Meanwhile in World of Tanks…

Now THAT is a lucky shot…

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    • Another arty hater whiner, Go figure. Grow up and come back in a few decades.

        • I am so sorry I hurt your shallow narrow mind by defending something you dont agree with.

      • I think you might be the one who has to grow up and come back, since you obviously can’t recognize a joke.

        • Since we just entered the childish realm, I will continue with a retort you understand. No, you grow up.

    • Why would it need a nerf? Because one guy got a lucky shot and got killed a few moments later (notice the tank score)?

      If you get one-shot, they were just better, in spot, aiming, prediction, that’s all. Nobody cares if a tank hits an arty’s only visible pixel 700m away, but if arty hits him back because he stays wide in the open, spotted, it’s cheating and clicking.

      • Stop talking! You’re making too much sense! People might get upset by the simple truth and logic!

        • Another arty hater cry baby. It doesn’t fit their self image of being invulnerable so they cry about it. It doesn’t matter both sides have arty. It doesn’t matter arty is so FUBARed it sucks to play it now. It doesn’t matter if they get killed by a million shots as long as they can blame arty for their losses. The unicums are the worst followed by the warpack babies. They cheat to get the win so when arty screws up that for them they cry.

          • You’re right, all that doesn’t matter, because arty is totally broken. If they kept it the way it is now and increased accuracy by 50% I wouldn’t bitch as much, because I know the player actually aimed where he hit me. The way it is now, you can literally aim anywhere near the target rather than at a precise location, simply because the RNG makes the shot go all over the place anyway.

            Currently, every arty shot is all about dumb luck, not about estimating the enemy’s movement.

            • Most of arty shots are lucky….Know, is depressing watch an arty that oneshot you when you are driving a tank that goes to 50/60 km/h…..estimating in that case mmmmm i don’t think :|

        • Because when you are losing 4:11 (before he got shot) you have such great selection of targets. Of course they all try to hit and splash them behind the buildings, because there are no other targets elsewhere.

        • what did that twatter page prove that people cry and whine there too? go figure.

      • In case you have not noticed, the “aiming” circle of SPG is big enough to cover the screen for some.

        If I stop in the open and a shot lands in FRONT of me, it means the clicker has some skill; if I stop in the open and shot hits me ANYWAY, it means the clicker has only luck.

        • I don’t mean instant stopping, I mean stopping in the open and standing there for a minute or so.

          Anyway, if you are going towards the arty, the shot stopping in front of you actually means no skill, because he should’ve aimed a bit behind you anyway ;3

      • So, do tell me how that tank that was oneshotted was staying in the open spotted…

        That aside the only fact and logic here is that some mouthbreather that fails at tanks were dealing free damage throughout the match from the safety of a bush on the other side of the map and after the enemy managed to pin him down he was still able to squish one more tank.

        And your reasoning in this scenario is that ‘the arty player was better’. Yeah, right.

        • OMG!!!! you mean arty was hiding for being shot? NO !!! That is so unfair. It must be more fair for a weak armored tank or spg to just charge you so your small minded ego can be assuaged. Grow up arty is part of the game and you arty haters really don’t have a point. except admitting you are sore losers/ spoiled brats having a fit.

      • Well look here. Let’s not be completely retarded for just one second shall we?

        You’re trying to tell me, that in any case, situation, or scenario, that arty killing you from an undisclosed location from across the map where only a light going full speed rushing straight at you can kill you, from full health is even remotely okay?

        Tanks like the 183, Waffle, and Jagzilla are bad enough, killing every tier 10 tank in 3 shots or less, or one clip.

        Artillery I agree is useful in some situations, taking out key opponents. But it is not okay that it can easily and will likely kill you in one shot at the highest tier in the game if it even touches you. While you should be punished, all other tanks require actual wit to take down enemies. While arty is a point and shoot game.

        • “You’re trying to tell me, that in any case, situation, or scenario, that arty killing you from an undisclosed location from across the map where only a light going full speed rushing straight at you can kill you, from full health is even remotely okay?”

          Yes. It doesn’t happen every game. Doesn’t even happen every ten games, so I am fine with this.

          I am one-shot = Good shot, gl (close battle, new game).

        • NOT easily. that is whiner talk. Non logic looking through urine colored glasses bs. The arty misses a lot. If you want historical accuracy you should have aircraft pummel the crap out of you. You will see it it but rarely be able to take it out.That sounds more fun.

