New Motion Physics Trailer by DezGamez

Hello everyone,

I found this video to be very nicely made. The problem with the new physics is that it’s very hard to capture the entire system on video, you really have to FEEL the tank movement. Still, the video is very good, so… enjoy :)



And yes, if you haven’t tried the test yet – do.

26 thoughts on “New Motion Physics Trailer by DezGamez

  1. this physics are such a buff to fast non-turreted vehicles.
    drive by the stationary enemy tank, drift, shoot, gg.

  2. The music is too good for this little new feature.. We need Spin Tires physics and unreal 4 optimized for toasters

  3. Physics wasn’t the main problem in this game. There are others who should be addressed instead.

  4. Everything is beautiful, tanks are flyin’, turnin’, shootin’…
    But I can watch it on video only. My test client do not want to start. Only thing I can see is launcher window. After it everything goes back to the desktop… So sad.

    • Did you remove any previous test server installation before installing the current one?

        • If you installed this test version over the older ones it won’t work.
          A friend of mine had the same problem. Once he installed this test server as a fresh install it worked

  5. Am i the only one missing something obvious about this whole thing?

    I just dont see whats so great about this new physics. It adds almost nothing to the game?

    • actually, it’s the opposite, it changes almost everything…
      There is a reason why people say you have to feel it instead of watching.

  6. Are tanks supposed to climb a slope as steep as at 1:38?

    Is it broken or working as intended?

    Also I think this “drift” will be great for unicums in Russian Meds.

  7. There is funny error on TS.
    1. you have to drive (not stationary).
    2. you have to have a lost track (either of drop, or track hit).
    3. you still can rotate tank with one track working.

    Tried it allready on ELC yesterday. Sadly I have no replays of it. But you can go on test, and with some friend (it is hard to do it on random) on training test it.

  8. I hate this shit sad serious music used in a game like WoT lol! WoT=kindergarden. Happy, hilarious and rage gameplay.

  9. Am I the only one who noticed a serious drop of frame rates? on the normal server I get 40-60 while on the common test I only get 10-20… I had to put the quality on minimal (so old graphics engine) and I still only got 40 fps.. weird….

    • test server is set on patch 9.2…that patch had some serious optimisation problems (shitty light effects)

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