WG EU’s Stance on Warpack (Allowed?)

Hello everyone,

have you heard of Warpack? No? Then listen up.

You might have heard the name before, whispered in the darkest of forum threads, or perhaps screamed by many a noob, dying from your shells. Is it really the mythical cheat for a game, that’s supposed to be cheat-proof?

Yes and no. Warpack is an illegal mod kit, that’s available for certain amount of money (monthly subscription). It’s possibly the best of the cheat mods, it is constantly developed and it contains some really nasty stuff, like:

- defoliants
- lasers
- fully functional aimbot (aims at weakspots and pre-aims tanks in motion)
- fallen tree indicators, enemy reload timers

Practically every illegal mod you can think of. It’s one of the most illegal things you can get, beyond that are only a few really ugly things and I won’t even mention those. So, naturally, you expect players abusing this to be banned, yes? Well, not quite. Check this out.

Reddit is one of the largest WoT communities and I kinda like it, but it has some very special people, like those, who openly post their screenshots, where they are running Warpack (notice all the settings and options Warpack offers):


Normal people obviously don’t like having cheaters in their games – and so, player KorbeN reported the asshole to EU support. So, you’d expect the cheater Milkm4n_PL not to be amongst us, yes? Especially if it’s some twink or test account. Well, here’s the support answer to the report:


Yep, totally unrelated answer explaining what mods are. Clear copy-paste. EU support, best support ever. Naturally, the player complained. Here’s what he got:


As you can see, it’s another copy-paste. WG EU clearly doesn’t give a fuck. Milkm4n_PL is still amongst us (the account wasn’t even banned), which shows us the stance of WG EU well – they won’t punish you for Warpack, so it’s de-facto allowed.

Okay, no, not really. Minsk would heavily disagree (and Minsk is unhappy with WG EU’s sloppy work) and obviously I am NOT telling you to go ahead and cheat. I want strict punishments of cheaters. But it is what it is. Warpack is real and it’s amongst us. It would be foolish to think every person killing you with a trick shot is a cheater – the amount of cheaters is probably low in general. Still…

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  1. OK, tell us what’s the deal with WG EU, please! :-D You just keep teasing us and we still don’t know what exactly will happen with them, the Challenger, their brilliant support and others…

    • TLDR: WG works on feudal principle, with “supreme leaders” of departments doing whatever they want. This leads to major fuckups, such as:

      - Cutland making WG relationships with Saumur sour
      - Cutland making WG relationships with Bovvy sour (not sure what went on there)
      - Cutland refusing to travel a few kilometers to the French archives to pick up stuff on one tank (Somua SM), resulting in no Somua SM in the game, no full French line, no potential French premium… etc.
      - instead of doing what he was told by Minsk, Cutland took a “vacation” and went filming some ship to Japan or something (sorry, I dont follow ships) instead of Chieftain
      - WG RU is aware that his work (the “movies”) is problematic (the list of what is wrong with his videos is long) and costs a lot of money

      There was other stuff as well.

      • WG Minsk really needs to send some of their people directly to foreign departments to deal with this shit. It’s intolerable.

      • OK, thanks for clearing this up. I was wondering how (and why?) one could deliberately block the game development, which is what you suggested in the previous post on this matter.

      • Chieftain should do the videos he’s much more natural in front of the camera and comes across much more professional (plus I like the outtakes on his videos). The above is shocking that Challenger is pretty anti the developers…

      • I really hope he gets his lazy incompetent ass fired and they put one of their own people in charge of getting all the EU development done.

      • Feudal sounds familiar…

        Tanitha got his nose out of joint when a few people from SEA created an NA clan (called VPA – the same as the documented cheating clan on SEA) and made officers with names like ‘Warpack’, ‘Botuser’, ‘Clearly_Bought_Account’ and the one that really annoyed him ‘Tanitha_in_my_pocket’.

        Tanitha got a tad cranky so had the NA admins kill the NA clan, perma ban the accounts then do an IP address check for SEA accounts on the same IP, forum banned one, killed another clan, perma banned any accounts with <100 battles and 30 day bans for those over 100 – regardless of if they were involved in the 'Tanitha_in_my_pocket' account.

      • Could WG work directly with historians in French in order to fix French tree like how they work with cz and sweden?

