Storm experiments with MM


Basically what this article says: Storm states that on RU7 server (based in Amsterdam), there is a new MM version implemented, that fixes the issues of the 8.6 patch. Storm states that it’s looking good, it has been tested internally and no problems were found.

Storm states that the new MM specifically focuses on:
- top 5 vehicles of each team should be of the same tier now. If the timeout (waiting time) reaches 1 minute, this rule is reduced to top 3 tanks
- the scout balance (“both sides have the same amount of scouts” rule), that was disabled previously, should also work now.

Storm asked the players to give feedback in the comments. From the comments and feedback:

- a player reports an issue, that low tier platoons are too often on the bottom of the team. Storm states it’s possible that the new MM on RU7 did affect this, he will check.
- Storm states that it’s pointless to explain the mechanism changes, as it is so complicated even he didn’t understand when the developers explained them to him, one has to have deep knowledge of the system to understand
- Storm and players noticed a lot of “mirror fights” (with both team having the same vehicles) – he’s not sure if that’s a good thing, or not
- the waiting times have increased to 40s-1minute
- platoon balancing not only by pieces, but also by MM weight is not planned

15 thoughts on “Storm experiments with MM

  1. “top 5 vehicles of each team should be of the same tier now. ”

    Wait..Does that mean If I queue with a tier 9, there will always be 5 tier 9′s or 10′s? Before I would get 1-2 tier 9′s (including me) once and a while.

  2. Good to see they are on it.
    These mirrorfights are on some maps good and more fair, on others not.
    But thats a map problem, not mm.

    What i don’t like is that very often on malinovka for example the defenders have more Hightier tds AND one more scout.
    I think, but i don’t know If this exists already, we would need special mm for each map and side.
    But i am not sure wether its too complicated or not.
    But if the mm is already that complicated i bet they could do it.

  3. lol i had a game with 5 tier 10′s and 10 scout tanks on each side so technically it works

  4. I would much rather wait 1 minute for an equal fight, than some of the shit battles I have been getting lately, and spend 15 minutes knowing I am gonna lose no matter what.

    • correct. i hated battles to attack with 6 scout while defender had at all 2 scouts and 2 hvy more. not very funny. mm is in 8.6 crazy, but 8.5 i had same mixes.

  5. So next step with invisible TDs is match that up too, hopefully… Or
    SerB: “Patch is working as intended.”

  6. Wait time of 40s-1minute can be a little annoying, but I would be okay with it if the tier span can be reduced to a maximum of 2, with exception to scouts.

  7. Hopefully as more players get into this game, we might see smaller MM spreads altogether. Nice to get like two tier matches only, instead of the usual three we have now.

  8. Had 30 games in platoon yesterday, about 10 of them our platoon was bottom tier, enemey platoon was top tier. e.g. we was tier 8, they 10.

    Happen to often to not be a coincidence….