First Impressions of the New Physics

Hello everyone,

as you probably already know, the new motion physics test was started in the morning – you can check the details here.

All I can say about is… go try it, because it’s really hard to describe the feeling with which the tanks handle now – and no, videos don’t help either. You really have to feel it.

I’ll try to describe it a bit anyway though, as best as I can.

First thing you’ll notice (apart from the laggy server, more than usual anyway) is that the tank movement (any tank really) is more… I don’t know, fluid. No longer does the tank react in a “choppy” manner (as if you were turning a tank toy with your hand instead of a real tank). Those, who are afraid of too many “drifting” tanks (like in War Thunder) can rest easy though, the tanks don’t have terrible tendencies to drift and the turning is quite accurate. If I was to compare it to something, I might think WG got heavily inspired by Armored Warfare alpha (there the movement feels just as fluid), but considering how long this feature was developed, I’d say it’s simply a case of parallel development, that reached roughly the same goals.

Basic movement forward and backwards however has a MAJOR change – first, some tanks accelerate much slower. This is especially visible on Panzer IV – it feels much more sluggish. Second, what is worse is that they brake much slower as well. It feels completely different than the usual WoT and I suspect the braking (if implemented like this) will cause huge issues to players, who are used to current model. It happened to me in practically every battle that I was planning to hide behind an obstacle and I used the “usual” routine to brake, only to end up meters behind the obstacle, because I didn’t count in the intertia.

Next feature is the handbrake. As far as I am concerned, it has one major flaw. There is no special sound effect for its use (connected to sliding tracks for example, tank equivalent of “screeching tyres”). As such, it’s pretty hard to determine, whether your tank is already “slipping” or not and therefore it’s also hard to create a perfectly controlled drift. And yes, tanks do drift a lot, especially the light ones, but even for heavy tanks, on some surfaces (Himmelsdorf cobblestones), the tank behaves a bit like on ice – not as bad as in War Thunder, but enough for you to notice and be annoyed. Other than that, the handbrake works exactly as advertised – it locks your track. Some tanks can use it to make VERY sharp hull turns even in lower speed – this might become a balance issue: where you previously managed to destroy an enemy by circling around it, it’s possible that due to this new mechanism, the enemy will keep up with your circling (as I learned the hard way in the AMX-13/90).

Speaking of Himmelsdorf – I noticed a very nasty feature of the new physics there. Basically, running into some obstacles (houses, barricades, stones, but even corpses) makes (instead of locking you on them like previously) your tank sort of “bounce” from them, resulting in (sometimes drastic) hull turns – an example: in IS-3, I was going backwards to be stopped by a mound of rubble (you know, one of the ones in the banana corridor on Himmesdorf map). Instead of being stopped by it, the tank “slid” off it, angling the hull by cca 30 degrees, much to the amusement of another IS-3 that was shooting me.

Pushing… tanks are now much easier to push around. I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is for lighter tanks. What is strange is that this applies to corpses as well. Actually, it looks good, now corpses are no longer “stones”, they can be thrown around a bit, looks very fancy.

Climbing… the vehicles can get on all sorts of obstacles now. How that will influence the gameplay (for example mediums getting through mountains previously inaccessible), I have no idea. As I mentioned, the movement is much more fluid though, that counts even for overcoming obstacles, that previously made the vehicles swing like mad.

Turning on the roof… I tried to do it several times, including trying to make enemy tanks fall on their roof. Unless you push someone off the cliff or some really strange coincidence occurs, it’s not easy to do “just so”. As such, I’d discount this mechanism as mostly marginal, you won’t be tripping vehicles on roofs on regular basis.


It’s neither good or bad, it is new. Personally, I don’t know. Some parts of this new movement mechanism are very good, especially:

- tank movement is very fluid, tanks no longer get stuck on even small obstacles, let alone rails
- handbrake works (needs the sound effect though)
- different behavior on different terrains
- better terrain passability for lighter vehicles (can climb on obstacles)

Some however are bad – and by bad I mean anything from “needs a tweak” to “WTF is this shit” level:

- no handbrake sound effect as I mentioned (yes, it IS important)
- some surfaces are way too slippery
- braking is way too slow, some vehicles have way too much intertia and players, used to current system will not get used to this easily (they will pass obstacles and get themselves open to enemy fire)
- acceleration of some tanks is much slower (Panzer IV)
- hitting an obstacle (stone, wall, corpse) can make your vehicle seriously change direction, resulting in you being shot because you are suddenly not behind cover anymore

It’s a good start. Personally, I’d remove more inertia from the tanks and fix the obstacles, for starters.

