68 thoughts on “New Asian map – “Great Wall”

  1. Looks pretty horrible gameplay-wise. Those gate chokepoints seem to be too easy to defend.

    • Another Dragon Ridge ? I’m sick of these gook maps, not a single one of them is any good and they actually removed one of them from the game … twice. Why can’t they get the person who created Steppes back and have him do more maps ?

      • they are pretty awesome, much better than Redshire :D because you have many choices where to go.

        • They ar both terrible. Ensk, Ruinberg,Himmelsdorf,Lakeville,Mines is the way to go.

          • they are pretty awesome, much better than Redshire :D because you have many choices where to go.

            Are you fucking retarded or something?
            On Redshire you can’t go where ever you want and on this map where on first pictures you can see clearly forced chokepoint is by you many choices where to go? You either need to see eye doctor or brain doctor.

          • If you like Steppes and Reshire, you must be playing artillery. Which means – you are a scumbag :)

    • Dont worry, people will lemming trough them instead of defending. Just look at Pearl River. North can be defended by 2-3 well placed tanks at the bridges, but no, everyone lemmings up tot he valley and gets killed .. Will be the same here. Impossible to play, lemmings will ruin the map.

  2. I want staircases to the wall. Imagine T-50 racing at top of it. I WANT!

  3. Asian map after asian map… start to be annoying… Ok, it’s business… but come on! -.-’

    • They are doing Asian maps because they need a good variety them for Clanwars.

      • Like all that variety on the NA map right?

        Highway, highway, highway, port, highway.

        They’re doing it to appease the chinese customer base, if you think they really give a damn about maps for clan wars, check out the NA map, and tell me why Mojave Arizona is Karelia.

        • Believe it or not, we Chinese players generally don’t like these Asian maps either: Dragon Ridge, Peral River. These maps make vehicles too difficult to drive (in those mountain regions), and you can only follow given paths, not to mention those paths are often seperated to each other.

          Dragon Ridge was among the most hated maps by Chinese players, another one is Serene Coast.

          So you will be seriously wrong if you think WG is making these Asian maps to appease Chinese players.

  4. Why an asian map again, I hate them!
    WG asked us on the Website which map we would like, 80% said “City map”.
    So where`s the new city map?

  5. Maplayout looks similar to the Korea map.
    Village in the centre and some long ways around. ust the snow is missing.

  6. And just another gay camper map…Also looks really annoying for Heavis/TD’s again…Both teams will just wait at their side of the wall for the other Teams peeking around the corners-.-

  7. Stop the goddamn asian maps WG, i know you want to get in bed with your asian audience, but FFS, more WW2 styled maps

    • You *do* realise the Chinese and Japanese did a decent amount of fighting around the Wall, right? (Though presumably without much hot tank on tank action…)

    • “but FFS, more WW2 styled maps”

      Get a load of this moron. I bet you also think that World War II only took place in Europe, and that there wasn’t a Middle Eastern theatre.

      • Were there any tank battles that took place in such regions?
        I dont think so.

        Maps themed like Battle of the bulge or Stalingrad, heck, even some Japanese Island map would be more appropriate than fighting around the Great wall.

        • And how many tank fights happened in continental USA or the British Isles? (Exercises don’t count thankyouverymuch.)

    • You do know that WW2 = World War 2 right?
      There were extensive fighting on the Far East as well.

      The world is more than campinovka or Siegfried line.

    • As opposed to what? The Murrican wingnut nightmare scenario of an IS-3 rolling down a Smallville (US) main street?

  8. make more urban and historical maps! El-Alamein, Brody, Hanut, Goodwood – these are the maps we’re looking for! Stalingrad, Kursk, Berlin, Warsaw, bombed buildings and a labyrinth of streets!! Please WG! WE – players are tired of that asian and american marketing sh*t! what happened to the old WoT? The one before you introduced type59 and went full retard soon afterwards?

  9. Ex-supertester here:
    Tested a bit this map, and, you can’t get on the wall. Trust me, i tried lots of times.
    The “wall” and buildings part is not so big. It’s a pretty open map.
    It’s more like Pearl River 2 :)

    • Is there much cover? probably not but I just wanted to ask. And what tanks are best there? td’s?Heavies?lights?
      one more are there accessible hills and sniping points?
      thank you

      • There are quite a few hills, there might be some choke points under the wall.
        Note that i’m from the eu testers, and i was kicked out a while ago…my info might be outdated.
        When i tried the map there wasn’t even enabled physics for it…You couldn’t jump from hills…

        It’s really similar to pearl river…almost a copy in my opinion.

        The other map, the one with the winter is also really open, almost flat, there are few bunkers, some small houses (destroyable), a river of some sort…Pretty disappointed in that map.

        Also i’m not sure if i remember corectly but there was another map, pretty swampy, but there were some villages, and really high hills (you could climb them and then speed down like mad)…A pretty greenish map, was my favourite between these 3. (was something like the old swamps+steppes+redshire)

        • Checked my old ST mails and i think that this is the name of that other map:”Мыс Гельберта”
          Sorry, i don’t know any russian..
          or this one? Мертвая дорога

          This one i think it’s the great wall: Граница империи

          Dunno, too many mails and too bored to check all of them for map names

  10. Looks like a cool map. Dragon Ridge was good but Pearl River Sucks. This looks like it’ll be better, but there’s just something irritating about the design of the Asian maps so far.

  11. oh great,another asian map -.-,they talk so much about history accuracy but they dont make historical
    battlefields, picnik maps suck!

    • Oh yeah, I forgot that Asia has been a peaceful continent for the last few hundred years.
      Japan never invaded China and Korea isnt divided.
      All just lies created by WG to get money from the Chinese.

      • I personally wouldn’t mind a pacific island themed map. During WW2, Japan and the US fought on various tropical islands. When Japanese tanks are finally rolled out, hopefully we will get maps that are actually related to the Pacific War.

      • Well the Japs *did* have a few tanks on some of the islands; might as well not have bothered with the shipping, given that aside from the hilariously bad matchmaking (apparently Sherman crews found it useful to fire HE at them, as APHE just went right through the cans without detonating) their employement tended to amount to “pointless suicide charge leading to party wipe”…

        The Pacific theater, particularly the Navy/Marine “island-hopping” front, was basically an infantry war when it even got onto dry land in the first place.

  12. Looks interesting but the question is – where are caps going to be?
    If on opposite sides of The Wall, we have Widepark II with chokepoints, if on the same side – we have a portion of map barely usable and can toss a coin which side to push.

    • My guess is top-left and bottom-right. The spaces there make the most sense, and would get rid of the problem of some of the choke-points.

  13. This new maps are very similiar structured… the new chinese winter map (with 0.8.6) the new russian winter map (in one of the next patches) and this one are quite equal to Play, I think.

    • At least this one doesn’t look like it’s not going to be decided by a Noodle Alley Heavyweight Shootout à la Pearl River…

  14. Get a TD. Stay 450m from a gate in the Great Wall.
    Get a scout platoon mate in a bush 100m from the gate.
    Wait for enemies to show in the gate.

  15. Seriously? Another asian map?? And where is the nice siberian map that we saw in the “No Comment” video?

  16. Nice… another shitty asian map that no-one wants. Time to sack the map designers and re-hire the old team that did the original maps like Himmels/Ensk/Lakeville etc which are still 10x better than anything else.

    Players want urban city maps, maps where you don’t camp like a big pussy and snipe from 500m away. We want dog-fighting in your face maps.

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