Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-30B

That’s right, it’s here. The new upcoming tier 10 French. Is it just me, or does it look completely badass?


Description: At the moment of its creation in 1966, AMX 30 B was one of the best vehicles, surpassing all the tanks (with the exception of Leopard 1) in mobility and power-to-weight ratio and with the longest effective firing range for anti-tank fire. Thanks to excellent visibility, the commander could effectively coordinate the crew actions and operatively react to combat situation changes, which further increased the tank firepower. Although it had weaker armor than most its contemporary tanks, the development of new ammunition negated this disadvantage. In total, roughly 2800 AMX 30 tanks were produced.

Characteristics (for 100 percent crew):

Hitpoints: 1900
Engine: 720 hp
Weight: 36 tons
Power-to-weight: 20 hp/t
Maximum speed: 65/23 km/h
Hull traverse: 48 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,151/2,014
Turret traverse: 39,6 deg/s
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 782,1

Hull armor: 80/35/?
Turret armor: 80/40/?

Elite gun: 105mm
Damage: 390
Penetration: 260
ROF: 6,134
DPM: 2392,4
Reload: 9,781
Accuracy: 0,326
Aimtime: 2,3s
Depression: -8







More pictures:





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      • You and me both. The second the page opened I called for a CLEAN UP in my pants. Found a use for this 3 million (not so) “FREE” XP

      • No, players don’t want 2 autoloader meds in French line. This AMX 30B MUST be non-autoloader.

        • But the reload time just sucks so much compared to Leo1 and STB. Turret doesn’t seem to be better than STB’s, gun isn’t better than Leo1′s (and considering it’s a French gun it might be just as troll as the STB’s is) mobility doesn’t seem better than the other two. What does this tank have as a plus then?
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not trying to argue here, but I just don’t see where this tank would excel in comparison with the other two.

          • Apparently the word placeholder won’t sink into anyone’s mind… It’s obviously not going to be that shit, not in this stage at least anyways.

  1. Seems like average… I hope 30B will have good acc on move. Although -8° gun depresion sounds very well :-)

    • placeholders as someone above said ,, will probably change a lot before 9.7 , which is when this comes out i assume

    • Gun depression not gonna mean much with that massive no armor tumor on the roof, you’ll be wrecked with a dead commander before your gun goes over the ridge!

      Really nice looking tank though

      • Most of it it’s just spaced, so most of the shots will be soaked up by that with 0 damage pens. Good players will go through it easily, though.
        Just kidding, just saw that behind the spaced stuff there’s an hit box. Could still soak up HEAT, though

  2. wow dpm is low.

    silenstalker, is there any leaks on upcoming events on eu?
    or did they completly stop their advance planing after all the leaks?

  3. I know its all supertest and stuff, but if it wont get remarkable buff in DPM, Leo 1 just outclasses it in every way. Still a fucking good looking tank, Im gonna get it anyway just for the looks.

    • On the bright side, the giant cupola means it will be easy for it to just poke that over a hill to get spots and not the whole turret. Like the M48 Patton.

      • Problem is if your going over a hill, the enemy will have shots at you first, exact same thing with the Type 61, makes hill fighting a pain in ze ass.



      • I seriously got morning wood at night because of the renders of this thing.

        Dat turret.. dat hull… It’s like a leggy lady in a short tight dress.

  4. “At the moment of its creation in 1966, AMX 30 B was one of the best vehicles, surpassing all the tanks (with the exception of Leopard 1)… with the longest effective firing range for anti-tank fire.”

    The Chieftain would like a word with that statement, WG. L11A5 120mm made the 105 on the AMX-30 look like a popgun. 355mm RHA penetration at 1,000 m ranges from an L55 length barrel. Granted it wasn’t in full service until 1967, it still existed since 1962.

    • Thank you, was going to mention that as well.

      Also WG needs to get on the Chieftain instead of teasing us with Frog tanks.

      • Chieftain’s been confirmed for about 6 months. This thing has been confirmed for the better part of two years.

        British just got a new line of tanks. Relax, kemosloppy. We’ll get the Chieftain soon enough. Expect it late summer, around 9.8 or 9.9

    • Sry dude these gun stats are no way accurate because the AMX 30 105mm only fired HEAT with the Obus G which had about 400mm of pen at any distances

      • Lets see it hit a tank at over 5km. Then you can talk to me about long range.

        And yes, it is quite accurate. The L11A5 is a beast of a cannon, far and beyond the most powerful one of the Cold War until the late era guns started turning up, mostly down to the sheer range it could send those shots accurately out to and retain its arc/velocity.

