RU bonus code – 1 day premium

For RU server only: celebrating the 1 million Youtube subscribers

Contains 1 day premium account.


Oh and EU/US servers? You’re not getting anything, bloody western capitalists! RU server only.

Here’s a video for it:

72 thoughts on “RU bonus code – 1 day premium

  1. Also today for RU server only………….free Wooly Mammoth blood.

    Use Code:

    • It’s not about being jelous ’cause of 1 day free premium. It’s because EU server being treated the worst, like some total pile of horse’s shit.

      And I see SerB’s comment… “How terrible” ©

    • What about “We decidet to cancel the Clanwars-event, because on the RU-servers are too many M60`s ? :) i after these actions it sounds pretty plausible for me… -_-

    • Probably Warsaw Uprising special for EU, when you always wait 5mins in queue and get kicked back to the garage…

  2. For EU they should give us Barbarossa special. Oh wait, hasn’t it been in some Q&A :P …?

  3. I am acutally subscribed there too, should I unsub so they lose 1? Hah.
    I don’t really care. EU always gets duped anyway.

  4. Is there a way to block Peo01 from spamming “How terrible” on every comment?

    • How terrible, yes there is, but why would anyone?
      I only did it for the giggles on a couple of comments.

      Sadly, I just couldn’t go on with “How terrible” cause I am not as great of a troll as SerB.
      I have much to learn… but soon the master will be beaten by his student.

      • You could at least mix it up with a few “like Russian server perks better, play on Russian server”, just for sh*ts and giggles.

        Can I say sh*ts here? I got a warning point for it in the place which can’t be mentioned.

        • How terr… Ehm.. Anyway – you want specials from RU server? Go play on RU server.

          This should be SerB-ish enough :D

  5. Just the usual treatment,hurray (btw.”WOT is like a ugly big-breasted women,as much as you hate her look,you always return for the boobs) ;)

  6. Does 1 day of premium make up for the fact that most of the players on the RU server still have to live in Russia?

  7. Well…
    I have bad news for you, comrade.
    This ain’t communism, where everyone gets the same (shit). Now you’ve to perform if you want something. How terrible.
    Show me one million subscribers on the EU channel and I will show you one day PA bonus code.

    - get your lazy commie ass up
    - earn some money
    - spend more money
    - receive better treatment
    - stop ze whine
    - enjoy
    - you’re welcome

    • U got it so wrong. IT IS CAPITALISM ! We pay we deserve something ! EU players pay on average much more than Ru players do! NA even more! Got it now? Remember that in capitalism there is a thing called free market and that means that we can take our money and go play other games.
      SS I think u collected some “fans”. There is much trolling in comments lately . U clearly are upsetting someone.

      • “on average” doeant count shit. RU makes a lot more money. And is a lot more easier to reach/milk. RU has also lower taxes then EU AFAIK(!).
        Now NA server is interesting. Higher incomer per person then EU, lower taxes then EU AFAIK(!). The result is pretty much clear. Better events (not talking about spezials), better videos/community stuff.

        RU is home market.
        RU is biggest market.
        I’m pretty sure WG’s goal is (easy) profit maximization.
        Sounds like capitalism to me.

        Side note:
        The_Challenger’s(EU) videos are translated into Russian. Why cant EU translate more non official videos into english? Or make some themselves. Dont tell me its WG_RU’s fault.

    • They got a fix for that! They will add behind ur nick the _EU termination . U can realize what that will do to u on RU server. Clever bastards WG!

  8. Serb think there are to many Fascists and Nazis in Europe, and he’s right. Viva la Chinese servers! HEAL MA TANK!

    • You’re right comrade John and it’s very sad that I’m stuck here because of linguistic and geographic barriers.

      • Stop crying you babies… try living in my country for a change (Pakistan)… fucking retard religious fundamentalists who would blow your brains out if you said anything against their ‘beliefs’ – not to mention 16 hours of daily electricity outages and other shit… and that too in 45+ degrees Celcius of Heat.

  9. WorldOfTanksCom 137,083 subs ( English version )
    WorldOfTanks 1,014,384 subs ( Russian version )

    Everything looks fine to me. SS you should sometimes think before posting :D

    • You might start living by your won rules.

      English Youtube WOT – 202 videos, last update: 1 day ago (mostly official videos)
      Russian Youtube WOT – 295 videos, last update: 14 hours ago (official and lots of “goodies” videos).

      This is even without comparing attention Russians receive vs others. Just listen to English translations and note their “quality”.

      So. wiseguy?

  10. why would this be Russian bias, did Europe hit 1 million active members? no? then shut up!
    unbelievable how much cry babies is in this game

    • SS turned into a fucking drama queen everyone should have realized this sad fact over the past… SS ppl go back to the nice guy doing Q&A and nice articles and stop all this exorbitant whining and drama shit…

      • Well, this is SS’s blog, so if you don’t like it, don’t visit it. I don’t see this as being a big deal…

        • mhh then why do all the crybabys still play WoT and read SerBs answers? Double standards anyone?

      • To paraphrase the Trollmeister, “don’t read SS’s blog.”

        Or learn to mentally filter out what doesn’t interest you like an adult should.

        • mhh then why do all the crybabys still play WoT and read SerBs answers? Double standards anyone? Or are they to stupid for that?

          • because we spend money on this scam game and feel ashamed of doing so, so we hate them, we hate their game and i’m willing to spend x10 of what i spend on WoT to see their company burned to the ground.

          • “because we spend money on this scam game and feel ashamed of doing so, so we hate them, we hate their game and i’m willing to spend x10 of what i spend on WoT to see their company burned to the ground.”

            U should contact a psychologist

  11. 1 Day Premium? for what, more PC crushes and frustration on 8.6?
    just uninstalled the freaking game, maybe install when 9.0 release with normal client/engine.

    seriously they should take their 1 day premium and stuff it in their Belorussian retard asses, game is unplayable and they give away 1 day of x2 Suffering multiplier, fix your game idiots.