      • Pffffff LOL

        I had a E75 fire APCR against my T110E5 because he said: “Strongest tier 10 heavy”
        Now, its totally not true, its the lowest armored Heavy of tier 10 (except for the French 50B, cause its French :P), Only the frontal upper plate is well armored + great angled and the gun mantle is thick to bounce shots, the rest is paper, Lower plate is paper, turret nipple is bouncy if they dont hit it square on, side and rear and pennable for tier 2-3 tanks. If a Tier 10 heavy needs a buff, its the T110E5. Even the (fake) FV 215b (120) is more troll armored, even the turret.

        • We just compared some tank stats with my friend and noticed that my E5 has highest average dmg blocked by armor, out of my T10 heavies. Granted, I don’t have E100 or Maus, but it was better than IS-7, FailLöwe or IS-4 :P.

        • e5 has second best firecontrol and accuract for tier x heavies; it does not even need to get hit half of time.

    • (before wot wiki)gotta low dat normalisation AP shell penetrated front plate of a jpgze100 because…reasons

      (after wot wiki)360mm penetrating AP shell? on a fucking arty? i played with obj261 on test server i thought it was 260 but wtf is 360mm penetration? no wonder that shell penetrated jgpze100′s frontal armour
      wot wiki and takopedia says it is 360mm penetration i have 212A as searched played a little bit but i dont have a 261 please tell me that wot wiki is wrong because that penetration value is too high for a damn arty

      • just found out that T92 has 370 penetration with AP of course it has bad accuracy so no big deal but seriously?
        360 mm penetration is too much for obj261 it is accurate enough to hit someone and at that angle most of the tanks have 200 mm effective armour against your shell

        and how did that shot bounce off from E4′s frontal turret armour?

        • Why would 360mm pen be too much ? Its actually quite little for that shell size. A shell that size would devastate every tank in game with one shot, and not deal punny 1k dmg when it hits ..

          • FV183 is a TD and it has 310 penetration
            so you would think that a TD would have better penetration with better calibre(3mm more but still) 183mm shell has 1150 average damage so yeah 1100 damage should be ok

            also 261′s shell hits a tank from such angle that makes most of the tanks’ frontal armour’s slope useless
            soo yeah 360 is a bit too much make it 310 i would be OK with that

            ALSO T92 has a 240mm shell with 370 penetration if we use your logic that would let T92′s AP shell be 450mm average penetration and it has 1800 average damage 15cm guns gets 700-750 18cm guns get 1100-1150 so a random math
            3cm gives 400 more damage
            6cm gives 800 more damage

            but of course thats now how shells work because every shell haves diffrent variations of explosives in them and diffrent chargers and stuff and stuff

            obj261 is already one of the best artillerity in game in my opinion
            T92 has 370 penetration with such bad accuracy obj 261 shouldnt have 360 mm penetration with much better accuracy sacrifices 700 damge with 10mm less penetration but i dont think it is enough

            of course because it will fire from such distance the amount of penetration will go low but again you are firing to nearly flat surfaces with that kind of angle

            • Your logic is wrong becasue you obviously have no idea of balistics, tank shells and penetration values.

              First of all, the FV183 is a TD, yes, but its gun has a lower caliber and lower muzzle velocity. It is ment to shoot at much lower ranges, the shells flies slower and the propellant charge is smaller, hence less power. The 261 has a higher caliber, longer gun barrel and a MUCh bigger propellant charge since its range is 5-10x of the FV. It needs a lot more force to get the shell that far, so there is much more force behind it. Also, not every 180mm shell is the same. Look at this for example:


              Its lower caliber ones, but you get what i mean.

              As for the T92, you cant just scale shell size with penetration power. Why do you say “if you use my logic” ? I never said such nonsense. Look at the 105mm short vs the 75mm long. Higher muzzle velocity, higher penetration power. Big shell not automatically means big penetration, it depends on the shell itself what properties it has.

              Your oppinion is nice, but 261 is far from being one of the best arties in game. It is good for special purpose and its really nice if you hit with AP, but its still very random, and i rather have a 700hp splash from T92 or CGC than a miss with AP from 261.

