0.9.6 Undocumented Vehicle Changes

Hello everyone,

so, I ran over the XML files again to have a look at what exactly they changed. The HD model changes and fixes do generally not bother me, as some are broken (unfinished) even in second iteration of the test (such as the E-100 one, which will only be fixed in 9.6).

What I noticed:

- Sherman III turrets got renamed from D50878 and D82081 to Sherman III and Sherman IIIA (no stat changes)
- Chaffee had its depression boosted, from -7/+15 to -10/+15 (for all guns as far as I can see)
- T95E2 repair costs were reduced by cca 30 percent
- T28 Concept now has one more crewmember (one loader added)
- Super Pershing armor was slightly changed (shiny garage lines one is new, the turret got tiny bit narrower and some of the vision ports disappeared from the collision model):

26 thoughts on “0.9.6 Undocumented Vehicle Changes

  1. if we have a girl crew on T28 HTC we will get the second loader also girl? with same skills/perks?

      • your answer means shit for me … only SS have the right answer!!! so … SS can you tell me about this situation?

        • Considering your question doesn’t seem to have been aksed (and officially answered) on the RU forums, SS wont do much more than guess, like, everybody else who answered to you s ofar.

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  3. Is it possible to extract some data from game client? I wonder, cause I’ve noticed one hidden parameter that can be called “arty shell travel time nerf” – when computing impact angle per distance from gravity and shell velocity, values seems ok as well as max. range, but calculated shell travel time is always shorter. And getting some parameters from Tank inspector is inconvenient.
    I wonder about further parameters as speed bleeding in turns, damage caused by jumps and falls, etc.

  4. Yay on the Chaffee depression buff, but why the fuck are they changing the T28 Concept crew layout now?

  5. A few view ports deleted constitute a buff?
    God knows the poor old SP needs all the help it can get.

    • Yeah. I mean, the old armor was pretty much impenetrable, but the obvious and easy to hit weakspots still existed. Or maybe if they boosted the gun penetration a bit so it could brawl more effectively, I’d live with that too. As it stands the tank is put at a disadvantage, especially in tier 9 matches. If Fury can do everything an Easy 8 can except for its reduced speed, why can’t the SP have the top pen of the regular Pershing (especially since its low pen is completely unhistorical, something which WG is supposedly against).

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