- no fixes regarding the domination of top clans in Stronghold mode were promised for 9.6, but yes, this situation will be remedied in the future
- arty branches in HD will not come soon
- IS-4 will get a new HD model, different than the one shown in the early “Havok” video
- 9.7 will bring a large pack of HD models
- ramming mechanism will be changed (fixed) soon
- it’s “completely possible” to convert the Bugworld engine to support multiple cores, WG is working on that now
- multicore support is already in the game, now WG is working on its extension

102 thoughts on “29.1.2015

      • If they realize is broken, why haven’t they done anything about it but just ignore it then? ;)

        • Multiple reasons. First: because WG haven’t really cared for game mechanics in the last years, they care about the things that make money. The Waffle is a perfect example. Most of the (not completely stupid) people realised that it will be a balancing nightmare, either completely OP, or crap even before it was released. But it was a great power creep vehicle for players to grind brainlessly, buying lots of premium and converting lots of free XP. Now they admit it’s broken, and it will be replaced. GJ.

          Second: Due to its increased RNG factor, arty gives tomatoes a great opportunity to have more sense of achievment than by playing normal tanks, that need more skill. And because tomatoes and weaker players give a huge part of player base, arty helps them keep playing the game, ergo keep paying money for WG. Simple as that.

    • Oh yes we need to get arty HD models ASAP so you can see them for 10 seconds before driving into bush and pressing shift.

        • When a TD will be able to smack you for full HP while not even moving from the goddamn cap circle and when a TD will be able to shave off most of your HP by MISSING you – then you have my permission to spew out this idiotic bullshit

            • Unless you’re talking about the 183 carrying tds lobbing HESH I’m gonna tell you you’re full of shit.
              None of the TDs besides those two have enough splash and damage to do what even French arty can to a tank with it’s splash.

              • And that’s enough bullshit to fill a swimming pool. And just because you nerd ragers have your heads so far up your arse you can probably taste your tonsills does not mean I need your permission for anything.

    • Nobody gives a fuck about the model of an artillery because you spend most of your time in “strategic view” and clicking

        • ARTY in WOT is a joke and for lazy unskilled players who just sit in one spot all game and click. ARTY needs a huge nerf, but WG wont do it because they feel they make $$$$$ off crap arty players who would quit game if arty was nerfed since they r to lame to play real tanks.

          • Last time that I looked, there wasn’t a real tank in the game. Just a bunch of pixel images. Let’s look at how realistic the tanks and td’s are in WoT:

            1. Instantaneous intelligence via GPS mini-map.
            2. Critical hits for ZERO damage.
            3. Crews with the skills, parts, and tools to fix engines, radios, guns, and scopes in the middle of a battle.
            4. Surviving a hit by a penetrating shot.
            5. Blown off tracks fixed in 30 seconds that would have taken hours to fix.
            6. Laser range finders that silhouette and identify via color recognition coding both enemy and friendly AFV’s.
            7. 3rd party outside camera view.
            8. Vehicle crews surviving a direct hit from an artillery round.

            We most certainly do play a very little of it is realistic. *LMFAO*


            • @Tullus Welcome to WoT, an ARCADE game, not a simulator game. If you want realistic, go play War Thunder

            • What happened IRL:

              2. Critical hits for ZERO damage.
              A hit that “only” destroyed engine or killed commander happened IRL too. Especially since RL tanks didn’t have hitpoints.

              3. Crews with the skills, parts, and tools to fix engines, radios, guns, and scopes in the middle of a battle.
              Most of those were fixable in cases of not so serious damage.

              4. Surviving a hit by a penetrating shot.
              Completely possible.

              8. Vehicle crews surviving a direct hit from an artillery round.
              Not so possible, but it happened too.

              I don’t think this game is realistic too, but let’s not get carried away ;)

  1. “- it’s “completely possible” to convert the Bugworld engine to support multiple cores, WG is working on that now”
    That typo on the game engine name is somewhat adequate. :D

  2. They are saying the same bullshit all the time. Is there really anybody who trusts those promises? Multicore support? Havok? Better motion physics? More HD models? Removing tanks that never existed from the game?

    Ha ha.

    • According to WG the game would become multicore with the “optional” havoc which will run on a additional core. There are different defentions of multicore and, WG just use the simple term “oh let other cores do some of the work”, this can be done with all applications. I doublt they will recode bigworld into multicore like cryengine or frostbite which are real multicore game engines where game use as many cores as possible and the “whole game” is spread out on all cores. WG will just let other cores do simple tasks like textures, sound and other shit. Still only 1 core will do most of the works. Just like in other games.

  3. Multicore support on a single threaded game engine, good work. You need to recode the whole game to support multicore. Multicore according to WG is similar to havoc “oh it will run on a second core”, lol. I speak about proper multicore where all 4 cored are used as much like in bf4, not like “oh texturesd will run on core 1 and sound on core 2″. Still one core will be used to 70-80% anyways which is the “main” game.

