Straight Outta Supertest: D-Day Map

Hello everyone,

Wargaming released a map picture of an upcoming map (there are speculations it might arrive in 9.7) on their instagram. Check it out.


Seen it before? Yea, that’s the map, that was first supertested (leaked) in August 2014. Wargaming is asking players, how would they name it – the original name was “D-Day” and it is clearly inspired by the Normandy landings. Here is the previous video, showing how the map looked back then:


51 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: D-Day Map

    • this map should be only on assault because design doesnt look like it can support random battles also it looks like 800×800 map so keep it away from me until they decide to make it 1000×1000

      • Alternatively, the map should be rectangular, wider than tall, so that WG could set up a standard map with the spawns and caps situated in the east and west (beach), rather than north and south.

        This map should be all about the western side trying to push inland, and the eastern side trying to push the enemy into the sea.

      • All I will say is that they nerfed arty once, and from my POV it didn’t make such difference.

        Just curious to see what will this one bring. Everyone only see the word nerf and they expect that no matter what gets “nerfed” will immediately be useless.

  1. That old video really makes the map look terrible in terms of graphical appeal. I wonder how the final version looks. I hope the houses have actual (sand) roads leading to them and all that good stuff. Playing wise it doesn’t seem all that amazing. Mightly be good for tanks with good turrets. Gundepression seems to be a non-issue in the old version, but we will see.

  2. yea this might be intresting map but i hope it’s better looking then in this just remove few of the shit ones and make bettre map rotaion and gg wg.

    • I think I actually saw some supertester’s rant about how it will suffer from the same gameplay problems as SL. So no, you’re not the only one :D

    • Sort of … looking forward to 5 TDs or E100s covering access from the beach against one idiot that may possibly try to go there while team is getting vaporized on the rest of the map without nothing to stop enemies or provide support fire as on south coast. Siegfried line is better only because HTs cant camp there arty safe.

  3. D-day? wonder why they had us “give this map a name” on the us forums, if its just gonna be called d-day. typical

  4. They should name it Atlantikwall.

    Just go with the official german name of the barrier, the allies landed on D-Day

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  6. Amount of usage of mirror tool is sad, I would say wargaming map designers are running out of ideas and chosing the easy way to karl-balance maps

  7. i would like to see them releasing the tools of map creation to the community/moders so we would be able to see more maps in training at least xD

    this one is kewl if it was asymmetrical or for strongholds where the warships could be used for artillery consumables or in CWs for defenders final map in invasion regions !

  8. Too much like SL map, agreed…at least from the top view. They need to slant it a little or something, give it more divets, trenches…make it larger. They are trying too hard to balance each side for whiners. Normandy beach needs to be epic, this is a bit vanilla yet.

  9. Same bullshit as allways. WG is constantly taking good Artysafe city maps out of the game and is replacing it with f**king all open except of 2 places shit maps.
    Hope Armored Warfare goes public real soon and WG will never ever see one fucking cent from me anymore!

    • City maps are almost better for arty these days, because the aimtime is so long, arty is best at controlling corridors.

      The arty in AW is exactly the same as WoT, one shots, view and all. And they have an idea to make “battle assistant” view default (a mostly superior view to overhead except the glitchiness of moving the view long distances).

  10. Small nitpick but I think the bunkers are oriented incorrectly. The flanking wall should face the sea so destroyers can’t get a shot at the gun embrasures. Anti tank bunkers were placed to cover beaches via flanking fire, not head on.

  11. I would say it should either be called “Normandy” or named after whatever beach this is supposed to represent (possibly Omaha Beach due to the high cliffs – probably the best choice anyway because the most intense part of the fight took there, and thus it’s the most iconic of the landing zones).

    But that’s not important. What is is how this map will play.

    I’m seeing a bit of South Coast in the map design due to the beach on the West side of the map, but unlike South Coast one will probably be unable to fire down at the beach from most areas of the map (firing atop the coast would only work if the enemy drives close to the coastline – hugging the edge of the cliffs would protect them from this sort of fire). The openness of the beach turns it into a killing field for artillery and tank destroyers, but the lack of concealment is a double-edged sword in the case of the tank destroyers because it means they will be spotted far sooner than they would otherwise.

    Moving to the middle, I see the most intense fighting taking place around the fortifications overlooking the beach, with the heavies engaging in close-quarters fights here with the ocassional flanking attack by medium tanks. Artillery will definitely be aiming at this area more often than not.

    The central and right side roads (the latter especially) will be killzones for tank destroyers, though it’s possible that light tanks might be able to sneak through here to get to the artillery, who I imagine will most likely be holed up at either A0/K0 (or A6/K6 for those who feel the corners are too obvious) where the foliage will provide them with concealment, but doesn’t given them many options to retreat once they’re discovered..

    Alright, so my overall opinion of the map is this:

    -The center of the map by the fortifications is the key location, and fast heavy tanks will be the main determining factor, with tank destroyers and medium tanks supporting them.

    -Flanking opportunities are present but risky due to multiple killzones for tank destroyers. The East road especially will be dangerous with the arty and TDs camping the corners of the 0 line, but careful use of foliage, especially the trees in the middle, could allow a light tank with a highly-trained camo skill on the crew to slip through undetected until it’s almost too late.

    -The Beach is an option for fast vehicles, but beware enemy fire due to it being wide open.

    -Hard cover is scarce on this map but plenty of soft cover exists, so most combat will probably be at medium range (probably not long range due to the global accuracy nerf coming in 9.6).

    Overall I rate this a 7 out of 10. There’s things for all types of vehicles to do here, but the map certainly favors certain types of vehicles more than others. Slow vehicles will find this map to be especially challenging due to lack of cover, thus making it easier for them to be picked off by TDs and Arty (and potentially encouraging camping in some cases). Fast Heavies and Mediums will probably find the most success here, with TDs and light tanks also doing fairly well in a more limited fashion. Artillery has plenty of concealment but only in a couple of spots where they’ll be safe, which should make their location obvious for a competent light tank driver (plus they’re as far away from water as you can get on the map, so suicide by drowning will be very difficult for them).

    • Some details I couldn’t add before the edit timer ran out:

      The “fenced in” part of the center of the map surrounded by trees looks to be the ideal passive scouting spots for both teams, and since they’re so close, this could lead to some early combat between each side’s respective light tanks, and then whoever survives would need to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible to avoid counterattack, so needless to say passive scouting won’t be too viable on this map, but active scouting is an option with a competent driver.

      Oh, and another thing: due to the layout of this map, I imagine random battles on this map to be rather frustrating (most people will probably camp whatever bush they can find or will rush off and get slaughtered by said campers), but in competitive play this could be an interesting map.

    • +1 !!

      One of the best comments I’ve read so far on this site ;)

      (at least it’s constructive)

  12. A fine looking map that will last 3 or 4 updates, be removed, remastered, brought back, and finally trashed.