        And how exactly WG RU and WG EU related in general? I thought RU should at least have some control toward its branches, since it’s not license buying like CN…

        • The whole idea of having offices elsewhere is to not have to travel across the globe to talk to people and pick up stuff for you (not to mention to avoid cultural differences leading to conflict).

          RU does have control, but it’s probably hard for them to constantly inspect an office halfway across the globe.

      • If Cutland is employed by WG, he must have a fucking fantastic severance package since they didnt already sack him….

      • Wait, we lost a full French branch because of Cutland?

        Good God, EU’s incompetence is nothing new, but shit like this isn’t good for business at all. Is there anything we can do, as a player base, to tell Minsk to get serious about this?

        • And SS would probably do a better job than Cutland would tbh. At least he tries to get shit done.

      • why not have the guys in the community and here be the willing ones to go to all the trouble to research the living shit out of tanks, be them actual specimens, blueprints hidden in the country’s national archives or whatever papers and stuff they had for the game? I remembered someone at EU who wanted to measure the FV4202 and went to great lengths to do so had dragged along the Challenger’s ass all the way to Bovington just to measure the crap out of the model there.

      • Sure, but about a month ago (not exactly sure) he said that his findings will come to light eventually, so I expected some kind of quick and radical solution, like closing up WG EU office for good, or maybe firing management and keeping just the localised support employees (and make sure they’re really supportive) or something like that… :-)

        • No offense, or anything but reading “WG EU” and “quick, radical solution” in the same sentence made me laugh :D

          On the other hand I think everyone would expect that, but it seems like doing twitch streams where we get to see the commentators laughing at each other for 15 minutes is more important … :P ( no offense to any of them again, but I don’t feel like that is the priority)

          • I’d love it if Minsk just sent someone important down to WG EU & slapped the fuck out of all of them. ALL OF THEM! Fortunately for me, I’m on NA & we have mods & support here that actually give a fuck :D

  2. So, if they do practically nothing, why is Minsk even paying them? I could do copy-paste for a 1/4 of their salaries.

    • the question would you want to ? probably not , also i imagine some heads will roll eventually

      • Speaking from experience NA support is usually pretty good about stuff like that. I generally get quick responses that are relevant to my issue.

      • NA usually avoids the copy+paste responses and has generally been helpful from my experience. On the other hand our community managers have some skewed priorities and don’t always plan ahead, and are very, very clearly skewed heavily in favor of pandering to the competitive clans rather than anybody else (for instance, they’ve delayed 9.6 for I think 2-3 weeks by now after every other server already got it for a fucking Clan Wars event).

        • It was delayed for WGLNA Gold League playoffs not Clan Wars.

          And WGLNA needs to have a dedicated server so we won’t have to go through this again.

      • Warpack doesn’t drive your tanks. A better part of being an unicum is to know where to go, when to do it, whom to engage and from what position. The rest, the aiming, boosted situational awareness, a map indication of destroyed objects sure helps a little, but it is only a little. It’s a good crutch for idiots who can’t breathe and aim their guns at the same time, but for skilled players it won’t offer much more above what they can do themselves already.

        • You are wrong

          The biggest advantage of Warpack, that every user benefits from, be it noob or unicum, is the fact that it “gives” them laser pointers.

          This is serious advantage to know who is aiming at you, from where they are aiming, at what part of your tank they are aiming and etc etc.

          • Yeah, but that doesn’t make anyone Unicum-like.

            Best issue of most unicums is tactical thinking and, generally, ability to “read the game”, to predict future battle situations and act accordingly.

            Being artificialy quick to react may cause typical tomato to last longer and score some hits, maybe even get some “green” stats overall, but no way it could make him play like Unicum.

            IMHO overal stats of >1500 WN8 with <45% win rate after some 10k battles, THAT would look like cheater's stats to me. Or maybe just case of serious statpadding…

            • Why can’t this be the case with the current MM?
              The MM could match a unicum together with tomatoes and let them face a superior team 5-6 times out of 10.

        • From what I’ve seen it can give you nice idea who is reloading and how long, who is turning turret to you and even give you warning that there’s enemy tank 300m behind you aiming at you. This may significantly increase survivability.
          Various versions of defoliant allows you to hit tanks or weakspot much more reliably through the bushes (how often you accidentally hit stone or ground instead of tank behind a bush?). It won’t make you unicum per se, but it can provide you useful information to boost anything that can be used to measure skill.
          XVM itself helps “global” situational awareness a lot and can make decision making better, laser pointers and reload counters are something that directly helps you to survive and removing of the bushes directly helps you to make your shooting more effective.