    • True multicore support parallelizes the needed processes as much as it can, hence you would not be limited to just “all 4 cores” – there are already consumer processors with 8 and more cores, and this number will just increase with time. With true multicore support, you would use all of the available cores to as much extent as you can.

      • Yes just like cryengine and frostbite does. But theres no way Bigworld will be able to do that. There are different defentions of “multicore” support. Even today if im not wrong wot can use additional cores for some tasks, but the game/engine is still single threaded, it can not spread out the load evenly on all cores.

          • It bugs me as fuck when WG say “game will become multicore when optional havoc is implemented”. lol. Ofc havoc will need to use additional cores theres no possible way for one core to handle all that load. Even modern cpus bottleneck.

      • You think WG will be able to do that when they consider that an optional visual mod (havoc) will “transform” the “whole game” to true multicore? I would like to know how.

        • Why not? It’s possible to make it, it just takes a lot of time to make it working… and yes, it consists of rewriting a large part of existing engine… but for ongoing, released project, it might be more effective (success/cost) to just rewrite parts of the old engine (in this case “Bugworld”) than to implement brand new engine (let’s say Frostbite 2)…

          What they consider or don’t consider is more internal thing… I bet they won’t tell that in Q&A section

  4. 9.7 will bring a large pack of HD models

    Lets remeber this and see what “lage” means when it will happen

      • How about concentrating on other things first. Seems like all WG keeps talking about is HD tanks.

        • Yeah, let’s force historians, balance guys and 3d artists to work on the engine instead, what’s the worst that could happen…

    • Lager HD models… piss poor to everyone, save the person that sees a single company vetted picture of it. Lager HD, I say!

      • “Lager”? I can think of a few of my crews who could use a good “HD Lager” or two! ;D

  5. Silentstalker – do you have any news on how the new Top of the Tree specials will be? Ectar said that:

    “There is a discount on the branch featured, I’m sure you’ll all find it’s very nice and possibly not what you expected.

    Any news on that would be much appreciated :)

      • I’ve already done that, hence my question. If you look at the mission ingame, it only says “crew xp coefficient 1,5″… which is not entirely correct as there will obviusly (from Ectars statement) be further bonuses and discounts.

  6. My initial feeling is that WG dont know what multicore support means. How do they think gamers will benefit from multicore support if “optional” havoc will run on a second core? Ahaha, its just like flight simulator where certan processes are run on core 2 and 3, but most other tasks are still using 1 core to the most. WG have to update their definition because now they just talk bullshit.

  7. Whats the ramming issue and how is WG gonna change/fix it, which means fuck it up worse?

  8. “- arty branches in HD will not come soon”

    - IS-4 will get a new HD model, different than the one shown in the early “Havok” video
    OK, I guess…

    - 9.7 will bring a large pack of HD models
    Yay! More eye-candy!

    HD models for everyone!!!

  9. oh good clans are winning at stronghold.so,where is the problem?oh tomatoes want to win without effort.good players are just using gold ammo and op tanks,why tomatoes then dont win at stronghold?if you want to win leave stupid exuses and try to improve.good players werent born good players,they became good by trying to improve.

    • it’s not winning, it’s domination, as in “tomato” clans enter battles and end up facing super unicum clans and getting wiped out without even a fighting chance simply because that’s the way the matchmaker works.

      • sarcasm on..but as far i know from my experience unicums are not something special…they are unicums just because they use gold ammo and they statpad in op tanks.they also dont know teamwork,they are egoists…sarcasm off

        • Right, we forgot that the lesser players are there just for the amusement of the enlightened purple ones, and should not be allowed a chance at fun just because of a bunch of bloated unicum clans.

    • it’s just stomping, unfair and not entertaining at all. they have to take skill into account, same goes for random matchmaker.

    • Pls tell me. Whats the sense of making 90% victims for 10% to get 90% of benefits?

      WG-style is to let amateur soccer teams to play vs FC Barcelona.

      But the 90% pay more than the 10%.
      I have no problem that good clans/players get more benefits.
      My problem is that 90% are fucking abused for 10%.

      The 10% dont want to get free wins vs top players/clans.
      The 10% wants to play and have fair fun at their level.

  10. I’m sure that was meant to say Bigworld but man that typo is just too true to not leave in

  11. Instead of HD models, I rather they fix the Matchmaker or BOT/Idle player ban in battles.

  12. - no fixes regarding the domination of top clans in Stronghold mode were promised for 9.6, but yes, this situation will be remedied in the future.

    Sure, how about dealing with warpack and see if that effects that? There is a reason for these “WG Pet clans”, and why WG does NOTHING.

  13. Heyyo,

    Multicore is already in the game? Huh? I know there’s “idle-core detection” where the bugworld engine automatically moves its single high load thread to the most idle thread of your CPU… but that’s not multicore lol… I know this game can use a separate thread to handle sound processing but that usually sits at 20% load so it’s only very basic offloading… better than nothing I guess sigh… please bring true multicore support…