Technical – Comments

Since Edrard was so kind to install some heavy duty anti-spam filter, I am disabling the registration requirement for comments for now. Let’s see how this works.

36 thoughts on “Technical – Comments

  1. Nice one!
    Hope this will work out well :)

    Btw: Nice new blog, though the mobile version has a bigger border than the old one, so there can´t be displayed as much text in one line as before.
    Not a big issue though, but is there a way you could remove the border on the sides in the mobile version?
    Thank you in advance! :)

  2. I dont understand why you dont force those who want to comment to register… it takes 1 minute to register, only good could come out of it i think…

    • Mostly because I want the blog to feel the same as it did before. This is just an experiment. If it proves to be not working, registrations will return.

        • I kinda liked having to register, all the anonymous annoyed me, quite a lot of them just spammed useless and stupid ‘wot is rigged’ and ‘russian bias’ comments

          • anonymity is a great thing, especially in light of what’s going on with the government.

      • Well, i tried to register, it didn’t work out since i didn’t get any activation Email. So, i was unable to comment until it was able to post without registration. I entered a Email address. Won’t go into detail due to privacy issues.

      • Just drive it backwards. It has pretty much the same armor if you angle the back, minus the R2D2 turrets.

  3. You can log with many different accounts, doesn’t need wot-news one (google, facebook etc). And now you encourage anonymous cockroaches spamming sexual sh*t, trying to insult someone…

    • And seems this anon. comments introduction fucked up my log-in.Do I have to write down all of this info everytime I want to post?
      Tryed to connect using wordpress account but it keeps creating me a different user ID for this website…

  4. Been reading your blog for a while,hope it all goes well for you here.
    Keep up the good work ! i appreciate it.

  5. Very good. I got through the registration some hours ago and still didn’t got the confirmation E-Mail. (Yes, I checked the spamfolder too…)

    Any ideas?

  6. Eh, make em register. People should stand up for their comments. Because even though, from obvious examples on the forums, it doesn’t make people post with any additional intelligence and insight – it does let us know who to laugh and point at.

    • I see your point there, because in case of an answer you would know to whom you/ others are referring.

      But on the other hand what difference makes a registration?
      Even if someone has registered he still can (and some will from experience) troll.
      The name will often be unequal to the ingame nick, so imho a forced registration doesn’t help here either,

      As SS wrote, he will keep an eye on it so i wouldn’t worry too much.
      If it doesn’t work out he will change it for sure,

      For me i hope it stays without registration. You can write from anywhere without to know your login (even if i do know my own ones normally ;) ) and you don’t have to give an email adress which could be scamed in case of an hack etc.

  7. Anyone else notice increase of reload time of the T57 heavy from 20 something sec. to 30+ seconds on the testserver #2 ????

  8. I like being able to post as annon, it allows me to make quick, informative posts without wasting time to register.

  9. So… I registered on this site on Friday (a few hours before anonymous comments were enabled).

    Now the option to login using those credentials is gone. Either that or I’m blind.

    Were all those accounts deleted?

    I’m unable to log in using Blogger (…sorry, there was an error…) or Google (gives me weird prompt to display my email address, and only options are Accept/Cancel) either.