Visiting Italeri by GetFoched

Hello everyone,

I was sent this rather interesting video, showing something that’s probably not very commonly accessible, the Italeri model plant inside. Thinking of buying your World of Tanks-themed Italeri kit? Here’s how it’s made.


17 thoughts on “Visiting Italeri by GetFoched

  1. Used to hate these kits as a kid, somehow i always ended up breaking the plastic pieces when breaking them off from the set!

      • Personally I no longer buy Dragon kits as they seem to have gone down the route of parts for the sake of part count not because it adds detail. They also have a habit of making kits that fundamentally don’t quite fit together (their creation of new kits from older kits plus new sprues to make a variant seem pretty bad for this) and then give you instructions that are littered with mistakes. Did anyone even try to use the instructions before they released them?

        At £50 for a new release I think there’s now better vendors out there, well unless you’re desperate to have that Panzer IV produced from August 12th 1942 to August the 15th 1942 :-)

      • Yeah and take out a mortgage while you’re at it… Trumpeter, Revell, and the Eastern European companies are the way forward.

        • There’s still some bargains to be had from Trumpeter but the prices for their recent releases have shown some pretty hefty rises. Saying that their quality and level of detail has improved and they’re still one of vendors that I buy from along with Tamiya and Meng.

          As for Eastern European companies, all the reviews I’ve seen point towards yes they may be cheap but that’s at the expense of both detail and accuracy.

          Even with Dragon kits you can get some bargains especially if you take a look at some of the far-east based online shops.

          Of course there really isn’t a right and wrong vendor as they are often catering towards very different market places.

  2. Yes i agree with what you say. Italeri aimes for beginnes and intermediates, but also experts can make masterpieces out of those models. Currently working on Chaffee. And… Hands up who wants to know what the new 2015 model kits are!

    • The Chaffee is definitely one of their better kits and although it’s not going to have the detail of either the AFV Club or Bronco kits it’s still fairly good. As you say if you’re just starting out in modelling Italeri are not a bad choice. Cheap and pretty easy to put together.

      The other ones to look at are some of Tamiya’s early releases for much the same reasons.

  3. Just regular moulding machines, nothing new (for me)
    A moulding tool (at 3:07) can be horribly expensive and can have a weight of a light tank! No kidding! The biggest one i ever seen was ~20 tons!