Warpack Stream

You know, when I remove a post, I remove it for a reason, because I just didn’t feel like being that negative today. Not to spam comments with it.

But whatever. We all know WG EU doesnt give a fuck about Warpack.

Check this out. A Warpack team (bush remover, broken object detector on minimap etc.) playing Team Battles and streaming it, because noone gives a flying fuck.


Edit: the broadcast ended, but they left the recording on, so you can check their past games (here for example)


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        • Sad that you don’t know….

          The USA lost 12 dead in Bosnia and another 20 during the bombing of neighbouring Yugoslavia.

          I guess when you get in so many wars, you tend to lose track of them. Would suck to be wounded in one though….

          “Where did you lose your leg?”
          “Where is that!?!?”

      • For those that are skilless, For those that rage and get mad because they are bad players, for those that are just pure fucktards –

        Those are the players that use Warpack.

        A bunch of skilless fucktards that cant play so they need assistance! Bahahaha what morons!

        It’s a game! Play and have fun! What? you have to CHEAT to have fun?

        lame. Why is this a problem on the EU server? lol .. guess there are a lot of skilless players that think they can get BETTER than everyone by having illegal mods that give THEM the advantage over everyone else..

        I am glad this isn’t that much of a problem in the US.

        Jealousy is a mother fucker, ain’t it?

    • Please stop advertising this silentstaker I’m starting to feel your just making it worse by letting everyone know about it P.S I LOVE THE BLOG

    • It’s this sort of BS on PC that might drive me back to Xbox WoT where at least there are no mods and hackers.

      • lol it’s easy to hack Xbox 360.
        look at grand theft auto online on 360 and PS3.

      • They may have been using illegal mods, but I don’t think they had Warpack… I was watching them play a match (they sucked) After it ended, I guess they saw this post beacause I heard the word “warpack” a bunch of times and the stream went down.

      • But these are mods, not cheats, and [long irrelevant definition of mod instead of an answer], amirite. Therefore, legal.

      • The page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner.
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        your “HERE” is offline, the rest works fine

      • I asked those guys at the support about that, after you posted those two articles.

        The answer was: There is an non-public list with “banned” mods, but they wont publish it soon, because they dont want discussions about the list (e.g. “why is mod XY not on the list” etc.). They are not allowed do tell you, if a specific mod is on their list or not, but they can still ban you for a mod on their list.

        So you can basicaly ask those guys at the “support” if you are allowed to use mod XY and they wont tell you anything about it (e.g. that it is on their list of banned mods). But you could get banned for using a mod, even if you asked them about a specific mod and they didn’t tell you that it’s banned.

        I can send you screenshots of the conversation, if you want.

  1. Nice. To quote a great man : They don’t care about us, so we can pretty much do whatever we want.

  2. now they even started talking about Warpack and FTR :’)

    aaaand it’s offline.

  3. Jumped on for a quick peak. Only had enemy gun directions on map, nothing else you mentioned. They still lost badly tho. But in the 60 seconds I did watch, the Stream went form 30 viewers to over 200 all screaming hacker. He went offline instantly after that.

  4. only think he was using was directions of enemy guns, as far as i noticed, and they still sucked

      • can you download their stream video? they can delete that so you can send it to WG EU support…

        oh shit i didnt…

        i m sorry i thought EU after warning would… you know

      • it may be possible but i coudnt notice that even while staring at minimap because, that guy has so small minimap + low quality video + his logo over minimap

  5. But still, if WG EU clearly don’t work, shall we bother and send the video of them cheating to WG RU? Maybe they will start doing something about it?

  6. Heyyo,
    Wow, quite glad I’m on the NA Server then. Hopefully they give more of a damn than EU… hopefully. :P

    I don’t think Warpack has been a big issue on NA server, but then again I’ve never really ran into situations where I felt cheated out of a match… usually the potatoes that don’t look at the minimap is a bigger issue…

    There you go! A good campaign mission! have the minimap enlarged and enabled and never shrunken or disabled for over 10k matches! Instant win for teamplay. :)

    • Since you are so sure all is perfect on NA I presume you know the clan Guerillas …..