          • It can be and advantage to know all these, but you still have to process it and act. I do not know, why is that important, to see enemy reload times, a unicum knows that already by heart. Again, it is his situational awareness, that makes him unicum. He knows the map by heart, knows what enemy tanks can or can’t do, on the aiming and shooting, well, that is just a little math, no, more like estimation where he should lead to make a hit, which comes with experience.
            Warpack or no warpack, a tomato will be still a tomato and unicums will feast on them.

    • RU is fairly strict by what I understand. NA is definitely more relaxed, but they still do their jobs well and accordingly. EU is just incompetent.

  3. SS would it be possible to start posting to RU support about this kind of things ?

    Even tho it happens on EU, I dont think devs would like it. And also, sending them screen of how EU support takes cheat might make them do something about it ?

    What do you think ?
    Starting to use RU support in replacement of EU one until they do something, good or bad idea ?

    • I am starting to consider moving away from RU cluster as non-cyrlic writer/non-russian speaker. If some years ago I could freely write in English and get the response (in Russian, but get the issue resolved). Then now – they are refusing even if I write using tranliteration (pseudo-russian using latin symbols). All i get is – (in russian) Write to use using cyrillic.

          • That is a very easy to beat up straw man.
            Cyrillic uses many letters found in the Latin alphabet. Its also arguably a more logical and complete alphabet then what most Latin or Romance languages use.
            Also I did not ask you to learn Russian, but the alphabet used in many languages. Not A language. Chinese is a language. Learn it if you wish, the more the better.

            As for why they do that…
            If someone wrote to you in broken English (grammatically) using the Cyrillic alphabet, would you pay them ANY attention, or would your smartass self say “Learn English or the alphabet you idiots” and not help them?

      • Worst case scenario, use google translate. Just do it with a pinch of salt and check it in another translation engine or three to make sure it doesn’t make a horrible, horrible mistake.

      • Russian nationalism has grown exponentially in the last few years. Doesn’t surprise me. Hell, it’s even gotten to the point where they’re spouting rhetoric about the possibility of nuclear war, like the Cold War never ended.

  4. I expect their stance to change when a certain competing tank game (AW) hits beta and they see players leaving over something like this. I know I would, because I’m sick and tired of being ammoracked with the first hit I receive in almost every game I play recently.

    • Which has nothing to do with the topic here :)

      This is about support allowing cheat, and you complain about being ammoracked all the time, which is either due to just not luck or arty, but not really cheat (not if “all the time”, I’d say not even 1/50 player use cheats, and not even 1/100 knows there are cheats that can be installed).

      This post isnt “comment y u mad”

      • So people leaving this game because EU won’t ban this mod, isn’t on topic ?
        How do you know how many people cheat ? or are you just guessing ?
        Being ammoracked increases repair cost. Ammoracking have never been as frequent as it is now. In fact there was as huge increase when 9.6 went live. The cost of running T9/T10 tanks increased in 9.6 since WG needs money to compensate for the huge discounts on RU server. So maybe they don’t care that repair costs is increasing due to an illegal mod.
        If you think this is a whine then you haven’t seen anything yet. If it doesn’t strike you as odd, that you can play 5 minutes in a game without taking damage and then you get hit at 10 degree angle in the tracks and get ammoracked then I guess you will never be surprised. When it happens over and over again then …I start to wonder.

        • “Ammoracking have never been as frequent as it is now. In fact there was as huge increase when 9.6 went live.”

          Got any stats on that or is that just your feeling? Excuse me if I don’t find it realistic, but after literally every patch there are people who think ammoracks or fires have become more frequent. I haven’t noticed anything like that – a few fires here and there, maybe one or two ammoracks. Playing all tiers and haven’t noticed “huge increase”.

          If anything, the ammoracks should be less frequent, since with nerf of aim it should be tougher to hit them (only slightly, but still), so I would like to know the source of your data.

    • Its not that common… I don’t think I ever seen a warpack user live. at least that I can tell. Maybe some have, but they still suck anyways.

      Still, EU WG need to be strict on this.