77 thoughts on “First Impressions of the New Physics

    • Well, it is more fluid but still its fucking choppy degree turns – I want a little and it inputs certain amount of it….
      Also crashes are now flipping nice – literally doing flips.
      And ramming seems better.
      WHAT took them so long to add this…..W/e….

      • It took them very long,
        because first they needed to f*ck up the collision models, accuracy, and they needed to think about how to fuck up the Individual missions.

        Anyway, I really like the new physics although it needs some tweaking for sure :D

      • I have no idea how to English, too.
        If you meant that there were no better games developed in those 2 years, no, there were an absolute fuckton
        If you mean that he didn’t get better at WoT in those 2 years, you really need to think of a better argument.

        • Think he means is he made a better game in those 2 years.
          My answer: have you?
          As far as I’m concerned, if I am a client for a service, i have every right to complain or call’em out on bullshit

        • Even though its just trolling … this whole thing seeing wg-puppets everywhere gets bit of annoying ;)

          • Revolutionary muppets are way better hmm?

            WG rushes new tech – OMG WG U SUKZ
            WG does not rush and work a lot to smooth out the new stuff (they clearly worked a lot on the new physics and even like that it still needs a little more tweaking) to not end up like the crap some would call competition WT – OMG WG U so SLO, burn with all yer apologists.

            Doesn’t this situation look like a “Get a damn clue” to you?

    • I will say, I’m shocked that WG is testing something way before they are going to release it. Hopeful since WG is doing mass testing with the physics this early it will give more time for them to fix stuff, and maybe, just maybe get it right. This is something you can’t mess up, or you will mess up the whole game.

  1. People wont like this. My bet is the community will opt out for the arcade style as it is now, with a few stuff borrowed from realism test, such as the handbrake, engine rev, u-turn and that’s pretty much it.

    And the main problem will be the sluggish control. I think people acomodated with fast paced sharp controls. Nimble tanks drives like a whale and that sucks. I guess Type 59 is even more fucked now. First it was agile, then 8.0 “physics”came and it got sluggish. Now it will probably become like an IS-3. And this is one example.

    It’s either arcade style or realism but they will have to rebalance the mobility of the entire tanks, otherwise everyone will complain how WG nerfed their precious tank mobility. And some tanks really all they have IS mobility.

    If it’s not broken then dont fix it. Actual driving physics are good enough, but they need to fix those fucking tracks clipping through the terrain, rocks, etc only to slow you down to a crawl, stupid small areas that somehow get you stuck, etc.

    • Ppl dont like changes, someone will always whine no matter what you change and in which way.

      Btw Type never been agile, I don´t know where you come to that conclusion.

      • And not all “changes” are good or worthwhile.

        Personally, I’m not that excited about this new physics stuff. Oh, there are some minor parts of it that I’m looking forward to, like how tanks will drive over railroad tracks more smoothly, or be able to drive over small obstacles without being stopped as they are now.

        Some of the other stuff doesn’t do much for me however. After all, what is the standard response about WoT and historicity? It’s an “arcade” game, not a sim. Well, if that’s true, then why worry about most of this stuff? Why not let driving be simple and straight forward and leave sim-like accuracy to sims?

    • You are 100% right , we don’t need that new system the old one is good , the only one that want that so called “test” that is only bullshit physics without anything good behind it are war thunder players that want both game to be realistic.
      if you want realism get to war thunder and don’t come back to world of tanks , world of tanks is all about arcade , if you put realism into that game it just become a mix between himself and war thunder and it sucks . Wargaming don’t release that on the Live server or you will kill the game , Don’t Be Stupid !

  2. I would like to point out that in WT tanks don’t drift and slide as much as they used to, particularly in the Simulator Battles mode.

    But aside from that, it is good to hear that they are working on the physics, maybe now the game will feel more interesting. :)

    • I’m not going to judge the new motion physics before having tried them myself. For me, personally, everything sounds and looks (in the videos) great so far. People who are going to be overwhelmed by this will play just like they do with the current physics, for example not turning the hull when they get circled.

      If the new physics add some more complexity to the gameplay: Good, because it will increase the skillcap. Something new to learn and master for the better players out there. If WG really wants to go more towards eSports, more complex game mechanics are always a good thing.

      Not that I care about this whole eSports stuff, but a more technical driving model? Ok, bring it.

