Straight Outta Supertest: Mäuschen with 12,8cm

Hello everyone,

the upcoming replacement for tier 9 VK4502B, Mauschen, has basically two gun options. One is the 128mm Maus gun, the other is the 150mm L/31 (?). Here’s how the model and the stats look with the Maus gun (the 15cm ones are in brackets for comparison). Oh and yes, the vehicle only has one turret.


Tier: 9
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine: 1500 hp
Weight: 170 tons
Power-to-weight: 8,82 hp/t
Maximum speed: 20/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 20 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,726/1,822/2,877
Turret traverse: 18,8 deg/s
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 740,4

Hull armor: 200/180/?
Turret armor: 250/200/?

Stock gun: 128mm (149mm)
Damage: 490 (750)
Penetration: 246 (225)
ROF: 4,171 (3,129)
DPM: 2044 (2346,4)
Reload: 14,384 (19,178)
Accuracy: 0,403 (0,46)
Aimtime: 2,88 (3,07)
Depression: -7/+25 (both)



163 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Mäuschen with 12,8cm

    • With better turret front for some reason but worse sides (Maus has 240/210). So super retarded armor on tier 9… If that huge MG port was a weakspot (like in VKB) and maybe some small viewports penetrable with 150 mm pen…
      So I sense Maus buff when this thing comes (in RoF at least). And I sense stupid inside track weakspots – like 40 mm “underside armor” in Maus that are super easy to pen if you are Russian and have 122 mm gun (overmatch)

      • Looking at the damage model and armour profile in the last post it looks like the machine gun port isn’t even modeled but if it is it looks to be 200mm thick sloped and rounded. So it’s not all awful.

      • The giant cupola is 200mm and a tanks armor is only as good as it’s weakest point, ESPECIALLY if it’s on the top and impossible to hide.

        We all know what will happen.
        Everyone will load gold and pen this thing from 500 meters.

        • Does this tank look better or worse than VKB?

          Should I play VKB now, or wait for this new tank?

          • Similar weakspots, slower, better all around armor, higher alpha damage. Judge for yourself, I can already say this one’s gonna be OP.

            • OP yes because it has maus armor and maus gun meeting tier 7 and 8 mediums which alreaddy has “just enough” pen to fight in their own tiers. Vk45b has decent side and rear armor but coulb be penned by tier 7 heavys and tier 8 mediums. This maus cant as long as the medius and heavys have 200 ish pen, and even then it will be a challange. It also has better rof than E75 with the 128-150mm gun.

  1. I remember the days when ppl used to say : ohh bigger turret aka better reload,better gun handling, better better because of more room, logic in action right, etc.

    Yet this 128mm gun is the worst variant of them all. What a load of shit.

    • Yeah, but E-75 has fantastic pivot turning – impossible to circle. This thing on the other hand will be slow as hell. E-75 also has a much better top speed which it actually reaches.

              • You idiots are comparing two different guns. 150 on this thing will have fucking 0.46 accuracy. You can expect aim bloom to be as terrible as well.

                • E-100 has amazing gun stats for what gun it has – a big derp.

                  150mm on this thing however is closer to KV-2 than E-100 and will hit fuck all and at anything further away than point blank, and unless fully aimed, which will take ages.

                  Pair it with less than stellar pen and not reliable heat as prem option. Competitive? Yes, as much as fucking potatoes in borsigs spamming 150mm he shells.

                • It’s a tier lower, it’s obviously worst than the E100 one.
                  And it’s just 0.06 less accurate and 0.17 seconds more to aim.

                • this is a brawling tank wwhich means it will be most effective at close range. I have no idea why you are complaining about the accuracy

                • Doesn’t change the fact that E100 is widely used in CW, and it’s used with 150mm

          • While this thing is retarded most of the tier 7 mediums already couldn’t penetrate the sides of the E75 from most common angles even from the side. ( You can penetrate to turret but that was basically a ”good luck with that” sitation.

            Super tiny troll copula on the E75 will probably still be harder to penetrate than this things copula for properly balanced tier 9 mediums. (i.e. everything except the T-54 and Object 430) Tier 8 mediums already are seen as completely outmatched by all other classes of the same tier so it;’s not an issue for wargamming, if anything wargamming will reduce the matchmaking(tm) weight of tier 8 mediums without informing anyone, because tier 6 and 7 tanks love seeing more tier 8 mediums in their games. It will inflate the tier 8 mediums winrate nicely without making them too useful in tier 10 games.

