Last Great European Random

Hello everyone,

unfortunately, I have to tell you that Woras is moving on from making the European Random videos and this will be the last one. Thanks for all the good work, Woras!


57 thoughts on “Last Great European Random

    • Yeah… last moments of this move made me ROFL :) It is like a monument of huge burning erection :)

    • Good riddance, shittiest videos by far, wouldn’t even waste time on them.

      Can only hope that Woras is leaving WoT as well.

      One can only dream.

  1. Funnily enough I’ve never watched the previous 16 so I don’t think I’ll break the habit.

  2. wtf Woras…. you are stopping doing them right before the introduction of the new physics? Nooo :(

  3. It’s the last one because the competition probably started a smear campaign.

    AWGER(!) will probably take a long time since the game is a while away ….and it won’t have that specific shittiness and “dirty” feel that WoT has. Less RNG too ;/

    • since not that many people use them ,just take it in good faith that they aren’t cheating , also EU doesn’t have a list so that they can ban you for anything not just the stuff on the list , they might not be very good at it but having no banned mods list allows them to do that.

  4. Finally, it was time to stop advertising this piece of shit game, Woras… >:)

    • Fair play to Woras, he is a man of his word. Last week he implied he was giving up on FTR/WOT and it looks like he is. What keeps you here if you hate the game so much?

    • Luck. Every hour hundreds of blind shots are given… some of them just must hit something :)

    • If you make a joke series about a joke, it’s not that funny. Not as if GER was entertaining to me anyway, much prefer WSS?:RNG

  5. What i see here (those blind shots) that they probably using warpack or that position cheat when someone hit a tree or breakable object.

    Without that cheat probably wouldn’t know where the tank was. Check 4:04 …. really weird.

  6. So Woras will do AW then?
    Sad day.
    I wonder if it will hit closed beta stage this year?

  7. Kind of fail on the T25-AT (around 9 mins video) on the no damage count. the M4E2 shooting on the tracks, there were some cloear tracks + damage shots but was counted as no damage.

    But the rest this last video (sadly last) was very good, some lame artys, but good video!

    • its so beautiful ! jumping with a duck ! so sad Woras is moving on, wish him the best !

  8. I can make the new (rebranded) random. But it’s in development+i haven’t replays. Send me replays to I don’t need any wotreplays link, you can send it as extension to the email.
    The videos will be in 60FPS and in standart graphics.(In normal in standart graphics: 120FPS)

  9. So Woras, u finally dropped WoT into the oblivion ?

    I smell future AW videos on your channel :P

  10. Well I don’t like Woras, but the videos are nicely done…although you’d need an unblocker for watching it on YT.

  11. What on earth is that mod people are using, the one that scans? I’ve never seen that.

    • If people are only sending in replays to Woras (not their own vids), then these cannot be aim bots. It’s not like the replay file format has any support for them after all….

      More likely, it’s something Woras added in post production. Of course if people *did* send in vids, then they probably are aim bots.

  12. Woras! Thank you! These were hugely entertaining and will be missed! QQ

    May all you do be at least this successful :)

    And I don’t care about what none of these whining SOBs say about you, you a good man and a better comment troll! :P

    GG Woras!

  13. Seems that Woras also moved from discussions… cant see any of his trollings under a post dedicated to his work. Something happened, Woras?