Contest rigging on US server – WG action

Gotta give it to WG NA – they take action fast. First, they issued a statement about it. Long story short:

- the culprit (KingAlphyn) and his friends who helped him are permanently banned from participating in any WG competitions
- prizes have been revoked
- according to his own words, KingAlphyn recieved a one week ban on his account

Sounds good to me. Let’s hope that the competition results are checked more closely – but somehow, I think they will.

33 thoughts on “Contest rigging on US server – WG action

  1. I hope so, such competitions aren’t really that hard to run. Screenshots, replays, banning platooning or whatever they feel is needed combined with strong punishments. Whilst I feel they may have been too lenient on the cheater concerned you have to respect his candour in coming forward. I think in this case the punishment has fit the ‘crime’. No one will be able to claim ignorance in the future and should such things happened I suspect WG will perma-ban and delete freely.

  2. Don’t think they had much choice but to take fast action. The fecal cyclone this one set off was becoming unreal. Now, hopefully we can all get back to our main goal in life: Hating arty.

      • Serb once said something like this: “all you do is crying about arty. if we nerf arty, there will be less, but then noobs like you will come again and cry about TD’s. You suck so much that you will keep coming and crying about everything, until we give you god mode. The sad thing is, you are so bad, you will most likely fell into and die in water even then…”

        he was totally right

      • What about no? Arties are finally balanced according to the rest of the classes. I still enjoy playing my S-51.

  3. What a morons. They (WG) change rules after the fact again. That way WG should ban 99% of the players.
    Now it is even more fucked. WG ban some guys who play according to their own rules and give prices to some tards who dont respect WGs rules.

    I will not read this blog anymore. Now you are on the WG side(they probably pay you or you ve damaged your brain) and you are full of bs aswell. Shame on you.

    • Negative, every event such as these as a clear disclaimer that states “Please note that any attempt to artificially inflate your score (entirely determined at the discretion of Wargaming staff) is grounds for disqualification from the event.” they broke the rules, they were caught and now banned.

    • Johny82, you are a fucking moron. He’s on WG’s side so you’re not reading a blog? FACT moron, they stated that any forms of cheating can result in changes made to the winners. They fucking cheated like the scumbags they are, got caught and exposed, then tried to play the honest card thinking it would save face for them. And, they got off easy at that. All involved should have been permabanned and the shit clan they (and possibly you) belong to disbanded.

      But hey coolbreeze, you better watch your mouth because it may get the rest of your body in trouble some day.

    • The contest rules specifically said that you couldn’t artificially inflate your “score”. What they did was to try and stack the battle with their own teams so one player could use that to inflate his score.

      So please explain how WG changed the rules again?

      Before spouting uninformed opinions, please read up on the issue.

  4. Nothing will save them now. They will only react if shit goes public and starts stinking too much. This guy should be given award by community for prodding WG so much that they reacted in any way at all – it’s a shame they won’t take any preventive actions…

  5. quote: “Let’s hope that the competition results are checked more closely – but somehow, I think they will.”

    on the NA server, perhaps, but on the rest (RU+EU) … neah

  6. IMO the punishment was too harsh. It was a first time offense and they were the only ones who received the punishment when they were not likely the only ones who rigged the event. The rules were not black and white either, but pretty grey on what you can do and what you cannot. Not saying that they shouldn’t be punished, but this hammer was way too hard. Something like this for a later contest is okay, but for a first time, this is really unnecessary.

    • Not clear? It says you can’t mess with the scores, and battle bombing with tons of clanmates (there were probably more involved that didn’t get in) in which they allow you to spot them and shoot them up to pad your score is cheating, scumbag. People like you get me so mad, i wish you were right in front of me and I had a tubesock with a grapefruit in it…

      • The punishments were only revoking the rewards, not permanently banning people from participating in future contests. If you read the rules clearly, it said that the grey areas were to be determined by a WG staff member rather than being clearly laid out black and white, meaning if two people did the exact same thing, they would likely get different punishments.
        I’m not saying that what KingAlphyn did was wrong, but how WG handled it was pretty bad. WG didn’t even care about the fact that the contest was rigged, only after someone came up with a replay did they actually start to care. If anything, the 23 winning entries from the loltraktor event and any other event that has been possibly cheated needs to be permanently barred from competitions. Doing it to only a few is nothing short of bullshit.

        There are many ways to mess with the scores. If you want to be technical, firing premium rounds and using premium ammunition can be thought as artificially inflating your score.

  7. Per Major Rampage, KA is only banned from contests. He would still be able to participate in tournaments an Clan Wars after his 7-ay slap on the wrist ban is over. Overall, a just punishment, corresponding to the violation.

    • You wouldn’t get those rewards anyway, pleb scum. KingAlphyn was punished for being smart, he only got caught because someone betrayed him, not because WG cared.

        • He got caught because someone didn’t like what was done and turned in a replay. Otherwise, this would have been never known and you wouldn’t be bitching here.

  8. Only banned them from competitions??????

    They should be banned outright and accounts terminated.