FTR Contributor Review

Hello everyone,

time for another big thank you to the FTR contributors :) First, as usual, the people who donated via Paypal:

Clay H. (Texas, USA)
Nebojsa D. (Portugal)

Thank you both, guys :) And now, the Patreon cycle, that went without any issues (Patreon really improved these last few months, they have a really good system for the payments, so if you are considering some form of subscription for your channel/blog/whatever, I can only recommend Patreon).

Out of the 608,59 USD pledged at the point of the cycle activation:

- 553,59 USD came in successfully (the rest didn’t go through for some reason on the contributor side, insufficient funds on account etc.)
- out of 553,59 USD, after the Patreon and CC fees and all that, 487,87 USD were left for FTR – much appreciated! The list of contributors can be viewed here.

But wait.. let’s have a look at the Patreon patrons, because those guys usually don’t get named, yet they contributed time and time again. I am grateful to all of you of course :) But there are couple of guys, that deserve extra recognition, because their help has been enormous in the past.

Very special thanks go to:

Tugboat1964 (USA)
Kkessu (Germany)
GeographerNA (USA)
Mamizoom (UK)
McBain (Denmark)
EdFrancis01 (UK)
Brenthos (Israel)
Robert M. (?)
Azntrigboi (USA)
Tstuka (Norway)
“Alexander” (?)
Kalashnikitten (Germany)
DeAngel0 (Czech Republic)
Jodgi (Norway)
KvetoslavWoT (Czech Republic)
Alex78i (Romania)
Panzer_Fenris (Norway)
Layers (UK)
Cochonpaspropre (France)
Jericool (Germany)
SecretSquirrell (?) (Webium)
AdamF (Slovakia)
AppyRose (USA)
Genosse (?)
Kurt28 (Germany)
Yannick v.B (?)
Dyme (Sweden)
Crazytony0 (Belgium)
Laffen58 (?)
Ethan_ (France)
Liam (?)
Der_Tod_42 (Germany I presume :) )
Veselin K. (Bulgaria)
Void_Star (?)
Voron_BOPOH (?)
SpeikerNA (USA)

All these guys donated more than 50 USD via Patreon. Much appreciated, thanks everyone for the support!

23 thoughts on “FTR Contributor Review

  1. Thanks guys for feeding my addiction to WoT news…I dunno why im so intrested because I begin to hate WoT now

    • You can always take a break. :)
      I rarely find it annoying me, since on average day I play 8 games, so I don’t get burned out and annoyed. Then I just bugger off (I hope I am not using it wrongly :D)
      and play some other games.

      • Yeah, I once played alot every day (and ONLY WoT) and I just got annoyed and left for over a month.

        You need to play it not so hardcore long or intensive, don’t always stare at your WN8 (something I need to unlearn, unfortunately), don’t grind your arse off.

        It’s a game after all, not a second job. Many people seem to forget that. Took me awhile to realise that, sadly.

  2. ” All these guys donated more than 50 USD via Patreon. Much appreciated, thanks everyone for the support! ”

    there are 38 guys, who all donated more than 50 USD
    50*38 = 1900

    that means, either a lot of money didn’t came through , or, that i am bad at math

  3. Thanks guys for keeping FTR.. :)

    “Cochonpaspropre (France)”
    I love this username (= dirtypig) :D

  4. would just like to point its belgium, not netherlands :) but still very happy to contribute.

  5. I really like this blog and the effort SS puts into it(although I don’t talk a lot :)), so I’m happy to help even if I don’t play WoT as often anymore. Hopefully some of the new stuff coming along in the pipeline will convince me to start playing a bit more, but we will see. :D

  6. Hi, sorry for not donating in a while, the wife is looking too closely at my card.

    I wanted to also post this here for your information. I recently qualified for a Naydin’s and the moment after I submitted a ticket I saw your post about it being bugged.

    Here is the reply I have received for Support USA;

    “As we are aware of this bug, this should be fixed ion 9.6 but please be aware we cannot add the medal to your account.
    We can place this ticket on hold until then, but please be aware we cannot gurantee the award will be automatically placed on your account.”

  7. Always a pleasure to help spur on the best WoT news blog. Keep It rolling for the tough roads ahead.