Rétromobile Show in Paris – AMX-30, Tiger II

Hello everyone,

this weekend, the Rétromobile show (dedicated to old vehicles) took place in Paris and player Soruz32 went for a visit :) Most of the exhibits were old cars, but for us, two vehicles are of particular interest: the Tiger II and the AMX-30 from Saumur. Check this out. This is the Tiger II, only running vehicle of its kind in the world:





And then there’s the AMX-30, soon to appear in World of Tanks. Check out how nicely it turns, notice the counter-running tracks and the suspension system.


35 thoughts on “Rétromobile Show in Paris – AMX-30, Tiger II

  1. That Tiger II looks so sexy !
    I really want to see it in real life.

    PS: Fuck those first comments ! :D

          • “This is the Tiger II, only running vehicle of its kind in the world:”

            strange because with the technology we have today someone could go there and do a complete 3d scan of the engine and all the parts involved in moving the tank and then make a exact replica of them and put their own museum Tiger IIs in motion

            it wouldn’t be completely historical but would be the same type of engine, transmission, etc… that powered those pieces of history

            in the end it’s more important to preserve them than have them rust somewhere because you can’t move them

            the same applies to many other tanks in the same situation, if you can’t find original parts to fix them just create exact replicas

            • money… in these days when other museums are closing down because of budget cuts, it would be huge financial undertaking to make such project. I would rather see the bat chat in saumur getting a new lick of paint or the Bastogne museum kept open.

      • At first I was convinced by your statement but after watching the pictures I see the LFP is sufficiently in line with how it is modelled in game. It can be deceiving in the first couple of pictures due to the shadows though.

        Anyways, It would be interesting to make a more detailed comparison by someone versed in dimensión analysis from the exhibition pictures, even though they are poorly lit and nowhere near inside technical requirements for the task, by pulling some equally sized stills from the client. Maybe YOU can do so and try to prove your point?


      • Maybe it’s because you look down to it. The photo is taken from a position higher than the entire hull, which is ~2m high.

    • which is the wqay i’d research it…
      1st turret is just paper and 8.8 l70(71?) is more than just gud nuff for VIII.
      mfg eX

      • First turret isnt paper. First 80?(someone correct me) had those turrets and the first ones that saw combat had that turret.