        The AMX-30′s HEAT rounds had short range edge on APDS, but if you look at what was quoted, the AMX is said by WG to be the “longest ranged” one, which is patently not true. The L11A5 could launch HESH rounds (which in the 60′s were some of the most dangerous anti-tank munitions around) up to 8km for crying out loud. There’s a very good reason why it was always the Chieftain that put the shivers up the Russians when it came to tank design.

    • To bad the US`s 120mm was just as powerful as that and around since the 50`s.

      Only the ammo changed, but the breech and barrel and almost everything was based off the 120mm gun from the US. HESH just made it more powerful.

      Also the 105mm was much lighter of a gun as well. But the 120mm Rifled gun in many ways was outdated right away seeing as the SB guns were already almost surpassing them at 115mm.

      AMX-30 was amazing tank and this turret on this is a disgrace. Its Turret was one of the most amazingly powerful made during the cold war.

  5. Okay, I know people are going to say that I am whining, but I want the M60A1. Note, I don’t want the M60 that was a clan wars prize. I specifically want the M60A1 because I was an M60A1 RISE tank platoon leader in 1980-81. With the Leopard 1 (1965) and now the AMX-30B (1966), there is no reason that they can’t put in the M60A1 with it upgradable to the A2.

    The M60A1 is 1963.

    While the M60A2 is 1972, they already have the 152mm gun-launcher on the T49; so, put it on the M60A2.

    • No historical tank for you, Western capitalists! M26/46 -> M48 -> M60 is too logical for WG as tier 8-10. Even M26 @ tier 7 (rebalanced) is acceptable under current power creep (replace fake top 90 mm with T32′s 90 mm).

      • (Rebalance of M26 would mostly be making terrain resistance worse, along with reduced HP and view range of going down a tier. Would be a more ‘heavy’ medium at tier 7, sort of like how it was intended.)

      • Just American guns have underpowered AP shells… These 90-mils were comparable to French DCA 45 so giving them 200 penetration would be not bad (I’m talking about SPershing and Pershing top gun, not M3). Actually it should be done, 170 pen for SPershing is a disgrace (a tank with gun DESIGNED to f*ck KT’s frontally – and it could)
        Or dirty capitalists ingame cannot develop a proper AP shell

        • but Super Pershing fired APCR as standard IRL, and with APCR the in-game Super Pershing IS better than Tiger 2.

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        That’s not counting those obsessed with their cup size.

      • If you prefer boobs, join Quakenet #wot channel, we get JesseV to take care of the boobs there while rest of us focus on tankporn like this.

  6. It’s like a French STB-1, similar hp/t, traverse, terrain resistance, worse hull armor, more accurate gun but not as good as leo-1. It’ll probably in between stb and leo

    I wonder when it’ll arrive, maybe i’ll save some of my tranny crew for it

  7. i was like “hey look a leopard!” before i read the title. looks great! looking forward to this tank. looks like the CDC well be the crew trainer. now its the “french leopard”. wait….is WG into Leopard clones now?

  8. Can someone remind me again what tank this line will branch off of.

    I heard AMX 13 90, and if that’s the case I’m a happy, happy, happy man.

  9. so ….gun not as good as the leo or stb, not as fast as the leo, gun dep isnt as good as the stb….am i missing something special…looks kind of useless…but that is one sexy paper weight if so.

  10. Is it just me or the front of the turret looks very strong on tank inspector? Maybe we can expect a pershing like troll turret?

  11. Well now… color me interested!

    But first fix my goddamn Foch 155, it needs thorough love & attention!

  12. I’ve never been much of a fan of French tanks, but I think I may have just found one I can actually love. Looks awesome! Hopefully those gun stats are placeholders.

  13. i thought it would be an another autoloader, despite the good looking, other factor just dissapoint me, weak armour(no matter how angle it is, its still a paper!), extremely terrible dpm for tier 10 meds, if you compare this thing to Leopard 1, this thing is just shit! if that stats stays like this i def wont get it

    • Firstly paper tanks work perfectly well, secondly most of the stats are place holders, so don’t get ur nipples in a twist…

  14. How do you guys think AMX30 should be balanced?
    I have no idea about its historical stats, but if we’re going to give it french like stats I think we should give it:

    - One of the highest (if not the highest) standard round and gold round pen of all med tanks.
    - Pretty good mobility (between leo and stb?)
    - Quite accurate, but average/below average aim time and movement bloom.
    - Leo-ish DPM (below STB and soviet packs)
    - Fair camo, usable turret armor.

    How that sounds? I don’t think it’s interesting for CW but I doubt NATO 1st gen MBT will ever be popular in CW meta.

  15. From which existing tank will this branc start ?

    M4 45 ?
    BDR ?

    Tell me now, I gotta start making xp for this beauty *~*
    Finaly, after so long… It’s not here yet but we know it exists, so it wont be too long I guess… Well… SoonTM.