              • If you’re using ap with a T32 against anything Maus/E-100 like, you may as well not bother.

                • In all honesty, you may as well not even bother shooting the Maus at all, and you may as well not even bother shooting APCR at the E100. That does not mean the E-100 cannot be penned though. You just need to be close enough to hit the police bar on top, and then you will pen with AP or APCR. And if you hit anywhere else, you will not pen (whether you are using AP or APCR). The same logic applies to fighting a KV-5 with a low pen gun: you’ll either hit R2D2 and pen, or hit somewhere else and bounce, whether you’re shooting standard or prem.

    • Dpm will get mitigated by the fact that you will need to spend more time aiming, and that many of your shells will not hit what you aimed at, either bouncing or missing the target entirely.

      High alpha, but inaccurate gun worked for old KV-1s because it was mobile and could get into effective firing range quickly. With Mouse Junior, due to low speed, unless playing city map, you won’t be able to dictate what terrain you will fight at. Enemies will try to stay away and flank. And you need a reliable gun to fend them off, or pick further targets that you can’t get closer to.

      • Uhm… any documented cases where this caused trouble by ammo of the wrong caliber beeing produced/supplied?

            • It is complicated, 150 mm is just name diameter, real diameter is different. Also diameter of the projectile and caliber is different. So the diameter of the projectile and diameter of the barrel is completely different. For example: 7,62×39. Caliber – 7,62 mm; diameter of the bullet 7,92 mm, diameter of the gun barrel: 7,62. Well this is not the best example but what i try to say is that 150 mm is just the name i could be random number. I is just like said above E.G. 8×57 mm is in real 7,92×57. But now we talk about cartridge not the barrel. Conclusion – problematic of caliber names and real diameters is different worldwide so you should just take it like it is.

              • There are plenty of cartridge names that do not exactly match the actual diameter of the projectile in small arms, I’m sure the same applies to cannons. I have no idea whether or not the 150mm/15cm gun uses single piece or two piece ammunition, but in either event, the outside diameter of the case could well be 15cm, while the diameter of the actual projectile is 14.9cm, it really depends on how it is measured, and there is no single fixed standard for that.

                .44 Special/Magnum ammunition uses .429-.430 caliber bullets, .38 Special bullets are .357-.358 in diameter. As mentioned above, the 7.92x57mm Mauser is commonly referred to as 8mm Mauser. 7.62mm bullets in NATO countries are commonly .308 in diameter, while 7.62mm from former Soviet Bloc countries are normally .311 in diameter.

                The point being, inexact cartridge names/projectile measurements are not at all uncommon.

        • If you are talking about the cupola: It will not. First of all, the Tiger 1′s top gun has 203 mm avg pen (non premium). That means you have almost a 50% chance for a pen value below 200 mm. Second, you need to hit the cupola dead in the middle; Otherwise you will hit it at an angle, resulting in increased effective armor. Add the accuracy change in 9.6, where dead center hits are rarer, and you will have a hell of hard time penning the Mäuschen with a Tiger 1 there.

  2. So it’s a Maus, at tier IX, with the option of fitting the E-100 gun.

    Yeah, now I’m sure of it, there is no point at going tier X, both Maus and E-100 are in the same tier IX tank.
    E-100 is even worse, because worse armor.
    And by the fact that it’s a tier IX, it wont lose as much money as tier X and also will meet tier VII.

    Nice, you just removed two tier X ar once :) problem ?

    No really:
    Maus armor
    E-100 guns

    Who would go tier X when they have this for half price ??

        • And a big cupola that gold rounds will simply autopen no matter what you do, negating your ability to angle the turret during reloads.

          • The amount of money you’ll have to spend in gold then…

            2000hp, with 8k cr ammo doing 400 dmg…

            Either you ruin yourself at killing it, either it kills you before :)

            • +rounded, and hugh enough so that tanks fire up at it, making it even harder to pen…

              I’ll rush the line so I’m ready to make every player rage :3
              Gold spam gonna be so intense this tank will make everyone lose money like they never did

      • Yuri_Yslin ehmm that hp/t thingie has been quite worthless long time ago, i think since the ground resistance stats. WG could simply give it close to hover stats and it will have great mobility. I dont think these stats are final. So they can change them if it’s utter shit slow like slowe :)

        • Hopefully this will bring some team play so lets say tier 9 heavys with 258mm pen actually can do their job for once, penning other heavys intead of pussying back behind TDs and arty.