      Look at their streams carefully and you will see they use AIM bot’s and other stuff all the time on stream…… Special case is Zeven_NA …… he has a modification that he only gets this shit activated when zoomed out. You will see how he can lead the shots and pre aim on weak spots from a great distance…..He is nailing all those funny impossible shots every game couse he is soooo good? Sure Sure…. It is quite remarkable how he and all others cheat on twitch and nobody gives a crap about it….. It is not different on NA, EU or RU …. same crap every where

      • Exactly… Guerrillas is a well known clan of cheaters, there are good players, but even those uses warpack on CWs and tourneys. Other top 10 clans on NA use it aswell. Failure players cheating are in every game…

        • To replay to the post with rage and childish remarks is bad enough and an answer that you want to bet over something gives an impression you are either an addict in betting or a 12 years old kid being abused since you were a baby….. go seek some professional help it will do you a lot of good in your future life….

      • you are some kind of idiot, sir. the only member of -G- to have been caught using an illegal mod is Sela. Having watched Zeven hundreds of times the dude sure as fuck doesn’t use an aimbot – maybe you forget there’s a auto aim feature in wot that even good players use sometimes when OTM vs weak armor?
        plz link us to a twitch replay showing him or any other member of -G- using an illegal mod.
        git gud, skrubs.

        • as you said… was caught…. that does not mean others don’t cheat. I dont give a flying fuck what you mean. but if you pay attention when Zeven is zoomed out and he is shooting all his shots land and pen + his reticle is micro jumping around the place…. that does not happen when he is zoomed in to snipe and his hand is not so steady as in zoom out with 250 or even 400 meters away….

          Now if you were any good you would realise that in normal conditions you are not able to do the same at the rate he is doing it… I can agree that he has lucky streak but what he aims and pens when zoomed out is not the hand of a human. That is a computer system which is aiming….

          and in regards to the twitch replay it is easy. go to watch his stream and pay attention to the aiming he is doing at zoomed out…It would help if your screen is not 12″

          Scrub your face against a wall and say Auch or behave dragqueen

          • Kmecl, doubt your Zeven accusations. Have watched a number of his Youtube videos. Got a link to your proof?

    • i emailed them a video of a obvious bot (in cap circle not moving anything but his turret), and they gave me the same copy paste answer as the EU,
      something like
      -we have a bot detection system and cheat detection system running, if they are in fact bots they will be caught.
      ffs just look at the vid and speed this along…

    • thats what happens when u really on it too much, ur not trying to play good. Like playing a game with infinite life or whatever and running around not caring about the enemys. WG EU have to deal with this, hope some big gaming magazine or website makes an article about it. That way WG Eu would get some preasure to do something as its gonna make alot of players angry and might stop playing it alltogether.

  7. I guess sooner or later someone at WG EU will lose their job…or more like everyone

    • I don’t think so, they won’t care on fixing anything while people are still throwing them money… They work for you, don’t forget that, stop spending on WoT and they will start worrying…

  8. Makes me laugh everytime I see this kind of shit. Idiots playing against these wannabe ass-cumming bitches… This is exactly what the World of Tanks is today.

    For all WoT players, this is a big “FUCK YOU ALL”.

    • makes me wanna play on RU server as people in minsk seem to at least care about cheaters. I beter learn some russian first;)

  9. Obvious to me that many people “hack” it has become a norm. Many people are in denial about this fact. Illegal mod packs like Slayer are free, why would you not try it?

    • I wouldnt, I play for the challange I run no mods at all. I would rather become good with no mods rather then rely on some mod to make me a “good” player. I remember I used to be called a “hacker” when I ran the minimaus in the old days when it was way op and couldnt penetrate me.

  10. -Edit: the broadcast ended, but they left the recording on, so you can check their past games (here for example)

    FYI – I get a response for the link on the recordings:

    The page could not be found, or has been deleted by its owner.

    • During the last stream someone said they had recordings of that session. Tho his name eludes me atm.

      • Youtube?

        Also if they were the first… many more will follow.
        Its the internet… trust me.

