49 thoughts on “0.8.6 EU server new arty stats

  1. I’d rather see average xp and average damage. Arty is equally useless on both sides, so no wonder it balances out…

    • ^ Exactly that, the important info is their average damage per battle, not their WR.

    • Yah I agree as well since i played with the GW Mk IV e and it didnt matter too much if I did damage or not if I wanted to win the match. I say this with a 75% crew that had a 29s reload time. I think at best using well aimed shots I could do about 5-6 rounds at best per match. And if I was lucky I had about half of them hit the targets I was aiming at.

      Its a very crappy grind through the GW Mk IV e as the team is either going to win it or they are not. What you do, with the SPG, ends up mattering very little in the match. Because unless the tanks camp on the opposing team and are somehow spotted long enough for you to hit them… its going to be a really long day of grinding.

  2. WR is allways ‘not so good’ to compare tanks. With arty, where the MM tries to equalize them, it is absolutely useless.

    Average damage and XP needed for ace are the values to look at!

  3. What does “vehicles amount” means? How many players own that SPG?
    If so, then the MicroHummel (with it’s ridiculously overpowered howitzer) and the StugArty are the most popular.

  4. would love to see a graph showing total number of arties played before and after patch

  5. You remember ” Arty is the primary damage dealer in your team” loading tip ?
    Haven’t seen it soo long I can’t remeber what it said exactly

  6. New reality: total 2000 people in queue, 20 arty.

    They killed arty, killed light tanks, soon much more hull-downing US heavies and uber-frontal-armor TDs. End of WoT, I’ve been saying this for a while now.

    • Killing arty is a bad thing now? You see this is why it’s always “the end of wot”, because there are tons of people who can’t be pleased. (Like most of the 8.6 was a bad update guys, I mean what was bad in it?)

        • The metagame will change, and the average heavy player will be killed by something else. Enjoy getting killed by hulldown american tanks and camping TDs.

          • Cry some more, arty fag. I’m an average Maus player and, contrary to your shitty predictions (or should I say “hopes”), all my games have been great since the patch. Tier X TDs are challenging, but are not nearly as bad as the old arties were. I can bounce their shots and I can shoot back at them. Everything is fine without you, even my vk28 doesn’t need you.

      • Sure its bad. Now as anon above said front armor heavy tanks and US uber-turret tanks own the field. TD’s especially, they absolutely stomp everything without the fear of arty. In 8.5 a Foch 155 barely dared to go out of cover because of oneshot danger, now they can cruise around instagibbing everything freely. No harm done, nothing to worry about. Since 8.6 my av. dmg in my Foch 155 went up to 6k per battle ..

        Also, already saw plenty of people whining ingame about T10 TD’s. As i predicted, noobs will always whine and will always want something nerfed they get p0wned by. Arty was absolutely fine, everyone saying otherwise needs to L2P.

        • yeah, like those arty players were shooting TD’s bueheheh… right. I often saw those arty noobs hunting low hp scouts. That’s ridiculous.

          • Well my JpzE100 and Foch 155 always where prime targets. The Foch because it was a super easy kill (took insane damage from arty) and the Jpz because it was super slow and easy to hammer. Now i can play my Jpz like a battering ram, pushing back the enemy or out of positions because they fear the gun, and i can stand in the middle of an open field without any fear that something might scratch me. I got the guys infront of me pinned, and nothing else can really hurt me ..

          • Yup, because the baboons you fight against cant put three salvos into your LFP while you reload or whatever…

  7. my arties on t6 becomes rusty, only one i use a day is france prem. i have there around 5 shots, so i can life with 2-3 misses per min. with 1-2 shots per min with 15 secs time after turning+ aiming+flytime i do not need to play. enemies die faster. arties misses hits like before, but have idiotic useless handicaps now including lower shots per min. they better kept shots per min or increase it while lowering alpha. so it are slaps instead of big punches to the not learning camping hvys and tds. they are still everytime in danger, but have a chance to live after a hit.

    i prefered a nerf with improved shots per min, lower alpha damage (no pene nerf), and the moving-turning-aiming-nerf like now. with flytime nerf = more splash, without flytime nerf, should splash be like it is. arties better choose then to hold a fly corridor. but we all know splash is not full hit, so better thing for the slower tanks with new spalliners (or how the anti-splash-module is called in english. ;) )

    i play actually td with such a fun and i need to aim just half of aimtime, because the fucking guns are now superious so no full aim is needed on 200-300m distances… a arty or 2 in match doesnt interest me in any way. i know that they cannot react without this 15 secs corridor, so enough time to peek-a-boo or move into next cover. this is so stupid now. the natual enemy of tds and well armoured tanks is dead. economics are unbalanced now. even arty haters i know say, that it was ways to much nerf.

    8.6 gave now a CoD feeling for me, i dislike.