              • lower calibre? seriously? it says 183mm calibre and yet you think 180 is bigger than 183? dat logic

                i mocked with WG’s shell logic of course i know how shell balistics work

                So… OBJ261′s 180mm B-1-P is a russain naval gun and FV183′s 183mm L4 is a british naval gun(also howitzer types can be found)
                so according to history 180mm B-1-P is 10.1 meters long while 183mm L4 is also 10.0 meters long

                suprised? there is more the russain naval gun B-1-p has 1000mph velocity while L4 has 1300mph velocity whaaa

                lets contunie

                WoT stats tells me that fv183′s velocity is 850 m/s for AP shell
                while obj261′s velocity is 530 m/s


      • deal with it.. i sware to fucken god if it was a heavy tank td or light tank yoi wouldent be bitching FFS! i sware the people seeing an arty getting a dice roll kill shot from a biest game is just astonishing.. its an amazing shot its not like the arty was in over top veiw ffs!!

        I so wish we had arty parties everyday to make you guys stfu and play the stuiped game.. arty is part of the game you cancerous people who hate fun amd hate anyhing that can pen you even if its a bloody t1 shooting apcr at your is7s ass

        *growls* this game sucks because of you haters.

        sorry SS for the curseing rants..

        • Because people actually need to maneuver in range with a real tank.

          With skycancer, you can play with one hand just clicking from spawn; and aiming circle is large enough to let you hit something without even clicking on the target.

          Anyone who has played spg can tell it’s the easiest to play.

          This game sucks because there is mostly retards in pubs and those retards sometimes can get a kill due to RNG by playing Skycancer. Why did you think arty-parties existed? It was because all the retards knew it’s the easiest/leadt skill-reliant.

          Now TD got nerfed, retards have nothing to hide behind now.

  1. that shot should redefine the “luck” word. if this is “luck” we should find a name for other stuff.

    • Wargaming already got one: RNG

      And btw, how can that ricochet move that direction in the first place when it hits (as it looks) the gun mantled flat on, then 50cm to the left to move on…. Lets call it planned by Wargaming servers

  2. In the meantime i got banned for the 3rd time already for doing Mission in light tanks, apparently people dont like suicidescouting and keep reporting me lol

      • if he is a normal guy he prob. laughed at went on…but for all noobs it is normal to spam and insult for the rest of the game…most of you trashing arty started to play this game to late to see what was it like before…most of retarded eff. whores in those days camped at base side..there was much more cover then and lived of reseting base(mony xp and eff were biggest for cap reset) ..and using a bit of brain in game to drive in arty safe positions is to much for some…. btw when jgpz one shots you is it fun 4 u??

        • SPG did used to be more cancerous, but it’s still cancer now.

          People camping near spawn isn’t rare even now…that isn’t solved by having more or less skycancer.

        • its never fun to be getting one shotted from an invisible target when you are least expecting

          get it? TDs are a bit obvious so people doesnt complain about them too much but you can always get one shotted from 800meters away

          game doesnt allow you to see enemy tanks that are 650+meters from you if you arent in an arty

  3. There was a post about ritagamer and some other female streamer a few days ago I believe… I can’t find a link to it, can someone give it to me?

  4. See, if your SERB’s Friend, then all these kinds of shots can be yours too…

    By the way, that was SERB’s personal ARTY there….

    The Cancer Runs Deep with ARTY….


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  6. Not luck, bullshit.

    You have a shell that bounces off a tank at range with less armor at less effective angles (T110E4 turret front), for it to then pen another tank even farther away that is heavier armored at more effective angles (Jagd E-100 upper frontal plate).

    This does nothing but showcase just how broken penetration mechanics are in this game.

    • the shot didnt hit turret front it hit mantlet

      obj261′s AP shell has 360 penetration and when it bounces off one time it will lose %25 of penetration value lost makes it 270 mm pen

      “but EA on jgpze100 is 300…” well it doesnt matter if it is 300 EA from face to face
      WG shell mechanic worked perfectly in this case because shell hit the armour from an angle that makes EA lower

      “whaaa-” yes shell mechanics work like this it doesnt matter which angle your armour is strongest what matters is the angle of impact

  7. So many brave arty boys here. There is so much skill involved in once-a-forty-seconds click. Wow, I always bow before such and ultimate skill and mastery.

    • The thing about artis, to be successful … you have to put some though into it.
      Pre-Aim… make the shots count… take obstacles into consideration and support the right spots. Some are even picky with their ammo…

      Not highest ceiling maybe… but not without.
      (… its not like all “tankers” are prime example of skill, right?)

  8. Arty whiners be “ooooooh setup setup setup setup setup”

    seriously, that’s a bettershot than an MLGPRO360NOSCOPE shot. what i find hard to believe is that it’s done by a chinese.