World of Tanks: Generals Reaches CBT Stage

Hello everyone,

World of Tanks: Generals (an online browser “card game”, announced very long time ago) finally reached the closed beta stage of development. Check out this trailer (Russian, with subtitles):



It is currently not clear, whether the CBT is open only for Russian players, or EU/US will be able to participate as well (the site is currently down), but knowing Wargaming… oh well, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised.

22 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Generals Reaches CBT Stage

  1. I wonder how they’ll rig this game to allow retard’s to enjoy their victories :-) at least the paper version cannot be rigged

  2. Maybe better than wot no ghost shells :P
    PS. SS check mail you will see a evidence from me of ghost shell 9.6, funny thing is that there is no hit box in that tank so bullet go thru the tank…

  3. well I was on the closed Alpha and I am EU so no reason why they would stop testing with EU

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  5. your cards come to life in a full 3d battle. It epic!!! You can see your command base shooting it main artillery guns out of your computer screen. much cool, much wow