WG EU fail: Quasar edition

So, once again, WG EU dropped the ball.

For those, who don’t know him, Quasar is the EU server “developer/producer”, who occasionally posts some answers to some questions. Nothing wrong with that, the problem is, he occasionally posts bullshit.

Some of you might remember that some time ago, Quasar posted that Panzer 58 and other Swiss tanks won’t be implemented, while the Russian developers said they would. What I did was I asked Edrard (the wot-news guy), who relayed this question to Veider (RU forums developer), who confirmed they have a high chance of coming in the EU tree. Quasar later backedited the post.

Well, Quasar did it again:

67. Was the idea of the female crew completely abandoned?
Not at all, but it has a very low priority for the moment.

65. Any update regarding more options for customizing the exterior of our tanks?
Also at this moment in time, we are also working on projects of the rings for the gun barrels:

Edit: a screenie, because at some point it will probably get backedited, as it did in the Panzer 58 case.


These are his answers. Those, who follow my RU translation know both of these options were denied specifically by SerB and Storm, that’s why I went and asked Russian developer Vallter directly (this post is made with his knowledge). To quote him:

“No, they will most probably not happen”

If you don’t believe me, Vallter has a blog, you can doublecheck the answers there. In other words, Quasar is pulling answers out of his ass, without checking with Minsk central. Makes you wonder, what good is such Q&A for and what ELSE is wrong…

(Special thanks to Vallter for indulging my incessant questions)

21 thoughts on “WG EU fail: Quasar edition

  1. Well, WG EU isn’t exactly the best WG studio. And with the things they already did, this isn’t really that surprising.

  2. I beg Russian WG’s pardon! Earlier I wrote them a letter, and in the answer they wrote: “Don’t count on EU tech tree”. Now I see, this is WG’s European team’s failure.

    Due to his letter I was angry, and wrote cruel things.

    Sorry again.

  3. WG EU don’t take their job seriously, for me, they’re just bunch of Hippies happy to have a job in gaming industry yet they lack skill and knowledge to run this properly.

    Before I was complaining that they are merely a Mink’s puppet but now seeing how horribly they are doing I’m really happy It turned out they can’t do shit without Minsk’s approval.

    Even better, thank God they have no influence on Game Development, they have no idea about gaming whatsoever .

  4. Quasar doesnt deserve even a glimpse of my attention, let alone clicking to see&read.

  5. Frank, what about the fact that all region portals posted the link to the 60million subscribers video except the EU?

    the vide is not on the portal even.

      • Well it was posted on the RU developer blog, it was posted in the RU and NA regions (didn’t check SEA).

        But EU ‘forgot’ to post it, I really think they forgot the same as the forgot to post the changes between test 1 and test 2, while other regions posted the list of changes.

        EU are really fucking up.

        • BTW not to be picky but the last special they posted:

          has the wrong dates:
          from 27th May 07:10 CEST (GMT +2) until 3rd June 07:00 CEST,

          and even though people mentioned it in the comments it didn’t change yet.
          So either all of EU staff is on a massive vacation or they all got fired or they just don’t give a damn.

          • Well they gave the job to the French folks, who largely share the general approach with Spanish folks – if it was to be done properly, it should have been given to the Germans, but SerB, following his idol Stalin, does not deal with Germans anymore :) Or to the British, who actually have some serious contributors, like The Challenger. BTW I’m none of those so this is more or less an unbiased opinion.

    • Well i’m very tired of their shit. And im at the end of my tether… Really why they can’t hire people WHO ACTUALLY CARES about entire community. For an example i’ve been translating for a very long time “leaks” from your blog Silent Stalker into Polish. And nobody gives a single fuck about it. I know more about game mechanics, account protection and of course politeness than 90% of those “Polish Community Managers”. I bet 50% of them have boobs and another 50% are just nerds playing LoL.

  6. I think you should not focus too much on “internal” information.
    I’m working in international company (150k ++ employees) , and his answers can be completely true.

    Different branches and divisions don’t ultimately need to share same information between each other.
    Even if they do, responsible person doesn’t need to be part of email chain etc..

    I don’t think they (WG) have some central knowledge base, where are all the info stored/published.
    Therefore the misleading answers. (which can be true for specific part of WG team.)
    Somebody can be actually working on a change, without anybody else is knowing about it, except direct manager for example :-)

    Plus, lately I was checking your blogs and answers etc. and Many times there are different answers from same person on same question…
    For me it seems like some kind of folklore of WG to give misleading answers, so the community can speak about upcoming changes :-)

    • I don’t know what this guy’s real job is, but it’s obvious PR (answering player questions) is a part of it (he’s not doing it out of kindness of his heart, he gets paid for that). If he does his job wrong, he gets called on it, as simple as that. Pulling answers out of your ass = bad job.

    • There’s that one little difference, where this guy is sort of the “community leader” and stuff, and he’s supposed to know stuff like this – or at least be able to clarify it for himself. When a PR-kinda guy gets this stuff wrong – it just proves how full of shit the relations are. The only time i can remember when my community “heads” got their sruff wrong was when serb and storm said the exact opposite stuff regarding the SP and the armor nerf…

  7. lol at EU WG staff, powertripping idiots with double standarts and bum-mates, some even believe they are devs because modertor status is equal to setting up rules for the game aswell… “facewall” when a facepalm just isnt enough

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