Photo of the Day – 14.3.2017

Chief Mk.5

This is a Chieftain Mk.5 originally delivered to Iran and captured by Iraq in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war. The photo wouldn’t be that strange, only – it’s from last year from Basra. The Iraqi actually repaired it with the intention to use it in battle along with some more obsolete vehicles such as the AMX-10P IFV. What became of it is unknown.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – 14.3.2017

  1. hi SS, good work as usual ;) Was wondering what do u think about the new WoT marathon (T25 pilot) concept@purpose? It looks much easier compared to previous marathons (all remember that dmg @ kills grinding for each nation, full month of “suffering” ), i must say it rly has surprised me (after 3+ years with WoT)..

  2. SilentStalker any idea on what is behind the Chieftain? looks like a german gun, WWII tank or towed anti-tank?

    • Aye. That’s a quite rare thing as well – it’s the Chinese 152mm Type 83 artillery gun. It was ever exported to one country – Iraq – and was only produced in small numbers.

      • Eh, it looks more like an M36 Jackson’s gun barrel if you ask me. Which makes sense given both it and the Chieftain would have been captured from Iran.