  11. ….and for a second i thought i was nuts, because i had seen the original post, before you removed it.

    BUT I SAID (on ur very first warpack post ) thats its LEGAL.
    “no its not jajaja”

    it is… it is! look at it…… damn…… WG….. what have you done!?

    ps. … or better yet …. what…. haven’t you done :(

  12. I wish IGN or some other big gaming website would write about this, they need to be banned. If a big enough opinion is against WG EU and their lack of action, they could lose players and then they would hopefully have to do something. But now I dont think enough people playing is aware of the problem.

    • It’s not racism. Its wot.
      Wot = nothing matters.

      Just login to general chatt if you don’t believe me- any time of the day.

      • It’s sad, because sometimes i’m helping other players in the gen. chat… ;_;
        And i found some friends in it too…

        But that’s EU for ya, English is not a major language in other countries :|

  13. I dont go to general chat, ingame (in match) chat is sufficently supplied with imbeciles :D

  14. I wish people wouldn’t say they are “Illegal” as “Not Allowed” and “Illegal” are highly different things.

    Against EULA or TOS is perhaps a bit much to write out, but I doubt the police will ever break down a door if your using a black sky mod.

    • It is illegal in therm of “wg s realm”.
      Its their world (of tanks)…
      so they have to be the police.

      But … how is the saying: where is no jury, there will be no judge? …

    • just play with words.

      Majority of players will be pissed off if they get to know what advantages cheaters have and that nothing is done to avoid cheating.

      Majority of players think that they play competitive game with RNG, MM, better players aso.. still after they hear about cheaters and advantages they have, then normal behavior of RNG may suit better with “cheating” behavior.

      If every player will know true about cheating in WoT, there will be much less players that will be happy to pay for such game (many players sense PU as reward for developers).

      BTW that concept “reporting of cheating over anonymous web page” is nothing normal player will do… I feel it that way too:
      Im not here to learn WG how to do the job, I play WoT for pleasure not as “game tester employee”, they have a lot of money from the game, i think that enought to take care about the game… if they dont care… you know.

      • Agree.
        Thats why just punishing after isnt enough.

        The damage in trust is already done and everyone is potential Cheater :(

    • People like you used to freak out and be deathly afraid of the police knocking down their door for CYBERCRIME back when Windows would crash with a “this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down”.

      Here, look at the second line of the definition: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/illegal . “Illegal” IS “not allowed within the rules”.

      • Words. They got no power if they stay on their own.

        Doesnt matter what u call it then. They just give an idea what it could mean.

        Right now it means – illegal = ur on ur own.

        Sad but true.

        Its was like when bots were an Huge issue.
        But they got aware and changened things.
        Thats what we need Here too :)

        The Solution doesnt have to be perfect, but everything starts somewhere….

        All we ask for is a sign of this ;)

        • This reply is a bit of a mess, so I’ll just say this – my point was that before pedantically bitching about how people are using a word wrong it would be nice if he first checked if they actually ARE using it wrong. They are not.

  15. That stream was SURE FUN to watch.

    Also the low understanding how to cut off cheats in the crowd.
    “ban cheaters” … yeah that works…

    not uhmmm… ban the cheats and ways to get some into the game.
    nonono… we rather should cut the leaves, not pull out the roots. (what an horrible idea of mine)

    Right now if you ban 1 (after weeks of trying to proof if he does or not) 2 more can step in within minutes.

    I bet WG support loves to sort trough thousands of emails (cause they can handle that amount of additional mails) … while everyone ingame points fingers (most likely on innocents) … destroying the little trust which was left :)

    gg. ty

    • Just that u cant “pull out the roots” on cheats. Theres always a way to manipulate the client, especially in the graphical/statistical ways of cheating we see here in wot(highlighting stuff/showing estimated reloadtimes etc). Sure, it would be a nice step by WG to make it harder for the cheat devs, but its just some childish thinking, that u could turn a switch and cheating/modding would be impossible.

      WG did already a good job with their serverside calculation, thx to that we will never see real aimbots(those that not just aim for u but also hit with every shot), cheats that make u die instantly, cheats to the spotting system etc.