    /sarcasm on
    Oh well and after arty is useless, tds can get rubber shells or the ammo rack hits have to be decreased and ammo rack should be 1000hp strong per box. So the Hvy is king of the ring. yeah… But only IS-line please, we dont wanna miss the proudness of soviets.
    /sarcasm off

  8. Arty was good at punishing campers. The new map, Sacred Valley, on high tiers (9-10) is a nightmare for anyone besides the TDs, that’s a TD heaven now. Camping all around the valley in bushes owning everything. All those lemming tomatoes that cried “MUST NERF ARTY!” now will be crying “MUST NERF TDS!” because not only invisible, they are now very hard to penetrate (armor buffs) but they punch through everything. Light tanks are no longer fun to play and of limited use, arty is not fun to play at all, heavies get owned by TDs and mediums, mediums have a hard time with TDs as well (I sense traverse speed nerf in the air, which will make them camp even more).

    • I always predicted that after Arty whine there will be TD whine .. Noobs will only stop whining when they get against 15 loltracktors in their Tier 10 tank.

  9. Stop crying. Arty “nerf” is a good thing. And TD’s are only slightly OP on tier 10 and only if they use premium ammo, because of the insane 400+ pen values that some of them have. I bet that guy who posted earlier didn’t get that 6000 average damage (honestly I don’t believe that number, but whatever) without HEAT rounds and most likely got lucky with facing poor players. Tier 9 and below TD’s are well balanced and can be dealt with by tanks quite easily.

  10. As for hulldown americans – to hit and pen their turret weakspots is now easier than ever. T32 kupola? Hits and pens almost every time. T29, T34 and T30 are even easier – you can pen the cheeks with 250 pen, if you don’t have it then load a couple of premium rounds and there you go.

    • sshhhh.. dont tell them, those who still doesn’t know are used to play arty as their main bt:)

  11. Was arty nerf overdone? Maybe, but I won’t cry about it. It’s still better than bunch of idiots with 400-500 eff sitting in GW Tiger with one hand on the mouse, the other hand no doubt scratching balls and lobbying shells for +1000dmg. There no perfect solution for it, but this is better than +5 arty retards per side. Pre 8.6 playing arty was way too easy, even an arty noob like myself was able to get +2000 avg dmg per game in SU-14. It had a certain appeal for very weak players, hence that rising popularity of arty. Also my impression is that right now in 8.6 we mostly seeing good arty players.

    • Well said.

      The crying fouls are just those one-hand-on-dick-one-hand-on-mouse players, who no longer can easily pwn the battlefield.

      Nerf was quite hard, but fully needed.
      When I get pwend by arty, i’m sure now i did something very wrong.
      When I pwn sb with my arty, i know i did good – getting that perfect shot took me some good prepartion and planing.

      Arty potatos are now dead, I love it. The tears are so sweet.

    • I actually enjoy playing arty now even more than before, people don’t have that fear of arty, they come out of hiding and stay put just so I lob one in their tank. Before 8.6 people were moving around, hiding, changing direction, etc, now they are just sitting ducks. Yea aiming sucks, starting aim circle is as big as the whole screen, full aim circle is 2-3 times bigger than before, but the kills are 10 times more fun.

  12. I feel that the arty is somewhat the same just longer reload. I ende up getting 5 kills in a game with my SU-8, just had to be patient.

  13. All I can say is careful what you wish for.

    Next 6 months prepare to be owned by invisible TDs doing 1000+ damage every 20secs; hulldown heavies which are impossible to damage and games that last forever because every noob and his dog camps the base.

    Arty was a necessary part of the game design. Yes there was too much of it and some sort of limit should have been enforced but 8.6 will bring more problems than it has solved – we’re already seeing one of them with the massive buff to high alpha low accuracy guns.

    • I’m not seeing any of this. Where does your information come from? Your 45% WR brain?

  14. 20% of players are pissed < 80% of players are god damn happy

    What will happen…?

    …democracy at its best! :)

  15. imo u have to distinguish 2 things:
    too many arties in hightier
    being op (ot not op) of arty

    many ppl believed arty to be op, because of too many arties in game (a conclusion which can’t be drawn)
    in order to reduce numbers (i admit, even though i like playing arty, there were to many) WG decided to reduce the number by nerfing them very hard.
    they succeded, but 1% (or even less) arties in queue says, that nearly noone is playing arty anymore and the nerf was too hard.

    personally i can cope with ROF nerf it makes playing more boring, because of long phases of doing nothing, but ok
    i really hate aim time buff. it’s because of it it’s impossible to reat to game; u can preaim and hope someone spots sth where u aim; but an arty being spotten suddenly, the enemy top tank, being seen somewhere not expected
    acc nerf: no nerf because of dispersion mechansime change –> nearly same acc as before (only worse concerning shots which go beyond the old aiming circle)
    and that’s make playing arty even more boring (at least for me)

  16. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want