          Tier 9 heavys have too much pen, they dont deserve it considering how cowardly most players act on the battlefield. Some tiemd I just feel like smacking these heavy players driving monsters and camping back behind artys.

  3. I’m guessing a lot of these stats might be placeholders for both guns ie aimtimes rof the stuff they can tweak. I would not judge it against anything yet.

        • Low tiers should be able to fign low tiers (in the same battle), being able to kill everything is another thing.

          Or at least that’s what they always told me when I was a low tier in battles :D

        • There is not a single t7 Soviet tank capable of reliably penetrating it from the side without gold.

          • Don´t use T7 Soviet tanks to reliably penetrate it from the side then ? Stay in the fecking bush and #LAUGH_YOUR_ASS_OFF_AS_YOUR_TEAMMATES_WRECK_IT_WHILE_GETTING_MONEY_FOR_ASSISTED_DMG. After you got rid of the support(that you didn´t have to cry about being unable to pen) he had.

      • Yes but the amount of tier 9 and 10 was MUCH lower, with this fucked MM you see +2MM 50-80% of the time due to battletier 12 removal and or prem tanks with pref MM soaking up all +1 spots. The game was different back then, people played heavy tanks and TDs like they should, not like today where all stay back and snipe because its “tactical”.

        The issue now days is that tier 8 heavys and mediums are forced to fight these beasts frontaly or at least close to medium range because higher tiers are cowards not understanding to use that 258mm pen towards enemies. You can no longer count on top tiers because there are so many noobs and lower tiers are forced to lead a charge because of that. In 90% of the times I lead charges in tiger II no matter the tier because that is the only thing I can do, unless lemming train to the usual camping spots and or leave a whole flank empty. I am sure more people feel like mi.

  4. well the machinegunport looks huge and will be some kind of weakspot as well since it will lose the whole angle there

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      • This thing is almost immobile in it’s elite config. Imagine it having some stock engine and stock tracks. Drive around at 10k/h on flat for a while and redefine your definition of “painless” ;)

  6. Am I the only one who is confused abiut the damage am penetration of the 15cm gun?
    Correct me if i’m wrong but shouldn’t it be 700 damage and 215mm penetration?
    Or how the hell should a tier 9 tank get a better gun than the thier 10 E-100?

    Edit: ah.. forget it.. i am wrong.

    • Uhh, nope the gun isn’t better than the E-100′s. All German 15cm tank/TD guns have 750 alpha, the 215pen one is the shortest one at 29.5 calibers, and E-100/Waffle 4′s top 15cm is the longest. Mauschen’s 15cm is between the two.

      Also the accuracy is not as terrible on other 15cm guns, long or short.

  7. Wow, 12.8cm gun stock?

    Still remember the painful grind I had to endure on VK B with 10.5cm and stock turret…

    While it looks OP as fuck, I doubt it will be fun to play with that mobility.

  8. Quit complaining, people! This will, in no way, be OP. It will have a number of weak spots, the cupola being one of them. It won’t have the armor levels of the Maus, it will be slower, its gun will have worse stats.

    • “It won’t have the armor levels of the Maus”

      10mm less on turret sides and 10mm more on the front. That’s the only difference I see. And the 200mm copula, yes.

    • If you don’t hit the cupola right in the center, it won’t be that easy to pen. It’s well rounded and high.

      • Ofc this tank has weakspots when in tier 9-10 heavys have 250-258mm AP pen and TDs close to 300. But this is at tier 9 with that armor, many tier 7 and 8 cant even pen this shit even if it gets outplayed. I know 200mm pen guns can pen regular maus but if he just angle a bit you will bounce opposed to E75 that could get penned in the sides by 200 pen gun even if the sides was angled to the degree where you saw the lower plate. Same with VK45b.

        I hope WG nerf cupola to 150mm or less so it becomer a real weakspot. Also remember this should in no way shape or form be better than the maus. Just like the tiger II is inferior to e75 in armor, so should the maus proto be to the real maus. Hell the vk100.01 could be a tier 9 with much lower armor but a 15cm gun in return, that would be more balanced imo.


          Learn to fucking circle it or spot it for arty, quit being a whiny little bitch just because you can’t fucking autopen it with your t7 APCR.

  9. Yammie… À big turret roof and engine deck; My arty can’t wait to send his love from the sky…

        • No, it is because it is a historical design that is much more historical than the vk45b we have now. That is good. What isnt, is that this is not a tier 9 tank, it has too much armor for the current MM. A solution would be to fit the vk100.01 and a 15cm on tier 9 so you get low armo (similar to löwe) but a 15cm on a heavy tank at tier 9 which is a good trade off. At tier 9 you cant have both armor and a monster gun, it will break the balance.