      Those things like warpack are mostly just using stuff that your client NEEDS to know (or dont u want to see tracers with arty anymore? No more destroyable inventory? No more cutable trees?). So stuff, that u CANT put on server side (as your client needs to display em somehow), therefore there’s ALLWAYS a way of manipulating em, or short to cheat.

      TL;DR: U can only fight the cheaters effectively, not the cheats.

  16. Who cares if they are cheating? It’s a wallet warrior game wholly designed around minimizing the effects of individual player skill (RNG, 3-tier spread, server side autoaim). The game is a imbalanced joke. Just have fun with it.

      • @RedPan: Cause saying something different = crying.
        He has a point. Just take the game for what its worth… and in an ideal world… that would work fine.

        but… what he might doesn’t see (anymore) is, that ppl are passionate about the game, like about many other things.

        Just spend enough time … find friends … or even spend a $… there you go,
        you get suckered in… and care about the game (s future) :)

        So i agree 50%
        50% keep calm and play along
        50% dont give a fuck – wg doesn’t either

        • yep here whe have the guy defending the cheaters on stream with crap like ppl use it when they can use it and its wg fault ppl cheat and its legal to use. can i ask you a question? do you use one of those warpacks or other cheat crap? and like Not_me said ” those things like warpack are mostly just using stuff that your client NEEDS to know (or dont u want to see tracers with arty anymore? No more destroyable inventory? No more cutable trees?). So stuff, that u CANT put on server side (as your client needs to display em somehow), therefore there’s ALLWAYS a way of manipulating em, or short to cheat.”
          its the same with glitches, it doesnt mean there is one in the game so it gives you all the right to use it, ppl with common sence and a real heart for gaming report that stuff to let it be fixed and dont make a unfair use of it. cuz thats the reason i stopped playing battlefield and cod on playstation3 to many retards thinking its all ok to use glitches or cheats that gives you an unfair advance like sitting in walls, sitting under the map, flying in the air. if you need to cheat than dont play those games cuz your fucking it up for the ppl that wanna enjoy the game in a good way.

          • I only cheat when ur ingame. Duh. As said u did listen well.

            I dont try to explain it a fith time to u. Waste of time. U only care for the results… Not for the cause. Anti cheat Software? Whats that?
            Never existed ,duh.

            Better spam support with tons of unproveable Mails… Thats how u do it.
            Good luck with that.

            And as long wg EU does Jack shit- its legal for them. Ask the streamers! They sure Were scared by wg asking polite to not do it. They shivered in between laughter…

            Ur words mean nothing.
            Wg words mean nothing.
            Facts count. Make it techincal harder to cheat… Not just talk and punish AFTER the damage is done.

            Thats how u destroy trust and bring down (game) communitys.

            U claim i cheat, because i just dare to approach it different.
            How many ppl u call cheater for same or lesser reasons?

            Keep desroying the game.
            I rather thank the streamers -since shit like yesterday gives wg hopefully awareness , since they IGNOR cheaters right now.

            Wg is only one to solve it. Not useless fingerpointing MR smartypants.

    • “It’s a wallet warrior game”

      Please tell us more how it’s like to be a really special kind of stupid

      The stench of 200 WN8 45% stronk pleyer stretches from across your post

      • Wallet warrior game?

        You know that you can ‘autoaim’ without premium account?

        And you can enlarge your minimaps using the + ans – button without oremium account?

  17. Yeah they are funny, they delete old broadcast and left only last one without ilegal mods.

    But if you listening carefully, you hear in 5:59 in last broadcast, we start stream without this, and watchers says we dont see any ilegal mods and they laught…
    Really brain from monkeys

  18. Have a replay of someone using a Warpack mod in a game.


    Two things.

    Would I know what was going on or would that player have the warpack mod if FTR wasn’t heavily advertising it?

    Tell you what though, if I had that mod installed I’d have known his position and had at worst, an aimed shot on him before his second shell. Or at best, the first and last shot.