  5. Silentstalker,

    The incompetence and sloppiness of WG EU are blatant and have lasted for too long.
    Can we do something to bring to Minsk attention our outcry?
    Can we make a Facebook page with thousands and thousands of likes requesting WG EU reforming?

    We need someone well known and respected in the WoT EU community to start the revolution. Are you up to it?

    Thanks, best regards.

  6. They should hire me as WG EU mod and I will ban the shit out of those rule-breakers. Permaban for one illegal mod, permaban for any heavy insulting, 1 day ban for major insult, 3-7 days ban for repeating major insults, 3-7 days chatban for minor insults

    • The only area where WG does not care about hair trigger moderators is the forums.
      Hair trigger moderators or game masters are not something that I think would work for them. A 1 day ban for serious violations is something that people will tolerate and accept. More then that pisses people off and gets them to say fuck putting any more money into the game.
      Let’s not forget that WoT is a business, and pissing off paying customers is a very stupid business practice.
      Pissing off freeloaders like Top Clans who pay for nothing and get free tanks and premium account time is something that would not affect the revenue stream.
      Pissing off the average and lower players who fund this game = Chapter 11.

      • Top clans more often than not don’t have a ton of free tanks and those who play are invested in the game and are experienced at the game. Therefore they are rewarded for their skill and support of the game.
        Let’s not forget that these guys will often have invested heavily in monetary terms before they become Top players fit to join the top clans.

    • I WILL PERMABAN ALL THE PEOPLE. Is what you are saying. Come on. Is it realistic to implement the most ridiculous ban hammer ever? Besides, you have to check and verify 100% of claims if you are to permaban people, and know 100% that they are correct, which would be really time consuming.
      Besides if people think they can get people permabanned for reports then they will just spam them on anyone who disagrees with them and cross their fingers that they get permabanned. How would you deal with that?
      Not to mention that under EU law, things purchased online that are exclusively online e.g. WoT Gold technically count as property which you are stripping them of, so you would have to re-write large sections of the EULA and hope that nobody challenges the wording of it if they get permabanned, otherwise it is possible to face a reversal in the permaban and legal fees which are always exorbitant.

  7. Sounds as ineffectual as the SEA server’s approach.

    We’ve had various screenshots of players using it go unpunished. A successful clan has basically had its reputation permanently shat on after people found out how widespread warpack was in their ranks. Their attitude was one of arrogance which further fanned the flames (same clan that got done for collusion in the campaign then had their officers caught rigging IMs).

    Add to this the lacks attitude towards botting, gringing services and account selling and it’s understandable why people aren’t happy. There were even examples of facebook based account selling go unpunished by the admins. It’s become a bit of a farce. But one that WG seem fairly powerless to stop.

      • ASIA support is just as bad. In fact some were guessing they may be EU support given the time some of the tickets were responded to. And yes, plenty of copy and paste.

  8. time to install every shit…

    or wait for mother WG branch to fire every lazy ass at WG EU … which are easy 80% of he people working there, including the forum moderators

  9. I’m puzzled, but why would you use many of these cheats?

    I mean if the game looks like ass, and your using aim bots etc where is the game?

    I use J1mb0′s and XVM and find that more than enough. I like the game to look good and I like to… play the game not have a program do it all for me…

    Also interesting on the Cutland stuff… :/

      • Same squeakers who think being good as cod makes you a duelist or something.

        One of the quarks of living where I do, whenever you go to a gun range or have a property you can hunt and people are obliged to do so, you will sometimes see the squirts with a +p magnum round in a revolver or a deagle, or other misc pistol holding it like a gangster or like in a video game with one hand, and after one shot, due to their stance and the lack of proper form while shooting, either break their index finger trying to hold on or the pistol goes flying apon the recoil. Don’t even get me started on the privicks who don’t quite understand why you have to use a stock normally, let alone when you using a glass scope of some sorts.(YAY MORE PIRATES)

  10. This is actually sad. There are so many people that are unemployed, and could have done so much more if they were in their position, but no, we get the most lame employees we possibly can. Shouldn’t there be some kind of evaluation for these people? I mean come on, not a single way to motivate them to work harder?

  11. I’m glad that ASIA is decent despite of some CW issues (which didn’t affect me), aussie cable fuckup (ditto, and not even WG’s fault, and low quantity and quality of players in general). I hope WG RU could get up and fix the mess in EU and in WoT in general.