    • The thing is, WT tanks are driving like TANKS (RB and SB mode), however WG tanks are driving like tiny 1:20 scale RC models – it is ultra-arcade style, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with actual tank movement. SS clearly likes his arcade clickfest, as he is apparently unable to drive tanks, which drive like actual tanks.

      It should be also pointed out that that in the latest patch that just came out (1.47) there is an improvement in tank behavior on different surfaces. You can see what I mean here (video below) –

      As for myself: after 10k battles with ~2500WN8 I uninstalled and completely abandoned WoT, as I was just fed up with its issues, which Wargayming apparently likes to ignore. So I switched to WT and after ~7 months I am really happy. In fact so much, that I even bought gold for real money (for the first time). The progress WT made in the last half a year is easily 5x times bigger than what World of Tanks did. And I like it, because the potential given by the modern engine is huge and I am really looking forward when they use more of it.

      • When I tried it a few months ago, WT tanks didn’t behave like tanks at all. As soon as I started going forward, at minimal speeds, the tank wobbled and drifted instantly on any surface. And I don’t care if it happens “only in arcade mode” – RB was empty as hell (gave up after five minutes) and SB was pretty much the same (got into battle, killed one enemy on my way to cap, capped, done). And that was on peak hours (or so I thought), Saturday afternoon. If I can reasonably play AB only, I want to have a good model there…

        Might try downloading updates and testing again, since you mention the changes, though. A comparison is always handy and maybe it really is better.

      • Ya, I didn’t like the GF when it came out, but Gaijin at least keeps making a lot of progress with it.

        WoT effectively didn’t change at all since.. err… I’m don’t really think there was a significant change to it since I started playing 2 years ago. (Aim buff about 1.5yrs ago, SPG lines nerfed & prolonged to T10 and fairly recent LT buff are imo the most influential changes in last 2 years.)

      • I started playing WT 4-5 months ago with planes, and boy, I missed roflstomping T-34′s with the German “Panzerknacker”.

      • Really you have 63 games with a WN8 of 116 and only played those in tiers 1 & 2. I’m calling you out as a Gaijin Agent Provocateur as I just discussed in a previous topic today.

        • rofl, this my steam nickname. If you want my WoT name, then it is Kolobajda. And sure, everyone who switched from WoT to WT must be a provocateur! WT also has its problems for sure, but at least they are being eliminated as time goes by, which cannot be said about WoT. Spotting system, HD rework, RNG, MM, arty, premium ammo, tank rebalance, Havok etc. We heard about some of those literally years ago and nothing has happened yet.

          What Gaijin did in six months is just astonishing amount of work, gotta give them credit for that. What happened in WoT during that time? A couple new HD models, like one or two new maps, maybe some sounds, and? There is really nothing big as far as I remember.

          • Let me see if I understand what your trying to say. Sobo is your stream nickname, but your not the 63 game Sobo because you decided to register under another nickname and its this nickname that is your real WoT account and not the one you use in your other games..

            Seems legit after all Rosha is my Steam nickname, but my WoT account is Quickfingers.

            • Not stream, but steam (see the difference?). I did not “decide” to register under different nickname, Sobo simply had been already taken by the time I started with WoT.

              You know what? Here, have a screenshot –

              Do you have anything else to say? And also somehow I get the impression you are not Quickybaby ;-)

    • Yeah I dont like how low tier super fast tanks drift in WT, but heavier ones are spot on. Ill definitely try WoT again when it hits live server, it feels like it adds much more skill to the game, including the breaking part SS mentioned.

      • Stop playing arcade then?

        IN arcade tanks have like 30-40% more hp then in rb/sb… guess what happens when a tank suddenly has that much hp…

  3. if tog can’t drift than it’s ok :) anw will be fun (or hard?) with fast tanks like batchat or amx1390..

  4. I like how you compare the WoT driving model with WarThunder’s model more than half a Year ago. Drifting and sliding tanks there are as rare as in WoT, except you got a BT-7 or some other russian highspeed crap.
    Btw. Gaijin introduced new tipes of terrain a few days ago with different numbers of resistance, so you can’t really drift as long as you aren’t driving on a solid rock or cobblestone…

      • and what ? what’s the link between ” the Maus is still not fully implemented [armor/model] ” with ” there is now different types of terrain ” ?

        The fact: the Maus, or generally speaking: the GF-collision system is “bad” is the Gaijin’s way:
        1st step: not enough
        2nd step: too much
        final step: perfect.

