Errata: “Assault on Berlin” – Fake

Hello everyone,

a quick update. The piece of news, published roughly an hour ago about the special mode “assault on Berlin” was a fake. The medal itself was real, but it was a part of the last year’s historical battles mode, that was cancelled (at one point, they planned one HB to be the siege of Berlin).

The “Berlin” vehicles are real though, as well as the news that a new city map is being developed, which leads me to speculate that there will indeed be a very special mode where you will participate in the 1945 victory parade.

16 thoughts on “Errata: “Assault on Berlin” – Fake

  1. Mhh maybe the first PVE Battle? I mean by now we only have allied tanks, don’t we? (And I don’t really see a sense in a “drive around in a parade formation”-mode.)

  2. Too often “fake news” nowadays :/

    Maybe you should have better confirmation about all leaks that comes to you…Or you should “wait” a fair amount of time to publish them…

      • I think you mean december/january mission list :/

        When I said “too often” I try to say micro fakes especially in news+bigger leaks that just like this. I read something in Q&A and a few days later you corrected some of them “will not xxxx…”. Or I’m so bad reader only remembers corrections anyway….

        And one more word for the man who below right here: I’m not WG PR user.

        • Those are not my fails however. Those are leaks of what the developers think – they decide one thing, test it and three days later, the situation is different, because they decide not to do it.

          That’s a normal development process.

        • How on earth is it his fault that his usually reliable source got fed false info? Get a grip.

      • Talking about missions leaks, is there a chance there will be any in the future again?

    • Yeah, i can just see all the comments “OMG SS u so slow, wotleaks full of info about XY and u know nothing!!!” appearing there if SS did that…

      Give the man a rest, the info seemed legit so he just translated & posted it for you, it wasn’t true – yeah, shit happens, SS apologised and withdrawn previous info, life goes on…

      You can’t make internets happy i guess…

      • Well I for one think there isn’t enough fake news on FTR. The reporting is if anything too accurate and could use some wild speculation to spice it up.

        Incidentally, I heard WG were introducing a tier 0 consisting of heavily armourd trebuchets.

  3. Lol that would be fun. Victory parade, USSR against Brits and Yanks.. The team who keeps best formation to a specific point, wins… I already feel another funmode coming up…

  4. Silentstalker, what about T34 Marathon? Do you have any new info? It’s apparently not on EU, at least yet. We would appreciate some more info.