  12. When it comes to game rules, banning players, and all that “nasty stuff” WG EU is just a bunch of idiots.

    I’ve had other issues with the game regarding performance, account billing and such, and they helped, they really did. But if it’s about banning someone, or just looking at a player that looks suspicious in any way, shape or form….they just ignore it completly and give you a copy/paste response from: The Book Of “fuck you, we don’t care” responses for customer support – PDF version.

    So yeah, I totaly agree with SS and WG Minsk on the matter that WG EU is doing a very sloppy job on the matter.

  13. This is one of many reasons why i stopped playing WoT. Ppl won’t to learn how to play the game and they start using this kind of packs. Also i didn’t like how is WG EU responding to this problem or i can say not responding at all.

  14. I wish I had the e-mail of Viktor Kisliy.
    I have met he guy and believe me he would not put up with this kind of shit. But he is so far up the WG pyramid that all the news reaching him are completely filtered and sanitized so he does not know a lot of shit happening in WoT real world.

    Maybe we could start an e-mail campaign or some other form of mass complaining.

    Come on guys, I do not know how to start, but there must be a way of making the shit hit the fan for WG EU.

  15. Warpack is an illegal mod kit, that’s available for certain amount of money (monthly subscription).

    Wait wait wait wait….So not only do i have to pay for some cheats but pay for it every month?…Give money for cheating in a free game to make myself good in this non-consequential virtual content…



    ….Imo, if you use that you’re already punishing yourself.

  16. I certainly hope some RU devs do read this and pass it up the chain. I have nothing against mods and I like the fact that they can be used to enhance the game and provide additional information, but warpack is clearly designed to be a cheat and should be dealt with as such. Comparing it to a mod and giving it the same official stance by EU is just plain wrong.

  17. I don’t understand how people can enjoy playing the game given that they don’t even operate on a an even playing field , just defeats the point of a multiplayer competitive game.

    • People want to win, that’s the whole point. There are few competitive people who truly enjoy nothing but competition against equals and winning only +/-50% of the time.

  18. If you point out to WG that Milkm4n_PL is running warpack on a Standard Account then they might pull their finger out of their arse…

    No Premium required…

    • Not game premium, pack premium:

      Notifications “warpack key (…) 5 days left”
      You pay for a liscence for the cheat…

      Well knowing that ppl have to pay to make their game look like shit and not even play themselves… Cheaters are really a bunch of retards, like, litteraly xD paying for not playing for real, what’s next ? Paying to watch a replay with WoT Tweakers and super-low res ?

      • No, originally Warpack required you to have a Premium WoT account…

        That was part of the accusations as to why WG did fuckall, because every Warpack user was paying for a Premium account as well…. money = money…

      • What would happen if someone cracks the Warpack so anyone can use an illegal mod for free…

        • been done….

          One of the bigger clans had the cracked warpack for open download on its website last year… iirc they were one of the Top 10… still are…

  19. I wonder what the requirements to get hired by WG EU are, but I presume it must be sort of a “CTRL+C & CTRL+V skills required”… WG HQ should send a commissar to end the sorry-shit that is happening on WG EU :)

    • They dont even have to copy/paste. They have an web-form with simple buttons and shwoop it sends the pre-made mail away.

      • My bad then. I’ve naively thought they’ve got to know at least something in order to get hired… :)

  20. WG RU created the game, so they care. They put their time and energy into making the game, from designing features to programming, digging through archives, everything. They must have a strong relation to the game, as it is their own creation.

    WG EU has practically no relation to the game. They are just a bunch of support and community staff, who don’t have much of a reason to care. They could just go and do some other job.

    I really think WG RU should step in, if they can.

  21. are you guys still not using it?

    btw i don’t think players could be punished with a single screenshot, because it does not prove he is using that mod in game. he could just be a curious person. who is wondering what is in it.

    i know he is using. but you dont have enough proofs. deal with it.

