Wargaming – No.1 Taxpayer on Cyprus

Thanks to Vahakhn for this one.

Hello everyone,

recently, an article (or more like a commentary) came out on Cyprus Mail news site. Its topic is the general position of Cyprus in the current EU politics (especially regarding the Greece crisis), but it also mentions Wargaming’s involvement in Cyprus’ economy.

For one, Wargaming owns a large share in the Hellenic Bank of Cyprus. Recently, HB CEO announced plans to become the largest bank in Cyprus (currently, it’s third largest). This is very much related to Wargaming, as a shareholder of the said bank, but not limited to. Currently, according to the article, Wargaming is the largest taxpayer in Cyprus. No wonder Big Boss Kislyi is on first name basis with Cypriot minister of finance (as he confirmed in an earlier interview).

Currently, Wargaming is interested (apart from finishing their spectacular new HQ building in Nicosia) in buying as much free Cypriot property as possible as an investment for times when the games won’t be earning Wargaming money. In other words, Wargaming is now a completely Cypriot company and is there to stay.

Funnily enough, this was used against Wargaming not so long ago, when a representative from another company (Mail.Ru, the producer of Armored Warfare) accused Wargaming in Russia (during an official meeting of some parliament committee or so) of being an unpatriotic, “offshore company”. Cause quite a bit of stir, that one. Oh well :)

22 thoughts on “Wargaming – No.1 Taxpayer on Cyprus

  1. The WG bribery budget is vast but not enough to keep HQ in Russia. Also Kislyi doesn´t want his fullfilled dream company falling into hands of some ”siloviki”…

    • He wants to save taxes most likely. And picking up some cheap property can’t hurt either.

      • Really? Really.

        OK, hang on a sec…

        Do you know how violent Cypriot mafia is? Yes, there’s such a thing and they’re pretty violent, especially against those who don’t “go along with their principles”…

        I guess I’ll wait until WG’s top brass stumbles and tackles with these guys, and get killed in the process.

      • It isn’t about taxes, it is about property rights. In Russia if you go against the state they will take all your stuff. That is the number one problem for Russian Oligarchs. Taxes are truthfully not that important for the ultra rich, especially those that own a company.

  2. Wargaming are securing territories for the coming third world war. WG is actually a cover company working for Gazprom, to spread their dominance. Just like Putin is. World of tanks was nothing but a cover, it’s success was chance(also the reason for illogical WG development)

    Forget you read this. They are whispers from a ghost These words mean nothing. I am no-one.

    .P.S…And then mail.ru gets americans to make their game, ha!

  3. Its fun reading about Wargaming getting out of (war)game industry. Its like they know they lucked out on WoT and they are absolutely disillusioned about the actual ability to make games (after WoWp fiasko), so now try to maintain WoTs balance, no big updates to change gameplay, just some HD shit to make the game prettier, maybe Havoc for the same reason (but only if it doesnt change gameplay at all) and just MILK THAT SHIT.

      • WoWs, even if its the best fucking game ever game gameplay wise, has a very tough niche. Im sure there are fans of IIWW warships, but its much smaller group than tanks fans. Plus, it seems like the kind of fanbase that would enjoy more realistic approach (remember that submarine game, Silent Stalker… no, SIlent Hill, no, umm, god dammit *googles* – Silent Hunter!).
        Tanks obviously hit on very wide angle of players, because tanks are just sexy, while warships, its just… I mean, with tanks its like, everybody loves tanks, then they hear theres a approacahble tank game – fuck yeah, lets try this shit out! While warships are like, who cares, then you hear theres a approachable warship game and you’re like “…uh, maybe ill try it some day”.

        WoT Generals, well, its kind of milking since you even have a “WoT” in the name, it might go well since there may be a boom on pc card games after Blizzards Heartstone (or however the fuck is it called), but first: it wouldnt stand on its own without having World of Tanks before, hence the milking, second: its not a blockbuster kind of game, Wargaming grew to be a HUGE company and I dont think they can afford to live off small games revenues.

        I dont know what GPG game is, not informed well enough.

        My point is, without WoT Wargaming is nothing, to maintain this this huge operation they need to diversify hard because they know they will not get that kind of hit again. Did you know that Angry Birds authors made more money from gadgets and shit than from actual game? I think this is the direction WG is headed with mobile WoT, WoT Generals, xbox WoT, Warships WoT, Warplanes WoT etc. Milking.

      • WoT:G is being made by the same crapmakers as WoWP so it is also stillborn. WoWS has good chances though.

  4. Viktor Kisliy is a very wise man. As soon as WoT became a huge hit he knew he needed to escape the Big Bear hug because his millions would be just too easy to steal by the nomenklatura, both in Russia as in Belarus.

    So, having a lot of money stashed in Cyprus (EU), he decided during the Cyprus economic crisis to be a major shareholder of the bank where his money was stashed in order to guarantee that none of it would be lost.

    At the same time, he spreaded WG operation around the globe so even if things go sour in Russia or Belarus, WG can still survive.

    WG being totally a Cyprus company just puts him under EU protection and out of Russia and Belarus reach.

    Viktor Kisliy knows too well how things work in Russia and Belarus. Of course he needs to pay to a lot of people in Russia to milk the russian cow but if Mr. Putin outcasts him and his company, WG will have a pretty good chance of surviving.

  5. Oh, wait until the Turkish players learn this.

    They’ll get into aircrafts and landing boats to choke and throttle on WG…and the entire southern Cyprus included. I do not have a long-lasting hate against the Cypriot (since I’m a Cypriot myself) but I do hate WG and I’ll give my 2 bucks if somebody goes and chokes them up.

  6. didn’t realize Cyprus’ economy was that bad. That a 3rd rate gaming software witn no development company can own a bank. Sad really.