WG does Balance 2.0



So, Wargaming does Balance 2.0? Because that worked SO well for us at Armored Warfare.

No, seriously, they even call it that way at 2:15.

Hmm, did I mention that the former project director responsible for approving it moved from AW to Wargaming? I didn’t? Must have forgotten it.

Hahahaha. Large scale battles, now Balance 2.0… one might even think they are copying Armored Warfare :)

Good luck.

One thought on “WG does Balance 2.0

  1. this is not being fanboy or anything remotly similar but soon after the whole Rubikon controversy they came out with Balance 2.0 as their way of implying «we will listen to the players opinions a bit more», something which we all now know did not last long
    either way WoT mentioned Balance 2.0 on videos maybe 6 months before droping it for the whole sandbox adventure and later having AW pick on the whole terminology of Balance 2.0
    correct me if I am wrong but I’ve been reading and watching WoT Balance 2.0 related things, on both youtube and blogs, ever since they messed up with Rubikon, because of that I have the impression they used the term a few months before AW but when AW started using it WoT had already droped it for sandbox