        The airbreak & flaps for aircraft is now on the 2nd step (the short one).
        GF, especially the Maus, are new. Give them some times.
        But you’re still off-topic. Read the Chr15′s post again.

      • Is it that Phly video? That was because physics, not because armor. Phly got it wrong, it didn’t ricochet off the BT-5, the BT-5 fired while the gun was inside the MAUS it ricocheted off the inside of the MAUS armor

  5. I am – for now – happy with most of this changes. Why … let me expain.

    I am 75% of battles driving heavy tanks and this will only increase because i will be even more doing something i am good in – not experimenting with other tank types. For example personally i need to have a turret (most tank destroyers – out) and some amount of armor (medium and light tanks – out). Why i said all of this …

    My initial impressions (after videos in youtube and this articule) is that medium and light tanks will be much harder to drive. I mean – driving with good speed in fast tank will be much harder to do as it is now. I am extremly happy with that, because it can only make playing time harder for my enemies in fast medium top tiers tanks for example. Not all of them will be able to coordinate their moves like they can now. I am driving tank that will be less changed by all of this – soo … my playing style won’t change as much.

    Of course this is initial impression. I was not able to test it.

    • As a light and medium driver I think this is going to make these classes even harder to drive for the average player but for above average players 2500+ I think we’re going to be even more dangerous. Yes it’s going to be a learning curve but the ability to control my traverse speed with the handbrake and change directions quickly or even convert my 65kph^2 X 25t of momentum into a hairpin turn around your IS-7 is gonna be amazing. If nothing else it will make killing arty without being blapped easier.

      • I agree with you on that, as a batchat driver, I can already imagine speeding past heavy tanks, maus and e100, then doing a drift to go around you or do a hit and run style of shots without slowing down to do a corner. I believe that the amount of weapons and style of medium and light tanks driver have increased although these changes are hard to master but when you do you’ll be much more dangerous. Also I believe and hope that bad medium and drivers will switch to other classes due to the difficulty of the new gameplay of mediums and lights and does lessen the possibility of a counter recon or counter attack from enemy mediums and lights.. It makes us medium and light tank driver much more freely due to the fact that the map will become much more accessible and free without worrying about some unexpected stragglers on some of our routes…

  6. Some things like you said are realy good but some tanks became very sluggish. The t62a for example. That thing without the new pysics is quite fast in accelerating, now its like you are driving a fast heavy tank. The t54 became faster with accelerating. It almost seems like the power to weigth ration is counting even more now. And not like the current model that you still can have 30 hp/t on hard terrain with the t62a. While it has stock 15,91 hp/t. But now it doenst feel like that.

    • I noticed this – the T-54 was going up the Himmelsdorf hill at 40km/h easy, I was keeping up with a 13-90.

  7. Tried the TS for a bit at lunch on el dodgy works PC.
    Echoing most of the above, very fluid movement, braking inertia will be a change to overcome, pretty good from my point of view.
    Really liked the ‘nodding’ of tanks on heavy acceleration and braking, more so the fluidity of movement over smaller obstacles and railway tracks especially.

  8. This is the “realistic” new physic, right? I think the “arcade” new physic would be preferred in the end (when will it arrive?), however what I saw right now is not bad at all (especially avoiding too many tank flipping, for example. And better pushing, including corpses is a good bonus). I hope they tweak the acceleration/brake/slippery level a little bit and then I will be eager to study new fancy tricks which is available after this new feature.

  9. “- braking is way too slow, some vehicles have way too much intertia and players, used to current system will not get used to this easily (they will pass obstacles and get themselves open to enemy fire)”

    But that’s exactly what should happen – you need to start breaking earlier.
    For example this shows it quite well:
    And that’s “only” 60kmph with way better brakes than the ones used in WW2. In cities like Himmelsdorf, I’d expect braking can take a length or two of a tank easily if you go more than 10 – 20 kmph (like in IS-3).

    “- hitting an obstacle (stone, wall, corpse) can make your vehicle seriously change direction, resulting in you being shot because you are suddenly not behind cover anymore”
    Check your surroundings more and don’t drive into obstacles? :> Have to test what exactly this means, it’s kinda weirdly described.

    Other than that, I kinda agree with the whole article, will test further, though~

  10. Pretty much agreed.

    - sliding/drifting/losing grip on tracks needs corresponding sounds to it. I mean there are some sounds for that but they seem to play only in some specific cases on the more extreme end of things.