    Now they have to make the other tanks

  16. IIRC this had some special HEAT rounds that were spin-stabilized so this HEAT pen would be insanely good

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  18. I have a cheap model of it bought this tuesday!

    a collection spread with news papers!

    • In gameplay, yes.

      Joint Franco-German development, which went seperate ways.
      They aren’t clones of each other, they’re the same design as seen through German and French industry and doctrine.

  19. Anyways, you guys are forgetting about the turret front. Definitely going to be pretty decent.

  20. Two things firstly being as its WG it may look good but properly plays shit cos reasons, Secondly but ive noticed WG are starting to push into the modern era of tanks are they starting to feel threaten by AW i wonder? Hope so

    • With this AW you are very wrong my friend. Amx 30 was planned for about 1,5 year so before someone heard about aw

  21. The AMX 30B carried 47 shells for its 105 mm gun, HEAT and HE. But new shells were introduced : APFSDS : armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot shells. This ammo was used to penetrate armour, but had no explosives in it. Its initial speed was 1525 m/s and could pierce a 150 mm armour at an angle of 60° at a 5000 m distance… I wonder if that will be implemented in the game… ;-)

  22. I can still see some unhistorical points, like the front armor which was to be 80mm everywere on the UFP, and the gun with APCR while the AMX 30 fired only HEAT (with 25% RNG, ~300 pen with the OCC-105-57 and ~325 with OCC-105-F1, the “G” shell)

    They could re-balanced it as an “armor-piercer” by nerfing gun handling, that would have been a new role for MT’s and created a Troïka with Leopard-1 (accuracy+aim time) and STB-1 (RoF+DPM).

  23. so far
    - mobility of stb
    - armor between stb and leo
    - dpm of e50m
    - rather mediocre accuracy/aimtime

    lel… worst t10 med ingame, unless it has insane dispersion on the move, better than any tank in the game. But since its french it will probably have one of the worst dispersions. DPM buff or gtfo basically. OR it might be something like the new british TD line, which was introduced “nerfed” to correspond with the now coming TD viewrange nerfs, which would suggest meds are gonna get nerfed soon severely in the DPM department and in apcr pen – notice how this has 260 pen, while other t10 med guns with apcr have 265+ (and this thing wss supposed to have insane pen irl), so maybe nerfs to around 250 ish?

    • ah lol, the dpm is even worse than e50m, and by quite a lot :D

      - so it would be MT with worst dpm on t10, by far
      - with average mobility (checked now, its worse than STB actually, noticeably – worse resistances, worse hull traverse, worse turret traverse)
      - with third worst armor
      - one of the worst pen
      - one of the worst combination of accuracy and aimtime

      and it has nothing so far, out of the leaked stats, that would be above average compared to other t10 mediums (except the mobility) – below average viewrange, below average HP…

      i guess there indeed can never be any french tank that wouldnt suck balls

      • Probably placeholder stats.

        It should be a gun similar to the batchat’s, so they probably copy pasted it without the autoloader. Hence the shit dpm.

        • Not probably- they are placeholder, there is no wayyyy WG will keep the DPM, it’ll most likely be about the same as the Leopard 1

          • I use the word “probably” loosely.
            There’s a 99% it’s placeholder, but you never know with WG…

            [WTF E100 rearing its ugly head]

        • It’s similar to the batchat’s? HAHAHAHAHA

          Well, it’s different from all of the L7A1 gun clones, at least.

      • Everything about it is a placeholder, and the current stats aren’t too bad, they just need some buffs here and there.

    • Accuracy is fine, armor is better than the STB-1′s frontally due to the 250mm spaced turret front and near autobounce ufp.

  24. It seems to me that I’m the first who noticed this looks like STB-1 more than Leopard 1

    • They’re all based on the same concept, pretty much, with cultural influences taking part.

  25. Oh hell yeah! I don’t care about the stats, I’m here for the looks! I will grind this baby and then I’ll make a special place in my garage for STB-1, Leopard 1 and AMX-30B (with flowers, candles and fireworks) and make them dinner.

  26. It looks that I’m going to drive the AMX 30 again… Good old times with the AMX 30 (well, at least with the spanish modification of it).

  27. How does a new type of ammunition mitigate the fact its got armour a paper bag would laugh at?

    • The ammo increased the fighting distance, so that enemies couldn’t return fire effectively. In theory …

      • There wasn’t a single first generation MBT that had enough armour to withstand a shot from another first generation MBT.

        Instead of dildoing around, the french decided to scrap armour entirely, and give their tonks high mobility, a higher average range and insane shells.

