Meanwhile in Czech Republic: Dietolog is famous!


Hello everyone,

this is interesting, it looks like the affair with Wargaming paying its employees to sabotage Gaijin forums (aka Dietolog affair) made it to Czech mainstream media. Bonusweb is a part of the Idnes portal, which is one of the most visited Czech news servers.

And no, before you ask, wasn’t me who told them. I am currently ultrabusy with my own matters.

Funnily enough though, they do mention FTR in connection with it, so I guess it was one of my Czech readers, who made the call. They got one thing wrong though – Ellendway (former Czech community manager) no longer works at Wargaming. The article ends with a statement that they actually asked Wargaming for their opinion, which will be added later on.

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Czech Republic: Dietolog is famous!

  1. Always fun to see juicy drama spread. I hope this develops/festers further.

  2. I call a big hoax on that story. No company in their right mind would ask its own employees to sabotage their competitors.

    There’s external contractors for that.

  3. Yea. But lets speak seriously – WT against WoT looks like puppy and elephant. And remember, that pay to win elements in WT much stronger – Doubler for gold, Max crew skill – only by gold, Wanna play at top levels at first day of game – no problem just pay money. Wanna got to ClosedBeta – pay for preorder kit. So even after ground forces launched, their online didn’t limits 100000 players around the world. Same as RU1 or RU2 server of Wot in prime-time. And Gaijin loosing it – because OpenBetaTest means, that You can start tank battle inside house, or on the roof, or between stones, so You cant move. Or fallen tree could destroy engine of Your Tiger. Second – some math of game calculated on player PC – so cheaters are welcome and much more harder to find.

    And now – when WG opens 9 server and WT continues to loose active players there made such error? What I remember – when LadaRacingClub got strictly negative review at (most popular russian gameportal that time), there was attack of bots, who mark it wit 99% cool user vote. And lately such tactics repeated with several Gaijin developed projects.

    BTW – anybody could really believe that such dirty work will starts from simple insecure letter, not in the high level privacy zone in WG Intranet?? Or by call to loyal PR agency with neutral talk –
    “Hello guys? How are You?
    Fine? Did You see last WT commercial? Looks like there popularity is grown – so we need to make something cool too. Could somebody came to our office?
    After that signing agreement for marketing research – and that all – PR agency already know what to do. No dirty laundry, no direct connection to WG office.

    But now – WT and Gaijin got some PR, WG looks like idiots for some peoples – so I’m sure that letter is fake paid by Gaijing – it cost much lower than TV or wide Internet commercial and for WG its not so ease to made something against it. But spreading is wide – peoples like dirty laundry :(

    P.S. And looks so many “Guys – WT is really free game You really didn’t need to pay for premium in it” messages in both WoT and WoWp forums made me sure, that Gaijin instead of putting more money in programmers and testers, put them in black PR.

    • i played WT once, i feel like you can actually not spend any money and still earn profit though. but if that “playing at the top for gold” stuff is true then wow, i dont know who could become retarded that much for not earning profit in it…