  10. The real weak spot of this tank is the lower front plate between the tracks, which is quite easy to hit and penetrate even if the tank is angled. It’s the same as with the tier X Maus.

    Now imo the Maus sucks, and this tank will suck, too. Everybody and their dog will be able to circle it and shoot in the turret sides or rear, which are a nice, huge target with a negligable inclination of the armor plates.

    • At tier 9 and 10 yes and that is only because guns have retarded pen with gold and or retarded standard ap or apcr pen. But keep in mind maus see tier 8 at most, this fucker will see tier 7.

  11. This Mäuschen actually has a quite huge weakspot: the LFP (lower frontal plate) has 200mm armor, but it has a much worse angle than the Maus at Tier X (or the current VK 45.02B). Look at the 3D Model and collusion model:

    The angle of the LFP is (estimated) 25°, whereas the Maus has 35° and the VK 45.02B has 50°. So, the effective armour of the LFP should only be about 225mm.

      • It’s supposed to be the most armoured tier 9 heavy. But it will have flawed frontal armour where tier 8 heavies, hell, even tier 7 mediums with gold ammo, can pen you. So yes, it is only 225. As it trades EVERYTHING for armour.

        It’s like having a light tank that trades everything for camo, so it can spot, and make it play Himmelsdorf every fucking time, no exceptions.

      • dude they tear maus’ front plate apart with 35 degree 25 will be worse and i think this tank is just a bullshit tier 9 that is somehow better than tier X maus seriously

        • 225 pen guns can still pen the regular maus if they get a good pen roll and or shooting up on the lower plate. But tier 8 heavys have 225mm pen like kt, is3, kv4, caern, etc. It is for the tanks having 200mm pen or less than 200mm pen that could dmg vk45b on sides and rear that will no longer dmg the little maus. Having good armor doesnt mean you should not have weakspots. Good armor is only relevant if enemy is shooting non-weakspots. Even E100 has weakspots like lower plate and the sides (under the track guards) as rear. Even is7 has weakspots like lower plate, sides and rear. A tank that is paper frontaly, that one has “bad” armor because you dont have to aim to pen. Learn to fucken understand armor.

          An example: KT and KV4 good armor because you need to shoot lower plate or cupola with same tier tanks. STA1 and panther II bad armor because you can shoot them everywhere with same tier tanks and with lower tiers without too much concearn.

          Little maus = you can not pen it in any possible way in no areas with less than 200mm pen (tier 7 heavys and most tier 8 meds and some tier 8 heavys). See the fucken differance?

  12. Could they at least give some actual weakspot (door behind turret at least?) so we can pen it at tier 7 with some flanking and weakspot aiming effort? Ah well more reasons to avoid tier 7 I guess…

    In b4 chi-ri vs 10 HP mauschen as last standing tank

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  15. how come this tier IX tank has 10 less dpm than tier X maus
    it has better turret and better gun(considering 150mm)

    Maus’ reload with 128 is 14.29
    Mauschen reload with 128 is 14.38


    • it has better turret

      WUT?? it can have 400mm front turret armor. It doesnt mean shit with that giant police beacon on top of the turret.

      • do you think that tumor will matter? Maus is the tallest tank in game for people to hit that cupola they have to face with at least 25-50 degree angle which makes EA 220-311 a decent armour for a cupola at tier IX

        Maus tier X has 240 on front most of the tanks at tier 10 is near 250 so they have higher chance to penetrate tier X maus’ turret than mauschen with 250 mm armour

    • A crew of six would make more sense, same as Maus – it would also make life easier when moving crews from Tier 9 to Tier 10.

      Still, this monster looks interesting, when it comes out I’ll have a reason to finish the VK 45.02 A grind.

  16. 4.8 effective Hp/t on medium terrain ?

    what ? that thing will not reach even its listed 20 kph …

    • That’s not the only problem. Another one is that it’s freaking huge and then there’s increased arty activity because of the individual missions. Slow, huge,guess who’s the no1 target? good luck on open maps!

  17. Does this tank look better or worse than VKB?

    Should I play VKB now, or wait for this new tank?

    • Play it now. VKB is totally worth it. You will have good times in it (alot of bounces), but you will also encounter ppl at T10 who sling HEAT and you wont bounce much at all.