  19. Check this replay.

    I just watched it and the aim circle of the player seems to live independently of where he is pointing with the mouse, it moves detached from the mouse, aims for vehicles’ middle/weakspots without the player pointing the mid-screen aiming dot there. Looks totally like a WP aimbot IMO.

  20. This whole War pack things funny . The only reason why 99% of the people know anything about it is because FTR is advertising it.

    Stop talking about illegal mods on the site. you’ve done it in the past and the reaction im sure is the opposite of what your trying to do.

    • Im sure he knows that.

      And by advertising that ppl are using it, though it being officially illegal, he enforces a reaction by WG. Because they need to set clear rules now to aviod their game getting flooded by these kind of “illegal helpers”.

      Imo its a bold move and im more then eager to see the reaction on WGs side. And imo it cant be strict enough.

      My personal preference would be an official MOD-Manager (in the Launcer or somewhere) where you need to activate mods, thus them getting checked for legality. That would solve alot of issues.

      • “My personal preference would be an official MOD-Manager (in the Launcer or somewhere) where you need to activate mods, thus them getting checked for legality. That would solve alot of issues.”

        And who should look over all these mods? WG EU? Wtf, you dont really need mods then, because if they check them at all, they would be checked like 2 or 3 patches to late…
        WG should follow its pattern and slowly implement all this usefull mods directly into the client, like they did before (reload timer, minimap…).

    • Yes and no. Yes most know about it via this site that’s true. And no it was before he took it up, its been all the rage on the forum for a few weeks after Ectar told us that they can’t police what people use, thus there is no point telling em what is legal and not. They can just tell people to use common sense about the matter, as in we don’t care nor will we do anything about it when you do have evidence of such. That’s when it escalated. And it went to shits when FTR posted about the guy that used warpack and did report himself to support. And they did nothing. That’s when people went nuts on EU and the topic on the EU forum boiled over and Ectar had to comeback to post again. Tho with that last post he more or less went against all he had posted earlier. So it was rather pointless tbh.

    • Strange… works this for you in real life?
      Usually if there is some security problem, that was for example with WEP on WIFI… does silence help to solve the security problem? Will silence about WIFI WPS problem force companies to develop solution, firmware updates? Will silence force users to update firmware on WIFI devices or turn WPS off or to request solution from developer?
      Will silence/ignorance solve child abuse problem?

      Will silence about faulty car locks solve the problem with stolen cars? Or will publication of it force car manufacturers to develop the solution?

      I taught that bad guys always know how to hack the system or how to get the knowledge, tools to do so… publication will just warn those that didn’t realize or cannot imagine what bad guys are able/are willing to do.

      Rule of thumb is “Ignorance of the problem will not solve the problem”-

      • Oh… maybe with one exception… for alcoholics, alcohol will solve all problems :)
        or at least you dont need to think about the problem, so the problem does not exist :)

        Hope you get the idea .)

  21. SS please I beg you. Learn the difference between Warpack and rest of the illegal mods. If someone uses some kind of illegal mod that doesn’t necessarily means he’s using Warpack. I can now find every single mod from Warpack except aimbot and their bot. You can find aimbots but they’re not that good. What I’m trying to say is stop yelling warpack!!! thatisthereasonwhyhehaveunicumstats!! just because someone is using few illegal mods.

    • Tho sadly he did remove his past videos, if you did look at the past streams he had, he did indeed have a warpack menu. As he could turn em on and off as he pleased.

  22. Even if they currently don’t have a way of detecting illegal mods they should bloody well state exactly what’s allowed and what’s not. They should also publish the penalty for using them (lock account for a year at least). If they make that kind of statement that No, we don’t accept mods that manipulate aim, foliage etc there’s no discussion about what’s illegal or not. People comparing a stat tool like XVM with a mod that automatically fires at weakspots can go troll their own ass.

    Then, once they’ve made things clear, they can decide the best course of action to detect stuff like this or minimise the usefulness. Sure it would require a fair bit of computing to detect the difference between an automated aiming system and a human for example but not impossible. Up to the company that made 500 million USD to decide how much they want to spend to protect the integrity of the game which in the end will decide whether that revenue stays up or goes down the drain. How about putting together a small team of devs in charge of trying to counter the features in these mod packs?

