M1127 Stryker

Here are a couple of photos of the M1127 Stryker recon variant I took again in Rokycany. What was a modern U.S. Army vehicle in active service doing in a museum? Well – the U.S. soldiers were amongst those who came to commemorate the sacrifices of the fallen during the liberation of western Bohemia – the town of Rokycany was liberated by the Americans. It was a really nice event too, with one incident – during the ceremony, the anthems of the Allied countries were played and the soldiers saluted. When the Soviet anthem started playing, they stopped saluting only to resume when it stopped. Personally, I think that it was petty.







4 thoughts on “M1127 Stryker

  1. was it really petty? I mean, US soldiers died in both Korea and Vietnam because the Soviet Union supported the other side,there are reasons for the US soldiers to act like that just as much as there are reasons for russian and ex-soviets to do the same because of the soviet soldiers who died in Afghanistan because the US supported the other side, although technically the soviets could not complain since they were in the wrong from invading Afghanistan

    • I understand the logic behind it of course. It’s just that during a ceremony of something that happened seven decades ago, I don’t really feel that this sort of bickering has a place there. In fact, it would be far more respectable to use the unifying moments in history to set aside the differences and work together to eradicate evils such as the Islamic State.

      • No flaming hatred against russians? Your current job at my.com must eat you up internally.
        Btw, do you still look like a kiddie fiddler?

      • don’t know if this is entirely true, it came from some british-sounding guy doing live translation of the Victory Day Parade speeches, but it seems the guy introducing the “sections” of the parade said the soviets won the war, if it is true this* (*not respecting the solemnity of the moment) happens from both sides
        I do aggree that we need to set divergencies asside for at least 15~25 years and deal with the present issues, but for that Putin has to start “caring” for the human-rights because since 2011 he has vetoed too many security council initiative, which led isis taking advantage of the Syrian crisis to gain ground
        of course we cannot forget that this is not only a middle-east issue, training camps exist all around Africa and some minor groups follow isis, like boko haram for example