        That was already the philosophy behind the AMX-13 tanks, by the way. The late 40′s and 50′s showed a quick increase in gun’s power, while armour stayed pretty basic.

      • And it wasn’t supposed to go marching into the USSR.
        Like the Leopard, it had one thing in mind : pew pew from afar, retreat, pew pew some more, and hold out against the reds long enough for the USA to arrive.

        Since you’re not attacking, you don’t need armor. You need enough range and accuracy to shoot from as far away as possible, then enough speed to GTFO when the enemy got too close.
        Plus, what’s the use of armor when everyone and their dog has rounds that effectively nullify armor at any range? The brits went the armor-way, and their tank was an ungodly slow machine compared to the others.

  28. OK,looks very interesting, has anybody got the latest idea of a French tree, as if that thing comes along, I’d like to start putting some free XP on the first link tank to jump over onto the new 30B line?
    Seen a lot of idea’s which seem to suggest it might be the 12t

  29. Another useless vehicle branch that only reiterates a variation of what is there already, and does it worse. Need a good tier X medium tank? Get Obj. 140 / M48 Patton / E50M / B.Chat and be happy. No vehicle branch that has come after the initial Russian, U.S., French and German tanks is really worth while. Second German TD line? Bleh. Second Russian TD line? Bleh. Second U.S. TD line? Bleh. The only addition that was worth it is the Obj.140, which imo is better than the T-62A due to its smaller silhouette, slightly better mobility and slightly better frontal armor.

    • But there are new players to the game that won’t go for the “usual” oldies. I personally know of one guy that’s grinding the Leopard 1 to be his first tier 10 medium and the FV 215b as his first tier 10 heavy. So yeah, not everything in this game is for the players that started this game in beta or soon after that.

      Also, variation and diversity is welcome. It would be boring to play only the vehicles you mentioned.

      • The other vehicles are inferior to those I have mentioned, and everybody except a truly skilled player will struggle in them, to say the least. Good luck with the Leo 1 – it’s not a medium tank at all, it’s a highly mobile sniper platform.

        • This thing is better than the M48 by a pretty large margin, and with the shitty placeholder states.

  30. I just need to know how many crew members and which position do they take on the take so I can pick the girls for it.

  31. Can someone please answer my question , how many crew members will it have ? And what their occupation will be ?

  32. mhm…back from school, turned on ftr… saw the first picture….what a HORNY TANK!, It will definatelly come to my garage:D

  33. I love he description of this one. Everything good is stuff that means jack shit in WoT. Won’t stop me getting one but I did laugh.


  34. So basically it’s a nerfed Leo 1, and that’s a pretty weak T10 med. Not really interested in this, they should either add an autoloader or buff the RoF to 6,98 or so.

    • RoF buff obviously will come.

      Also the Leo is far from weak, it simply has a high skill ceiling. This one’s skill ceiling will be lower since it has some decent frontal turret armor/ufp.

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  36. two things:

    1. I think I know what I’m gonna do with my Polar Bear crew lol.

    2. How long until this tank is released? Any ideas?

  37. Gun depression, DPM, turret armour , etc. make it very similar to STA-1 which … have no use for CW. But it should be good tank for random battles.

    • do you mean the dpm which is the worst out of all t10 meds, while stb has the second best? Oh, you wrote sta-1, then you are just about right, too bad sta-1 is a t8 tank.

    • If it isn’t one of the low tier tanks coming then I will impose my wrath on Storm.

      Not really, but they better include it(No reason why they wouldn’t C:)

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  39. I’m not an expert but in France this tank is well known for having special features
    …that WG has chosen not to integrate.

    - Indeed the armor of this tank turn around 80 mm, But thanks to a special alloy, effective armor was around 205 mm. Since WG does not take consideration of various alloys, it is understandable.

    - The reverser. I was affraid they do not recognize this feature, and i was right.
    This tank was equiped with a reverser that simply allowed it to reach the same speed running back than forward (65/65 km/h instead of 65/23 km/h). I guess they felt that it would be too difficult to balance, but still :’(

    Despite that, I’m pretty happy with what they did.

  40. SS, will you make an article on the history behind French and German cooperation (which eventually lead to leo1 and amx30)?

  41. Looks really badass, seems to have nice mobility but the gun is lackluster. Also dat weakspot on the top of the turret ? I mean 80mm armor is shit anyways, but this makes hulldown (with -8 its pretty able) noticeably worse, since you have a part of the tank size of the luchs to shoot at.

  42. Hory shet. I don’t even care if its stats are utter garbage, that is one BEAUTIFUL machine. Definitely going to grind my butt off to get it.

    What would make sense of the ‘longest engagement range’ bit you said is if it has slightly higher muzzle velocity than all the other meds or whatever, or if its pen is just slightly higher. IDK.