    - Tanks do really need more.. er.. gravity. Climbing obstacles is a tad too easy. Slow heavies slightly drfting on hard surfaces is a no-no. You can make tank swing up and down quite a lot if you keep fast switching between driving forwards and backwards on a bump of ground.

    - Tank should really take more damage while tumbling down the slope – you can survive some crazy shit in this test.

    One thing I miss in the article though: Wheels lock if you are trying to climb a slope that is too steep, making you uncontrolably slide down for a few seconds. That was the most annoying thing for me so far.

  11. More and more I feel WoT like playing control remote toys instead of tanks….i have fealing this will be WoT on ice

    • Damn, missed the edit.
      Anyway, these kind of drifts are only possible with steel track as rubber pads would provide more traction on surface like that. But I don’t think WoT has that many vehicles with rubber pad tracks anyway.

  12. The Death of meds!
    tried out the all the meds, not only are they really sluggish now but seem like they turn even less now , no more circling tanks {or outmaneuvering a gun} or peak a booing.
    I think this will really effect the game & heavies will now have the upper hand.

    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees :D

      (Said by player who drives in 75% of battles in heavy tank; and this % will only increase; very private playing style …)

  13. Silent, any news if this motion physics will mean rebalancing on ALL tanks when it comes to terrain resistance, turning, engine HP, things like that?

    Im asking, since tanks now were balanced on the old physics, and like you said, this NMP breaks some tank balancing when it comes to accelerations and resistance on soft terrain.
    I wonder how Swamp or Lakeville swampy valley part of the map will act now.. T-54 going 3 HP up the hill part there? :P

  14. If you say that Pz4 is bad, i start wondering about Hydro…

    One thing is dumb for me: there should be separate brakes for each track, it would allow much more skill-involved tricks from better players. Current implementation seems like “let’s put it, so they can do dumb drifting shit like hollywood cars, because it looks cinematic and will please community”…

    • I had this happen to me,
      Just save the .patch & torrent files in the updates folder
      uninstall test server, reinstall, when it starts to download update files cancel/pause the torrent and close the launcher.
      paste the .patch & torrent files in the new update folder, relaunch the launcher.

  15. So if tanks are having trouble braking and you have to calculate every move this will bring another wave of camp fest especially if aiming would be affected by taking more time for tank to settle in.I am just downloading test but out of this talk so far i don’t like it.Especially that part of drastic changes in tank acceleration.This could be for sure final nail in WOT coffin if they implement this bad.

  16. For me, it sounds great.

    - “As such, it’s pretty hard to determine, whether your tank is already “slipping” or not and therefore it’s also hard to create a perfectly controlled drift.”

    That’s it ! It makes tank driver a master – to determine, when the tank is about to drift and adjust to it. No need for sounds, simply mastering a tank is the way. For me, big plus for this.

    - “(tanks) do drift a lot, especially the light ones, but even for heavy tanks, on some surfaces (Himmelsdorf cobblestones)”

    As far I’ve seen, driving tank on cobblestones is a tricky job and drifting can happen basically anytime when trying to change direction more than few degrees. Any tank driving 25-30 kph (and reasonable weight, not Maus) would drift on cobblestones upon steering

    - braking is way too slow, some vehicles have way too much intertia and players, used to current system will not get used to this easily

    Finally the tomatoes will realize that stopping a tank on a spot is complete nonsense and that inertia is regular part of our world physics. Yea, it would need some forward-thinking but it’s actually good, isn’t it.

    - acceleration of some tanks is much slower (Panzer IV)

    I guess it’s due to mass of tank leaning backwards upon acceleration which acts against the acceleration. I would expect that high-suspension tanks will suffer more than lower ones.

    - hitting an obstacle (stone, wall, corpse) can make your vehicle seriously change direction, resulting in you being shot because you are suddenly not behind cover anymore

    That’s interesting but still sounds more real to me than insta-stopping against a pile of rubble from 40+ kph. A tank reversing such pile would probably (if the pile is high and steep enough and not ideally symetrical) slip to side anyway. Current situation, when you can “hang” on the edge of a cliff at almost silly angles, is not real either. Again, a move to make people think a bit in advance.

    Overall, it seems to me that new physics would again widen the gap between tomatoes and good players. For me, completely good news.

  17. Yep. Parallel development is much more common than you would think. I’m not surprised. This was a change that was badly needed to modernize the game. First came the graphics, then some rebalancing, then now the physics changes. Tack on destructible buildings and this game still has life left.

