

    • Well before 286 I had Atari with no hard drive so I can feel your pain. Lorr is a good pick to put the girls in and if you like it, you will love the Bat.

      • An Atari computer or console? My first game system was an Atari 2600. I suspect that dates me a little bit.

  7. I put 1 woman to a man crew that already had BIA, and guess what — the BIA icon shows as ACTIVE. AND the rld time ingame is showing as BIA would be ACTIVE.

    Someone pls explain me why you say it is not active the BIA perk + 1 SOS woman, if I see it ingame exactly the opposite, as active??? Where is the mistake?

    • Proof it, dont count on displayed numbers and sign, it is just visual. And even if WG failed here, they would fix it when they realize it.

    • One of the guys in my clan put his first female crew member into a tank that had BiA already on the crew. It did, in fact, work. I suspect that it is a “bug” and will “be fixed”. So, I’m keeping my females together, but in the mean time, take advantage of it as the female crew members accumulate.

  8. Again ? Master Tyraforce has us to tell his what he thinks is best ? Never gonna read that bullshit. Making forced popularity of this guy by SS is pathetic.

  9. Thank you Tyra for posting 1000 words on girl crews get 1 extra skill.Captain Obvious as always!

  10. And just when I thought there would be no whining today…the whiners arrive. I mean, I’m still waiting for Xen and his input but thanks for letting me know. When can we expect your articles?

    I just thought it would be nice to prevent a few guys from putting the girls in useless tanks and arties…and I haven’t seen the table anywhere so I thought it was worth sharing. Sorry to waste your time.

    • No please Tyra, I really appreciate your work, both the arty guides (i’m an arty hater, but you know, it’s in the game and will always be, so we gotta get used to it) and the other articles you have written so far. Keep writing those, they are so useful! I was thinking about spreading the girls in different tanks, and now i’ve thought better of it, they are gonna stay in my 140, thanks to you. Really, thank you for your work and time spent writing those articles, there are a lot of people who appreciate them! And remember, haters gonna hate
      Ps: sorry for the ynglysh, i’m italian, so not that good :P

    • Keep going Tyra, you are much appreciated. It’s as always, a small group of people that makes a lot of noice. Don’t play arty myself, but enjoyed your guides and will have a look back if i start playing it..so tired of all the negativity in game and here so to the point I installed chat filter, and rarely check the comments in ftr, especially in certain obvious posts…dont understand why people focus so much on negativity when they cant do anything about it…its in the game, and it IS just a game…deal with it or stop playing, go play something else you like and makes you focus on positive things instead, if WOT is so god damn bad. I personally love it.

      Really liked this article too, and hope to see many more from you here with SS :-) Keep up the good work and have a great weekend

    • I only ever played Golden Axe in the arcade (you know, the place in the mall you had to go to play video games with “good graphics” and pay a quarter a game, or fifty cents for the “really advanced” ones).

  11. i training my first crew to the vk 3001p because it the only line i haven’t started yet and chicks like maus’s :P

  12. First female crew is going in my Luchs.
    Best use of a limited resource? Of course not. But I love the hell out of that little tank, it deserves something special.

    Second will probably go into either the Action X or 430, depending on how good the former turns out to be.
    No plans after that, planning too far ahead is silly when WG is involved.

    And remember: you can always retrain them (within the same nation of course), so don’t fret too much about making the “wrong” choice. 85% or even 75% > 100% takes hardly any time, and skills are still in effect while they’re retraining. Or, y’know, gold I guess.

    • Ya, and you’ll be even able to change their specialization for gold soon. It’s still worth it to plan ahead.

  13. Entering a battle with tier X tenk and just 2 skills crew is quite noobish. It strikes with 2 main facts: you don’t know actually how much your game depends on your crew and 2cnd that you are pure idiot that drives the most expensive tenks without the proper equipment and therefor your battleperformance is far away from the one that could be.And you loose a lot of credits ofc.

    • Entering a tier 10 with a 2-skill crew is OK as long as it’s an investment to reach 4-5 skills faster and I’d say it pays off. That’s what the article is about. Also, unless you stop and farm lower tiers, you reach tier 10 with a 2-skill crew anyway and I’d say this happens to 99% tankers out there. Watch some streams and check what crews the guys drive with. Do they suck? I don’t think so.

      What proper equipment? I didn’t mention any.

      What credits? I find it funny being called an idiot by a person who worries about credits in WOT. Making credits is so easy and even more so with the personal missions. If you lack credits, no crew in the world will help you – just LTP.

      I also find it funny you worry about performance in pubs. I XP my tanks for CW and ESL. I don’t really care if my performance drops temporarily in public as long as I get a 5-skill crew to offer for CW.

  14. Question: I want to recruit my third girl for the AMX 12t (just started this line). I don’t see this tank as option, but for example an AMX 13 57 which is a premium that isn’t even released.

    Can anybody test this?