Photo of the Day – 8.3.2017

A photo from Yuri Pasholok’s blog this time.


This is a Soviet IS-2 heavy tank, somewhere in Poland, 1947. The tank was destroyed during the Vistula–Oder Offensive.

And a second photo perhaps.

IS-3M Budapest 1956

A destroyed IS-3M in the streets of Budapest, Hungarian uprising, 1956. The two photos were only taken 9 years apart – it doesn’t take a long time to change from a savior to a villain…

7 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 8.3.2017

  1. Off with his head!!
    Well deserved ammorack!
    (Savior… khm… i’d say invader. A hungarian.)

  2. Great photos…

    but the Soviet Union as savior, what the Silentstalker? I thought you knew history better. Since when became re-occupying an already occupied territory a glorious act?

    Maybe you shouldn’t work with Russians too much, the next time you will consider the Prague uprising an evil CIA act and the GULAG a rightous punishment for the bourgeoisie.

    • I actually didn’t mean in the objective sense – but it’s an undeniable fact that the Red Army was seen as the saviors from Hitler in 1945. After five years of nazi horrors, almost all Polish or Czechoslovaks welcomed them with open arms.

      • Except for example these from Polish resistance soldiers that were killed or sent to Auschwitz (up to 1948).

        And what about Czech pilots fighting along with RAF?

        • I think he’s talking about the civilians, or course everybody who fought for the western allies was not happy about the Russians, and vice-versa,