  18. Does anyone know if there have been any UI performance improvements implemented in the patch? People in my clan are reporting better FPSs on the Test version

  19. I have not tried yet but people are complaining that the T62A acceleration is really bad and that will change the way this tank is played. Would all the mediums be nerfed in this way or would only affect some?

  20. Warthunder has many flaws, but I get the distinct feeling SS only played some russian lights such as the BT-5 and then declared WT to be crap at physics. Because I have never gotten a feeling of skating on ice or sliding on the German side atleast.

    Actually Warthunder is probably the only tank game that manages to convey some sort of weight in its movement that I have tried.

    Maybe SS tried it way back before I started playing, the only tanks I find super annoying with sliding today is the BT line. Those suckers can do some Tokyo drifting for sure.

  21. SS i see you haven’t tried version 1.47 of WT, so you can stop talking about “drifting” because that just doesn’t happen anymore(unless you’re in a cobblestone road or something of the sort with zero grip).
    i urge you to try it if only for that

  22. So what the heck is the handbrake in this game? I know that holding X or RMB you can lock the hull or turret depending on the vehicle type. But handbrake?

  23. ELC AMX is insane in this latest test. I’ve found that if you ram it into the lower glacis of an IS-3, it’s completely possible to get underneath it and shoot the vulnerable underside!

  24. If there are any Gaijin representatives I would like to volounteer to making You a good propaganda for money ;D But seriously, I was skeptical about WT at first, then I discovered the SBs and I loved it, it was hard to go from RC WoT tanks to real(ish) tanks in GF but now I love the immersion and challange. And also when I leave WoT for their fuck-ups and go back to it after some time, they’re still there. When I go back to WT I can see the progress. Paraphrasing SS: WoT developement seems sluggish in comparision to WT. Take it or leave it, You probably don’t care about my opinion anyway, but I can see the Wargaming losing the race. And when AW kicks in..

  25. I tested it and noticed some major flaws:

    There is an issue with interaction of tanks with terrain for all tanks (sometimes you just randomly stop or loose speed for no reason).

    Mobility of heavy and medium tanks seems excessively nerfed (talking about 50 100, IS-3, T-62A), while mobility of light tanks seem to be buffed. Proposed fix: reduce friction for heavier tanks (mediums, heavies).

    Light tanks can climb to some amazing places where no other tank can – it might be potentially gamebreaking on some positions (such as next to your cap). It might seem nice buff to LTs, but I can already see what my RU with it’s gun depression and constant rate of fire could do there (while many tanks don’t have that good elevation). It might also be an issue with some tomato idiots wanting to play hide&seek or wanting to save their repair cost and wasting rest of player’s time in progress.

    Light/medium tanks can traverse underwater with no reduced speed reaching again some amazing locations. Fix – add friction coefficient/buoyancy for all tanks traveling underwater.

    Maybe it would also be nice if invisible walls were added to some things such as staircases on himmelsdorf where you can get stuck with light tanks and even if you reached top it would be completely useless position).

    It would also be nice if you could control magnitude of braking like you can control engine output presently (might be useful for tanks with no gun depression, it would just need to be viable to last for 1-2s to make use of it).

  26. Sound? Handbrakes should squeal. They don’t always, but from a drivers perspective inside, it’s about the only thing you would hear. Brakes are in the engine compartment though. You wouldn’t hear them from outside (or hear them much inside either). Still, yeah. A squealing brake sound could work.

    Inertia: Tanks stop quickly when the brakes don’t fail. All turns are made with BRAKES. Those brakes are STRONG. Inertia shouldn’t ever be a factor unless a tank is moving down the direction of a slope. Down a slope is the only time braking should be a problem. Inertia gives the feeling of “weight”, but again. Tanks stop really well.

    Drifting: Tank tracks are designed to bite longitudinally, and slide a bit horizontally. They are like a hundred little snow ski’s placed sideways under the vehicle.

    And not much of it matters on stone or concrete. :) Single-pin cleat tracks DO even dig into asphalt and cobblestone during turns.

    So tanks will slide a bit on man-made surfaces, if they get up to speed. They can even drift fully sideways or spin completely.

    Track design will let you pivot on soil, but even then it begins to dig a trench DESPITE tracks being designed to slide sideways. Tanks don’t fully drift sideways on soil. They bite, stop, and possibly throw a track or tip over.

    I think the best analogy is that tanks on soil move like a powerboat through water.