    Finally, SS is doing nothing wrong or bad what so ever when he publishes these findings. Admittedly I was a tad curious when he linked to the updated (legal) battle assistant arty mod, hosted on a blatant cheat provider site but at the end of the day, knowledge is power. If you know a red dot will show everyone and his mother exactly where you fired your arty from the second you pull the trigger, you’re not going to hang around there and wait to get shot for example. Counter arty used to be a skill but is now pointless. Instead you have to counter arty based on predicted locations from experience. Probably not a bad thing actually. By publishing this to the world, SS is only telling the majority what the cheating minority already knows (and anybody who can type “cheat for wot” into Google). The big plus is that if thousands of people find out, start ranting on forums and spread it to thousands more, it won’t be long until WG have to act, simples.

    My hat off to you Silent Stalker for the work you do and keep it up despite the fools!

  23. First of all I don’t think that the Warpack is a cheat. It is so because all of it’s features are in the game already, yet they are visible 10x to the mods. These mods are giving a small advantage to the one that uses them, no doubts about that. However, you saw the proof that the Warpack doesn’t makes you unicum. As a matter of fact this guy and his whole team proved that even with Warpack a weak player remains weak player! (http://worldoftanks.eu/community/accounts/501370088-virus2606/).

    • This is probably the most stupid thing I’ve heard! Well no it’s not, but it’s up there.

      Explain to me the logic behind your statement please. Because if those features are available in game I’d like to know where you enable them. I mean if zooming around in my 1390 auto aiming for weak spots is available to everybody I must have missed something. Or why not have autofire on weak spot as soon as somebody peeks past a corner. Or the feature by whereby I can immediately see who is aiming at me and from where.

      And if the logic is that weak spots exist, and auto aim exists, albeit not connected, then surely it must be ok to use server hacks too? After all, the features on the server are available to the player too, otherwise we wouldn’t be hitting anything right?
      Continue to use it by all means but don’t try to pretend it’s not a cheat. And whether it makes you a unicum or not is completely irrelevant. A bank robber that gets away with 5 bucks instead of 5 million is still a bank robber.

      • When you don’t understand coding (as programming) rather don’t make a fool of yourself over the internet. Or you think that mod packs, such as Warpack are implementing codes in the client or in the server (or in both)? Also, it is good to understand once and for all the meaning of the word “hack”, as it is used over the internet. No, mods are not hacks. Mods are scripts that reveals info that is already in your client, but it’s hidden for mass usage- ergo you will need a certain mod to unlock that future (once again it is still there). I admit that the Vanga aim (this is the autoaiming system you are talking about) is something, that gives a lot of opportunities for a fellow below 1200 WN8 rating, but I am telling you that a 2500 WN8 player does way better without this vanga aim. However, you’ll be stunned how many players actually use this autoaim system (Vanga aim) without having Warpack at all.

        • Don’t misquote me if you don’t want to make a fool of yourself. I’ve never used the term “hack” and Warpack together. (or any of the mods that it and similar packs use)
          You’re the one saying that just because something is available client side it’s not cheating to modify it. By which analogy we can say that aimbots for Counter Strike or Battlefield are not cheats since the information and calculations are done client side??? Bullcrap of course!

          To me it’s very simple. Anything that fucks with the game mechanics is a cheat (aiming, last position fired from icons, lazers). Anything that purely displays statistics isn’t (xvm, wn8 for example) even though you could possibly argue that it’s an advantage to know that the guy driving the tank in front of you is noob/unicum.

          As for the benefit using shit like this, completely irrelevant to me. It’s used by good and bad players and while certain aspects might be more beneficial to a noob (aim, fire extinguishers), others are more beneficial to a unicum (map mods for tactical help)

  24. Quickybaby and Jingles should comment about this on one of there streams…

  25. all files are deleted :(
    still dont know wth warpack really is
    Can warpack help user know arty aiming on them? a M53/55 missed my E100 4 times and he said i was using warpack so i could see his aim circle, at the end i found him and it was warpack too :/