  22. I tried Warpack on my second account( just in case) , and after playing WoT from beta I didn’t liked it.
    Zoom in/out is ok. Defoliant is helpful too.
    But i didn’t need autoaim or lasers.
    Only minimap destruction detector is WAY over top , in later game just gives too big advantage. Ofc if you are smart move out of objects , and shoot with he some stuff on other side, cheater can fall for it XD
    Sadly you HAVE to use warpack to understand with what are you dealing with ,so if you don’t want to cheat , you have to learn how it works , and how you can use it against players.
    *Lasers – don’t aim at corner, aim bit lower into ground , cheater won’t see laser will think you are not waiting for him.
    *Don’t drive over stuff in mid/late game. Use this A and D buttons. Or even shoot stuff with he for lulz.
    *Autoaim , well good player will makes holes in every weak spot , so even if someone is red don’t drive out with side of IS3.
    *Defoliant – nothing here , don’t hope for bush helping I guess?
    *Zooms – break line of sight , not “I will leave hatch sticking out like stick in mud”
    *Minimap where anyone aims cheat – if you change target always try to hide as much is possible , don’t turn turret in middle of open field. Or even with no cheats you are easy prey.
    Anything important I’ve forget ? Ofc it’s my opinion , and I reserve rights to be wrong.

  23. Doesn’t WG EU vehemently despise you for exposing them as lazy asses SS? I remember you mentioning that once…?

  24. Tbh. Wargaming support is full of incompetent morons. Every time I make a ticket about something, I get a copy fucking paste answer. Pisses me off so much, because sometimes its just a normal question that isnt in the standard books and they still send you copy paste 3 to 4 times.

    And this, this stance about cheating is just ridicilous. You cant take wargaming serious at all. They dont care about the game, the people in it, all the want is money grabbing. You used to be able to send a ticket when someone is fucking up the fun for others. Now you have to send a “complaint, using the ingame system” which only works if someone does it 20.000 times.

    And this copy paste computerized system proofs it. Wargaming = minimum effort, maximum profit.

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  26. Best part about this is the fact he is only 50% in one of the most OP tanks in the game (E25) even though he uses cheats LOL.

    As for WG EU, yeah well we all know how incompetent they are by now so this is no surprise; the only surprising thing is that Minsk hasn’t sacked half the EU staff by now.

    • E-25 one of the most OP tanks in the game. M8 you haven’t seen anything yet. Try SU-122-44. Try the VK 4502P ausf B. Try the IS-7 (stronk but not OP). Try the M41 Walker Bulldog. Try the Firefly, or the WT auf E100, or the Obj. 263 (has downsides but it is very stronk) or the Cromwell, even the T29 (when top tier). There are many tanks which are pound for pound better than the E-25 it just has the advantage of premium MM and a fast ROF with good camo. Balanced by low alpha and low armour and low pen.

  27. Those cheat mods give so much more comfortability.
    So….why not to use it if you aint going to get caught? :D
    (and no, it isnt auto bluenicum stats – you STILL need a brain for that. And no – if you’re red you aint even gonna get green :D).

  28. On RU server we have an official list of illegal mods, maybe WG EU and NA will come to this some day too)))

  29. i know during the third campaign a clan was using something like this, they were shooting unspotted targets!
    we filed a complain, and yes we got a copy paste answer, and SORRY WE DIDN’T DO SO GOOD and better luck next time.
    yeah fuck you WG EU, bunch of idiots, and i know they don’t know how to play well either, making big noob mistakes!

    • Shooting at unspotted targets is nowhere cheating. It is like in CounterStrike, you shoot at the obvious places, through boxes, walls, duckts and sometimes the headshot will happen. Same in WoT, if you know the obvious spotting positions, crossing paths, you take a few shots, maybe 2 in 10 shots hit, but when you kill that nasty spotter in the bush…. priceless. And he will accuse you of cheating, rather then say: I was the fuckup, I stood in that bush.

  30. If its not forbidden …. Its allowed.
    If its not punished… Its allowed.
    If lead doesnt care… Its official.

    Tell me whats not to get about this.

    WG sayz so. So i suggest to tell idiots to cheat, till its unbareable for them :-)

    Only big problems are problems..

    • Most likely bot or power grind in pubs, then play team battles (which don’t affect stats) properly. We had decent tourney teams that worked that way. WG does nothing.

  31. Where is the SerBHammer when you need one? Or nukes? Isn’t SerB secretly developing them under the guise of space program?

  32. How about a simple option (like Assault mode, etc) to play without any mod? MM based on that option where all are free from any mod. Il be interesting how many will activate.