  18. I don’t want this!!! I want to keep my VK B!!! It is sooooo much better than the Maus. (OH, so that’s why they are removing it…..)

      • That is the issue, people demand better and better tanks and that leads to penetration, alpha and armor inflation to the point where gold ammo or tier 10 meds or TDs are the only viable choices.

  19. I think that it depends upon the weakspots. If it has weakspots that tier 8 heavies can go through e.g. a lower glacis or a decent size cupola then I think that it is fine. Currently tier 8s even with gold can’t kill the VK B. Tier 9s can’t kill it unless they have ultra high pen with gold ammo (with the top gun). Tier 10s except TDs have to shoot gold at the front of it just to have a hope.

  20. Question – opinion time:
    What you all think – what will be better for Mauschen: 128mm normal gun or 150mm derp gun / and why ?

    Despite i play wot much less nowadays i have vk 45 02 B current tier 9 and i wil have Mauschen and i will play him sometimes soo i am interested what you all will select / would select and why …

    Please leave Mauschen will be overpowered / good / ok / shit – behind. Just if you will go to battle with Mauschen – what gun and why.

    • I would play with the 128mm because it has better pen, rof, accuracy and aim time. It has better rof than E75 and 490 dmg with 246mm pen and 4 in rof at tier 9 is very nice.

      The tank will be OP against anything having less than 220mm pen because of the armor model, the rest of the limitations will be its size and mobilty just like with the regular maus. 240-250mm pen guns at tier 9-10 will pen in in the lower plate and in the cupola. But this shit meets tier 7 and 8 often and they will never even pen it even if flanked due to 180mm sides and 180mm sloped rear and 200+mm cupola. Its basicly a tier 9 maus but stronger since it will meet tier 7 and 8 more often and we all know that differance in pen is huge between tier 7-8 and 9-10.

      Tanks like is3, KT, kv4, caern and those having 225mm pen at tier 8 will possibly pen the cupola hitting it straight on and the sides and rear if flanked, but tanks like t44, pershing, type59, t-34-2, sta-2 with 175-185mm will not pen it in any areas. I am not sure if vk45a and t32 will pen it either despite having 200mm pen, maybe if they hit it straight on the side armor. If you look at the armor model half the side armor is spaced armor, the other half is 180mm, so if these tanks need to aim “up” a bit the effecrive armor increases. Ofc we have normalization on AP rounds, but basicly it has same side armor as the maus and how easy is that to pen with tier 8 heavys, just make a test and we will see.

      What is disturbing is that you have a tank with maus armor at tier 9.

      • I would not be soo sure about 128 over 150. 750 alpha damage with using sometimes gold like most of users is doing on E-100 … in tier 9 tank. For me this is hard question to answer.

      • Load APCR/HEAT then, or let your hightiers kill it. If you’re trying to face this thing with say a T43, you’re a fucking idiot.

  21. Hello baby Maus ! It will be my pleasure to have you in my garage , your big brother is waiting for you .
    P.s : Hello FTR community , and thank you SS for keeping my updated .

  22. great……

    SO ANOTHER THING that tier 8 meds can’t pen. 180 side armor?! T-44 has 175 pen! wtf!

    Super P has 170…T-34-3 has 175….

    wargaming u suck

    • Exactly my point, even as a heavy driver myself that values armor there must be some limits specialy on a “non” tier 10 tank. The penetration increase so much from tier 9-10 comapred to 7-8 that it is not reasonable to have such armor at tier 9. Even the STI can get its lower plate penned by 200mm guns, but sides and rear are weaker and can get penned by tier 8 meds having 175-185mm pen I guess. Even the fucking E75 and vk45b could get sides and rear penned as well as turret sides and rear penned by tier 8 mediums with 175-185mm pen. It is not reasonable to put a tank with maus armor at tier 9 not even close. This will affect all people who play clean i.e no fucking gold ammo. Also the cupola ahaha it is 200mm thick and the tank is tall = higher effective thickness like 230-300mm.

      • Load APCR/HEAT or spot it for your arty/bigger tanks. Otherwise, don’t shoot it, use common fucking sense.

  23. It looks great if you drive it, but if you compare it with Maus and E-100. Listed stat for reaload are better then T10! Even IS-8 with 122 has worse dpm then this with 15cm gun. For my opinion facing this with T9 or T10 will be difficult and penetration of many T9 med is aroud 210, 220mm vs 180mm side armor, you have to be very straight to it. We have to wait how it perform in action, but well armored T9 with 2300DPM and 750 alpha is to high for me…