Spherical Tanks

About two months ago, Wargaming put out a fake news post on spherical tanks: the ShT-1A and ShT-2T. They went as far as making a fake historical article on them, as well as fake wiki pages. Apparently, people will believe anything, since I’m still seeing Google searches for those tanks.

However, spherical tanks are very much real. During my last Q&A, interest was shown in them. Here are a bunch of spherical and rolling tanks that were actually designed, and some even built!

Additionally, Yuri Pasholok, Wargaming’s historian, is working on a book about Soviet spherical tanks, titled “Stalin’s Steel Balls”. Keep an eye out for that one.

7 thoughts on “Spherical Tanks

  1. Dat title.

    Can’t help but imagine the smirk on the guy’s face when he came up with it.

  2. People also google for stuff they have been told is funny even though they know it’s not real.