  33. Ah yes, he WG EU support. What a joke.

    The time I wanted to find out what happened to my Chaffee race XP (didn’t remember what I did with them and couldn’t find them anywhere, so I thought they went poof and contacted support for details about what happened) it took reissuing the ticket 3 or 4 times until I’ve stumbled on a competent person who actually told me what happened to it.
    All people before him basically just told me that whatever happened was certainly supposed to happen and considered the matter solved with that.

  34. I hate these mods and wish everyone who used them were permabanned. But honestly, these posts are making them more popular. After reading this post for the first time ever I actually googled Warpack. I think it is better to ignore warpack in the FTR blog. You are driving traffic to the warpack website and creating cheaters.

  35. Oh how terrible, warpack and vegetable player? Trully something to be scared about on battlefields. (and his wr is shit as well). I guess warpack doesn’t work so well for improving your positions and timings on minimap.

    • Post your stats, I bet there are hundreds of polish pro players that have way better stats than you. Or do you think that there are no germans using warpack?

      Y’know what? You can shove some wurst up your ass. It won’t make you any smarter, but might be able to ease your butthurt over poles.

      • “” I bet there are hundreds of polish pro players that have way better stats than you. Or do you think that there are no germans using warpack? “”

        Ofc PL stats higher = cheater
        Ofc his stats lower = no cheater


    • Until it affects the income flow from EU. Which is what will happen when enough people just get sick of the incompetence to the level that they quit the game. Then they quit, stop paying WG money and Minsk see that they have to intervene to preserve money. However by that point it will be too late for WG to spread WOT in Europe as they will have alienated those interested in the game.

  36. WG doesn’t accept screenshots as evidence – they are too easy to forge. I think this applies to all their offices, not just EU.

    • yep
      recently tried to get some refund back for the 2 weeks and the tarnished reputation I suffered based on an official statement by a community manager which pretty much said the same thing as the first support reply you see up there.
      Difference was: in the tickets from last years incident I was told by the support, that every new ticket I would open about the particular ban would result in an immediately closed ticket and that happened to my new ticket

      best support EU!

  37. I want to see the first part of this ticket, cause with that data, it’s the way that guy want to see it.

    I know that packs are the worst ingame actually, but i need all the data of this ticket to get a free minded opinion. This is not impartial.

  38. Well in that case I’m giving it a try. Always wanted to see how effective it was.

    Not gonna keep it though, a subscription for cheating is just silly.

  39. Since I realized that WG doesnot give a shit about useing illegal mods, I searched for some and I have some really nice one for free, who needs that fucking warpack for money, if you search a little you can get them all for free. I think a lof of player already useing them, but this is totally WG’s fault, and this will ruin the whole game, and the death or their games, but I dont care if I can I will use them too , thanks Tardgaming!

    • And here I am, using QB modpack and KanColle voice mod. I kinda feel like a sucker for not using those “illegal” mods.

      +1 for “Tardgaming” bro, made me smile a bit.

  40. So since the cheating , cheetos eating cheese dick flapping, puffer inhaling little dildos have their War pack illegal modifications and Wargaming apparently won’t do anything about it. Even though they have specific rules and regulations about it in the EULA.

    That means Wargaming is complicit in the use of illegal mods to gain an advantage. Who released source codes, who is benefitting from this financially. Who is the douchebag pocketing money from war pack that is allowing it to exist and be used.

    We must advocate Wargaming through Storm for the removal of the res mod folder from the game. Stop outside modifications from backdooring the game. Stop these cheating lowlife scumbags that are costing us all money. Time to get rid of them and get rid of the res mod folder as well.

  41. EU Wargaming support is just the worst you can imagine. In the 20 cases i used the support option the last years maybe only in 2 i got some response that was not copy and paste but related indeed to the issue i was looking for support.

    Nothing worse than these copy&paste messages. EU support is nearly useless, you must have some luck that your issue gets to someone who reads your issue and not only the subject or 1st sentence.

    • Really?
      One of the WG SEA staff copies and pastes to reply the service tickets, regardless what the tickets are about.

  42. Screenshot like that can be really easily photoshopped (adding warpack stuff) over normal game menu. So it doesn’t prove a thing.
    I’m sure lots of people have posted their game menu pictures somewhere so it would be easy to make them look like warpack users with little effort.

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